Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandith saying to druv that you should start the practice .Pandith leaves the room saying hello to someone in the phone .Druv says to Nandini I think we should better start the rehearsal .Nandini in reply said that Druv you were my first best friend in the college he ignores her .she feels sorry for what she did ,he says to him thank god that there t is someone who understand that .She said to him that I will do my best to get you and Manik’s friendship back and leaves the room .Pandith says that there complications have made my life easier .pandith enters the room saying to Nandini that we should better start the practice she in turn says to him that I can not practice without Druv.
Nandini thinks abut he Pandit’s behavior. she says to herself that ishould better tell this to Manik.

Neonika watches Manik coming to office and says she has a meeting, is it something important. He says it is good for him that he gets less time with her. He tells Neonika that Pandit went to Nandini’s house yesterday and Nandini is getting close to Pandit. Manik says curtly, I have a perfect plan for that Nandini Murti, he left his album performance for her. He is gonna make sure that according to Pandit’s plan tomorrow, Nandini isn’t able to performance. This will put Nandini into enough trouble. He asks does she have a problem with this, Neonika says she could never stop him. He should just remember away everything comes with a price and goes inside the office. Nandini comes there, holds Manik’s arm. Neonika just comes out, Manik jerks her hands off his arm and holds her hand tight. He rudely tells Nandini that tomorrow is a big day, she must stay away from him. Nandini leaves. Manik tells Neonika that she would not be getting anything, he also wants what he does and that is getting rid of Nandini. He leaves, saying now they both are on the same track. Neonika is happy.
Cabir watches his mother sitting on a bench, sits besides her and asks what she is doing in college. Her mother asks can’t he see her happy, she smiled after so long watching him with Navya. She asks why he brought that Sunny Sharma as fake person. She says she has proof and heard each and everything with her own ears. He tries to explain but his mother is angry that he will only lie to her. Sunny says yes he is fake, but you and Navya’s mother forced us to lie, there is nothing between him and Navya, she can’t even fix it. His mother says thanks for confirming her doubts, she says Navya didn’t say anything and he himself has told the truth. He says she can’t do this to him, his mother says Navya’s mother would equally be hit. Navya is already worried and is fighting a battle, please don’t put her in more trouble.
Manik comes behind Nandini, stops her and asks if he needs to explain what happened in front of Neonika. She asks how would he explain it, he says he can do anything to put it up, teasingly. Nandini says no one can know Neonika better than him, till when they will hide. Manik says only tomorrow. Nandini says if he can repeat lines she can also, she doesn’t like lies. Why he didn’t tell her that Neonika is giving him tough time because of her. She hates her. Manik says he has been living with her for nineteen years, she really hates everyone except herself. He asks why she came to her, she was about to say something but Neonika was coming through the corridor. Nandini takes herself and Manik under a table, Neonika bends down because her heels were slipping, but peon saves them asking her if he should get her laptop in the car. Neonika leaves, Nandini is relieved. Manik says he doesn’t mind this kind of Neonika’s fear, Nandini pushes him. Manik calls Neonika, she hids herself in his chest. He says he was teasing her.
Pandit ji was looking for Dhruv in the campus, he was sitting at the roof beaking strings of guitar. Pandit ji says it seems he has been pouring his anger on these strings. Dhruv apologizes for not being able to come to concert. Pandit ji says music and anger can never stay together. He asks Dhru to pour all his anger out, and on the one who is responsible for this all. Dhruv says he is right, why should he be quiet, those responsible must know about it. Pandit ji gets Amb’s call, and promises he will come to take her. Pandit ji is happy to beat Manik in this.
Mukti asks Cabir in café if his mother will tell Navya’s mom. Navya was coming in the café. Cabir says his mom is really changed, he didn’t tell Navya else she would be stressed. Mukti says to Cabir that Navya is pregnant, stress isn’t good for her. Navya comes worried, Cabir asks does she know. Navya says it happened with her, she says her swearing has been fulfilled because tomorrow Nandini will perform and Manik and Nandini can then meet again. Cabir asks what is she talking about, Navya says she is sad because she was sent out of concert duty to keep them apart.
Manik comes running to Nandini and stops her holding her hand. She tells him it’s corridor. Manik says so? You’re getting shy and all? You should be used to this. Nandini replies him that she has history of surprising him specially when it comes to handling things. Manik looks on.

PRECAP: The necklace fell of Nandini’s bag, Manik asks what is this.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. john

    i got so many sis frm tu. im very happy. sree sara dhanya aish laura shenaz many many thnk u god u filled colors in my life by giving me such sweet sweet sisters.

  2. @@@

    Jhon i knw this one is not real…but atleast for ur mother n fathers sake dont do this silly things again coz this john took sware of parents….n nthing is great then love of parents…

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  16. Nutz

    Aww….i cnt forget manik’s expression. Wen they were hidng undr da table,neonika bends n nandu hides herself holdng manik nd manik smilingly luks at her.there ws a close shot focus on manik’s smiling face…aww…he ws lukng too dam cute!!

  17. Nutz

    Di plz try to see da epi if possible, i enjoyd cute manans fights a lot in 2dy’s epi, felt lyk i got to c da old manan magic. Nd their expressions were too gud as usual.

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    I hope ranvir comes and continue his show
    Me really missing sana sam euphie fairy auhona suhash bhai aadhya and Every1 else from kyy

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  26. Nutz

    I knw wat u mean. Once i had a serious fever continuosly nd ws in a bad conditn fr days, aftr sm days, 1 n8 i ws chattng wd carru here, den sam joind, aftr a long tym i had laughd dat n8 nd gues wat nxt day my fever reducd n almst disappear. Nd gues wat dat day i ws highly energetic, too energetic in fact !

  27. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    yes laura I am bck actually I ws nt well & ws at hsptl & nutz missssssss u toooooo dr nt nly u bt evry kyy mem

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    hey no1 askd me abt my symbls bt I vl giv ans as I said ystrday it is my aunts phn d symbls app is in my phn so & I frgt my phn at hme while gng to hsptl

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    U see there is this boarding school in kottayam with iit coaching but to get admission for Plus one in famous school we need to write entrance There were only 50 seats And 1000 students came to write the entrance questions were too tough i dont think i will qualify 4 sure

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    oh serious!! dunno yaar doc said it is an infestion bt it is stil continuing I wsh it cures soonest

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    Oreo nw c a real essay by da original writer! Hehehehe

  37. B-) DHANYA

    nutz yes I shld do so but if I went in front of him to break his leg he will break.my other leg he is such a gigantic figure
    yes u r rght Laura its pc Thomas and hell is much Better than pc

  38. Nutz

    My frnd bcumng mad!! No way! Yaar r u serious?hw can i help? Shud i book a seat fr u in da mental asylum?heheheh, just kiddng:-D, sorry yar, plz dnt mind

    • sana

      No no seriously 😀 see i ws knwng laura dnt knw hindi still intetionally i asked abt her in hindi

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    Aab bhooth pret ayege
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    tujh me chupi si jo shayari h
    tujhko sunau me zaea
    hai re ye do dilo ka vaasaa vaasta
    khulke bataye jaye na
    subanallah…. 🙂 🙂

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    I wanna ask so many ques any1 gng to stay awake all nyt & ans me???…….. shenaz wat did u say in todays mails it is nt opening???……….

    • sana

      Yes he said he will be busy…. one day back he asked me abt sm links n den fr smtime we hd chat bt nw m also busy so i din mailed him plus he is hvng shrtge of net pack

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    one of our student was having head ache and he told to pt teacher she put crack foot cream for tat and he got double head ache by it
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  51. sana

    Rotate ur thumb laura it wilk get fine
    Whr is maria?? Say her my Hi I m missing her
    her xams strtd???

  52. B-) DHANYA

    actually it was a joke for all …. oh god and it made him.mad…. he was cleaning his.head many tyms…and our first aid box medicines r expired thn also using…..oh god !!!!

  53. Laura

    Haha sree he must hv thought
    Ethu kashtakalathina enikku aa teacherintay aduthu pokan thoniyathu

  54. Nutz

    Due to my bio xm tmrw, i may need to stay awake whole n8. Can any1 company me to pass da whole lonely n8?

  55. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    Mohabbat Karli Tumse Bahut Sochne Ke Baad;Ab Kisi Ko Dekhna Nahi Tumhe Dekhne Ke Baad;Duniya Chhod Denge Tumhe Pane Ke Baad;Khuda Maaf Kare Itna Jhooth Bolne Ke Baad!

  56. B-) DHANYA

    nutzzy only upto 2 bcoz I need to wake up @3 bcoz I need to go to thrissur. frm kottayyam

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    Mere Dost Tum Bhi Likha Karo Shayari;Tumhara Bhi Meri Tarah Naam Ho Jayega;Jab Tum Par Bhi Padenge Ande Aur Tamatar;To Shaam Ki Sabji Ka Intajaam Ho Jayega

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    Sry guys agn net problem
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  59. Laura

    Hello vampire this ur wolf. You naughty wolf u r so greedy nowadays for spenting more time in drinking blood and searching new hosts now u are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo greedy that u even wont come to mail maybe u r grazing fields too if u r greedy then our wolf clan will be forced to terminate u

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    oh thnks to God ur bro returned & thnks to God dat evn me retrnd bt I hav to go tmrw fr injection to hsptl shenaz

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    no sree I hav to take drips meds injections etc etc bt I wish it bcms true dat my lyf bcms best

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    OK Sara u go for ur injection all d best for it 2morrow but may I tell u guys something I m afraid of injections
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    No only 1 entrance exam which was today had to attend 25 questions each from physics chemistry biology And Maths And 20 questions from mental ability

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    haha….and how was the mental ability test it will the most confusing one always…for me Laura..

  65. B-) DHANYA

    haha Laura when attending an exam we r harshly.using oru brain and after the xam we will be mental bcoz all our answers went wrong….

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    Sry guys now I have to leave some work is pending n have to finish it by 2morrow need to go g8 sweet dreams tc n really sry for leaving u guys but really happy to know dat dhanya n Sara r also afraid of injection just like me now bye n dis 1 is only final wala bye. Hope to see u guys soon burn tc all of u bcoz all r dr to me bye

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    nly eng plz ……….. who is missing rv bros shw??????…………….. I am missing it so much

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    Example. drinking coconut water at 1 . 30 is very normal for u..

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    Yes sree
    u knw sara i thgt tum log bhool gaye tht n a grl always jack jack so….
    ok fr u nw jack 🙂

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    Lyf full of xam
    no.tym to.njoyyy
    y it is lyk this
    oh god help us
    when is the tym
    to.njoyyy then ??

  71. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    sree evry1 at my grndmas hse sleep lately…………… & laura nt nly dat much I do mny abnormal things lyk having dinner at dis tym nt nly dis tym bt more lately also & I watch tv til late nyt smtyms ful jyt I do mny abnormal things if I write it hr den I want a lng pg to write a lng list 😛

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    thank u Laura for the question of the day
    bcoz something I went over while reading the comments…

  75. shenaz

    R u guys thinking rv is going to cum I think he will not conduct d shw bcoz he commented yesterday dat he is ending d shw bcoz no 1 is here I think u guys need to convience him now bye

  76. B-) DHANYA

    Sara I gave a name for u
    whenever I used to c the name I used to call saramma it is not a product
    but in Malayalam we used to call like tat
    Laura I think u know it

  77. Nutz

    Ha ha ha :-D, see hw funny tyms cn be! My mistake turnd itself into a joke. “nt oreo” thnkng dis joke is makng me laugh. Seriously i cnt stop laughng guys sree,oreo, sara, sana guys 2n8 ws fun

  78. sana jack jacky sanay sanny jackfruit sandalwoody sandy jack fruity sandalwood

    Haha….so many names
    ab mera cmmnt overlded hogaya

  79. sana jack jacky sanay sanny jackfruit sandalwoody sandy jack fruity sandalwood

    U knw laura wht name nutz gav me hahah…

    • sana jack jacky sanay sanny jackfruit sandalwoody sandy jack fruity sandalwood

      Hv a look on my username 😀
      TU will stp posting my cmmnts haha

  80. sana jack jacky sanay sanny jackfruit sandalwoody sandy jack fruity sandalwood

    One more tangewali basanti by ammy haha

  81. sana jack jacky sanay sanny jackfruit sandalwoody sandy jack fruity sandalwood

    One by nutz
    sanareo sana + oreo

  82. B-) DHANYA

    ok guys I am going I need to sleep for 1 hr as I hav to wake up @3 bye guys take care all
    thanx to Laura for naming me as danny…

  83. B-) DHANYA

    Laura ji AAP ab kamal se Hindi baath karthi he… thoda practice aur chahiye voh.mien tumhe baad mien doongi

  84. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.The teacher says, “Why are you arguing?”One boy answers, “We found a ten dollor bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie.””You should be ashamed of yourselves,” said the teacher, “When I was your age I didn’t even know what a lie was.”The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher

  85. sandalwood

    Oh god stp it yaar kal class jana h me subh tak ese hi hasti rahungi…
    y i said Y???

    All d bst sree 🙂

  86. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    Patient: Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.Doctor: Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink.

  87. Laura

    Guys tell names of kyy members one by one let me make Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Exclude wolfy sammy carry sanny danny fairy ammy nutzy

  88. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    Patient: Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.Doctor: Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink…

  89. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    euphie = euphy
    qwert = qwerty….
    hey u guys got pritams mail I hav got I dunno much abt him so I dint chat

  90. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    A family of mice were surprised by a big cat.Father Mouse jumped and and said, “Bow-wow!” The cat ran away. “What was that, Father?” asked Baby Mouse. “Well, son, that’swhy it’s important to learn a second language.”

  91. Laura

    Singing girl ===singing girly
    Qwert =======qwerty or questy
    Euphie=======smally or euphy or samsy(sammy +sissy)

  92. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    The Perfect Son.A: I have the perfect son.B: Does he smoke?A: No, he doesn’t.B: Does he drink whiskey?A: No, he doesn’t.B: Does he ever come home late?A: No, he doesn’t.B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he?A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.

  93. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    Little Johnny: Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?Teacher: Little Johnny, MAY I go to the bathroom?Little Johnny: But I asked first!

  94. Laura

    Wolfy sammy ccarry or curry sanny danny fairy ammy nutzy smiley sushy or suhashy dory plumpyyy soundy smiley aadhy euphy qwety sg=sify maggy preety auhoy marry danley maxy ranvy

  95. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    PUPIL: “Would you punish me for something I didn`t do?”TEACHER:” Of course not.”PUPIL: “Good, because I haven`t done my homework.”

  96. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    oh nyc to hear dat I brought bck ur memories u had lft ur memories at supermarket bcz u did nt hav money dey askd fr smthng funny hahahaha

  97. Laura

    In little johny And teacher
    Teacher tried to teach but johny thought teacher actually wanted to go too

  98. Laura

    Sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y did u disappear disappear again again

  99. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    nce there were three turtles. One day they decided to go on a picnic. When they got there, they realized they had forgotten the soda. The youngest turtle said he would go home and get it if they wouldn’t eat the sandwiches until he got back. A week went by,then a month, finally a year, when the two turtles said,”oh, come on, let’s eat the sandwiches.” Suddenly the little turtle popped up from behind a rock and said, “If you do, I won’t go!”

  100. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    The real estate agent says, “I have a good, cheap apartment for you.”The man replys, “By the week or by the month?”The agent answers, “By the garbage dump..”

  101. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    hey it hapns wid me too ystrday in mrnng I ws laughing in hsptl wid my aunts & aftr smtym my hnd got swollen fully dat tym I ws crying so much

  102. ♡♡~sara~♡♡

    Customer: Excuse me, but I saw your thumb in my soup when you were carrying it.Waitress: Oh, that’s okay. The soup isn’t hot.

  103. Nutz

    I forgot yar, ask sana, i had gvn her a whole list. My b’dy at da end of da month, meaning 31st may. Sana mayb 7th may,nt sure, i need to check

  104. Nutz

    Ha ha, i knw , as a joke, my dad used to tease me wen i ws lil sayng dat on my bro’s b’dy he hs money to celebrate bt in my case, its da end of month nd money, so no celebratn! Hehehe

  105. Nutz

    Nutz ws strtd my me, auho calld me nutzy first, sana gav me nutzella nd dan calls me nutty n nuts, aashi calls me nutzu

  106. sanareo

    Sorry laura
    headache ho rha tha i sadi i will cm in 10 mins see the time 1&.1/2 hr gng yo cmplete

  107. Laura

    Byeeeeee guys gud night sana dear And sweet dreams advance gud morning c u today byeeeeee final 1

  108. B-) DHANYA

    guys bye gudnght.I know u guys who stayed late nght hav slept now so I.am going to write my xam within 5 hrs so on the way to thrissur… will c u soon plzz pray for me… bye guys ….

  109. Nutz

    Wish al my tu frnds a warm gud mrng, dat is filld wd hopes n aspiratns, may u al hv a great day:-)

  110. fairy

    sree, mny mny bst wshes fr ur exm….dw, it ll b prfct..;)
    sara, tk care of ur health..:)
    l hp othrs frnds r fn….:D

  111. ♥ Ammy ♥

    I dnnoe when I will come today…i hv these 8 hrs class actually…..nd lots of home work.. 🙁
    Bt I will try my best to come 🙂

  112. B-) DHANYA

    ok dont get much tensed calm and write the test
    u know I am not studying anything now. within 1 hr my entrance xam hihi
    anyway bye dear Tata c u soon

  113. ♥ Ammy ♥

    Nnutz as I said take a deeeep breathe…..concentrate…..think abt manan….you will rock biology

  114. ♥ Ammy ♥