Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv was drunk, he creates a drama that he wants it now. The bar man says it is just coming. Dhruv says he doesn’t give him because he isn’t Manik Malhotra. Manik comes and asks the bar man to go and get it now for him. The bar man rushes inside. Dhruv says see he brought it right away when Manik said. Cabir says Manik has organized the party so the staff knows him. Dhruv says next year he will organize the party. The bar man gets the glass, Dhruv drops it down. Manik, Aaliya and everyone try to make up Dhruv’s mind, but Dhruv says now he will no longer remain silent. He fell down, Cabir says they have a flight for warrior high tomorrow morning. Dhruv leaves saying he doesn’t want to go to Warrior High, and he doesn’t want a friendship of Fab5. Cabir goes behind him saying he will

control him.
At night, Manik calls Dhruv then tries Cabir’s number. Cabir says he is his home and is alright. Manik says he was so drunk and what he was saying that all because of his addiction. Cabir asks him not to take tension, and get to sleep because they have to leave at five in the morning. Manik thinks about Pandit asking Nandini to come at five in morning, alone. Manik says she can do whatever she wants to, then is curt how she can be so reckless to say yes to that Pandit. Nandini tries to call Manik but it can’t reach.
Nandini comes to college, the lights go off. Someone lights a candle, it was Pandit. He says it is her first practice. Pandit says he wants to make her the best because her dadi made him the best. Nandini asks is he her student, why he didn’t tell her before. He takes her bag and asks her to begin.
Cabir wakes Dhruv up. Navya gets him yougurt with sweet saying it is good but Cabir says no sweet yougurt as it’s their performance today. She goes back and gets limewater this time. Mukti also comes there. Cabir and Mukti ask him if he is performing, Dhruv nods that he is.
Mukti is relieved and says he was talking to Manik so badly. Cabir asks her to leave it now, as they are getting late. Mukti says Aaliya is waiting downstairs she will meet them down soon. Cabir says to Dhruv they can talk about something like that anytime. Dhruv asks what about, and goes to get fresh. Cabir feels bad for him.
Pandit ji asks Nandini to close her eyes now, what she see. She looks at Manik. She says fire, he says good that she is focused now. Should they start, Nandini watches a rat and screams hard, running outside.
Cabir announces that Manik isn’t picking the call, what is he doing. Manik was playing the rat with remote. He plays with Nandini, but after a while Nandini stops shouting. He looks at her, she got his joke. She asks what is this all. He says this all. She asks what is he doing so early in morning. He says he has an early morning flight, she asks what is the connection in coming to college. He says she has also come here when no one is here. She says Pandit ji called him. She says most of Classical singers practice alone in the morning. He asks why he didn’t call me. She says he thinks he is better, she needs practice and what is the problem. He says there is problem, didn’t she notice how he was watching her. And today in the morning, he was looking at her through candle light. She cheers that Mr. Manik Malhotra is jealous and that too of a Pandit. He says this is nonsense. She says it means a lot to her, he can’t see her with anyone else. She says she can give her five minutes. He says bull shit, she can only think like that but he came here… She asks oh really? He was quiet. She says he worries for her and cares her, and she is happy. She hugs him, he can’t say anything and hugs her back. Pandit ji comes calling Nandini angrily.
Cabir announces Manik isn’t home, the servant says he went too early. Dhruv says why doesn’t anyone say anything to Manik, when they were worried about me.
Pandit ji brings the rat and asks what is this. He silences Nandini and tells her to go and practice. Pandit ji asks Manik to make him understand what this is. Manik says he doesn’t think it necessary. Pandit ji says he is worrying his student, there was something between you two and it is over. Manik says a teacher must not interfere with the personal matters of student. Manik asks who is he to stop him. Pandit ji says he is her guru, who is he to stop him. Nandini comes and says she has to talk to Manik, she tells him about Cabir’s message to ask him to get airport soon else they will get late. Cabir leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona


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    Arreh ammy i just returnd hme few mins bck n cm here to read 2dy’s update coz i missd da epi.
    Wait, m gng to check it

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    Sory for ths long speech ,. ,. ,.
    Gtg bii good night evry1

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    Hello Nutz. I have read from kyy fb page that tomorrow there will be an hour epi of wh & fab 5 will be there . So tomorrow there will be no manan only fab 5.

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  13. %%%

    Ya THINGS not personal stuff of a person
    anyways even i would like to c dat bt me kisise kuch mangta nahi

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    only suhash and vaishu looks like made for each other 😉 hatsoff to that person who made that grid,they standing next to each other 😉

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    only one girl madly love manik,she hates vaishu for criticizing manik,and that person has several face as rihan etc etc use so many faces to stop friendly chatting in kyy,that person just ask me to scare vaishu but gio cam in between! during the process i got the chance to see vaishu’s picture,that provoke my senses;)

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    H A P P Y
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    R= Reacall past triumphs.
    T = Trust ur instincts
    H=Have faith in your abilities..
    D= Desire only ths best.
    A=Affirm ur strengths
    Y= You hv gt wht it takes.


  25. ?

    That cmmnts were nt mine. I just asked her to chng username. Nd tht sara agn idiotic girl, don’t knw anything still blabbering like a mad

  26. suchi didi u know na kyy site is grewing dangerous and unsafe that is only because of this’?’ he writes bad things about the od vaishu didi and also about other people I guess
    the fight which started here was because of this ‘?’
    that’s the only matter

  27. oh suchi didi my brother also studies in college first year is going to end
    see I told na ‘?’ was talking bad about new vaishu and now he is talking bad about sara shameless guy

  28. actually “?” if u cant behave lik a human itself then u don’t hav a right to tell anyone to behavelik a girl
    u only are behaving lik an animal so please don’t give suggestions to any one we don’t need it

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    if u thnk I am a gal den may be u r a gal dat is y u callin me a gal u knw nly a theif doubts another prsn as a theif

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    Stp overreacting suchi, can’t u see hw cheap sara is…all kyy members were saying this place is nt safe fr sharing id bt c this cheap so desperate to attend calls gave her cellphone num

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    it means she has zero thinking power. This is wht i m saying she is so kiddish

  34. it is sara mood to give her cell no. or not u don’t have to tell her or instruct her and yeah i m in 7th but u know i atlest am more mannerd girl than u atleast i don’t talk about any girl openly lik this

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    ananya I dont know whether “?” is gio or not but in ystrday’s cmnts he said dat sum1 from kyy family is helpin him he/she is givin all the info to “?”

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    wat is ur problem if vaishu wants her name sara gave het no how does dat matters to u?? Don’t get u sometimes dude

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    Ananya u do self appriciation. I remeber once how u tried to prove tht only u r studying nd everyone else r busy on this site. Bt we can’ expect anything frm u

  38. but who is helping ‘?’??????????
    yeah ‘?’ why does it matter to u if vashistha didi wants her name as vaishu here its none of ur business

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    yeah v cant expct anythng frm ananya but wat can v expct from u “?” yeah yeah I got to know wat we can expct from u it is cowardness

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    I came here to talk with kudo n all this idiots came here. Yesterday we were having a peaceful chat bt today…

  41. anonymous

    ananya ystrday he tld dat sum gal is helping him & she luvs manik & sumtym vaishu fought with her so she is helpin “?”

  42. u said the right thing anonymous that’?’ is a big coward
    and u know what ‘?’ i don’t study much but i study enough to get good marks

  43. anonymous

    suchi I have a topic lets kick this “?” out of this syt he shd be in mental hospital they r becomin so careless letting der patients cmnt in public syts

  44. please god help us to fight against those big jerks
    i have heard that we should not ignore our problems and instead fight against them but after talking to u i give up i have not seen a jerk lik u in my whole life
    right suchi di i m just gonna ignore him

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    I did not know that gays too stay in mental hospital any ways atleast if u stay there we can chat in peace

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    u were fooling me… yesterday i came to knw everything. Just wait n watch wht i ll do

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    U only said tht it’s nt ur personal site tht u can chat with peace. U need treatment. %%% u went?? I came here to talk with u

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    Its nt a drama. Yesterday i got info tht u all werer trying to be friendly with me to get pics n other stuffs. Now think who is tht black cat

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    ? wat nonsense! Our ammy can nvr talk abt any girl lyk dat way pineapple does. Dat pineapple is a jerk lyk u guys. Hw can u b so sure? Dnt try 2 blame any1 of our frnds

  50. thanks so much anonymous
    suchi di u had a bf ?
    wow u know my frnds also have bf yes they r in 7th standard but still they have but i don’t u know i don’t lik to be so mature in soo young age

  51. no suchi di i don’t want any info i just wanted to know that hav u given boards
    u know it needs lots of studying and hard work to give boards

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    ohh I will not cum here regularly my sis wil let me use her wifi nly from 10:00 to 1:00 in the noon

  53. Nutz

    Arre ammy relax, dnt pay heed to talks of a jerk lyk ?, u r our frnd n we al trust u, n need to wry by his cmnts, just ignore him.

  54. anonymous

    yes but it is not bad ananya my sis luvs me but she will be fighting with me she is like my friend but for using wifi she is very big miser

  55. Mumbai wow its nice
    hey guys can any1 tell me when does kky air in the afternoon actually warrior high was coming yesterday at 3.30

  56. hehe … u made me laugh and made me remember of my bro he also does the same with me
    i really miss him a lot
    hey ano do u listen to songs English/hindi????

  57. suchi

    Sibblings r always fytng bt one if u fyt thn d affection vl b increase s i deserve it me n my bro always fytng 4 simple matters nw he is in banglore studyng mechanicl engineer he went 3yrs b4 i really feel bad without him 🙁

  58. he comes he will come in may but still u know i miss him
    u know he has promised me to bring my fav eng songs and my English films lik AVENGERS 2 and FAST AND FURIOUS 7

  59. hmm ano nice choice my fav are MEETHI BOLIYAN, NAZAR LAAYE, AND BAATEIN KUCH ANKAHI SI all from kyy
    when didi u start watching kyy???

  60. she will cum dear don’t worry i will come ASAP will miss u arhaan bye my frnd enjoy ur lif and yeah a warm and hearty welcome to kyy family

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  65. suchi di why will i perform
    warrior high is a serial airing on MTV todays episode will show fab5 of kyy promoting WARRIORS HIGH by performing in the freshers party of todays episode
    i gues today will be joined episode

  66. yeah suchi di u r right but u know my classroom infact my whole school contains bad minded boys
    u know that’s why i don’t have any bf and i m not gonna make one this is not my age to make bf

  67. suchi

    No dr i gng to jnt madurai goverment clg its arts and scince clg bt my bro studyng in engineering clg in banglore

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    hey I am back guys u knw gals naa she told she is going to her cousins wedfing so wat wd she wear

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    Sum idiot boy talk to me thy r nt frnd wid me bt msg me i dint rply them they get angry n send me wrng image ewww god i cnt imagine dr i block him

  70. anonymous

    yeah suchi di u did ryt I hate the boys who think lyk this I nvr thought abt any gals lyk this I stay frndly with evrygal & which boy does this I jst dnt leave him if he is infront & who is shazana sanaya’s sis also shazana

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    thnks to sanaya’s cousin she is my sis’ frnd she called her to go to beauty parlour so I got another 1 hour for wifi using

  72. Nutz

    Princess!! Long tym no c yar, hw r u frnd? N tell me whr were u dese dys?didnt evn cum atleast 2 say hi to us, whr wr u, missd u

  73. m hr 4 1 cmnt nly. Excuse me plz ?, i thnk u dnt knw eng. F u wld b knwng then u wld hv undrstd abt d mng f wrd plz. Hi fairy. Nw gng. Readng ppls mail. Nw bye.

  74. Max

    ha ha ha did u ask u? no na … answering to d ques which is nt 4 u. morovr showing ur yellw staind teeth nd laughin. isnt vry stange gio.

  75. Laura

    sara do stay who wants their stupid certificates i dont know what they said but u can feel free to come here ignore them

  76. Max

    gio ur job is 2 say sum unromantic dialoges nd gt lost. Dont u dare advice. actually u gt proper advice 4m a psychiatrist

  77. Laura

    yeah good 5 exams r over 5 more and i m freeeeeeeeee, what about u dear fairy
    sanyuktha where r u from

  78. gio

    photo grid wasn’t my fault,black sheep among your family
    but vaishu’s id don’t!
    ill make this site shut down forever.
    even i’m trying on my side to find out the culprit

  79. Max

    @gio mad fellw im nt cheap lyk u. lusting 4 a kid. ask anybdy did i ask vaishu details! no way. shut ur mouth. u knw only 2 talk. Nting u cn do. I will cum nd chat hre. wt d hell wil u do?

  80. Max

    fairy Is dis site having prblm interfreing in others mattrs? tatz wt happnd hre. tat @? ws saying i hackd hs email. Nd dis gio is speaking in b/w without reason. I didnt start it

  81. fairy

    Manik ll frgv nand vry soon…..he hs dn it almst ……..n uncle ll gt jealous or angry 2 c manan tgthr again…..

  82. fairy

    Max n gio…. jst calm dwn n ignre tht matter..
    Gio, no1 hs gvn vash’s id 2 any1 as far as l knw…..
    Max, jst ignre it…they ll say ths always…

  83. yeah fairy di I read the spoiler but in the new promo it showed that pandit will replace manik with dhruv in fusion concert

  84. fairy

    Bt anthr pb is neonika excpt pandt uncle…..neonika is vry cheap….she cn do anythng 2 mk msundrstngs btwn manan like she hd dn it b4….

  85. carron

    guys u know what my brother was reading all the cmnts and he was laughing a lott he was saying that gio bhai , ? and all the other marks r much much more immature and kiddish than all of us here

  86. carron

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    and yesterday i made a flower out of pista shells

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