Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amms allows Manik to stay here, if this is important to bring music back in Nandini’s life. She calls him Manik, Manik is elated to have a chance and she calls him Manik. Amms says he is Santok for workshop but Manik for Nandini. Manik says that he knows Nandini wants to overcome with Pandit’s chapter. Amms says that we must give a reason to her to cross the bridge.
Harshid comes calling Mukti and posing there is no network. He appears to her, she asks what he is doing here alone. He holds Mukti’s hand as she was leaving, Mukti stops and smiles, Harshid asks can’t he get another chance. Mukti smiles happily, then turns and asks if he has ever given her a reason to stay. Harshid says he now wants to. Mukti leaves, but thinks he deserves a chance. Harshid watches Amms asking someone

to keep in the hide until she says. Harshid says there is something fishy here, he must find out.
Amms comes to room where Nandini was finding something. She asks what is she finding. Nandini says nothing Amms asks if she is looking for Manik, he has gone back, he has promised Amms to not talk to her until she tells him to. Nandini says if she is still angry with Manik. Amms says no, this time she is angry with her, Manik brought her this far holding her hand but next she has to help herself now. Like her father, she has to make music her ambition. She asks if she would make it her ambition tomorrow, on her birthday. Nandini agrees.
Harshid says Amms did good by locking Manik in the room, it is easy for him now.
Cabir stops Raghv saying it isn’t save from him to be here, Navya has seen him. Raghv tries to tell him he came here only for him, he thought about coming back to him now. Cabir says the last time he said this, it is 3 months and 16 days and now they are here. Raghv says he has missed him so much and asks Cabir to be together again. Aryaman interrupts, and comes there. Cabir introduces Raghv to him, Raghv leaves. Aryaman says often one has nothing to say to old friends, he even looks so older.
Harshid hides as Ambs come out to leave. Nandni thinks about calling Manik herself, as he has promised not to call her. Harshid looks for Manik’s phone in the room, and finds it under the bed. He is happy to take it. Navya comes to Nandini angry why isn’t she taking her call, she was hell of angry. Nandini asks why is she so angry, Navya says Cabir is angry with her. She asks about Manik, Nandini says Manik has gone back. Navya is shocked and asks why. Nandini says Amms thinks she isn’t putting an effort in music so she sent Manik away. Navya says it is her birthday tomorrow, she must sing to Amms and they will leave for Mumbai.
Harshid tells Aryaman that he has got Manik’s phone. Cabir’s phone comes to Manik’s phone, then Cabir’s message. Aryaman tells him about Raghv, Harshid says Raghv was Cabir’s last love. Cabir texts Manik about Raghv being here. Harshid thinks about having fun, he texts Cabir what about Raghv. Cabir says Raghv says he can explain why he was away, also he knows that Manik has always warned Cabir about Raghv. Harshid says this is interesting and something he didn’t know. He says that he now want to create a misunderstanding between Cabir and Manik. Aryaman says once they meet up this misunderstanding would clear as they would know who had the mobile. Harshid says that till then, the damage would be done.
Navya agrees to leave Nandini alone in the room but Aaliya and Mukti come there in the room. The appreciate her Amms, Aliya says it is great she has veena in her hand. Navya tells them Amms has send Manik away. Mukti says he is Manik, he would never go this way. Navya says it is Nandini’s 18th birthday tomorrow, Mukti welcomes her to the gang and ask what she would take from Manik. Nandini says he isn’t even picking her call. Mukti teases if she wants her to get her contact with him. The three of them gets a message about Nandini’s birthday’s surprise. They all leave Nadini alone.
Harshid tells Aryaman about a drug, two tablets of them would be enough for Manik to sleep whole night.

PRECAP: Amms gets sentimental watching Nandini sing and play Veena.

Update Credit to: Sona


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    girl?: kamine tooti hui chappal se pitega ya chappal tootne tak pitega?

  2. boy?: chalte chalte yuhi ruk hata hun mai.. baithe baithe kahin kho jata hun mai.. kya yahi pyar hai.. kya yahi pyar hai?
    girl?: stupid! ye kamzori hai glucon-d piya karo! ?

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