Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini) Episode 4


Episode 4:

Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini)

Recap: Intro of Arjun…..Raman….ToshiJi…Simmi….Thapki….Bihaan….Swara…Ragini….Raman and Arjun arriving in Kolkata.

The episode begins with Swara smiling, “L…Laksh?” Swara says happily, his face is shown and its Laksh. He says “Call me Lucky….and you are…?” Swara says her name and he nods, just then Meera, Vidya and Adi arrive, Meera sees them and looks on, Laksh makes her stand, Vidya sees Thapki and Ragini and walks up to them. Meera walks up to Swara, “Hi Lucky….you bunking the lecture?” Meera says while looking at Laksh, Swara looks at Meera, “Naah, I’m thinking to attend it, what about you Meera?” Meera: I might as well listen, it’s gunna be the last one cause he’s leaving.
Laksh smiles and nods,
Laksh: Okay, see you in a bit.
Meera nods and Laksh leaves, then Swara looks at Meera suspiciously.

It shifts to Raman and Arjun entering a hotel room, Arjun takes his jacket off and throws it on the sofa, he then lies on his bed, he says “Than god I don’t have to share a room with Papa, or else….taunting again!” Arjun then closes his eyes and rests.

It shifts to Ramans room, Raman sits on the bed and thinks about the younger Adi (Gautam Ahuja) he says “How big must have my Adi got? Where are you Adi beta? Where did that selfish woman take you?” Raman then takes his phone out and sees pictures of him and Adi together and Adi’s alone pic. Just then it lands on Ishitas, he gets angry and turns his phone off and throws it in the bed and looks on.

The scene then shifts to Gopi making breakfast , Ruhi leaves the house for school and says “Bye Kaaki Maa..” Gopi says bye back. Gopi then takes breakfast for Amaya, she enters her room and sees her sleeping. Gopi walks up to her and touches her forehead, “Arey, she has a high fever…I need to phone the Dr…” Gopi puts the tray on the table and goes out. Amaya opens her eyes and says “Oh no…If Kaaki Maa calls the Dr then….no!” She then gets up, “Kaaki Maa..” Amaya says faintly. Gopi comes in,
Gopi: Beta…are you okay?
Amaya (coughs (acts) ): Haa….I just have a sore throat.
Gopi: You also have a fever and I have called the Dr and the Dr said she’s coming.
Amaya nods okay and Gopi goes out, Amaya then makes a worrying face.

It shifts to the college, Meera and Swara are walking,
Swara: How do you know him?
Meera: Who?
Swara: Don’t act as if you don’t know…Lucky, aur Kaun? (Who else?)
Meera: Oh…why?
Meera nudges Swara,
Meera: Insecure and like huh?
Swara: Stop it Meera…
Meera laughs: Achcha okay, I’ll tell you, so Me and Lucky went to the same school and…
Swara: And?
Meera: Don’t worry, we are just friends….you can take him..
Swara glares at her,
Swara: I’m okay thanks…..
Meera: Okay, I’ll tell Preeti that he’s single….
Swara opens her mouth and looks at Meera, she then narrows her eyes and says “Who’s Preeti?”
Meera: She likes Lucky, she asked me to help her, I said no…but now I think about it, I might as well say yes…
Swara: No!
Meera: Why?
Swara: Should I say why?…..
Meera runs and Swara chases her and smiles, Meera laughs and runs.

Then it shifts to Arjun, he is examining the room, he then sees a chocolate in a bowl, he smiles and takes one, “Yes Chocolates….now no stopping” he says while enjoying the chocolates. Then suddenly his teeth starts hurting, he makes a face and touches his right jaw. He goes to suitcase and takes out his toothbrush and toothpaste and heads to the bathroom, he starts brushing. After he brushes, the pain increases, “Aahhh” he shouts in pain, “This is getting worse, I need to see a dentist…” Arjun says and leaves the room.

Arjun then knocks on Ramans door, Raman opens the door and sees him,
Raman: What happened?!
Arjun: M..my teeth!
Arjun touches his jaw,
Raman: Did you eat chocolate?
Arjun nods.
Raman angrily nods no.
Raman: Now what? I can’t believe this! Come lets go!
Raman takes his blazer from his bed and heads out, Arjun makes a face and follows him.
Raman is talking to receptionist, he then nods and heads out with Arjun.

Scene shifts to Amaya, she is lying down and the Dr checks her, she nods and stands up,
Dr: She needs rest and that’s all, she has a high temperature and if it doesn’t go down then we have to take her to the hospital and admit her there. Here’s the prescription.
Gopi: Okay, thank you Dr.
The Dr then leaves.
Gopi caresses Amayas hair,
Gopi: If you need anything then call me Haa and come get yo and eat your breakfast.
Amaya (lightly): Kaaki….I don’t feel like eating…
Gopi: Beta..you have to eat and if you don’t then you will get more ill.
Amaya: Only you care about me….
Gopi: Haa beta but your Mamma does too.
Amaya: Then where is she?
Gopi: Beta…she has work and she left you with me because she trusts me.
Amaya: Wh…where’s my Dad?
Gopi gets shocked.
Amaya: He should care about me also, he left me….I don’t even know his name…I..
Gopi: Ammu…..only your mom can tell you, I can’t…tell you without her permission.
Amaya: As if…(coughs) I understand Mum got work…and that man doesn’t even care. I hate him!
Gopi: Nahi Ammu…..
Amaya: Please Kaaki Maa, I bet he left Amma and now….whether we die or stay alive he….he won’t give a….
Gopi stops her,
Gopi: You take rest….I will go and get you fresh breakfast.
Gopi leaves and tears fall out of her eyes.

Amaya takes the blanket off and stands up, she shuts the door and let’s out a sigh, she removes the onions and the water, she says “I had no option other than this to find out….now I think Kaaki Maa will tell Amma and then they would talk about it and I can find out what happened.”

It shifts to Raman and Arjun entering a clinic, Arjun sits in the waiting area, Raman walks up to the receptionist and talks to her,
Raman: We need the appointment…it’s an emergency.
Receptionist: Sir..we are booked today, I’m checking but I’ll add you to the emergency list.
Raman rolls his eyes and heads towards Arjun. Ishita is in her clinic, she feels something.
Ishita: Raman…
Raman feels something too, he looks around. Arjun looks at him.
Ishita finishes with her patient. The patient leaves and the receptionist comes in and says “Ma’am, there’s an emergency, there one boy who has a toothache, he is new…”
Ishita: Okay, send him in, anyways I’m done.
The receptionist nods and goes out.

Raman gets a call and stands up and goes to the side, the receptionist goes to Arjun and takes him to Ishita. He enters and Ishita feels something, he holds his jaw.
Ishita: Come, lie down here.
Arjun nods and lies down, Ishita wears her mask and starts checking his teeth,
Ishita: Wider.
Arjun struggles and opens it.
Ishita sees him struggling, she holds his jaw and he opens it wider, she gets the needle and Arjun gets shocked and gulps.
Arjun: I..I feel better now.
Ishita: Don’t worry, it won’t hurt…
Arjun: No…I just feel better.
Ishita: Really? I can see you winching in pain….
Arjun: No….
He then touches his jaw.
Ishita: Promise it won’t hurt…
Arjun nods his head no.
Ishita brings it closer but he moves back.
Ishita smiles: So you’re scared of needles?
Arjun: N..no.
Ishita: Then why are you moving back?
Arjun: Uh…
Ishita: It won’t hurt….
Arjun rests his head back, Ishita brings it closer and he closes his eyes. Ishita smiles seeing his innocence. She puts it in and he screams, everyone hear from outside and even Raman, he disconnects the phone.
Ishita: I haven’t even put it in…
She presses it in and he holds her hand and squeezes it.
Just then Ishita remembers Raman,

It goes into a flashback of when Raman had to do his blood test, he behaved exactly like Arjun. After that he squeezed Ishitas hand and closes his eyes.
The flashback ends and she gets teary eyed, she then realises Arjun and wipes her tears, she cleans his teeth and puts caps and fills the gaps. He feel relaxed.

It shifts to the college, Thapki is walking to the class with Vidya and Ragini, just then some of the boys notice them and laugh.
B1: Bhai…Bhenji….
Thapki, Ragini and Vidya hear them and feel uncomfortable. Just then another boys makes an entry, he says “What’s going on?!” The two boys in front of him moves and he is shown wearing black chinos with black shirt and black leather jacket and black sneakers with white border. That guy looks at them and smiles, “Oh…” He then walks around them. “Why are you troubling them? Leave them…” The boy says and laughs, all his friends laugh too. Vidya then remembers bumping into him.
Ragini: Look…
Thapki squeezes her hand.
Boy: Arey Shravan….we are letting them go….
Yes the boy is none other than Shravan.
Shravan: What am I doing? I’m also letting them go…
Shravan acts innocent. Vidya steps forward to leave but gets stopped, Shravan moves the boys hand and says “Let them go…it’s not good to harass girls…” Just then Laksh comes there and says, “Shravan, u ready for the lecture?” Shravan then lets out a sigh and says “Who’s presenting? Buddha Doosi?
All laugh,
Laksh: Shravans right…it’s not good to harass girls…let them go…
Vidya, Ragini and Thapki leave.
Shravan: Where’s Bihaan and Armaan?
Laksh: They must be where they usually are.
Shravan: Let’s go.
Laksh and Shravan smirk and go.

Vidya: They’re so rude…
Thapki: I know…Buddha Doosi? Who’s that?
Ragini: We should just ignore them.
Vidya and Thapki nod. Just then Bihaan jumps in front of them which shocks them and they shriek. Bihaan laughs,
Bihaan: Three innocent girls…
He moves closer to them and they move back. Just then Laksh and Shravan hold him from behind.
Shravan: Chill dude…
Vidya, Ragini and Thapki feel uncomfortable and look on.
Bihaan: Kya yaar, you always come at the wrong time.
Laksh: What can we do?
Shravan: Oh…these girls again…hello again..you freshers?
The trio nod.
Shravan: What are your names?
Thapki: Why d..do you want to know?
Shravan: Oh…we were just asking…nicely… But okay. (Shouts) what is your name?
Bihaan and Laksh giggle, Vidya looks on and Ragini moves back.
Laksh: Where’s Armaan?
Thapki: Tha…
Bihaan: Thapki right?
Thapki looks down and nods.
Shravan: Hm…wha about yours? (Pointing at Vidya)
Vidya: V..Vidya.
Shravan nods and points at Ragini.
Ragini: R..Ragini.
Shravan: Okay, nice names…now follow us if you want to go to the lecture room okay? OKAY?
Vidya, Thapki and Ragini nod yes. Bihaan tries to talk to Thapki but she doesn’t listen and walks ahead with Ragini and Vidya.

Meera and Swara are walking past the notice board, they then read the letter and get shocked.
Swara: Yeh Kya? (what’s this?)
Meera: New principle and…?
Swara: New system…?
Meera: So we will be put in according to our grades?
Swara: No seniors or juniors…only mix up?
Meera and Swara: No!
They look at each other and gulp.

Just then a new person enters the college, he looks around, a boy is lying on the bike with his face covered with a magazine. The new boy was about to go when the boy on the bike forwards his hand. “Where are you going?” The boy slowly takes the magazine off and sits up. His face is shown (Armaan Malik) the new boys face is also shown and it’s Sanskaar. Sanskaar is wearing glasses and is wearing checker shirt with jeans, he is holding books. Armaan is wearing a grey T-shirt with black chinos and black converses.
Sanskaar: Vo..I’m.
Bihaan, Thapki, Vidya, Shravan, Laksh, Ragini, Swara, Meera and Adi reach there.
Vidya to Meera: Di..they’re harassing a boy…
Thapki: How can they?
Bihaan taps her shoulder but she jerks it off and moves away, Bihaan thinks why she’s ignoring him.

Laksh: There’s Armaan.
Armaan: What Vo?! Has the snake bit your tongue?
Sanskaar innocently nods no.
Vidya, Ragini, Swara and Thapki feel sorry for him.
Armaan: Kya?! Turn around!
Sanskaar looks up.
Armaan: I said turn around!
Sanskaar looks around and sees everyone, he then turns around and Armaan kicks him which makes him fall on the floor, Swara, Ragini, Vidya, Thapki get shocked while the rest laugh, they see Meera and Adi laughing.

The scene shifts to Ishita finishing with Arjuns teeth, just then Raman enters and Ishitas back is faced towards her,
Ishita: So…?
Arjun: Arjun.
Ishita: Haa Arjun, what’s all this? You should eat less chocolate Haa and everything’s okay.
Raman thinks: The voice sounds familiar.
Raman: Excuse me…?
Ishita turns around and Raman gets shocked, so does Ishita.
YHM…fast title track plays……
Ishita: Raman…
Raman: Ishita…
Raman then remembers and gets angry, Ishita gets teary eyed.
Raman: Arjun…are you done?!
Arjun: Haa Papa…
Ishita hears this and gets shocked,
Raman angrily: Come!
Arjun gets up and leaves, Raman also leaves and Ishita is shocked.
YHM title tune plays…
Ishita: Ramans child? But why do I feel a connection?
YHM sad…continues….playing….

It shifts to Gopi taking care of Amaya, just then she feels something and looks on confusingly.
Gopi: What’s this? Why do I feel like…?
Amaya: What happened Kaaki Maa?
Gopi: Nothing…you take rest.
Amaya nods yes and Gopi leaves. After she comes out she gets teary eyed,
Gopi: The feeling I had experienced with AhemJi before has now come back…what does this mean?
Gopis worried and teary eyed are shown.

Precap: Raman meets Amaya….Swara, Ragini, Vidya, Thapki get shocked upon knowing something…..Raman has a meeting with Mr Modi…..

Thank you for liking….thank you for commenting, no harsh comments please….love you all….I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I tried to make ShravanJi look cool because I want Vidya and his story to be nice…just hope you like it..I will reveal my name on the last Epi…till then enjoy…

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

Swara – A sweet and bubbly girl, Raginis sister and Meeras friend (Swara from Swaragini)

Ragini – A innocent and sweet girl, Swaras sister, Thapki and Vidyas friend. (Ragini from Swaragini)

Thapki – An adorable and innocent girl, Vidya and Raginis friend. (Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki)

Bihaan – A cool, caring and daring guy…Laksh, Adi, Armaan, Shravan and Sanskaars friend..(Bihaan from TPK)

Shravan – A cool, daring, fun and a guy with attitude…Friends with Laksh, Bihaan, Adi, Armaan and Sanskaar. (Shravan from SNS…opposite from the original Shravan)

Armaan – A cool, fun, daring, hot and caring guy…friends with Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Adi, Meera and Shravan. (Armaan Malik, a singer)

Laksh – A cool, hot, fun, daring and caring guy….friends with Armaan, Bihaan, Shravan, Adi, Meera and Sanskaar. (Laksh from Swaragini)

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    swara attracted towards Lakshya?So it is it Swalak or Swasan?Arjun reached ishita’s clinic due 2 tooth ache n there she met Raman n realized that arjun is his son.plz reveal ishra truth soon.Armaan is also there.surprise.Shravan is so decent that he actually saved vidya n others from eve teasing.

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    How is arjun raman son plzz tell that and yeah its interesting post the next part early


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