Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 3


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Swalak engagement. Rings missing.

Screen starts with swalak mansion where Swara & laksh engagement is taking place. All are confused where the rings are. Then suddenly all the lights will gone off. Only one blue spot light will be seen & one person will be seen coming from dark to spot light. All are shocked & watching who will be that.

Then one will be seen coming she is our milli (sister of laksh). She will come with her 2 best friends to dance. Then the song starts Radha on the dance floor (SOY).

Swalak both gets surprised & feels happy for her arrival. After song completes all claps for her. She will come to family members with angry face. She just gives them rings & about to leave then Swara holds her.

Swara: Milli where r u going?

Milli: To my room & also u people forgot me & doing celebrations right. So carry on i will leave.

Swara: Sorry milli but seriously do u think that we people will really forget u.

Milli: Then what is this? U people almost ready to get engaged. U have to wait for me to come na. Bhai u also changed. Radz u too forgot me na.

Swalak Radz together says Noooooooo…

Laksh: Milli how can I forgot u? U r my one & only sister. We are just searching for rings. I have already decided to wait until u arrive. Infact we both decided the same. Right swara.

Swara: Ya ofcourse.

Radz: And by the way milli if we not acted like this how can we see ur love towards us.

Milli: Radz I will not leave u for this.

Dp: Fine milli leave it. Now u came so can we start ceremony?

Milli: Sure papa.

Engagement starts & laksh takes swara’s hand & puts ring on her finger. Then swara also do the same. All claps with happiness. Dadi & Radz both hugs swara & wishes her.
Dp gives blessings & hugs them.

Milli will go to stage & announces.

Today I am so happy for my brother. He is finally engaged with love of his life. Swara is the best supportive & understanding girl. I know her from my childhood. She is so sweet. I want her to be my bhabhi soon who will get full rights on my bhai to torture him for whole life. I love u both bhai & bhabhi..

She comes & hugs both swalak. All claps for her announcement & for their love bonding. Then one of milli’s friends will come to milli & asks her to say swalak to perform dance. Milli asks them to perform first they refuse but on milli’s insist they agrees. They goes to stage. All are watching them lovingly. Then the song starts. Song is from ABCD2 movie.

Tumko chule jo hawaa
Usey chhona chaahun main
I don’t wanna go on
And make castles in the sand

(He stands back of her & hugs her back & sings romantically)

Tu jo sang chale
Naa honge tanha raaste
I’m gonna love you
Like no one ever can

(He turns her towards him & looks into her eyes & makes her turn around)

Ke kab tak main rahoon akele
You know i need u by my side

(He lifts her up & make a moment)

Ke kab tak main jeeyun akele
That one thing i have realised

(He dances with her so passionately)

If U hold my hand
Badal jayegi meri duniya
If U hold my hand
Toh mill jayegi sabhi khushiyan
If u hold my hand
Nikhar jayegi meri duniya
If U hold my hand
O baby i will never let you go

O….. You callin’ out for me
You callin’ out for me

O….. You got me on my knees , on my knees

O….. You callin’ out for me
You callin’ out for me

O….. You got me on my knees for life.

Laksh bends on his knees & gives her a rose. She blushes & takes it. Song stops & all claps & says together that she already holds your hand. All laughs & family together takes a snap.


Swalak romantic moments.

Credit to: Priya

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