Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 5

Hey guys priya is back with new episode. Sorry for updating late. Thank u all for your comments. So lets start now.


Swalak romance & arjun entry.

Episode 5

Swalak are on terrace. They both will break there kiss.

Laksh: Wow swara it was awesome. First kiss in my life. It was superb.
Swara: Shut up lucky. U r shameless.
Laksh: Its true swara. This one kiss is enough for me. If my life is gone after this i will not worry.
Swara: Lucky. How many times i had told u that dnt talk that type of things.
Laksh: Ok baba ok i am sorry. I am just saying that…..
Swara: Go to hell dnt talk to me.
Laksh: Aha my swara is getting angry on me. That is not possible.
Swara: Yes it is.
Laksh: Ok then i know how to cool u.

He goes near her & tries to kiss her again. She then pushes him & runs from there but he catches her. Due to rain she slips & both will fall.

Here arjun after kissing radhika he breaks kiss & he sees her lovingly. She is in shock. Milli is seen searching for radhika.

Milli: Radz where r u? See there is no power & i am not even getting candles.

Here radhika is in still shock. Milli is coming near to them.

Arjun: Radz get in your sense yar.

He will try to get her in sense.

Arjun: Radz now if u not come in your sense. Then i will kill u again.

Then radz will get into sense & sees arjun. She will feel very happy & she hugs him.

Radz: Arjun. Finally u came to me. U know how much i missed u?

Arjun: Are yaar u can hug me later first see milli is searching u.

She will listen her calling & takes arjun to the room & hides in cup board. While going in she unknowingly pushes flower vase. Milli hears that & comes near that & thinks that who pushes this.

Radz gets afraid that she will caught & as she is very close to arjun she hugs him tight by closing her eyes she prays that milli should not see them.

Milli is just going to see them in cupboard then dadi calls her to get candles so she leaves.

Arjun sees that. & tries to tell her but she closes her eyes. Arjun does not want to miss that moment & keeps silent.

Rad: Arjun does milli gone?

Arjun: No no she is here only. U dnt move just be like this. He hugs her more tightly.

She sees silently outside & sees milli is not there. She understood matter & beats him.

Arjun: Offo radz. I am showing u so much of love but u r beating me.

Radz: Just shut up. How many times i told u that we should be like friends infront of family.

Arjun: But y yar. We love each other then y can’t u tell to all.

Radz: I know that. But for now we are dating right. If i told u that we love each other then they will get us married & i dnt like it.

Arjun: What u dnt like to marry me?

Radz: Of course i do yar. But not too early. First let swara get married later we can say to them.

Arjun: What ever.

Rad: Leave it. Y u came here to meet dp or what?

Arjun: No nothing like that. I came here to meet u baby.

He hugs her. She pushes him.

Rad: Aha but not now. I will meet u later. Just go now. She was about to go but he holds her hand.

Here laksh holds swara’s hand.

Laksh: Swara i told that this night u should spend time with me.

Swara: But laksh if anyone see us…

Laksh: Dnt worry there is no power.

Swara: Ok.

He will come close to her. He holds her hands & kisses them.

Arjun will hug radhika from back & kiss on her neck. She closes her eyes.

Marjayaan song plays

Lamhe… velle lamhe velle pal yeh
Idhar udhar tehal rahe

(Laksh cups swara’s face & kisses on her fore head, eyes & cheeks & waits near her lips.)

Sehmein …. sehmein dil bhi
Keh raheiin hai bina tere ye…

(Arjun hugs radhika & caresses her hair & holds her face to kiss)

Marjayian tere bin marjayian
Marjayian tere bin marjayian re

(Laksh touches her beautiful rosy lips & kisses lightly & softly)

Marjayian tere bin marjayian
Marjayian tere bin marjayian re

(Arjun holds her face & kisses her lips sweetly)

Their kiss converts into passionate kiss.

That the end guys. See u all again in next episode. I hope u like this episode. Please comment.

Credit to: Priya


  1. Roma

    Awesome episode, ardhika n swalak were fantabulous…keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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