Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini) Episode 8

Episode 8:

Recap: College….Mrs Sengupta sorted the classes….Jeevika giving answe back….Subhadra and Amaya winning an award….Arjun in his new school and Ishita shocked to see someone at the Door….

Today’s episode begins with Ishita getting shocked to see Toshiji and the family at the door, Toshiji sees her and avoids eye-contact, Bhallaji goes to Ishita, Amma rushes to Ishita,
Amma: Ayyo Ishu….where have you been Kaniya….I missed you so much….
Amma hugs Ishita and Ishita hugs her back.
Ishita: Amma…
BhallaJi: Where have you been Ishita? I went to Punjab for 3 months and when I came back I found you gone….Raman didn’t tell me and when Toshiji did…I didn’t believe her.
Ishita: Sorry Papaji….
Bhallaji: Koi Ni Ishita…where’s my granddaughters?
Ishita and Amma break the hug, Appa comes near Ishita, Raman comes in,
Raman: What are all of you doing here? I only called Papaji and Amma and Appa…..
Toshiji turns around and looks on,
Raman: They phones me up saying that their compound set on fire….I called Papa here and he came but….
Bhallaji: I want to know what’s been happening…why are you saying this?
Raman: Ask this woman here! (Pointing at Toshi Ji)
Toshiji has her head down,
Bhallaji: Toshiji….what happened?
Toshiji doesn’t look up,
Raman: You wouldn’t tell would you? I’ll tell all of you what this woman has done!
Raman tells everyone how Toshiji tired to split him and Ishita and how she stole the Baby(Arjun) and paid the nurse to lie to Ishita that he died and she brought him to me and said Ishita didn’t want him….
All get shocked and Toshiji has tears in her eyes,
Bhallaji: I can’t believe you Toshiji! Disgusting…who does that?!
Ishita gets teary eyed and all hate on ToshiJi…
Raman: Papa, tell this woman to stay away from me, my wife and my children!
Ishita: Raman….
Raman: Enough! She’s not staying here!
Toshiji runs out, Ishita tries to go after her but Raman stops her and nods no, Bhallaji and the rest look on disgustingly.

After a while Toshiji is seen sitting on the bench and crying,
Toshiji: I’m a bad mother, bad mother-in-law and bad Daadi…. I tried to ruin my sons life with my own hands….I’m a murderer….I murdered my sons love towards me…I murdered Bhallajis love….with my own hands…
Toshiji cries….
Toshiji: I don’t deserve to live.
Toshiji wipes her tears and stands up, she walks outside the compound and continues walking, she then sees a bridge….
Toshiji: No one wants me or likes me….I lost everything….I can’t live!
She then walks forward and jumps off but someone holds her hand, Toshiji looks back and gets shocked.

All of the students head to their next class,
Bihaan: Will our names be disclosed today?
Armaan: You’re in a hurry….
Bihaan: Just asking….
Armaan: I think so, anyways we are leaving tomorrow…
Sanskaar: If you were listening then she said tomorrow…the pairs will be disclosed so don’t hurry…
Meera joins them, Swara, Vidya, Jeevika, Ragini, Thapki come there.
Armaan: Which class are we in?
After a while the fire alarm starts going off,
Armaan: Shit….aaj toh….
Bihaan: Aaj Pakka hum kale hi ho jayenge….(Today we will definitely go black)
Bihaan touches his face,
Bihaan: I didn’t even bring a lotion, I swear if I knew this was going to happen then I would’ve brought 3 bottles….
Laksh: Let’s go out… again…!
They start walking,
Meera: We will take you there….
Jeevika, Thapki, Vidya and Ragini nod.
Armaan, Bihaan, Sanskaar, Laksh and Adi moan and walk. Just then Shravan rushes to them, they look at him,
Bihaan: Was it you?
Shravan: I swear it wasn’t me…Maa Kasam….
Armaan: Why are you running?
Shravan: Jajmaan….if you look behind them you would see…
They look behind and see the Principal shouting at everyone and coming their way.
Armaan: Kalti Maar! (Run!)
All 6 of them run,
Bihaan: I swear if that Buddhi put the fire alarm on…then…no one can save her from me!
They finally reach their line and stand there, Bihaan covers his face with his hands. Principal reaches the stage.
Principal: You would see your teachers for your next lesson, now go stand in front of them.
Armaan: Who did we have?
Shravan: I don’t know, follow em…(pointing at Meera, Swara and them…) they walk there,
Laksh: Oh…look, it’s our favourite Maths teacher, Mr Sabaziwala….
Sanskaar: Mr?
Laksh: Sorry…
All: Sabziwala!
They then go there and stand in front of the line while pushing the other boys, they move back without making a sound.
Jeevika: Unbelievable, they can’t push in.
Meera: They’re always like this.
Thapki nods her head no in disappointment, Adi thinks that this is the best way to impress Jeevika.
Adi tries going back when Bihaan holds him,
Adi: Where are you going?
Adi: It’s not good to push in, we didn’t even ask them….
Bihaan and all get shocked, they get flashbacks of Adi pushing in and the first person to push in, Bihaans eyes widen.
Shravan: Oh…you don’t push in?
Adi: No…
Laksh: Oh…so you never pushed in?
Adi: Haa, anyways it’s rude….
Armaan: Achcha…rude?
Adi nods,
Sanskaar: And you need permission?
Adi nods,
Bihaan: Who used to push….
Adi nods his head no,
Adi: Do you mind us standing here?
The boys nod no,
Adi: Are you sure?
The boys nod yes,
Adi: Thank you but do tell me if you mind okay…
They nod okay…all also get surprised. Adi stands behind Bihaan.
Bihaan: Achcha you’re impressing girls alone?
Adi: Chup kar ja…(shut up)…you should’ve joined me.
Bihaan lets out a smiles and says: You found an opportunity and robbed it first….but Bechara…the girl didn’t even see….
Adi gets shocked and Bihaan giggles.
Adi: What are you saying?
Adi looks there and sees Jeevika talking to other girls from the other line.
Bihaan: You done hard work for no reason…she didn’t even care or see you.
Adi: Shit…! I done all this for no reason!
Sanskaar leans back,
Sanskaar: What? Oh….you was.
Adi gets upset.
Sanskaar whispers in front and all get shocked, they look back at him and start laughing. Adi gets annoyed. All look at them, even the teachers.
Adi: You lot are tight…stop laughing…no one wants to see your teeth!
Bihaan whispers to them: The girl didn’t even look or see.
Shravan: Bless you Adi….Bechara.
Adi: That’s it! I’m going!
Adi was about to go when Bihaan holds his arms, they push Adi back while Adi tries to walk.
Armaan: We were joking….
Adi: No! Let me go….
Bihaan: Listen….
Adi: Only if you stop showing your teeth.
All of them close their mouth and try hard not to cry, Adi turns around and looks at them, he then smiles and all 6 of them start laughing.
The teachers nod their heads,
Mrs Sen: Silence! Is there you would like us to hear too?
They nod no,
Bihaan quietly: She wouldn’t even let us laugh….
Mrs Sen: That’s what I thought! Anyways sorry about this students…there is no fire…it was just a test to see if you all will come out if not, now we need to register you and then we can set this as our new rule.
Bihaans mouths drops, all of them moan and groan.
Bihaan: She had it, this is enough!
Bihaan walks ahead while all 5 of them try holding him back,
Armaan: Chill….
Bihaan: Chill…chill! Saale chill karne de Na toh! (If she lets us chill!)
Armaan: There’s a limit to everything and she crossed it!
Armaan walks up and all of them look on,
Shravan: What is he doing?
Laksh: Is he okay?
Sanskaar: Or is he gone mad?
Adi: He did not just go up…
Bihaan: He’s doing the right thing, that Buddhi needs to taste her own medicine!

Mrs Sengupta and all see Armaan walking up towards the stage.
Mrs Sen: Yes…?
Armaan: May I use the microphone?
Mrs Sengupta: Why?
Armaan: I need to make an confession….
Mrs Snegupta moves out of the way, he then stands in front of the microphone and all look at him.
Armaan: You all must be wondering why I’m here…well there’s one thing that I want to say which is dedicated to my friends…no actually my brothers…my one and only family….
All look on.
Armaan: So…where should I begin from? Yeah…so let me introduce you to my Family. So…Sanky…who is also known as Sanskaar is not nice…he’s mad!
Sanskaar smiles.
Armaan: He’s not funny…he’s a joker! He cares about us more than him self… I love you for that….
Next…Bihaan…what should I say about him…uh…sorry bro. Nothing because you’re beyond my words…Sanky stole all the words…but you’re funny, cute and not innocent, you’re a devil! So my hone wali Bhabhi (would to be wife) if you’re listening then take my advice and don’t marry him….but he will treat you like a queen…he cares for me more than himself…he’s buff, nuff love bro.
Bihaan chuckles and smiles.
Armaan: Lucky….also known as Laksh…Hm…a hard one…. You’re smile is your charm…trust bro, you must’ve got girls after you….you’re amazing, you care for me more than your real family but I cannot take your queens place…
Laksh smiles and nods,
Armaan: You’re jokes and yeah because Sanky stole the words… I known you since I was 13 but I known Sanky when I was 12. I still remember how you didn’t used to like me…and…we used to have bare fights but now…we are tight. Nuff love bro…
Laksh smiles.
Armaan: Sharvan….Hm…no words…you’re banging! You know you may seem hard and a devil but girls…he’s actually sweet! He cares for his family….and us… He would do anything for us….trust when you’re his queen then you would be ruling! Nuff love bro..
Shravan smiles and glares at him at the same time.
Armaan: Now Adi…what can I say? Buff, Sweet and kind. Can get into trouble but can save himself….not mature yet! He’s taken everyone…so no chance! Nuff love bro.
Adi smiles and glares at him.

Armaan: Now you all must be thinking why am I telling you guys…well today on this day all of them slapped me and beat me up last year…
All look ay them,
Armaan: Do you all know why? Well how can you know….they beat me up because I didn’t tell them I had cancer….
Everyone get shocked and look at Armaan.
Armaan: Yeah Cancer….I had it and I was on my last stage and today last year would’ve been my last day but these lot supported me and assured me that nothing will happen when I lost hope, they gave me a new life today…. I died only for 30 seconds, after that they cried and slapped me and suddenly I woke up, after I woke up they beat me up….and I was bruised for 2 days but got better…thank you bros…love you all. And if you weren’t there to support me then I wouldn’t be here right now….
They’re blessed….I can say that! They’re my only family and all that I have….

Armaan smiles, Bihaan rushes up and hugs him, then Shravan, then Sanskaar, then Laksh and finally Adi. They make a group hug. All look on emotionally and clap, Vidya, Ragini, Swara, Meera, Thapki and Jeevika have tears in their eyes and they clap.
Mrs Sen: Okay enough of this Drama…you all are dismissed! You may go home.
Bihaan: This Buddhi finds this a drama? Saali! They break the hug. Adi then gets a call and he gets shocked,
Adi: I’m coming now!
Bihaan: What happened?
Before Shravan could say anything he runs off, they all run after him. All look on,
Mrs Sen: Uh…excuse me!

The scene shifts to Ishita holding Toshijis hand, Gopi comes there and holds her other hand, Ishita and Gopi struggle to push Toshiji up.
Toshiji: Let me go! I don’t have any rights to live…
Gopi: Nahi…you shouldn’t say this…Bhagwan Ji gave everyone the rights to live and you have no rights to take it.
Ishita: Mummyji…how can you think like that? What’s wrong with you?
Toshiji: No one wants me…it’s better if I die, at least Raman would feel calm!
Ishita: Nahi Mummyji…this is not done, Raman is only saying this out of anger, he doesn’t actually want you to die….
Toshi: I done so much wrong with you Ishita…how can you say this?
Ishita: Forgiveness is the key to every problem…. I know you just wanted to protect your son and….
Toshiji: Let me go Ishita….
Ishita: Nahi…
Toshiji: Beta you make her understand.
Gopi: I agree with her….
Toshiji tries to jerk her hand, Ishita and Gopi are nodding no and losing her but just then another hand comes on Ishitas side and holds on the Toshijis arm and the other hand on Gopis side, they see Adi and Sanskaar.
Adi: Daadi…what is this?
Toshiji: Adi Puttar?
Just then Armaan and Shravan hold Toshijis arm on Adi and Ishitas side while Laksh and Bihaan hold on Toshijis arm on Gopi and Sanskaars side. Gopi and Ishita move out of the way and Raman and Ahem reach there. Them 6 pull her with all their energy. They finally pull her up. Bihaan falls on the floor and Laksh falls on top of him and then Sanskaar falls back, Armaan wobbles and falls on top of Sanskaar and then Shravan sits on them and catches their breath.
Bihaan: Oye you fatties get off…
All look at them,
Shravan gets off and everyone stand up, Bihaan breaths.
Shravan: Aunty you okay? (Toshiji)
Laksh: Did you get hurt?
Toshiji nods no.
Adi: She’s my Daadi….
Sanskaar: No! I don’t believe that….
Bihaan: Namaste Daadi…are you okay?
Armaan: Your Daadi? Well no comment, your mum looks young anyways.
Ishita: Thank you Armaan…Sanskaar, Laksh and…?
Shravan: Shravan…
Bihaan: Bihaan….
Ishita: Thank you….
Bihaan: Our pleasure.
Raman: What new Drama is this?!
Armaan: Sorry uncle…we…
Raman: Not you. Her (pointing at Toshiji)
Toshiji cries.
Toshiji: What else was I meant to do? Where else was I meant to go? When my Husband and son kicked me out….
Raman: Just stop your Drama…you’re just doing this for attention right….Mrs Santoshi Bhalla…you ruined your life with your own hands!
Toshi: Raman….
Raman: Mar Gaya aap Ka Raman aap ke liye! (Your Raman has died for you!) you’re a selfish woman…I don’t want my kids anywhere near you!
Adi: Dad…
Raman: No! This woman isn’t related to you anymore! Either choose her or us!
Ishita: Raman….
Raman: Same goes for you!
Raman angrily leaves, Ahem goes after him, Gopi goes too
Ishita: Adi, stay with your Daadi and I’ll talk to him.
Adi nods and Ishita leaves, Toshiji cries and they look on.

Raman reaches the compound,
Ishita: Raman…
Raman goes inside,
Bhallaji: What happened?
Raman: She started her Drama again and this time she crossed her limits….
Bhallaji: What happened..tell me at least.
Ahem: Uncle, she tried to commit suicide.
All get shocked, Amaya, Meera, Vidya,Arjun and Ruhi get shocked.
Ishita: She’s your mother Raman…please!
Raman: Please Ishita!
Raman angrily goes in and YHM title tune plays…..

Armaan: I have a plan…
Adi: What?
Armaan tells his plan to Adi, Toshiji, Bihaan, Shravan, Sanskaar and Laksh. They nod and agree.
Toshiji: Thank you but you don’t have to do this….
Armaan: Do you want your family and son back?
Toshiji nods yes,
Bihaan: Then accept his plan…it works 100%.
Adi: You can trust them Daadi, they’re our own/kin.
Toshiji looks at Adi and wipes her tears,
Shravan: Adi’s Daadi meaning our Daadi….
Armaan: Go for it Adi…
Adi nods and goes with Sanskaar, Armaan takes Toshiji.

Adi reaches home,
Ishita: Where’s Mummyji?
Adi: Mamma…vo….Daadi disappeared and she’s nowhere to be found.
All get shocked.
Raman: This must be her new drama, don’t worry, she will come back….
Adi: But Papa….
Raman: I know this must be your new plan or something!
Adi and Sanskaar look on while Raman goes in.
Sanskaar: Now what?
Adi: I don’t know….
Amma and Appa move out to the opposite house.
Gopi, Meera, Vidya, Sanskaar and Ahem go to the house he brought.
Bhallaji, Raman, Ishita, Adi, Arjun, Amaya and Ruhi stay in the house they used to stay in.
Ruhi: I haven’t seen my Daadi…
Amaya: Don’t worry Adi Bhaiyya has everything in control.

Adi is seen packing his clothes,
Arjun: You can’t do this…you can’t leave, we are here worried for Daadi and you’re going for a picnic!
Adi: Correction…camping actually.
Arjun: Whatever but Bhai….
Raman walks past and sees Adi packing,
Arjun: Please don’t leave Bhai…
Adi: I have to!
Raman comes in,
Raman: What’s going on?
Arjun: Papa, Adi Bhaiyya is leaving, please tell him to stop….
Adi: Please, I need to go!
Raman: What? Where would you go? Are you crazy? Who leaves the house on this small topic?
Adi: What?
Ishita comes in with food,
Ishita: Here’s your water and food. Share it okay.
Adi: Sorry, I don’t like sharing.
Raman gets surprised.
Raman: He’s here leaving the house and you’re supporting him?
Ishita gets confused.
Ishita: Who’s leaving the house?
Raman: Adi…
Adi: What!
Ishita: What?
Sanskaar comes,
Sanskaar: Adi you ready?
Adi: Yeah…
Ishita: Oh…Raman, he’s going for camping…he didn’t want to but I told him to.
Raman: Oh…okay.
Raman then leaves and thinks,
Ishita: He’s ready to go but stay safe both of you Haa?
Sanskaar: Thanks, we promise nothing wrong will happen…
Ishita smiles and leaves. Adi, Sanskaar, Meera and Vidya leave.
Sanskaar: Ready for today?
Adi: Yes, absolutely ready but get him first okay…
Sanskaar: Okay.

Ishita goes to Raman,
Ishita: Raman…please forgive her…
Raman: Please Ishita!
Ishita: I agree she done a mistake but…I also forgave you…she’s a mother Raman and a mother can protect her son from anything…even if a lion comes in front, she will confront it but will never let her son get hurt. She thought you weren’t happy with me…
Raman looks at her,
Raman: But Ishita….
Ishita: She made a mistake but she regrets now and she wants to repent…everyone makes mistakes, she forgave you for yours…
Raman doesn’t say anything.
Ishita: To be honest, even I would do anything to protect my child….you would’ve done the same…
Ishita then walks up to Raman, Raman is thinking. She rests her head on his shoulder.
Ishita: You know Raman…life is too short to hold grudges…
Raman smiles. He then turns to her and hugs her, she hugs him too and YHM happy title tune plays….
Raman: Madrasan…
Ishita: Ravan Kumar…
They share a laugh.

Scene shifts to college, they see the buses. Bihaan smiles.
Shravan: The busses best have AC in em.
Armaan: Let’s stand there….(pointing at a line)
All of the students stand in a line.
Laksh comes, Bihaan waves at him, he walks up to them and stands there.
Laksh: Where’s Adi and Sanskaar?
Meera, Vidya, Swara, Ragini and Thapki arrive. Jeevika also arrives and stands near Swara and them.
Jeevika: All set?
Swara: Haa. You?
Jeevika nods.
The principal comes while Bihaan, Shravan, Laksh and Armaan look at the gate.
Principal: You can get inside the bus and then we will tell you the pairs in the bus. So these two lines in here (pointing at Armaan and Jeevika and then the bus behind her)
Then all go to their perspective busses, Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan and Laksh walk slow. The driver takes their luggages and puts it away in the bus.
Bihaan sees the principal going to the same bus as them.
Bihaan: This Buddhi is coming in the same bus as us, no! How will we….
Laksh: We will do it in front of her.
Armaan: Where are they?

Adi and Sanskaar are seen running,
Principal: Boys…hurry up, we don’t have all day for you! Walk faster.
Shravan: Uh…coming.
The driver starts the bus, Armaan looks at the gate, Bihaan steps inside and blocks the way,
Principal: Go in then….
Bihaan: Ma’am you’re in the way….
Mrs Sengupta moves out of the way. Bihaan slowly does the movements. Mrs Sengupta gets annoyed.
Mrs S: Bihaan! Hurry up or we’re leaving you all behind, if you didn’t want to come then why are you here?
Bihaan: I’m stuck.
All get disappointed. Jeevika shakes her head so do all the teachers. Just then Sanskaar and Adi run in and see them, they let out a breath of relief, Armaan sees them and smiles.
Armaan: You can go in….
Bihaan then enters, Shravan also smiles and enters, then Laksh enters. Armaan asks the driver to come out, the driver puts Sanskaar and Adi’s suitcases,
Sanskaar: I’m keeping the shoulder bag. They nod and enter. The principal shakes her head.
Adi: Thank god we reached on time, I thought the bus left us.
Armaan: How can we let it leave?
Armaan goes at the back and sits next to Laksh on the Windows side then next to Laksh is Adi and next to Adi is Shravan and in front of Shravan are Bihaan and Sanskaar.
Jeevika and Ragini sit together at the front with Thapki and Vidya and Meera and Swara.
Principal: We may leave now….
The bus starts moving.

Bihaan whispers: Have you….?
Sanskaar smiles and nods.
Sanskaar: That’s why we got late.
Armaan looks at all of them, they look in the air and ignore him, Laksh also puts his earphone on and starts listening to music.
Armaan in mind: They forgot today’s day…? Oh well.
Principal: Listen to your pairs….
Laksh takes out his earphones and all concentrate on the Principal.
Principal: So…Bihaan Pandey and Aditya Bhalla, Armaan S..Malik and Shravan Suryavanshi, Sanskaar Modi and Laksh Maheshwari….
Bihaan gets happy,
Bihaan: For the first time this Bhddhi has said good think….
Principal: Will not be allowed to be a pair!
Them 6 get shocked, Bihaan and Adi’s mouth drop. Sanskaar and Armaan get angry while Shravan and Laksh shake their heads.
Bihaan: Why…?
Principal: Because I said so and that is final!
Bihaan to all of them: Saale, Kutti, why? Why did I get happy? Hope she gets jinxed and falls out of the bus!
Principal: So…Biha…
Bihaan: No need to repeat…we heard it once!
Principal looks at him,
Principal: This is your new pair….
Shravan: I bet you’re going to say our names again but differently and then say never….
Principal: At least listen to what I have to disclose! So Bihaan and Thapki.
Thapki gets shocked while Bihaan feels happy from the inside.
Armaan: You know what…I can guess the pairs…ready?
Principal: Oh really? Then give it a try.
Armaan: Okay…Shravan and Vidya, Jeevika and Adi, Laksh and Swara, Sanskaar and Ra…
Principal: Ragini! And nice try…. And yes he’s right.
Principal: So Shravan and Vidya, Aditya and Jeevika, Laksh and Swara, Bihaan and Thapki, Sanskaar and Ragini and Armaan and Meera…. And…..(other students)
The girls get shocked while the boys kind of get happy.
Bihaan checks the time.
Bihaan: No…not yet.
Armaan: What?
Sanskaar: We were asking him for the time and it’s only 11:58am.
Armaan: Okay.
Bihaan whispers: 2 more minuets.
Bihaan turns around.
Bihaan there’s an extra seat there.
Bihaan looks to the side and signals the boy to shift there. The boy sits next to Shravan, Bihaan then sits on the seat next to him. Sanskaar places the bag down and shifts a seat. Bihaan then signals Adi and Laksh and they nod.
Laksh: Can I swap places? I’m getting hot.
Armaan nods and swaps.
Adi: I can’t feel the air and…
Armaan nods and swaps, now Armaan is on the middle and there’s Laksh and Adi on one side and Shravan on the other, then Sanskaar at the front near him and Bihaan on the other side. All get something out while Armaan closes his eyes and rests back. Bihaan looks at the time and it’s 12:00pm he nods and all of them explode the crackers which shocks everyone and Armaan opens his eyes.
All 5: Happy Birthday!
Bihaan blows the whistle thing(don’t know what it’s called)
Principal: What the hell?!
Vidya and Ragini touch their hearts,
Ragini: That scared me.
Vidya: Same..
Jeevika shakes her head.
All 5 start singing happy birthday to you….Armaan….
Armaan smiles. Sanskaar opens his shoulder bag. The driver stops.
Adi taps his shoulder, Armaan looks there.
Principal: Why did you stop?
Bihaan stands up and takes Armaan out, they see a deserted area with a lake. Laksh, Shravan and Adi take something out of the shoulder bag, Sanskaar also takes something out and takes the shoulder bag out. All come out and Sanskaar throws somethings at Bihaan and he catches it. It happens to be snow and paint sprays. Adi and Bihaan have snow sprays while Laksh and Shravan have paint sprays. Sanskaar takes a music player and starts playing the music and puts it on the foot steps of the bus. Buddhu sa man….starts playing. Sanskaar takes a paint and a snow spray out. They surround Armaan.
Armaan: No….
They start spraying him, he blocks his face with his arms and laughs. He manages to escape and opens the bag, he also takes a paint spray and starts spraying while Buddhu sa man continues playing in the BG….
Armaan is covers with snow flakes and different colours.
Principal: What is this? Oh god…these boys! Now what are they doing?!
The students and all look outside from the window.
The 6 of them start spraying each other and have fun. Sanskaar then goes to the bag and takes out a gold plate covered with tin foil. All look there. He opens the tin foil and they see a pink powdered colour.
Bihaan: Wow, Holi as well? We might as well celebrate Diwali too.
Armaan smiles and nods no. Sanskaar walks towards them. He picks it and throws it at them. They all start chucking it at each other. Bihaan then takes a plate and throws it on Armaan, Armaan closes his eyes. He hits Bihaan on the shoulder and Bihaan laughs. Armaan wipes the colour of his eyes and looks at them.
Shravan: Where’s the Pichkari…?
Armaan: No!
Adi: We didn’t get time for that.
Principal: You all get in here or….
Bihaan: Allow her….
The song finishes and it changes to ABCD from Yaariyan. A for Aao re Aao (Bihaan signals Mrs Sen to come but she looks away)
Bihaan mouths: B for Bhao Na Kao….
They laugh.
Sanskaar then goes to the bag, he takes out a small plastic folded table, he opens it and Adi takes out a box and places it on the table.
Sanskaar: Armaan…come.
Armaan comes, they tell him to open the box, he opens it and the water squirts on him and it explodes. A small innocent voice comes out “Happy Birthday!” Armaan opens his eyes and glares at them. They enjoy the song and all laugh.
Armaan: What the hell?
Adi then takes another box out and places it on the table while removing the other one. He opens it and it says Happy Birthday Armaan! Armaan smiles. Sanskaar takes the knife out.
Mrs Sengupta looks on.
All, even from the bus: Happy birthday to you….happy birthday to you….happy birthday to Armaan….happy birthday to you….!
Bihaan: The cake looks lush.
Shravan: We got your favourite cake…
Adi: Chocolate…
Shravan: With whipped cream
Laksh: And with strawberry jam…
Sanskaar: With chocolate icing.
Bihaan: And no eggs, yum…
Meera to Swara: Strawberry and in chocolate cake?
Swara: They’re weird…

Sanskaar gives the knife to Armaan. Adi takes the camera out and gives it to Mrs Sengupta.
Adi: Ma’am can you please take our photographs?
Mrs Sen snatched the camera and starts pointing at them. Adi smiles and goes. Armaan starts cutting the cake, Mrs Sen starts taking pictures. Armaan feeds all 5 of them. Mrs Sengupta captures each one of them. Then they look at each other and smile, they take pieces of the cakes and put it on his face…all laugh and the principal captures that moment too.
Sanskaar: Look at the camera and smile. Armaan looks and all smile. Mrs Sen takes the photo. Armaan also starts throwing cakes at them. They all run. Bihaan then picks up the cake and walks towards Armaan. Mrs Sen captures those moments too and a little smile appears on her face.
Armaan: No…
Bihaan takes a piece and fees it to Armaan. Armaan smiles and eats it, then he stuffs the cake on his face and Mrs Sen takes pictures. Armaan opens his eyes, Bihaan and all are laughing. There’s a little bit of the cake left. Armaan tosses Bihaans hand and Bihaan also gets stuffed.
Armaan: Now laugh!
They laugh and Bihaan looks on. Mrs Sen captures thoes moments too. She captures Armaan laughing and all laughing. A wide smile appears which is seen by Jeevika, Thapki and Swara. Swara gets shocked. The principal then realises.
Principal: Okay boys…come in! But you’re not coming in like that!
Sanskaar opens his bag and smiles.
Sanskaar: Thwres one more thing for you…we all brought it.
Armaan: No…no more.
Sanskaar takes out a guitar and a smile appears on his face.
All smiles seeing his smile.
Armaan: A guitar?
They nod. Sanskaar folds the table while Adi takes it to Armaan. Armaan touches it. Adi then takes it back and gives it to Sanskaar. Sanskaar puts it back in his bag.
Sanskaar: I’m not going to let you get that dirty.
Armaan laughs. Sanskaar takes the music player and puts it in the bag. Bihaan: One more picture….
Mrs Sen (sighs): Fine!
They all stand together and look at the camera. They pose and smile. Their poses pictures are shown being captured. Armaan gets a call, he then picks it up and gets shocked.

The scene shifts to Raman, he is thinking about Ishitas words and is looking worried. Ahem comes in with a file.
Ahem: Are you okay?
Raman doesn’t respond.
Ahem: Mr Bhalla?!
Raman looks up.
Raman: Sorry…what happened?
Ahem: We are about to emerge our companies and you are already behaving careless?
Raman: Why?
Ahem: You gave me the wrong project file.
Raman: Sorry….
Ahem: What’s wrong?
Raman: I don’t know…it’s just…
Ahem: You’re missing your mom…I agree with Bhabhi. Forgive her.
Raman: But what she has done is….
Ahem: Everyone makes mistakes…they deserve one more chance right?
Raman thinks and nods.
Raman: Thanks….
Ahem: No thank you in friendship only in business wise!
Raman smiles.
Raman: Sorry Mr Modi… I’ll just get the right file.
Raman takes the file out of the drawer and checks it. He then gives it to Ahem and Ahem checks it and smiles. He puts the other file and leaves while Raman calls Ishita.

Scene then shifts to the house. Amma comes to Ishitas house, Gopi is already there.
Amma: What are you doing here?
Gopi: Aunty…I felt bored in my house so I thought to come here, anyways I lived in this house for 15 years and the other house looks odd.
Amma: Okay…I understand Kanya. Anyways I was also feeling bored…
Gopi: I get you Aunty….
Amma: I think we should forgive Santoshi…everyone make mistakes and everyone should have rights to repent them.
Gopi: I agree with you Aunty…
Gopi and Amma start talking, Appa and Papaji start talking in Appas house.

Precap: New entries…students reaching the camping and all get irritated by one of the new entry.

Thank you for liking….thank you for commenting, no harsh comments please….love you all….I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I tried to make ShravanJi look cool because I want Vidya and his story to be nice…just hope you like it..I will reveal my name on the last Epi…till then enjoy… I added a new entry for Adi… I’m also adding two new entries because they look cute together and one of them died and that was sad so I wanted them to love forever in here…hope you don’t mind.

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – 15… Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

Swara – 20… A sweet and bubbly girl, Raginis sister and Meeras friend (Swara from Swaragini)

Ragini – 19… A innocent and sweet girl, Swaras sister, Thapki and Vidyas friend. (Ragini from Swaragini)

Thapki – 18… An adorable and innocent girl, Vidya and Raginis friend. (Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki)

Bihaan – 22… A cool, caring and daring guy…Laksh, Adi, Armaan, Shravan and Sanskaars friend..can do anything for them…they’re his family and everything, he loves them more than his family…(Bihaan from TPK)

Shravan – 23…. A cool, daring, fun and a guy with attitude… Friends mean a lot to him…he treats friend like they’re his brothers…Friends with Laksh, Bihaan, Adi, Armaan and Sanskaar. (Shravan from SNS…opposite from the original Shravan)

Armaan – 22… Now 23… A cool, fun, daring, hot and caring guy… Friends are his life…he treats them like his family/brothers…friends with Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Adi, Meera and Shravan. (Armaan Malik, a singer)

Laksh – 23… A cool, hot, fun, daring and caring guy….treats friends like family…friends with Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan, Adi, Meera and Sanskaar. (Laksh from Swaragini)

Sanskaar – 23…. A hot, fun, loving, cool and daring guy…he respects his family and loves his friends, they’re like brothers to him…friends with Laksh, Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan and Adi… (Sanskaar from Swaragini)

Jeevika – 20….An honest, hardworking and dedicated girl…she strives for what she does… Always smiling….(played by Pooja Hegde)

Subhadra aka Chutki – 13 years old….she is honest, nice and gets annoyed easily, she loves her family….(Young Naira….(Ashnoor Kaur) )

Aaradhana Sengupta….the principal also known as Mrs Sengupta….she is strict, disinclined and disliked by these 6 boys. She’s mysterious…..(played by Geetaanjali Tikekar)

Thank you ?

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