Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 6


Hey guys priya is back. So now lets start. Before going i want to say u one thing many swalak fans please forgive me soon there will be separation for swalak. Please dnt scold me but story should go on right. Now lets go.


Swalak & ardhika romance.


Next day morning Swalak will be seen on terrace sleeping together peacefully. (Nothing happened please dnt think anything).

Swara will get up & sees laksh sleeping. She admires him while sleeping. She thinks how cute he is. She sees surrounding & remembers that they are on terrace & thinks to go but laksh pulls her on him.

Swara: Lucky leave me. What r u doing?

Laksh: Baby where r u going by leaving me alone?

Swara: Dnt act so sweet lucky i am just going down dad may be searching for us.

Lucky: Then what about our sweet & secret romance.

Swara: Morning morning u have started. From now this so called secret romance is not allowed.

Lucky: What??? But y?

Swara: Because I dnt like it & i dnt allow u.

Lucky: What u dnt like me doing romance? Then y u get engaged with me? He gets angry.

Swara: Aww my baby got angry on me. Listen idiot i told that no romance before marriage.

Lucky: This is not fair yar i can’t be far from u.

Swara: Y not by the way today u r leaving to germany then after u came back our marriage so it is.

Lucky: I thought u will come to germany with me then we can spend more time together.

Swara: No way because its not me but arjun is coming with u.

Lucky: That idiot also joined u wait i will teach u both. He tries to catch her but she runs from there.

They will run down & swara by mistakenly hits milli.

Milli: Ouch bhabhi what happened? Y r u running?

Swara: I am sry milli woh mein….

Just then laksh comes & he hits her & both falls & they have an eyelock.

Milli: So this the matter u people romance will never end. She will try to help but in reverse she also falls. They all laugh & fights.

Dadi & dp also comes there & feels happy seeing them.

Here radhika will silently send arjun & she also comes & joins them.

Dp: Stop it guys. Its enough now playing. Laksh u have to leave now.

Lucky: Ya papa I will get ready.

Swalak will go to room. Swara is packing his bags & he got freshenup & getting ready.

Swara will be seen upset . Laksh sees her & goes to her. He holds her hands

Lucky: Its just a matter of 2 days jaan.

Swara: Ya i know but i will miss u.

Lucky: Just come with me. He takes her to mirror & hugs her from back. He will keep a golden chain which is having a love shape locket having swalak photo.

Swara: This was so beautiful. I love u lucky.

Laksh: I love u too swara. Now u will not miss me right & please smile like this everytime ok.

Swara: Sure & thanks. She hugs him & reciprocates & kisses her..

They comes down & takes blessings from Dadi & dp. He hugs milli & radz & swara. Arjun will come.

(Arjun is college friend for swalak & radz. Now he is also business friend. Ardhika are in love but nobody knows that)

Arjun: Hey lucky r u ready?

He comes & takes blessings & hugs Swalak, radz & milli.

They all says bye to laksh & arjun. They leaves to airport.

That is it guys. See u in next episode.

Credit to: Priya

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  1. Aasthu

    hEY Priya its nyc………….but plzzzz give equal ardhika scenes too……..

    1. Thanku aasthu & sure i will try to make more scenes.

  2. dont seperetae swalak.

    1. Sorry masthi but my story needs it

    1. Thanku ria

  3. will swalak join r forever remain separately??

    1. It wil be known by story

  4. Awesome priya

    1. Thanku crazygirl

  5. Its awesome

    1. Thanku sherin

    1. Thanku alia

    1. Thanku sss

  6. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Awsm.Separation!!! Nooo

    1. Thanku abdul & sorry for separation

    1. Thanku sparkle

  7. awesome episode…

  8. Awesome n plz nooo separation plz plz

  9. Awesome episode, love you loads

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