Kaisi yeh pyaar episode 1

Hey guys priya is here with new episode. First of all thanks for all your comments. Also thanks for silent readers. Now i will start my ff.

Screen first shows the building of varma industries. There in board meeting room Laksh will be seen giving presentation about some project with foreign delicates. They will be impressed with his
presentation & will accept to dealing. Later they leaves. Then dp enters.

Dp: Congratulations laksh. Well done beta
. Your presentation is very nice. I am prou
d of u my son.
Laksh: Thank u dad. It was all just because of u. U r my inspiration.
Dp: Anyways are u ready for tomorrow.
Laksh: Ha dad for this project i have to go to germany. I will see all that tomorrow.
Dp: No beta i am not saying about that. Tomorrow is your engagement. Do u forgot?
Laksh: Oh ya i remember dad. I have to select dress for that but there is no time for shopping.
Dp: Swara told me that u will surely forget about it. She is correct. U r not taking care of her.
Laksh: Dad she had complained u that i am not taking care of her. Wait i will tell her.
Dp: No don’t tell anything her. She is right u will be always busy with office work.
Laksh: What to do dad? This is also important. Ok i will try to spend time with her.
Dp: Now lets leave home its getting late.
They leaves.

Next screen shifts to Swalak mansion.

It was a big mansion which is being decorated with flowers. Some people will be seen roaming here & there busily. One girl will be seen wearing light pink weightless top & shorts. She is seen pretty with pony of hair. She is shouting at all to decorate well.
She is Radhika.

Rad: Ramu kaka there flowers are not arranged properly please check it na.

Suresh what is this? Take these balloons from here. Bring those lavender curtains & arrange here with white curtains.

Good everything should be perfect & best in my best friend’s engagement.

Janki: Radhika y r u getting so tensed. What happened beta?
Rad: Dadi see na no one is working properly. Tomorrow is engagement & there is no time but their is lot of work.
Janki: Just relax radhi. Everything will be done fine & fast. U dnt worry i will see this. U go & see whether swara has selected her dress or not. She has been struggling alone.
Rad: Ha dadi I have to go there but where is milli? Upto now she should be here but….
Janki: She already called me she will be here at anytime. Now u go to swara.
Rad: Ok dadi.

Screen goes to swara’s room.

She will be seen in front of mirror. She will be simple white top & jeans. Designer is showing her many dresses but she is confused. Then radhika enters.

Rad: Swara have u selected?
Swara: Thank god radz u r here. Please help me na. See all are good but i want the best. U will give me always the best right.
Rad: That is right I only told u to love laksh na.
Swara: Very funny because of u told me i didn’t love him. I know him from childhood & i love him seriously & not because of suggestions.
Rad: Ok baba ok. Wait take this it will be perfect for u.
Swara: Ya i think this is the best love u.
Rad: Love u too now go & try fast.. She leaves.

Engagement & celebrations.

Credit to: Priya


  1. Tash

    Nyc one… But I don’t know most of the characters… One thing… Kya isme Nandu Nahi hai?????

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