Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandith saying to druv that you should start the practice .Pandith leaves the room saying hello to someone in the phone .Druv says to Nandini I think we should better start the rehearsal .Nandini in reply said that Druv you were my first best friend in the college he ignores her .she feels sorry for what she did ,he says to him thank god that there t is someone who understand that .She said to him that I will do my best to get you and Manik’s friendship back and leaves the room .Pandith says that there complications have made my life easier .pandith enters the room saying to Nandini that we should better start the practice she in turn says to him that I can not practice without Druv.
Nandini thinks abut he Pandit’s behavior. she says to herself that ishould better tell this to Manik.

Neonika watches Manik coming to office and says she has a meeting, is it something important. He says it is good for him that he gets less time with her. He tells Neonika that Pandit went to Nandini’s house yesterday and Nandini is getting close to Pandit. Manik says curtly, I have a perfect plan for that Nandini Murti, he left his album performance for her. He is gonna make sure that according to Pandit’s plan tomorrow, Nandini isn’t able to performance. This will put Nandini into enough trouble. He asks does she have a problem with this, Neonika says she could never stop him. He should just remember away everything comes with a price and goes inside the office. Nandini comes there, holds Manik’s arm. Neonika just comes out, Manik jerks her hands off his arm and holds her hand tight. He rudely tells Nandini that tomorrow is a big day, she must stay away from him. Nandini leaves. Manik tells Neonika that she would not be getting anything, he also wants what he does and that is getting rid of Nandini. He leaves, saying now they both are on the same track. Neonika is happy.
Cabir watches his mother sitting on a bench, sits besides her and asks what she is doing in college. Her mother asks can’t he see her happy, she smiled after so long watching him with Navya. She asks why he brought that Sunny Sharma as fake person. She says she has proof and heard each and everything with her own ears. He tries to explain but his mother is angry that he will only lie to her. Sunny says yes he is fake, but you and Navya’s mother forced us to lie, there is nothing between him and Navya, she can’t even fix it. His mother says thanks for confirming her doubts, she says Navya didn’t say anything and he himself has told the truth. He says she can’t do this to him, his mother says Navya’s mother would equally be hit. Navya is already worried and is fighting a battle, please don’t put her in more trouble.
Manik comes behind Nandini, stops her and asks if he needs to explain what happened in front of Neonika. She asks how would he explain it, he says he can do anything to put it up, teasingly. Nandini says no one can know Neonika better than him, till when they will hide. Manik says only tomorrow. Nandini says if he can repeat lines she can also, she doesn’t like lies. Why he didn’t tell her that Neonika is giving him tough time because of her. She hates her. Manik says he has been living with her for nineteen years, she really hates everyone except herself. He asks why she came to her, she was about to say something but Neonika was coming through the corridor. Nandini takes herself and Manik under a table, Neonika bends down because her heels were slipping, but peon saves them asking her if he should get her laptop in the car. Neonika leaves, Nandini is relieved. Manik says he doesn’t mind this kind of Neonika’s fear, Nandini pushes him. Manik calls Neonika, she hids herself in his chest. He says he was teasing her.
Pandit ji was looking for Dhruv in the campus, he was sitting at the roof beaking strings of guitar. Pandit ji says it seems he has been pouring his anger on these strings. Dhruv apologizes for not being able to come to concert. Pandit ji says music and anger can never stay together. He asks Dhru to pour all his anger out, and on the one who is responsible for this all. Dhruv says he is right, why should he be quiet, those responsible must know about it. Pandit ji gets Amb’s call, and promises he will come to take her. Pandit ji is happy to beat Manik in this.
Mukti asks Cabir in café if his mother will tell Navya’s mom. Navya was coming in the café. Cabir says his mom is really changed, he didn’t tell Navya else she would be stressed. Mukti says to Cabir that Navya is pregnant, stress isn’t good for her. Navya comes worried, Cabir asks does she know. Navya says it happened with her, she says her swearing has been fulfilled because tomorrow Nandini will perform and Manik and Nandini can then meet again. Cabir asks what is she talking about, Navya says she is sad because she was sent out of concert duty to keep them apart.
Manik comes running to Nandini and stops her holding her hand. She tells him it’s corridor. Manik says so? You’re getting shy and all? You should be used to this. Nandini replies him that she has history of surprising him specially when it comes to handling things. Manik looks on.

PRECAP: The necklace fell of Nandini’s bag, Manik asks what is this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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