Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik pushes Soha in the fire and runs towards Nandini. Nandini says she always knew this will happen as he always loves her. Manik shouts back that I love Nandini and repeats it thrice, he was struggling to wake Nandini up. He holds her in arms and saves themselves out of fire, walking through the fire. Soha lie there, watching them leave. She runs to him, and he asks what he is doing. He jerks and pushes him away, while Soha holds a rod to throw at him. Manik goes out, Mr. Khurana enters store room and watches Soha slip and get fire.
Manik brings Nandini downstairs, Neonika watches him who asks her to get in the car. Neonika comes out, Manik says please get in the car without any scene, else she won’t forget the scene here then. She abides. In the car, Neonika asks Manik what has

happened and what is this girl doing in her car. Manik asks her to call the best doctor today. Neonika says she isn’t going to make calls for this receptionist. Manik says he must know her power today, but Neonika denies calling anyone.
The fab5 gather, he principal comes asking where is Manik. He tells them their singing career is over, before it could start. Cabir leaves for the nearest hospital, in case Nandini had got an injury.
The doctor takes Nandini’s tests to know if it is poisoning, or shock and smoke. He asks if she will be ok, but the doctor says they can’t say anything. When they leave, Manik says to Nandini that he tod her not to move from there, it is not because of his care but they need to develop some relationship rules if they need to stay in the relation. He asks Nandini to wake up and reply with a yes or no. Neonika watches them, the doctor come and tell Manik what is he doing, he must go out as the medicines will cure her not love. Manik says they must make sure that the medicines work.
Navya meets the gang, and asks about the album. Cabir says her yougurt ruined everything, and Nandini and Manik may be in hospital. Cabir comes a message from City hospital, they leave and Navya also enters into the car, insistingly.
Neonika questions Manik about Nandini. She says what was common between them was the class, was he bored of Aaliya and got hold of a traditional girl.

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She mocks that a rich boy is in love with a poor country girl, he asks what about her own story- a young girl marrying an old rich man and she would definitely not like to hear the story any further. Neonika leaves.
Manik thinks about he moments past with Nandini as he waits in the corridor.
The nurse gets the reports to doctor, he calls Manik and tells him that it is not poisoning but just a sedative, she will be fine and it is nothing to worry. The doctor says he is letting him in but make sure he behaves properly. Manik holds Nandini’s face and caress it.
He straightnes up that she will be fine, had something happened to her. He was speechless, breathing in relaxed now.
The gang comes to the hospital, asks the receptionist for Nandini’s room. Mukti turns behind to see Abumanyi, who runs away as he sees her. She runs behind him.
The gang watches Manik sitting with Nandini, he asks them all to wait outside. Navya prays for Nandini. Manik comes out of the room and sits on a bench in relief. They all look at him questioningly.
Mukti runs behind Abhimanyu, she comes to a man with his back on her. She taps his shoulder but it was not Abhimanyu. She says she thought it was Abhimanyu, and apologizes the young man saying she is sure it was Abhimanyu who exchanged his t-shirt with her. She tells him to give Abhimanyu a message to meet her in gallery in half an hour, saying she isn’t dumb. Abhimayu appears from behind the wall and the boy gives his message to him. Abhimanyu says thanks to him.
Neonika meets Mr. Khurana in the hospital who was sitting distressed. She asks how is she, he comes to her and says 60% body has been burnt. Neonika asks what does he actually plan to do, he says he doesn’t know. Neonika asks if he is thinking about filing complaint against Manik, he says he won’t as he know he is responsible for this but he hasn’t done this. He says for this claim he will need to consider Soha as mentally unstable, she must have been in jail. Neonika asks him to prove Soha dead, he must file a complaint againt Manik. He tells Neonika that Manik has a proof in hard disk that Soha is mentally ill. She says if he doesn’t file the case, she will let this news out; but if he does, she promises to help him by getting the hard disk from Manik. She says she wants this case for 24 hours only, after which she will personally help him clean the mess. They shake hands.
Cabir says he can’t believe Soha is such a psycho. Mukti comes asking how is she, he says she is fine. Navya moves nauseatic, Cabir makes a joke about her which Mukti dislikes. Dhruv asks why he didn’t tell anyone. Manik says they were all so tensed, he thought about not worrying them anymore. He takes all the blame of album on his. Cabir says it is ok, had something happened to Nandini they couldn’t forgive themselves. Aaliya is angry, and asks Cabir what a hypocrat he is as till yesterday his life depended on the album. Dhruv stops Aaliya but Manik asks him to let her speak. Aaliya says she is not a part of Fab5 anymore, Mukti asks her to calm down but she leaves saying Manik’s prirorities have changed now and Fab5 is bullshit. Manik regrets and says I am sorry. Cabir asks what can he do, else than that. He can only jump from terrace and everything will be alright. Cabir says it is ok, it should happen all the times. He asks them to eat something as he is hungry, Manik gives him looks. Cabir says alright, he may sulk here while he will go and eat something good.
He asks Mukti to come with him, Manik sits alone.
Dhruv comes behind Aaliya, and asks what was this all. Aaliya says this is such a stupid question, why they don’t understand that Manik left the biggest opportunity of their lives. Dhruv asks her to think properly what is she angry with, she is still not over with Manik. Dhruv says Manik left so much, so many times for them all; but she is not happy with the relation of Manik and Nandini because she still loves him. Aaliya slaps him, he says he is right and leaves.
Cabir tells Mukti that he figured Manik wanted to stay alone with Nandini. Mukti goes to ask about Navya, Cabir thinks her small town mom must not like her with some stranger guy. Mukti asks him to drop Navya home, but she says she won’t go with him. He says he isn’t as well going to drop her. She moves to Nandini’s room, but Cabir stops her. She says she will knock the door before leaving.
Nandini wakes up, and calls his name. He helps her sit and pours water for her. She asks about Soha, while he just looked at her and hugs her. He says he told her not to leave to the hall. She hugs him again. He tells her that she isn’t going to not listen to him the next time.
Nandini’s chacha comes to hospital, Manik says she just fainted. Chacha was worried and asks her to talk to chachi.
Neonika calls Manik asking him to come out right now. He goes out saying he will just be here. Chacha thanks Manik, Nandini tells Chacha she is fine, Chacha says she is tensed, please talk. Manik watches Nandini asks she talks to her.
Manik comes out to Neonika,
Neonika tells Manik that Soha is dead. He says he told him to take care of her, she is crazy. Neonika says the bad news is that he has filed a case against him against Soha’s murder. He asks if he is crazy too, Neonika says the scots will be here soon and that is what they needs to worry. She watches the police and tells him to leave in the car waiting for him outside.
Manik denies going, but Neonika says once he is arrested the press will get out of control. His friends and Nandini will both ruin. Neonika asks him to give her 24 hours, she will handle it all. Manik says he knows she will do it all for her reputation. The police comes to them, Neonika asks him to leave.

PRECAP: The doctor tells Nandini’s chacha and Navya that Soha is dead. Nandini calls Manik, he tells everyone he is accused. Nandini hears Neonika denying press about answering for anything, the media blamed Manik too.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nyonika will set up everything right for her status …. and to win manik’s trust
    If not this she will try to then things worse to take revenge from manik.. for insulting her relationship with his father…. she is just so pathetic

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    Neonika is so cheap…..hw cn a mom do lik ths……really feeing bad 4 manan…nw neonka ll separate manan 4 sre….

  3. megha

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    neonika can do anything anything for her reputation……….now she will become the villan of manan love stories…………i hate her….

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    is she taken?if not vaishu, my best friend very much interested in her.

  5. megha

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    i thought tht i m a member of this family

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  7. caRron

    What sis bhai !!!??? Y r u doing this ???? I don’t understand ,vanish u is now not going to come here pls leave that topic and talk to us as one among us , maybe u do luv her but what can we do !!!

  8. caRron

    No u don’t !!! U r acting like a baby sry to say but I guess I am more matured than u even though ur in college nd I am in school…..

  9. sana

    Really gio i m a fighter goose??
    N i dnt knw wat make dem feel like that
    n abt my fav prsn here…y u wanna knw tht??

  10. caRron

    Bhai if suhash bhai ask u to sent him ur own cousin sister’s or sister’s (if u have or not ) will u sent ?? Nd that to u nd bhai didn’t talk much also but suddenly he will ask nd will u give him ?

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    Ninaku vatta !!! Araana vicharam ..estavanan athre pine ennu penine kanditu nalle kalyanam karikan povalle ,,,

  12. caaru n sana cntrl ur temperature n gio u also cntrl ur temperature n i m also missing sahash bhai n sam bhai…..n ranbir bhai tooo yaha sirf mere teen hi to bhai h

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    Sanjana vry bad situation here…….sm1 tell her
    Hui nikuuuuuu nd meghaaaaaa
    My last cmnt here……….
    I will NT cm until this luv jealousy games over
    I am always available at gmail
    Bye bye Tata tc

  14. ghar ghar ki kahani vaise sight sight ki kahani n relly guy’s pata niii hm sab ki frendship kaha gayab ho gai h n nq fi9l bye i ll try to cm tmrrw

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    Interesting Sam u r sitting r8 beside me ND mujhe chida reha Ho!!! Mein aapne didi aur bhai KO bolungi aapki khabar lene ke liye

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    WARNING: leave this site trust me or bell will ring in ur house. it will be my bro’s fellow workers, maybe then i can see ur image atleast on some local newspaper

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    by saying to your sis ‘gonna kill you off’
    ok ok its your private things,but anyway once it displayed in public u can’t go away with critics

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  25. sam

    shut up gio. If u r nt blind then c cmnt. I hv nt cursed her 4 anythng.
    4 1 fake propose wat d hell is happeng. We hv lost our fun charmness.

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    She is nt gng 2 cm om tu. Becz of name copng in case of sana. It happened 7.28am. Nd becz u ppl r cmng 2 luv girl.

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    can’t u jst go or atleast become our frnd as it is nt politics where we want a strong opponent

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    do u watch kyy????????/

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    but if not scaring i want to make that GIO AWARE OF THE THING HE DID AND THE TROUBLE 1 COMMENT CAN BRING UPON HIM

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    Guys u know what todays hungama in telly tAught me something very valuable , it is ,a situation will be very tiring heavy and bad if we take it in a bad sense and make it worse but on the other hand if u see the situation in a gud and positive manner and deal with it in a light and wise way without making another kichadi with it then there will be no problems !!!

  39. carron

    Guys actually we ourself made this problem a big mess we didn’t understand the fact that bhai her was stuck by the strong disease of love which will take days to go and how do we behave with a sick person ? We behave nicely so that is exactly how we should be have with go bhai , nd now as this disease does not spread like that we take care of our luv disease struck bhai very nicely !! This month this disease called lovenia will be very strong

  40. sam

    don’t wry. Both of u enjoy in hell. Bt 1 thng 2 whom r u makng fool. The phone u r usng hv only my frnd num nd nt a single call can cm on it 4m ur frnd. If cm then u know na wat happens.

  41. carron

    No bhai no sarcasm pure words …love is a disease but a sweet disease nd u r struck by it now so it is our duty to take care of u , which unfortunately only I am doing 🙂

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    love:nno buts , try talking to her
    Love:ssimple , go to telly
    gio:wwhere she chats ?
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    gio:what about her friends ?
    Love:jjust go nd irritate them but don’t leave until u talked with vaishu

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    and clearly regretting for my entry
    actually i wanted her to meet on the proposal day, my bad luck

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    Mene kya kaha tumse
    Its jst tht ur sis n others r blaming me tht i m behind u so thts y i m nt talking wid u
    n jst state one single comment in wch i talked badly wid u

  47. carron

    SoNg that can be sung in this situation :
    I hate u , u hate me , so now lets start the world war three, with a bullet on the head and a knife in the stomach now I know that u r dead !!!!

  48. carron

    Bhai I am sorry but u have contacted the wrong person unfortunately 4 u I am not a love salesperson bad luck 🙁

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    sana u r nt cmnting here but whenever anyone tell anything about u cmnt r u still here reading our cmnt…………..

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    sana was jealous of vaishu n sam. Wat nonsense! Utter rubbish! Stop al dis…don’t test our patience

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    gio, u r really mad. She HATES u this is fact. Accept it. Nd wr8 in ur brain. Leave vaishu. Let her live her life. Y r u ruing, playng her life. God knows.
    If u r gng 2 say a single word abt her then m leavng dis site like vaishu. Then i ll cm only wen u ll leave this site. Nw enough is enough.

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    2. If not leave it

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    if somebody is doing prank then plz stop it……..enough is enough.
    sana if u r nt gio then i m sry

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    everyone is getting mad bhai pls , at least in am not soo angry with u but everyone needs time to think , vanish may also cum after some days when u do this u r hurting her friends nd vanish value friendship a lot so she will automatically get hurt…
    pls bhai we r really say but pls go now ,… ppls

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    Topic ws vaishu n.gio
    y it is shifted towards me???
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    if i hv hurt anyone n so he or ahe is doing all thes den plz forgive me bt dont create a new drama here

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    Sana i believe u yar, but sum1 is tryng to deframe u, sum1’s aftr u badly. As a frnd sana i’m requestng u to take a leave frm dis site fr a few dys until da matter cools down, i can’t tolerate anymore sum1 makng fake id n misusing ur name to create pbs among us.
    Please don’t take me wrong,i trust u bt as u c dis person just tries to deframe u evry nw n den. Plz try to understand wat i’m tryng to say…sry , if i hv hurt u sry my frnd, if posible plz forgive me

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    Make this place hell.
    Worst than it.
    Do rain of abusement only thng left. Do this also. This is only left nw.

  64. sana

    Sam dont take me wrng
    Mera matlab tha tht gio ws behind vaishu
    n all wer discussing tht so y i m dragged
    i ws quite unless anyone spoke abt me
    i dont knw y u r taking my evry comment wrngly

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    Sana is our frnd, plz don’t try to deframe her

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    n ammy u wer also saying samething

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    REMEMBER me and sammy hv seen they defaming u from the beginning

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    No way sana, we won’t blame u,why wud we do sumthng lyk dat wen we knw dat u r innocent. Listen to me sana, u r 1 of us, our frnd n we trust u completely, plz don’t worry abut dos rubbish n nonsense.
    We trust u n dat’s al dat matters

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    n sam plzz dont play tht comments game wid me dnt copy my comments
    n rainbow u wer fake sana????

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  78. carron

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    first u will say sry to her , so that
    even If u didn’t do any mistake
    there will be a sry then ask her
    could u be my friend or friends
    or anything pls ….pls samosa I
    beg u , pls plsss

    i thnk rule is made ladies 1st. Don’t u kela.
    Ok m sayng wt

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    Sammy now she is not here but if u see her any time from now then pleseeeeeee ask her to b ur friend nd say sry

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    ppl r against mine n her frndshp
    specially agnst her bt nw it will create a
    new havoc here
    got it

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  86. well wisher

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    he became very obsessed with her!!

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    I am smaller than u guys r8 !! 4 a small sister u both can at least do this r8 ?

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    I was waiting for everything to settle down. my apology to u sana for anything and everything wrong on my part. please forgive me sana

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  90. carron

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    it is okay I will catch them later nd give them nice especially to samosa !!
    Bye bye gud n888 sweeeetttt dreamzz anu today all of us need sweet dreamzzzz !! 😉

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    Bye bye gud n888 sweeeetttt
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    Hope it sorts stuff… Manik will do anything silly for her.. i wish this tym would be enough for him to knw neonika did dis.. He dint even hv to think…
    The otherside..
    Hoping to see aliya makin a cumbck in F5
    and cabir n navya gettin closer with their petty small arguements..
    Wish to see mukti wid abhi too… I Luvd em..

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  95. sanaya

    Nandini to take blame of Soha’s murder savingManik..
    Manik gets accused for Soha’s murderin Kaisi Yeh YaariyanThe current track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Soha tries to stop Manik (Parth Samthaan) saving Nandini(Niti Tylor) but falls into fire.Mr. Khurana reaches to theplace and is shocked to seefire catches on Soha’s whole body.Manik rushes to hospital along with Nandini wheredoctor tells him that Nandini is out of danger.Aaliya is angryon Manik to give importance Nandini that music.Aaliya also decides to quitFab 5 and slapsDhruv when heblames her forbeing in still love with Manik.Nyonika to take revenge from ManikOn the other hand, Nyonika is angry after getting insulted by Manik and seeing his lovefor Nandini.Nyonika asks Mr Khurana tofile a complaint against Manik in charge of killing Soha.It will now be soon that Nyonika takes advantage of the situation to defame Manik.Nyonika refuses to give any statement to save Manik.Nandini is shocked to seethat Nyonika’s silence might sent Manik into the jail.Nandini decides to save Manik realizing that he is in problem just because of her.Nandini also thinks to take blame of Soha’s murderto save Manik from jail.

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    guyz….nowadays….really l dnt feel like 2 cm here….l ll leave d st vry soon….ll go 2 anthr st…thr atleast they mk less cmnts bt dnt mk irritatn…..

  99. fairy

    ln dec tu was d bst bst st…thr sch nc ppl used 2 cm n bhves well 2 evry1…bt nw…ppl jst cm 2 quirrel or find luv or dstrb ppl…..really l m fed up of ths…….

  100. Ammy

    Arre jekhane gulo hoena sekhane ekta serial achhe Ki sinhasan battesi…..arre sekhane dhu dhu gorer maath…..keu nei …….0cmnts…..okhane jai chol

  101. Ammy

    Arre okhane toh keu Ashe na……..prothome kichu blah blah likhe debo…..kichu diner jonno…..sob thanda hole abar kyy

  102. Nutz

    Shn amra notun nam ni plz, karon ai nam e amdr k onek cine.
    Notun nam nibo kintu keo kao bolbo na, akjon arekjoner comment dekhe cinbo, konta je.
    Wat say?

  103. shan

    nutz and carron both of you handled the situation very well,keep it up,pervert gio don’t disturb people hr.
    gio -wuss

  104. Squirrel

    Nw gio knws vaishu r8???? ND he cm’s here…..so we all r nt safe here too as he is a lunatic self nd girls obsessed creature

  105. Squirrel

    Ekta kotha shon ei Sam r pechone je pore ache se Ki sobsomoy amader cmnt fllw kore…….????? Kichu ultapalta hochhe…….hisebe milche na….kokhono Oder sobai ke eksaathe cmnt korte dekhini

  106. fairy

    shon…ammy…..amadr hishab ta vul chilo….shei meye r vash k dstrb korar chele ek na….gio khube voanok chele….spoilt kid

  107. Squirrel

    Srry bt vaishu gng forever to Greece……..we r srry no chance of seeing her cause she left today mrng…..guys am at SB……

  108. Squirrel

    And we r dangerous too…..say ur frnd NT to take us fr granted…….cause we gnna chop him ND send his corpses to hell……m at SB

  109. fairy

    guyz…1day..gio ll get punishmnt frm god 4 his lower n cheap did……….he too ll face d pb like vash…

  110. sanaya

    yeah she mailed me today she z leavng…n fairy befre leavng she ll go to saudi arabia to meet hr relatives…n aftr dat she ll settle in greece

  111. fairy

    vash hd tld me yest tht 1st she ll go 2 saudi arabia thn greece thn nepal thn australia thn singapore n again she ll cm 2 greece….her parents hv talked wid a schl in greece…
    happy,gio? no ques nw…

  112. fairy

    shan…u hv helped us a loooot…tnx a looot…..god ll blees u 4 ur help…..jst pray tht vashh ll b ok….

  113. sanaya

    fairy nw no mre talkng abt vaishu…n whre she s goin….else u knw na….shan fairy jst gave d full detail of hr visits….