Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 7

Hey guys your priya is back with another episode. Thanks for all your comments & sry yar for swalak separation but its important. Now lets go.


Laksh & arjun goes to airport.


Screen starts with plane landing in airport. Arjun & laksh both will be seen coming out. As soon as they came out laksh will get call from swara.

Swara: Lucky have u reached their safely? Are u fine?

Lucky: Swara i am fine yar just now i came out from airport.

Swara: Ok then take care ha. After u reached hotel just make me a call.

Lucky: Ok jaan dnt worry i will be fine ok.

Swara: Ok then bye i love u.

Lucky: I love u too bye.

Arjun: Yar lucky seriously u are very lucky yar because a got a best life partner like shona who cares u.

Lucky: I guess u also not less than me.

Arjun: U mean.

Lucky: I mean that u also having partner who cares u then u also lucky na.

Arjun stammers wh..what for me pa…partner no noway.

Lucky: Stop acting i know everything about u & radz.

Arjun: What how do u know?

Lucky: Not only me swara also know it. Yar we all are best friends then how would i leave u alone. You also should be happy.

Arjun: Thanku yar. They hugs & leaves to hotel.

They will attend the business meet. After meet they will arrange a success party. All will enjoy the party.

One girl will come to laksh & will ask him for dance but he cutely ignores her.

Arjun: What is this lucky its just a dance. Y r u ignoring her?

Lucky: Arjun u know that i only dance with swara.

Arjun: Ha baba i know u love swara & you will dance only with her. But she is in india & u r in germany. She will not know na.

Lucky: No arjun i can’t cheat her she is my life.

Then one person enters by doing dance on stage.

Matlabi ho ja zara matlabi
Duniya ki sunta hai kyun
Khud ki bhi sun le kabhi

Kuch baat ghalat bhi ho jaaye
Kuch der ye dil bhi kho jaaye
Befikar dhadkane, iss tarah se chale
Shor goonje yahaan se wahaan

Sooraj dooba hai yaaron
Do ghoont nashe ke maara
Raste bhula do saare gharbaar ke

Sooraj dooba hai yaaroon
Do ghoont nashe ke maara
Gham tum bhula do saare sansaar ke

He dances so beautiful & all claps for him. Arjun comes to him.

Arjun: Manik

Yes he is manik.

Manik: Arjun.

Both hugs happily.

Arjun: Idiot where r u till now? U know how much i missed u.

Manik: Bhai I miss u too.

Lucky watches this & confused.

Lucky: Arjun who is he?

Arjun: Lucky he is my brother manik. Manik he is lucky my best friend.

Manik: Hi lucky nice to meet u.

Lucky: Ya me too. But arjun u never told me that u have a brother.

Arjun: Ya lucky I didn’t get that situation. That is a long story. I will tell u later. For now u both talk to each other i will be back.

He leaves to make a call to radz.

Radz: Hey arjun. How is the party? I know u will be flirting with hot girls.

Arjun: For me nobody is more hot than u radz.

Radz: Stop acting now say whats the matter?

Arjun: I want to say u one important matter.

Radz: Oh what is that?

Suddenly there will be no signal arjun is saying about manik but she can’t hear it. She will cut the call & tries to call again but milli & swara interrupts & takes her to shopping.

Here arjun also try to call her but all in vain.

Manik & lucky are talking.

Manik: So lucky where r u from?

Lucky: Well i am from india came here to attend this business meet.

Manik: That means u are from varma group of industries. Laksh varma.

Lucky: Unfortunately that is me only.

Manik: Wow its my pleasure to meet u. I have heard a lot about u. U are such a great business person.

Lucky: Thank u so much manik. This is my card u meet me anytime when u come india.

Manik: Ya sure i will meet u soon.
Now lets dance.

They all dance on same song.


No precap.

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