Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 2


Hey guys priya is back with another episode. Thank u all for your comments & also u can give your suggestions related to story. Now i will start the story.

Screen starts with swalak mansion.

Swara, radhika & dadi will be seen waiting for dp & laksh.

Dadi: Its too late up to now they should reach home but they haven’t reached.
Swara: Dnt worry dadi dad (dp) called me & informed that they already left from office. They will be here at any time.

Ramu kaka will come & inform them that dinner is ready.

Swara: Its ok kaka. We will eat later. He will leave.
Rad: Hello madam who asked u to wait. U can go & have ur dinner.
Swara: Y can’t i wait. I am not hungry. I will have dinner with u all.
Rad: No need. Tomorrow engagement is your’s. So u have take dinner early & have to sleep early. Otherwise your face will look like pale.
Swara: But radz…
Dadi: No more discussions swara. Radhika is right u should follow her instructions.
Swara: Fine but really i am not hungry so i will just have milk & will sleep.
Radz: Only milk…
Swara: Ha thats final & gudnight. She leaves.

After sometime laksh & dp will come home & will have dinner with radz & dadi. After dinner dadi will say laksh that swara was slept by just having milk. Laksh thinks to meet her.

Laksh will go to swara’s room. She was sleeping. She is looking so beautiful while sleeping. Laksh comes near her & down starring her sometime.

Laksh to himself says ” Swara upto now we both are best friends. But from tomorrow you will be mine forever. U know i have planned everything after marraige. I will make every moment special for u”.

He thinks to leave. But then swara stops him by holding his hand. He turns & sees her & smiles.

Swara: Came to talk to me then y r u leaving.
Laksh: Ya thought to talk to u sometime but u slept so i thought to leave.
Swara: So now u remembered me now. Thanks.
Laksh: Not like that swara u know that i love u right. Also from tomorrow we will be together.
Swara: Ya that is right.
Laksh: So r u ready for tomorrow?
Swara: Of course jaan.
Laksh: So shall i take my step of being your husband.
He will come close to her that he can feel her breathing.
Swara: No laksh not so soon please.
Laksh comes more close to her. She closes her eyes. He will look her rosy lips & her tension & holds her head kisses on her forehead.

She opens her eyes & impresses with his gesture & hugs him. He also hugs her tightly.

Next day morning swalak mansion.

Whole mansion is decorated beautifully.
All guests are arriving. Dp & dadi welcoming them.

Radhika is wishing all guests & serving them drinks. She is looking beautiful wearing white & pink combination of lehenga with matching jewellery.

Dadi comes to rad & asks her to go & check whether swara is ready or not. She leaves to check.

Laksh is already got ready by wearing maroon & cream combination sherwani. He is looking so hot.

Radhika will go to swara to bring her down.

Rad: Swara….
Swara: What happened radz y r shouting?
Rad: My sweet darling is looking so beautiful in this lehenga.
Swara is wearing cement & pink color combo of lehenga. She is looking like princess.

Rad hugs her & brings her down. Laksh & others will feel very happy by seeing her. Laksh signs her secretly that she is so beautiful & gives her flying kiss.

Radhika will go to stage & announces that she is very happy for her both best friends engagement & wishes them all the best.

Dp says to start the ceremony & asks dadi to bring rings.

Dadi says she is not having rings with her.
Radh & laksh also says same. All will get confused then where the rings are.


Engagement, dance performances.

Credit to: Priya

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