Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini) Episode 6


Recap: New Principle…Ishra meeting 2nd time…

The episode starts with Raman looking at Ishita.
Raman: What is this?
Ishita: What is what?
Raman: Ruhi…
Ishita: So…what about her?
Raman: You know what I mean.
Ishita remembers and it goes in a flashback, Ishita is sitting on the bed eating fruits, Raman comes in with gift bags, he then places them in the bed, Ishita insists to see but Raman nods no, he then gives up and shows her,
Ishita: What is this?
She takes it out and smiles, tears flow in her eyes,
Ishita: It’s beautiful Raman…
She takes out a name board that has Ruhi carved and written in pink on a light wooden board. Then another one which has Arjun.
Raman: If we have a daughter then we will name it Ruhi and if it’s a boy then we will name him…
Ishita: Arjun… But I wanted to name our daughter Amaya…
Raman: It’s okay, I’ll get another one made tomorrow.
Ishita hugs Raman.
End of Flashback.

Ishita: I know Arjun is my son..!
Raman: No! He’s my son! You lost that right as soon as you disowned him! Ruhi and Amaya are my daughters….?
Ishita: When did I disown him? I got told he was dead!
Raman: Wow…stop acting like you don’t known anything! You were the one who gave him to Mom and…..
Ishita: Why would I do that? If I didn’t disown Ammu and Ruhi then what made you think I’ll disown Arjun? I gave birth to more than 1 child…I gave birth to triplets!
Raman gets thinking,
Ishita: Do you want the birth certificates?
Raman then thinks about Toshiji,
Ishita: Your Mum never liked me… In fact she placed that trick to separate….
Raman: Enough!
Raman then gets a phone call, he gets shocked,
Raman: What? How can you be so careless? I swear if anything happens to Arjun then…!
Raman disconnects the phone,
Ishita: What happened?
Raman: None of your business!
Ishita: It is my Buisness! He’s my son too and you’re new in Kolkata, I will help you search….
Raman: I don’t need your help… I can find my son myself!
Ishita: Raman! My son matters more than me…more than our arguments!

The college ends, Meera, Adi, Vidya head home, Thapki walks home, Bihaan, Laksh and Shravan walk, they finally reach the compound, Adi gets shocked seeing Raman, Meera and Vidya go inside the house, Amaya and Ruhi sit inside the room,
Amaya: Let me use your phone…
Ruhi: Why?
Amaya: Just….quickly.
Ruhi gives end phone to Amaya, Amaya types in ‘Raman Bhalla’ and searches up, she gets shocked to see his picture,
Amaya: He’s….he’s Raman Bhalla?
Ruhi takes the phone and looks at the picture,
Ruhi: He’s outside…he’s Raman…our father?
Anaya and Ruhi sit down in a shock.

Adi walks up to Ishita, Ishita and Raman look at Adi,
Ishita: A..Adi…
Raman gets shocked and looks at Adi
Raman: A..Adi…you grew up so…
Ishita: Enough! We don’t have time for this, you talk later….please Raman my hearts sinking, I don’t feel a good vibe, we need to find Arjun…
Adi: Arjun?
Ishita: We will tell you later…
Adi: I will help too.
Ishita, Adi and Raman head out. Gopi looks on confused,
Gopi: Ishita seemed worried, is everything okay?
Gopi then heads down, she sees Vidya sitting on the dining table,
Gopi: Where’s Ammu, Ruhi and Meera?
Amaya and Ruhi come out silently and sit down. Gopi looks on.

Just then Sanskaar enters the compound, he looks around,
Sanskaar: Which number was Dad telling?
Just then he sees Meera who is talking on the phone,
Sanskaar: Meera?
He then walks up to her,
Meera: How did you get my number?
She then gets shocked, the phone gets disconnected, she turns around and sees Sanskaar.
Meera: You…what are you doing here? The other one got my number and you found my address…?
Sanskaar: Chill Meera…can you to me where this is?
He shows her a paper with the address,
Meera: It’s there (pointing down)
Sanskaar: Can you take me there please…?
Meera: Okay….
Meera walks and he follows her,
Sanskaar: Anyways who has your number?
Meera: Don’t ask….Armaan.
Sanskaar: Oh…he’s pretty fast… But chill I won’t tell em that you live here…
Meera: That’s the place…anyways, tell me one thing…why did Armaan started being nice to me? Bihaan was about to tell but Armaan stopped him…?
Sanskaar laugh: Sorry I don’t know…and thank you.
Sanskaar knocks on the door,
Meera: Arey…you’re his friend…you should know.
Sanskaar: Ask Lucky…lucky knows everything.
Just then the door opens,
Jigs: Where were you?
Meera gets shocked,
Sanskaar: Sorry Chote Papa…is Bade Papa angry?
Jigs: Nah…he’s cool.
Sanskaar: You sure?
Meera in her head: Chachu…?
Jigs: Who’s this? (Pointing at Meera)
Sanskaar: Meera…shes…
Jigar looks on,
Jigar: Meera?
Sanskaar: Do you know her?
Meera: Is he in there?
Jigar gets double shocked and nods yes. Meera then goes inside which shocks Sanskaar and Jigar. Meera searches and sees Ahem sitting down and talking on the phone, she stands in front of him and gets shocked.

Ahem stands up,
Meera: Dad…
Meera runs and hugs him, Ahem gets shocked,
Ahem: M..Meera?
He hugs her back,
Meera: Dad…where were you…I missed you all so much.
Ahem: Meera…I even missed you, Vidya and Gopi.

Just then Meera gets snapped out, she looks around and sees Ahem disconnecting the phone, (it was a dream) Ahem looks at her,
Ahem: Yes..?
Meera: N..sorry.
Meera avoids eye contact and walks out, Jigar stops her.
Jigs: Meera…
Meera: Chachu…
Sanskaar gets shocked,
Sanskaar: Meera…bade Papas daughter?
Jigar nods yes.
Jigs: How’s Bhabhi?

Meera: Moms okay…we need her to meet him and…
Sanskaar: And they should sort out the differences…
Meera nods,
Meera: I’ll bring Mom, you bring Dad.
Jigs: Where?
Meera: Actually, I will bring Mom and Vidya here.
Jigar nods okay and Meera goes out, Sanskaar follows.
Meera: Why are you coming?
Sanskaar: Just…I want to see Badi Maa…
Meera knocks on the door, Amaya opens it,
Amaya: Who is he? Boyfriend Haa?

Meera: No!
She then enters with Sanskaar.
Meera: Mom…come with me.
Gopi: Where?
Gopi looks up and is shocked to see Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Jai Shri Kirshna Aunty…I’m Meeras Boyfriend and I want to marry her….
Gopi, Meera, Vidya, Amaya and Ruhi get shocked.
Gopi: What?!
Sanskaar: Come talk to my Papa…
Meera signals Sanskaar confusingly.

Vidya: Him? Di…
Sanskaar: Please Aunty…we don’t have time, my Dad might finalise my Rishta and….
He grabs Gopis hand and heads out…Amaya, Vidya, Meera and Vidya follow. Gopi is in shock, they reach the house and enter as the door was already open.
Sanskaar lets go of her hand: Aunty…Dads there…(pointing at the room)
Gopi: Ek minuet…Meera is he telling the truth?
Gopi turns to Meera, Sabskaar tells her to nod yes and winks at her.
Meera: Uh…Haa Maa, he’s telling the truth.
Vidya gets confused, Gopi turns around and looks at Sanskaar.
Gopi: This quick and…
Sanskaar: Please Aunty…he’s talking on the phone and Rishta will be Pakka by the time you walk there…please go quick.
Sanskaar holds Gopis hand and rushes with her,
Amaya: He’s in a hurry…?
Sanskaar opens the door and pushes Gopi in and shuts the door, Gopi gets shocked. Gopi then sees a Man talking on the phone, his back is facing towards her, she feels something.
Ahem: I’ll talk to you later.
He disconnects the phone,
Gopi: Uh…
Ahem hears and turns around, Gopi gets shocked to see him and he gets shocked to see her.

The scene shifts to Ishita, Raman and Adi reaching the hotel,
Raman: Wh..where’s Arjun?
Caretaker: Sir…we told him to stay but he went out, he tricked us and went.
Raman (angry): If anything happens to my son then I swear I will….
Ishita: Calm down Raman…
Raman: What calm down? How can they be so careless?!
Adi gets shocked and thinks Arjun is his brother.
Ishita: Let’s go look for him.
They head out, Ishita, Adi and Raman separate and go in different ways to find Arjun. YHM title (sad and fast) track starts playing….

Arjun is seen walking down the streets,
Arjun: I swear the hotel was this way…was it? Who told you to come out?! You already seen the bridge and took pictures but where should I go next?
He then sees a girl getting harassed by few boys and goes there.
Girl: Nahi…this is mine..go away!
Boys: You’re a cheater…give it to us!

Boy2: Stay out of it!
Boy1: It’s none of your business.
Girl: Arey…how is it not his business if you’re doing it in public? As a citizen, he has rights to stop it!
Arjun: Woah…calm down…
The girl turns around and looks at him, he smiles seeing her,
Girl: You’re telling me to calm down?
Arjun: Okay sorry…you guys, leave her.
She turns around and nods.
Boy4: What would you do if we don’t?
Boy3: Like he can do anything….
Arjun: Listen…I don’t want to get into any fights you…
Boys laugh: Fight and you?
Girl: Why are you all laughing? Did he laugh at you? You want it Na? Take it!
She hands them the chocolate, Arjun laughs, thy take the chocolates and leave.
Girl: Why are you laughing?
Arjun: You was fighting over Chocolate? How old are you 8?
Girl: They were, I wasn’t and for your information, I’m 13.

Arjun: Okay…ok, so do you live nearby?
Girl: No…I lost my way while running from them…they left but I’m left lost.
Arjun: Same here, I went to take pictures of the famous bridge but got lost.
Girl: Anyways what’s your name?
Arjun: Why…? What if I ask you the same question?
Girl: No…okay let’s be friends then we can reveal name right?
Arjun thinks and nods,
Arjun: Hello, my name is Arjun Raman Bhalla….and you?
The girl smiles: Arjun?
Arjun nods yes,
Girl: Then I’m Draupadi.
Arjun: I’m serious, my name is Arjun…
Girl: Haa, I’m Draupadi….

Arjun: Serious?
The girl nods yes,
Girl: Okay…I’m one of the wives.
Arjun then thinks….
Arjun: So ur not Draupadi?
The girl doesn’t say anything.
Just then someone shouts: Chutki…

The girl looks there, so does Arjun.
Girl: Di…
The girl runs there and hugs her, the other girl hugs her back.
They break the hug,
Girl: Di…he’s the one who kept me safe till then…(pointing at Arjun)
Arjun smiles, they walk up to him.
Girl: Thank you sooo much for keeping my Chutki safe. By the way I’m Jeevika Sengupta and you are?
Arjun: Arjun Raman Bhalla.
Jeevika then looks at Chutki. Chutki smiles.
Arjun: Is her name actually Draupadi?
Jeevika: Assume it is….anyways do you know the way out of here?
Arjun: No…I’m new in Kolkata….
Jeevika: Oh…we came just yesterday too…now what?
Arjun: All we do is wait…do you have a phone?
Jeevika nods and takes it out but her battery dies.

Arjun: Ulupi?
Chutki smiles, Jeevika gets confused.
Jeevika: Ulupi?
Chutki: Uh….
Arjun: Chita…Chita..I don’t know the rest.
Jeevika understands: Oh…Chitrangada…?
Arjun: Haa…
Jeevika and Chutki smile….
Jeevika: Shall I tell him?
Chutki nods no.

Arjun: It is Chitra isn’t it? Or Ulupi?
Jeevika: Do you have a phone?
Arjun: No…Papa doesn’t let me…I’ve got a iPod tho…
Jeevika: What do you mean Papa doesn’t let you?
Arjun: Papa said if I get good grades in my studies then…which is never.
Jeevika smiles: Try your best.

Scene shifts to Ishita searching and crying, Adi tells his friends and the come out to help. Adi, Shravan and Laksh go one way while Bihaan and Armaan go the other way,
Armaan: Where’s Sanskaar?
Bihaan: He’s meeting his Dad…that’s why Adi didn’t call him.
Armaan: Oh…anyways do we have a picture of Arjun?
Bihaan nods no and stops,
Bihaan: How are we going to find him? But we have his name….
Armaan: How old is he and there are thousands of Arjun here…!
Bihaan thinks and looks on.
Raman sees Ishita, Ishita breaks down and cries,
Raman: Why is she crying?
Raman then thinks of Toshijis worlds and then remember what Ishita had said, he then bumps into Mani and gets shocked.
Mani: Raman…
Raman: Mani? Tell me one thing clearly…Wh..what had happened that day?
Raman is hoping to prove Ishita wrong but gets shocked after Mani tells him everything.
Raman: S…so this meant that My Mother separated us and did this Drama?
Mani then sees Ishita and walks up to her,

Mani: Ishu…
Ishita stands up and sees him, she hugs him.
Ishita: Mani…my son Arjun…he’s new to this city and he got lost…
Ishita then receives a message, she takes her phone out and read “Do you have a picture of Arjun” from Adi and his friends…
Ishita: Raman…
Raman is still in a shock of what Toshiji had done.
Ishita goes up to Raman,
Ishita: Raman….Raman!
Raman: H..Haa?
Ishita: Do..do you have a picture of Arjun?
Raman takes his phone out and gives it to Ishita, Ishita sees the picture and sends it to herself, she then sends it.
All of their phones buzz and they open it up.
Bihaan: He’s cute….
Armaan: He looks nothing like Adi…
Shravan looks at Adi, he compares them to.
Shravan: He’s cute and buff…
Laksh: Wow…ur brother?

Adi smiles seeing him,
Adi: We have no time for this…lets go.
Bihaan: Now we have his photo…shall we go?
Armaan nods yes and they start searching.

Scene shifts to Gopi and Ahem,
Gopi: AhemJi?
Ahem: Gopi…?
Sanskaars phone buzzes, he takes it out and looks at Arjuns picture.
Sanskaar: Who is this?
Gopi: You’re alive?
Ahem: Where were you Gopi? I looked everywhere for you, Meera and Vidya…
Gopi runs to Ahem and hugs him.
Ahem tells her how KOKILA regrets and how he had come out of coma.
Gopi: I knew nothing can happen to you Ahem Ji…
Ahem: Where’s…where’s Meeru and Vidya?
Gopi breaks the hug,
Gopi: They’re outside.
Sanskaar opens the door and Vidya, Meera and Sanskaar enter. Amaya and Ruhi wait out.
Sanskaar holds his ears and smiles, Vidya smiles seeing Ahem, both Meera and Vidya hug Ahem…
Gopi: You said you wanted to…
Sanskaar: Sorry…it was all a joke and a plan to get you here.
Ahem: Didn’t you recognise him?

Gopi nods no.
Sanskaar: Badi Maa…how can you forget the worlds cutes Bandar? (Monkey)
Gopi smiles: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar nods and hugs her, she hugs him back.
Gopi: Badmash! You haven’t changed…you scared me today…
Sanskaar: Badi Maa, my sweetest Maa, you know me.
Gopi smiles and Vidya looks on.
Vidya: So he’s Sanskaar Modi?
Meera smiles,
Meera: He goes to the same college, it will be fun to…
Sanskaar nods no,
Ahem: He goes to the same college? How is he in his studies?
Meera: Dad…we will find out tomorrow.
Vidya: Papa…ask us about his behaviour….
Sanskaar gulps and nods no.
Ahem: What about his behaviour?
Meera and Vidya break the hug,

Sanskaar: I hope my mouth doesn’t open too…
Sanskaar winks at Meera.
Meera: Uh…nothing Dad…
Ahem: No tell me…is he still the same? Vidya, you tell me.
Vidya looks at Sanskaar: Papa, he messes about, he throws stuff at people, his friends are spoiling him, he doesn’t listen to his teachers, he makes fun of people…
Ahem glares at Sanskaar…Sanskaar hides behind Gopi…
Ahem: Well sending him to boarding school wasn’t useful! He’s still the same.
Gopi: Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: Sorry Badi Maa…it’s not true…
Vidya: Papa…I was joking but about his friends spoiling him is true…
Sanskaar: And your friends?
Vidya: Bhai…my friends are good and well behaved as you can see in the class.
Sanskaar: Yeah…and I’m not a snake…don’t worry.
Ahem and Gopi get confused. Meera smiles.

(Note…Sanskaar is Ahems brothers son who had died in an accident, Sanskaar was 5 when he lost his parents, he went to the boarding school at the age of 10 and that’s how he wasn’t present while the accident)

Scene shifts to Armaan and Bihaan, they reach the bridge and get tired,
Bihaan: I..if you were a child…yeah?
Armaan: Yeah?
Bihaan: Then where would you go?
Armaan thinks, Bihaan goes to get water.
Armaan: I would come here and then go to…to the…
Bihaan comes back.
Armaan: He must be here somewhere, let me message Adi.
Armaan messages Adi and all of their phones buzz, including Ishitas. (All of them sent a message to Ishita and it created a group message) Sanskaars phone buzzes and he reads the message.
Sanskaar: I need to go…
Gopi: Where?
Sanskaar: I need to help my friends…
Ahem: No! Why…they’re going to blame everything on you and run away.
Sanskaar: No… One of my friend lost his brother…I need to help him.
Gopi: Who’s brother?
Sanskaar reads the messages,
Sanskaar: Adi’s…Meera you tell him.
Meera: Adi has a brother?

Gopi: Adi…Ishitas son.
Sanskaar: Haa, he goes to the same college as me.
Gopi: He’s Ishitas son…go help him.
Sanskaar nods and heads out,
Ahem: What is this?
Gopi tells Ahem about Ishita and Adi…Ahem looks on. Gopi also tells him how Ishita and her stayed together.
Ahem: Raman’s son?
Gopi nods yes.
Gopi: His daughters must be outside.
Gopi: Ammu…Ruhi…
Ruhi and Amaya enter, they then see Ahem.

Ahem: Ramans daughters?
Gopi nods.
Gopi: How do you know?
Ahem tells them about him and Raman being best friends and how they met and that.

Scene shifts to all of them reaching Armaan and Bihaan, Bihaan takes a sip of the water,
Bihaan: Wow, you all are fast…he sent a message a minuet ago and you came within a second…
Ishita: Where is he?
Armaan: He must be here somewhere Aunty.
Adi: Are you sure?
Bihaan: No…I only asked him where he would go if he was in Arjuns place but he…
Armaan: I would’ve come here…in fact he’s new to Kolkata and he would’ve came here. If I was him then I would’ve took some pictures and then start walking but would’ve turned around but if he is scared of his Maa or Papa, he would’ve rushed to find his way back.
Ishita starts searching, all of them start searching,

Sanskaar: If…I swear if he isn’t here then Bihaan I’m slapping you!
Bihaan: Why me? Did I call you here?
Sanskaar: No…I knew he was Pagal already(Armaan) but you could’ve said no…don’t come.
Armaan: He was too busy taking sips of the water but don’t worry, he’s here.
Bihaan: How can you be so sure? Are you a side kick or something?
Laksh: Chill and search, if I don’t find him then I’m slapping both of you?
Ishita feels some rope pulling her closer, Arjun starts walking with Jeevika and Chutki. Ishita then reaches there and looks around,
Ishita: Arjun…!
Arjun turns around, Ishita sees hims and smiles, she then runs up to him, Jeevika and Chutki look on. Ishita hugs him and kisses his forehead,
Ishita: Are you okay?
She hugs him tighter, just then Raman and Adi reach there with Shravan, Laksh and Sanskaar. Bihaan also reaches there. Raman rushes to Arjun.
Raman: Arjun?

Ishita breaks the hug and Raman hugs him, Arjun gets shocker and hugs Raman back.
Arjun: Sorry Papa…I
Raman breaks the hug,
Raman: I told you to stay there and not move…why didn’t you listen?!
Arjun: Papa…c…
Raman: If you say Chill then I’m going to slap you! How can I chill..if..if you stressed me?!
Arjun becomes silent.
Ishita looks at him,
Raman: If anything would’ve happened to you then…then what would’ve I said to…
Arjun: Nothing happened, how can anything happen to me when they helped me. (Pointing at Jeevika and Chutki)
Ishita walks up to them,
Arjun in his head: Why does she care so much? Who is she?
Adi walks to Arjun and hugs him,
Adi: Where were you…you scared us.
Shravan: You scared Adi the most.
Arjun thinks,
Arjun: Adi Bhaiyya?

Adi breaks the hug and looks at him,
Arjun: Papa…can we go?
Raman nods, Raman then looks at Ishita… YHM title tune plays…
Arjun: Thank you all of you for putting in effort for finding me…
Raman: I need to tell you something…
Arjun: I know..he’s your son Adi and she’s your wife Ishita.
All get shocked.
Shravan: Wow…this Chotu is quite smart…?

Bihaan: He’s Adi’s brother that’s why…
Laksh: Shh…
Sanskaar: Let us listen.
Bihaan: It’s wrong thing to eve drop…go ahead and listen!
Sanskaar smiles and glares at Bihaan.

Arjun: I phones up Daadi and asked her, she told me how Ishita left you and me and how she betrayed you…because of her you became strict…she left me and she married you for your money and….
Raman looks at Ishita and Ishita gets teary eyed,
Raman: Bas…
Arjun: Papa…lets go. I don’t want to stay here.

Arjun starts walking, YHM sad title tune starts playing.

Ishita: Arjun…
Arjun ignores her and keeps on walking, Raman walks behind him. And they suddenly leave, Ishita wipes her tears, Sanskaar, Shravan, Laksh, Bihaan, Jeevika and Chutki get upset and feel sympathetic.
Adi: Thank you…
Jeevika nods and they all head out, Adi holds Ishita and takes her.

Ishita, Adi and Sanskaar reach the compound, Gopi is seen waiting outside, she sees Ishita and walks up to her,
Gopi: Ishita…is everything okay?

Ishita hugs Gopi.
Gopi: Ishita….?
Gopi then breaks the hug and takes Ishita in the house,
Adi: Thanks Sanky…
Sanskaar: No Thank you or Sorry in friendship! Anyways I better get going.
Adi nods okay, he then sees Sanskaar heading towards the house.
Adi: Sanky! Do u live here?
Sanskaar nods, Adi then joins him.
Sanskaar tells Adi about Gopi and Ahem, Adi smiles,
Adi: Congrats bro…so you’re Kaaki Maas son?
Sanskaar nods no,
Sanskaar: I’m her Devars son.
Adi: Meera and Vidyas cousin?
Sanskaar nods yes.

After a while Ishita congrats Gopi, Gopi smiles, they then sit to have dinner, they then hear a door bell, Meera opens the door and gets shocked, she see Raman and Ahem.
Gopi: Who is it Meera?
Meera: Dad and…
Raman and Ahem come in, all get shocked.
Raman: Ishita…
Raman moves and Arjun is shown.
Ishita stands up,
Gopi: Ek Minuet… You two go in the room and sort it out.
Adi nods and takes Raman and Ishita in the room and they look at each other, YHM title plays.
Raman: I’m sorry I didn’t trust you Ishita…
Ishita runs and hugs Raman. Raman hugs her back,
Ishita: Raman…I missed you.
Raman: I’m sorry.
Ishita breaks the hug and they cup each there’s faces.
Raman: I was so stupid to believe Mum and ….
Ishita: We should forget the past.
Just then Adi, Ruhi, Arjun and Amaya enter, they al, share a family hug but Amaya is still upset, Arjun hugs Ishita and Says sorry, Amaya couldn’t resist so she hugs Raman and Ishita. Gopi, Ahem, Meera, Vidya share a hug.
Sanskaar: Where’s Chote Papa?

Ahem: He’s gone back to Rajkot.
Sanskaar: Okay and you’re forgetting someone…
Gopi opens her arm and they hug.

Swara and Ragini talk to each other,
Ragini: Swara…do you like anyone?
Swara: No why?
Ragini: Just asking…
Swara: What about you? Do you like anyone?
Ragini: No…I can’t from the college…there’s no one good.
Swara: Hmm…
Ragini: But I think you like someone….
Swara: Who?

Ragini: La….
Swara gets shocked,
Ragini: You know who….
Swara: No…I don’t like him!
Ragini teases Swara. They have a pillow fight.

Precap: Ishra and Gohem get reunited….Jeevika comes to that college…. Mrs Sengupta sorts out the classes… Laksh starts liking someone…

Thank you for liking….thank you for commenting, no harsh comments please….love you all….I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I tried to make ShravanJi look cool because I want Vidya and his story to be nice…just hope you like it..I will reveal my name on the last Epi…till then enjoy… I added a new entry for Adi…

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – 15… Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

Swara – 20… A sweet and bubbly girl, Raginis sister and Meeras friend (Swara from Swaragini)

Ragini – 19… A innocent and sweet girl, Swaras sister, Thapki and Vidyas friend. (Ragini from Swaragini)

Thapki – 18… An adorable and innocent girl, Vidya and Raginis friend. (Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki)

Bihaan – 22… A cool, caring and daring guy…Laksh, Adi, Armaan, Shravan and Sanskaars friend..can do anything for them…they’re his family and everything, he loves them more than his family…(Bihaan from TPK)

Shravan – 23…. A cool, daring, fun and a guy with attitude… Friends mean a lot to him…he treats friend like they’re his brothers…Friends with Laksh, Bihaan, Adi, Armaan and Sanskaar. (Shravan from SNS…opposite from the original Shravan)

Armaan – 22… A cool, fun, daring, hot and caring guy… Friends are his life…he treats them like his family/brothers…friends with Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Adi, Meera and Shravan. (Armaan Malik, a singer)

Laksh – 23… A cool, hot, fun, daring and caring guy….treats friends like family…friends with Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan, Adi, Meera and Sanskaar. (Laksh from Swaragini)

Sanskaar – 23…. A hot, fun, loving, cool and daring guy…he respects his family and loves his friends, they’re like brothers to him…friends with Laksh, Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan and Adi… (Sanskaar from Swaragini)

Jeevika – 20….An honest, hardworking and dedicated girl…she strives for what she does… Always smiling….(played by Pooja Hegde)

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ishra fb was nice.raman didnt believe ishita 1st.later he realized d truth n apologized.,nice scene of ishra n kids.meera ahem dream scene was emotional.gohem meeting n reunion with kids were so emotional.sanskar is ahem’s late bro’s son.wow.so swara luvs lakshya here,not sanskar.so is ragini 4 sanskar?arjun,draupati(Is it her real name?),jeevika scenes were nice.

    1. Thanks Jasmine Rahul, yes it’s Ragsan, Draupadi isn’t her real name, I hope u continue liking.

  2. I love it please update regularly

    1. Thanks Kumud. I will try.

  3. good laughter joke
    ..Waste of time and money .

    1. Thanks Rūdñēßß

  4. Gopi and ahem scene was good….ishita n raman seen was also emotional….

    1. Thanks Ishaa

  5. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Hey my doll!!! I wanted go ask do you watch any Hollywood tv shows?? If you do which ones!!!
    Anyways loved this epsiode and you too Hun~Nusz

    1. Thanks Nusz, yes I do watch some Hollywood shows but I watch Disney, like Liv and Maddie, Lab Rats, Thundermans , SpongeBob (It has been my favourite since I was 6) lol

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