Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 4


Hey guys priya is back with another episode. Thanks for all your comments. Now lets start.


Swalak are engaged.

Today episode

Screen shows the building of Varma group of industries. Laksh will be seen doing some work in his cabin.

Pa: Excuse me sir.

Laksh: Yes rajesh.

Pa: Sir that germany project investors are calling continuosly & asking about our deal.

Laksh: Ya rajesh I will talk to dad & u take care of my visa & passport.

Pa: Sure sir.

He leaves & dp enters.

Laksh: Dad tomorrow I am going to germany for that project deal.

Dp: Ok but y so soon laksh.

Laksh: No dad i have to complete this deal as soon as possible.

Dp: Ok did u inform swara?

Laksh: No not yet. I have to talk.

They leaves.

Screen shifts to Swalak mansion.

Swara, radz & milli will be seen sitting together & chatting.

Laksh comes there & joins them.

Laksh: What’s going on? All my beautiful ladies are here together.

Swara: We all be together every time. Today u only new here.

Rad: By the way laksh u came early today is there any work?

Milli: I think there is something radz otherwise bhai will not come so fast home.

Laksh: Shut up girls I came here just to spend time with……

Radz: Ha with… with whom.

Swara blushes.

Laksh: Hm…mm.. with u all.

Milli: Really. With all of us.

Laksh: Ha milli. Y can’t we all play a game together.

Rad: What game?

Laksh: Anything. Lets play hide & seek.

Swara: Ya I agree.

Milli: Ok then u all hide & i will catch u.

Radz, swalak says ok done.

Radz will go to milli’s room & hide in wardrobe.

Swara was about to go her room to hide but laksh holds her hand & takes her with him to terrace.

Milli will close her eyes & count numbers. She is done & she screams that she is coming.

Swalak are on terrace.

Swara: Laksh y u brought me here? Down all will search for us.

Laksh: Let them. I brought u here to spend sometime with u alone.

Swara: What no way. Lets go lucky.

Laksh: Tomorrow I am going to germany. I thought this night I can spend sometime with u.

Swara: U r going tomorrow? When u will be back?

Laksh: Within two days thats it.

Swara: What 2 days? How can i will be without u?

Laksh: That is y I am asking u to spend sometime with me now.

Swara: Ok fine.

Here milli is checking in every room but she found no one. She will come to radz room but she will not see her & leaves. Then radz will come out & thinks to go to garden.

So by seeing front she will step backwards. Outside the mansion one person will be seen coming out of car. Here radz is about to go out. The person is about to come in then she will collides him without seeing & both will fall on each other.

Here Laksh is standing back of swara holding her waist.

Laksh: Swara shall I ask u one thing.

Swara: Ha lucky.

Laksh: Do u think that i am perfect for u?

Swara: What’s that question lucky. Of course u r perfect.

Laksh: Because I will be always busy with work will not spend time with u.

Swara: Even though I love u laksh.

Laksh: I love u too swara.

Laksh will remove her hair on her neck & kisses on her neck & on her bare back. She closes her eyes. Cool breezes will blow.

Here radz & that man on each other embrace. Suddenly power will go off. Outside it was about to rain. There will be only light that comes from thunders. There we will the person is Arjun. They have an eye lock.

Here Swalak.

Swara: Laksh it was about to rain lets leave.

Laksh: No swara please be with me.

He brings her close to him & hugs her & kisses on neck passionately. She shivers.
He holds her face & kisses on her forehead, eyes & cheeks.

He touches her lips smoothly. She was about to leave then rain starts.

Hua hai aaj pehli baar song plays.

She holds her & hugs her tightly & softly he starts kissing her on lips. First she tries to stop but she too likes it. Kiss goes on passionately.

Here arjun will get mesmerized by radhika & he kisses her. She tried to stop but she cannot.

Screen ends on both couples kissing.


Germany trip.

Credit to: Priya

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    Awesome…….. Continue soon……

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  4. Aww sawlak scene is awesum nd mr swalak scene pls..make it bit long waiting fr nxt..

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  5. Swalak arear evergreen pair and uaa awesome episode

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  7. Priya plzzzzzz include more ardhika scenes……………u described swalak scenes perfectly but not ardhika scenes…………………..

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