Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini) Episode 7

Episode 7:

Recap: Arjun getting lost and meeting new entries…Ishra and Gohem meet each other and reunited.

The episode start with everyone laughing and having dinner together.

The episode starts with Raman waking up and looking at Ishita who is sleeping next to him, he then gets a call and attends it.
Ahem wakes up and comes out, he sees Raman talking on the phone.
Raman finishes and turns around,
Ahem: Wow…after 15 years I slept peacefully….
Raman: Same here…I feel relaxed.
Ahem: Anyways..the kids did the right job by moving to the other house and leaving this house to us…anyways when are you leaving?
Raman: Not until Amaya and Ruhis exams are over, shifting them form here to Dehli will be too much…what about you?
Ahem: I’ve got a meeting and I have to say here for a year…I don’t feel like leaving you and going again.
Both: Why don’t you come with me…
They look at each other and laugh.
Raman: I wish I could…
Ahem: Same here… But I can’t leave Mom and come…
Raman: I also have my family and business there…
Ahem (as a joke): Why don’t we do one thing….let’s shift to Kolkata, it’s not yours or mine…so we both can live here and share it?
Raman: Not a bad idea…but I know you’re joking.
Ahem: Haa…only if Moms ready to leave that mansion…I’ll talk to her.
Raman: Anyways…I need to go get Arjuns admission done in the same school…I’ll be back.
Ahem nods and Raman leaves, Ahem then puts his glasses on and looks on.

“Time to wake up everybody!” A voice is heard…all wake up and look around, Ruhi and Amaya are shown waking up, Meera and Vidya are shown getting up, Sanskaar is shown putting his head up. Then Adi wakes up and looks around.
They all come out of their perspective rooms…they see Arjun standing there and smiling,
Arjun: You all will get late for college and school!
Amaya: I can’t believe it…am I dreaming?
Adi: What happened why are you getting happy?
Arjun: Well…I’m happy because after all I would get a house to my own and do whatsoever without anyone distracting! Anyways you all are late…I don’t know how I woke up this early but adios…I’m going to the jacuzzi!
Arjun was about to go when Raman enters,
Raman: Sorry to ruin your day…but here’s your school uniform…
Arjuns smile disappears and he turns around.
Arjun: But I don’t go to any school that is here…
Raman: I got your admission done and they’re ready to accept you today…in fact now!
Arjun gets shocked and drops his towel and clothes.
Ruhi: Tuff luck…anyways you was going to enjoy in the jacuzzi…what happened to that?
Amaya: Haa and who was saying that he would do whatever he wants….?
Arjun is speechless and glares at Ruhi and then Amaya, he then takes the bag of Raman angrily and goes to the room to get changed.

All get ready, Meera, Sanskaar, Adi and Vidya walk to college while Amaya, Ruhi and Arjun get dropped by Ishita. Ahem and Raman go to work and Gopi is alone, she then remembers KOKILA and her family.

Vidya sees Thapki standing alone and walks up to her, they smile at each other and start talking. Just then Ragini arrives and they talk,
Ragini: Why is everyone standing here?
Thapki: Apparently the new Principal is going to give a speech.
Armaan is seen sitting down on the chairs,
Armaan: Oh god…it’s so hot and this is the only place she found!
Sanskaar comes and looks up,
Sanskaar: How many chairs have you occupied?
Armaan: Tons…anyways they was for you lot…I thought why don’t j save em.
Sanskaar: Love your way of saving em.
Meera looks at Armaan,
Swara: Wow…how did he get up there?
Meera: I don’t know…he must have used people to be his ladder. Look at the people that are weeping there.
Swara sees people touching their backs and moaning.
Shravan reaches there,
Shravan: You…u seen Armaan?
Vidya points behind him, Shravan looks there and sees Armaan and Sanskaar, Adi rushes there before Shravan.
Adi: Ar..Armaan.
Shravan reaches there. Adi and Shravan are catching their breath.
Armaan: What happened to you lot?
Sanskaar: You look like you’re about to faint…
Adi: Lucky…Bihaan.
Shravan takes a deep breath: Getting beaten up…
Sanskaar: What?
Adi: This boy Krishna…his sister accidentally slipped and …
Shravan: And Lucky caught her and then…
Adi: Then Krishna started punching Lucky…we went and stopped them and beat up Krishna…
Shravan: And he brought hockey sticks…where’s our sticks?
Armaan: What?!
Adi: Bihaan is fighting all of them with Lucky…
Armaan jumps off and holds Sanskaars shoulder. They rush there, Swara and Meera also go behind them, Thapki stops Vidya and Ragini, they nod.

Armaan, Sanskaar, Adi and Shravan. They see Mrs Sengupta shouting at Krishna, Bihaan and Lucky.
Mrs S: If this is repeated then you would be rusticated okay?!
They nod and leave, Krishna takes her sister. The principal nods no and walks ahead, Shravan, Sanskaar and Armaan turn around, Adi stands there lost…
Sanskaar: Kalti Maar!
Armaan: Adi…?
Principal snaps Adi out,
Adi: Ma..Ma’am
Mrs Sengupta: What happened?
Adi: Nothing, we…
Mrs S: That way!
They nod and she leaves,
Armaan: Where were you lost?
Adi looks around…
Adi: Nothing let’s go.
Swara and Meera walk but see the principal and turn around and start walking, Mrs S joins them and talks to them.
Armaan: You got me off the chairs for no reason…look how everyone robbed em..(pointing at everyone)
Everyone are seen sitting down.
Bihaan and Laksh reach them,
Laksh: I swear you was on the chairs….
Armaan: I was…but these idiots robbed em and because of these two..I had to jump off.
Bihaan: Oh well, we can stand..there (Pointing at the shaded area)
Meera and Swara sit down… Ragini, Thapki and Vidya had save them two seats.
Bihaan, Armaan, Laksh, Sanskaar, Adi and Shravan reach the shaded area and see 6 chairs already set… There’s a note also, Shravan picks it up and reads it “I know you guys would not sit in a hot place and stand there when their are no chairs…this is for you lot ?”
Armaan: Whoever set this up…may they live a long life.
Armaan sits down,
Bihaan: Have their life full of happiness.
Bihaan sits down.
Shravan(while sitting down): And get the life partner they deserve.
Adi: And…stay safe…
Adi sits.
Laksh sits down: And have a blessed life.
Sanskaar: And live happily with no trouble…
Sanskaar finally sits down. Then all of a sudden the chairs break and all get shocked.
Armaan: What the?
They look up and see Mrs Sengupta,
Mrs Sen: Now get up, you’re like every other’s student that are here. So don’t assume you’re a VIP!
Mrs Sengupta then leaves.
Bihaan: This Buddhi will surely die from my hands one day…
Sanskaar gets up: I take back what I said…how mean is she?
All stand up…
Armaan: ‘Not VIP’…like she’s one…I take back what I said…cut down the lives, hope she breaks a leg..
Bihaan: Hope her face goes black.
Shravan: She’s acting big yeah? Hope she slips while walking up…then we will show her who’s VIP….! I definitely take back what I said!
Laksh: Because of her I hurt my hands…I take back what I said..hope she has a horrible life!
Adi: Stay safe? No I take that back…I hope she goes blind!
Sanskaar: You lot are bare tight…bless her… But I hope she falls of in front of everyone…!
All of them huff and walk there.

Mrs Sengupta starts talking on the stage, she introduces Jeevika, Adi gets happy and seems lost again, he sees Jeevika smiling and her hair flowing. Jeevika then gets of the stage and sits down. Adi starts dreaming.
Shravan: Oye! You okay?
Adi: Haa, how hot is it?
Armaan: Tell me about it!
Shravan: Bhuddha Doosi was way better.
Laksh: I miss him…
Sanskaar: I miss those days….
Bihaan: Have any of you got deodorant?
Lucky: No…
Bihaan: Then I will surely smell.
Armaan: Chill…Sanky has extra in his locker.
Sanky: In fact there a spare locker, I hid some bottles there.
They smile.
Laksh: She wouldn’t notice us gone right?
Armaan: If you look up then you will see her eyes on us.
Armaan fake smiles and waves at her, she ignores him.
Mrs S: Thank you students…you’re classes will be on the notice board. Thank you.
Mrs Sengupta leaves and them 6 boys rush in.
Meera and Swara rush to the notice board.
Meera: It’s me…you…Thapki…Vidya…Ragini… In the same classes,
Swara: Don’t tell me with them…
Meera looks there and gets shocked,
Meera: Armaan…Bihaan…Laksh…Sanskaar…Adi and Shravan? When were they smart?
Swara: I don’t believe that they got 90 percent and higher in their previous test…..
Meera: Neither can I… We got that new student in our class.
Swara: Jeevika? Well let’s see how we get along with her but does the mix up of us had to be important?
Meera: I don’t know…the new principal is cracked. Oh well, let’s see how it works out…
Then Swara and Meera tell Thapki, Vidya and Ragini which shocks them. They star walking, Jeevika stops them,
Jeevika: Sorry to disturb you but can you tell me where the class is?
Meera: Jeevika right?
Jeevika nods,
Meera: You’re in our class, you can walk with us.
Jeevika smiles and nods.

Armaan comes out feeling fresh, he then sees them,
Armaan: Oye!
One of the boy comes to him,
Jeevika sees this and looks on,
Meera: Mind him…I mean them, they’re just…
Vidya: Stupid…
Ragini: Immature….
Thapki: And Mannerless.
Armaan: Where am I?
Boy: Sir you’re in the same class as me…I’ll take you.
Armaan: Okay…cool, only me or…
Boy: All of you sir….
Armaan: Serious?
The boy nods,
Armaan: Yes! It’s gunna be banging! You go, we’ll make a awesome entry. What room?
Boy: Okay…F3
Armaan: U sure?
The boy nods, Armaan then walks, Shravan, Bihaan, Laksh, Sanskaar and Adi come out, Swara and them look on awkwardly.
Sanskaar: Where did Armaan go?
Boy: Sir…all of you are in F3.
Sanskaar: Okay, we will come.
The boy nods and leaves.
Bihaan: All of us are in F3, is Armaan in a separate class?
Adi: I’m going to the class…
Bihaan: Cool, I’m coming with you.
Adi and Bihaan leave, Thapki, Swara, Vidya, Ragini, Meera and Jeevika start walking.

Bihaan and Adi enter, just then they see Armaan sitting inside, they walk up to him,
Bihaan: Armaan….?
Adi: Am I dreaming? You’re the first one in this class….
They turn around and see everyone coming. Armaan doesn’t say anything and looks in front.
Jeevika and Thapki sit together, and behind them is Ragini and Vidya, then behind them are Swara and Meera.
Bihaan was about to sit down but Armaan stops him,
Armaan: Before sitting at least look at the board.

They see the board and it says:
The following students will not be allowed to sit together, these are:
Bihaan Pandey
Shravan Suryavanshi
Laksh Maheshwari
Sanskaar Modi
Aditya Bhalla (Adi)
Armaan SG

And if they do not follow this instruction then send them to my office and we will have a talk with their parents….Mrs Sengupta.

Bihaans mouth drops,
Adi: That’s it! She had it….
Armaan: What I wanted to do was impossible because look at the next writing….
Adi and Bihaan look up.

Then next to that it says: Any late or rebellious students shall also be sent to me, we will have tea with their parents.

Bihaan: That Buddhi….Kamini… She wants tea with my parents? I’ll give her tea and not only 1 but 30 different type but there will be one thing that would be common…do you know what? Mirchi! (Spice)
Armaan: Serious bro, I’m with you. That’s unfair, why only us?
Jeevika looks on, she then whispers,
Jeevika: They’re so tight to her…
Thapki: They’re all ways like this.
Adi: We need to warn Sanky, Lucky and Shravan….

Just then Shravan, Laksh and Sanskaar make an upsetting entry,
Mrs S: This is your class, okay?!
They nod,
Mrs Sengupta peeps in and sees no teacher,
Mrs S: Where’s your teacher?
The teacher stands up from underneath the table, all look on.
Armaan: I told him to stay there but….
Teacher: Sorry Madam, I…
Mrs Sen: You can start the class.
The teacher nods and Mrs Sen leaves.

Armaan: Who wrote that? (Pointing at the board)
Teacher: Mrs Sengupta did…
Armaan: Why is my surname spelt wrong…? Anyways that’s not me…so Bihaan you can sit next to me because you won’t be sitting next to Armaan SG…
Teacher: Sorry, I’ll just change it….
He rubs out SG and puts Malik.
Bihaan: Late now…he changed it.
Shravan, Sanskaar and Laksh read the board.
Bihaan sits behind Armaan.
Shravan sits on the table next to his right. Sanskaar sits in front of him. Laksh then sits on the table on Armaans right.
Teacher: Aham…!
The teacher points at the board.
Bihaan: Sir…if you use your glasses and read the board then you will know…it says….
Teacher: You’re not allowed to sit together.
Bihaan claps,
Shravan: You finally read it but did you understand?
Bihaan: It said together, not behind.
Sanskaar: Or in front.
Laksh: Or the table next to.
Armaan: Or in the middle…
Shravan: We are spreaded out…look.
Adi sits in front of Shravan.

The teacher stands silent,
Jeevika: You may be spreaded out but…
Thapki squeezes her hand and they look there,
Jeevika: No…how long will you all remain quiet? If tomorrow they insult your Granddad, Dad, Brother, Uncle…then would you still stay quiet? Our teachers are like our parents, they should be respected….not made fun of.
Jeevika looks at them,
Jeevika: If it wasn’t for them then you wouldn’t have reached here…or got above 90 percent, you should be grateful…they waste half of their time just to teach us and get us somewhere ahead in life but what do all of you give them back? Dishonesty? They try their best to give every student the right teaching and if someone said that to your Dad then what would you do? Don’t forget that he also taught us something…like our parents…he taught us how to face this world by giving us education…all the teachers gave us education….they should deserve respect and I’m not saying higher than our parents…but equal or even a little bit of respect would do….
The teacher gets impressed, Jeevika turns around and all start clapping, expect from Shravan, Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Adi and Armaan. All get impressed while these 6 look on. Adi also kind of gets impressed but doesn’t show it.
The teacher also claps. Ragini, Vidya and Thapki smile at her.
Teacher: If students like them are here(Pointing at Jeevika, Thapki, Vidya, Meera, Swara and Ragini) then our college is the most luckiest college, if this thought is present then this college will change…well done beta…
Jeevika smiles.

The teacher then starts teaching while them 6 feel embarrassed and have a little guilt that they do not want to accept.

After the lesson was finish it was break time, them 6 boys went to the canteen. They saw the girls siting and talking. They all glare at Jeevika.
Armaan: What the hell did she do out there?
Shravan: How comes we all were silent?
Sanskaar: She said a lot….
Adi: But the right thing….
All look at him,
Bihaan: You have to find everything right about her….when she kills someone then it’s also right Nai?
Adi: I’m not joking tho but she shouldn’t have done that…
They find a table and sit down.
Laksh: I think I like someone….
All look at him,
Bihaan: Oho…who’s the lucky girl?
Laksh asks Bihaan to come closer and tells him, Bihaan smiles and then gets shocked,
Bihaan: What? How can you like her?
Shravan: Who?
Bihaan whispers and Shravan drops the apple,
Shravan: I think I heard the wrong name.
Bihaan tells him again,
Shravan: No…her?!
Laksh nods,
Shravan tells Sanskaar and Sanskaar smiles,
Sanskaar: Lucky…her? Well anyways you’re decision….
Armaan: Tell us as well….
Armaan drinks a glass of Coke.
Sanskaar: Jeevika….
Armaan chokes on the Coke and Adi gets shocked. They look at Laksh. Armaan manages to handle himself,
Armaan: Her? What happened to your taste?
Adi: How can you like her?
Laksh: Why? It’s not my fault my heart chose her.
Armaan looks at them and they smile and wink, Armaan understands.
Armaan: Chall, it’s okay, you like her what can we do?
Adi: H..Haa.
Adi looks on upset, all of them burst out laughing.
All look at them,
Swara: Now what happened to them?
Thapki: They’re such an attention seekers.
Jeevika: Yeah, ignore them.

Laksh: Look at his face…
Armaan slaps Adi’s shoulder, all of them look at Adi, Adi gets confused.
Shravan: Look…he’s about to cry…
Adi: Shut up…what’s wrong?
Bihaan: You like her…?
Armaan nudges him, Adi realises and slaps Laksh on the back, Laksh laughs, Adi gets annoyed,
Adi: Just stop it!
Armaan: Adi Adi…Ki love story…kis ke saath…shuru hogi…
Bihaan: Adi Adi…Ki love story….shuru hogi…Jee….
Adi: Stop!
Adi then smiles and and slaps all of them (playfully)
Bihaan: No wonder he found her right….
Sanskaar: Chill…we won’t tell her, we ain’t no snakes….
Adi: I know…I can trust you 5 only….
They all smile and talk.

Scene shifts to Gopi, she is cutting something while cooking, she accidentally cuts her finger, Ishita comes there,
Ishita: Gopi…
Ishita AIDS Gopis finger,
Ishita: Where were you lost?
Gopi: I don’t know…I…I was thinking about my Family…but then I don’t want to leave Kolkata also….you all became my family and….
Ishita: Even I don’t want to shift, Kolkata has been our house since 15 years and I don’t feel like leaving it…..
Ishita finishes and Gopi sits down,
Ishita: I’ll cook, you rest. Thank god you were a vegetarian also…
Gopi smiles.
They hear the door bell,
Gopi: I’ll get it.
Ishita nods, Gopi opens the door and gets shocked and confused,
Ishita: What happened?
Ishita comes out to see and is stunned.

The break is over and all are heading towards their next lesson but the teachers come and inform them to head towards the hall,
Bihaan: Now what does she want to say?
Armaan: We best get the good seats.
They rush in before everyone, they find the seats and sit there, then all suit down and the principal comes up on the stage,
Mrs Sen: Hello students….I have called this assembly as I wanted to inform you something…we are going for camping….
All get happy, a wide smile appears on Bihaans face, Armaan and the rest are shocked but happy.
Bihaan: Aha…for the first time this Buddhi has delighted me….
Armaans smile disappears,
Armaan: Don’t get too happy, she also gives heart attack.
They all relax and Laylow.
Principal: You’re pairs will be disclosed tomorrow from your teachers….and we are leaving tomorrow, so till then study.
Bihaan: Pairs?
Laksh: Is it from our class?
Sanskaar: I swear if Adi and Jeevika get picked a pair, I will laugh….
Adi glares and him.
Shravan: How will you get her if you don’t talk to her? Show a good impression because she’s one dangerous women!

Thapki, Vidya, Ragini and Jeevika worry while Meera and Swara smile.

Arjun is in the class thinking,
Arjun: This school isn’t that bad but am I permanently here or temporarily?
Teacher: Class, today is the allocation competition, come follow me…
Arjun looks at Ruhi and Amaya, they stick their tongue at him,
Arjun: Watch how I will win that competition!
Amaya: Tuff Luck, I’m going to win!
Ruhi: You didn’t even sign up!
Arjun: Yeah I didn’t….Ammu…too much confidence isn’t good! You’re going to get defeated….mark my words!
Amaya: You evil eyer, watch how I will get that trophy.
Amaya goes out,
Ruhi: I think your right but I know she’s going to win….
They then head towards the hall.

They see Raman sitting down with his thumbs up, Amaya smiles at him. Arjun looks at this and looks on,
Arjun: He was never that nice to me….what has happened to him?
The competition starts.
Arjun sees Chutki and smiles,
Arjun: Her…?
Chutki starts her speech, she finishes and everyone clap including Arjun…
Then Amaya starts her speech, she talks about her Dad, she finishes….everyone clap but Arjun barely claps. Then the winner is being declared, Arjun wishes it was Chutki,
Teacher: It’s a tie between Amaya Bhalla and Subhadra Sengupta.
Arjun: Subhadra? How can I forget her, she was also one of Arjunas wife’s, is that her?
Subhadra(Chutki) comes forward and Arjun smiles,
She takes the award and notices Arjun, she also smiles, Amaya comes and takes the award and the certificate and smiles at Raman.

Precap: College students to go camping….Ishita to forgive….pairs disclosed for the camping….all shocked…

Thank you for liking….thank you for commenting, no harsh comments please….love you all….I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I tried to make ShravanJi look cool because I want Vidya and his story to be nice…just hope you like it..I will reveal my name on the last Epi…till then enjoy… I added a new entry for Adi…

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – 15… Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

Swara – 20… A sweet and bubbly girl, Raginis sister and Meeras friend (Swara from Swaragini)

Ragini – 19… A innocent and sweet girl, Swaras sister, Thapki and Vidyas friend. (Ragini from Swaragini)

Thapki – 18… An adorable and innocent girl, Vidya and Raginis friend. (Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki)

Bihaan – 22… A cool, caring and daring guy…Laksh, Adi, Armaan, Shravan and Sanskaars friend..can do anything for them…they’re his family and everything, he loves them more than his family…(Bihaan from TPK)

Shravan – 23…. A cool, daring, fun and a guy with attitude… Friends mean a lot to him…he treats friend like they’re his brothers…Friends with Laksh, Bihaan, Adi, Armaan and Sanskaar. (Shravan from SNS…opposite from the original Shravan)

Armaan – 22… A cool, fun, daring, hot and caring guy… Friends are his life…he treats them like his family/brothers…friends with Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Adi, Meera and Shravan. (Armaan Malik, a singer)

Laksh – 23… A cool, hot, fun, daring and caring guy….treats friends like family…friends with Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan, Adi, Meera and Sanskaar. (Laksh from Swaragini)

Sanskaar – 23…. A hot, fun, loving, cool and daring guy…he respects his family and loves his friends, they’re like brothers to him…friends with Laksh, Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan and Adi… (Sanskaar from Swaragini)

Jeevika – 20….An honest, hardworking and dedicated girl…she strives for what she does… Always smiling….(played by Pooja Hegde)

Subhadra aka Chutki – 13 years old….she is honest, nice and gets annoyed easily, she loves her family….(Young Naira….(Ashnoor Kaur) )

Thank you ?

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