Kaisi Yeh Kahani (SNS, YHM, TPK, Swaragini) Episode 3


Episode 3:

Just before starting, I would like to add two more shows into this, I hope you would like it, this would now be involving Swaragini and Thapki Pyaar Ki.

So now it’s called Kaisi Yeh Kahani (YHM, SNS, TPK, Swaragini.)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya + Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Kaisi Yeh Kahani) Episode 1

SNS + YHM (Kaisi Yeh Kahani) Episode 2

I hope you don’t mind…..

The episode begins with a boy waking up slowly, he takes the blanket off his face, Neelu comes in,
Neelu: Arjun Baba….
His face is shown(Siddharth Nigam) and as soon as he opens his eyes, you could see his green eyes shining, a smile appears on his face.
Arjun: Don’t call me Baba!
Neelu: It’s 8:55am.
Arjun hurriedly gets shocked,
Arjun: No…say you’re lying. Oh fish.
He grabs the clock near his desk and sees the time.
Arjun gulps: Arjun…you’re gone. No one can save you from Papas wrath.
Arjun jumps out of the bed in his red boxers and rushes to the bathroom.

Scene shifts to Kolkata, a house is shown, inside their a girl shouts “Maa, I’m home” the girl throws her bag on the table and sits on the sofa making herself feel comfortable. She is wearing pink converses and white chinos with pink shirt, she has her hair out. It’s none other than our Swara who is smiling and eating chips. Then another girl enters, she is wearing orange Anarkali suit with the stole pinned to her shirt. She says “Swara..you left me and ran in..”
Swara: Sorry Laado.
Yes the girl is none other than Ragini, she drops her bag and sits next to her.

Scene shifts to Ishita packing up, she gets a call,
Ishita: Haa Baba, I’m coming, wait there patiently!
Ishita smiles and disconnects the phone. She heads out.
Ishita is seen driving, she then stops at the college, Meera, Adi and Vidya sit in, Adi sits at the front.
Ishita: Ready to go home?
Meera: Haa Chitti.
Vidya smiles and Ishita starts driving.

Ruhi and Amaya are seen coming out of Gopis room, Amaya switches off the recorder,
Amaya: She didn’t tell us about Mamma….
Ruhi: Should we ask Amma?
Amaya: Are you crazy…? She’s going to shout at us.
Ruhi: Really? Then do you have a better option?
Amaya: Uh…
Ruhi: Exactly! I can make better plans that you….!
Amaya: Oh please…
Ruhi rolls her eyes and goes to her room, Amaya looks on.

Arjun gets out of the bathroom and rushes to the mirror, he starts spraying and styling his hair.
Arjun: Oh sh*t, I have to pack my bags….
He turns around and sees 2 suitcases and smiles.
Arjun: Thank you Daadi, love you.
Toshi Ji comes in,
Toshi: Arjun puttar, did you pack already?
Arjun: Daadi, didn’t you pack?
Toshiji: I just came now, I thought to help you but when I came your bags are packed.
Arjun starts thinking,
A voice is heard, “Zyada kush mat Ho, (Don’t get too happy) I packed for you!” Arjun and Toshiji look there,it’s Simmi.
Arjun: Thank you soo much Bua, Love you.
Simmi: Ha ha, don’t butter me up, head out before it’s too late.
Arjun smiles and nods,
Toshiji: Good luck, succeed and come Haa?
Arjun smiles and nods, he takes Toshiji and Simmi’s blessings.
Simmi: Complete the project and come Haa, tell me one thing, did you choose or your teacher?
Arjun: Bua….to be honest, I chose to do the project in Kolkata, I heard it was beautiful and thank god Papa agreed.
Toshiji: Haa, now go before he changes his mind.
Arjun nods and heads out, the driver comes and takes the suitcases.

Arjun reaches out and sees Raman sitting in the car and talking,
Arjun to himself: God bless me, I hope he’s not angry.
Arjun sits in the car and the driver starts driving after putting the luggage in, Raman finishes talking and looks at the time, he then looks at Arjun and nods his head no and puts his black glasses on and looks out, Arjun puts his earphones in and starts listening to music.

It shifts to Kolkata, a girl is seen wearing a yellow salwar with blue leggings and blue stole pinned to her shoulder with her hair out. She is pouring tea in the two cups. She says “Maa, P…papa, your t..tea is ready” the girls eyes are shown, he lips are then shown and by the looks of her lips she seems worried, she is talking to herself. The girls face is shown and its Thapki, she is seen worried. Thapkis mum comes and says “Don’t worry, he’s not angry but don’t do it again…” Thapki smiles and nods yes, Thapkis dad comes there and she gets worried and looks down. He says “Who was he? Beta….if there is anything wrong then you should tell your papa…” Thapki says “There is nothing wrong Papa….he was just helping me…” Thapki assures her Dad that that boy was helping her.

After a while, Raman and Arjun are seen sitting in the plane and then the plane takes off.

Vidya, Meera, Adi and Ishita reach home, they enter and find the house quiet, Ishita gets surprised, she says “Why does the house seem quiet?” Meera looks around and says “I don’t think they’re at home…” Just then Gopi comes out and sees them and says “What took you guys too long? I’ll get snacks ready, go and freshen up..” Ishita looks at her and says “Gopi….is everything okay?” Gopi confusingly nods yes and says “Why? What’s wrong?” Ishita gets surprised and says “Usually at this time Ruhi and Amaya would be arguing over stuff and you would be getting annoyed and stopping them….now…?” Gopi smiles and says “It’s good that it’s quiet, how was college?” Meera and Vidya nod while Adi is glancing around the house, Ishita is seen thinking.

Thapki is seen in her room, she is moving here and there and worriedly says “Offo….thank god Papa didn’t take a wrong meaning out of that..” She shivers while thinking about it and feels disgusted, it the goes into a flashback when after college, Thapki was waiting outside for a taxi, just then her Dad phoned and said he’s coming to pick her up, she says okay and disconnects the phone. As soon as she put her phone in her bag, she gets pushed and falls on the floor and someone falls on top of her, she looks up and it’s a guy, Thapki says “What the hell?” Thapki then glares at him, he says sorry, they get up, Thapki was about to leave when she slips from the Rock and lands in the guys arms, just then her Dad comes and sees this. “Thapki…..?” Says her father while seeing her in that position, Thapki realises and breaks it, “Papa….” Before Thapki could complete her sentences, Thapkis Dad signals her. To come, she leaves and turns around to see the guy and he looks on, just then his friend taps his shoulder and says Bihaan, yes he is Bihaan. Thapki comes out if the flashback and tear falls out or her eyes, “It was my first day in college also…” She wipes her tears.

Gopi, Meera, Vidya, Adi, Ishita and Ruhi are having dinner,
Ishita: Where is Amaya?
Ruhi hurriedly: Amma she’s I’ll!
Adi: Okay…?
Gopi: How was your first day in colleg?
Vidya: It was good, Maa, I made two new friends.
Ishita: That’s good, who are they?
Vidya: Maa, Chitti, they were also new in college.
Gopi: Names?
Vidya: Ragini and Thapki….
Meera: Ragini…Swaras sister?
Vidya: Haa, she did say she has a sister and yeah I think she said Swara.
Meera: Swara was Aldo talking about Ragini…. She said its her first day,I also told her it was your first day.
The finish eating breakfast.

Raman and Arjun reach Kolkata and come out of the airport, as soon as Arjun steps out, Ishita wakes up and feels something. Arjun smiles, loads if Taxi drivers come to them, Raman says “We got a car coming..!” The drivers move back. Their car comes and they sit in it and leave. Arjun gets a phone call and Raman looks in angrily, he picks it up and after a while he starts arguing, Raman gets annoyed and shouts “Stop!” Arjun stops and disconnects the phone. He thinks “Oh god! If I tell him that the project got cancelled then he would….no..well since I came to Kolkata I might as well roam around and get some details just in case” Raman glares at him,
Arjun: Haa?
Raman: You came here for your history project…if you don’t get a decent mark on history then I would make you remember this day and time and how much we WASTED if this!
Arjun looks on annoyed,
Arjun: Papa please…..you always say this, would you kill me by making me work hard? It’s time to chill and be cool.
Raman gets angry and nods no, while nodding no, he says “He will never reform! In this age my Adi….” Raman stops and Arjun looks at him. Arjun then thinks who Adi is.
Raman also thinks and gets upset, his tune starts playing…..

It goes into a flashback when Adi came home from summer camp, he finds out that Raman and Ishita separated, he then talks to Raman but Raman ignores him, Adi then decides to go to Ishita, after a month Toshiji comes home with a baby in her hand, Raman looks at him and smiles, Raman says “M…my child?” Toshiji nods yes, Raman picks him up and hugs him(Arjun) she then acts sad and says “Ishtia took Adi and said to leave this child with you so you can take the responsibilities, you left her and she left your child with you, she told me to give him to you and left, what type of mother is she?” Raman looks on shocked and Toshiji turns around and smirks, she then acts as if she’s crying and says “What did this innocent child do to her? She left him…” Raman gets angry and heart broken and says “She gave my punishment to this innocent child? How can she do this? She’s so selfish…. She only cares about herself!”

Raman in his head: You’re such a selfish women Ishita, you left one child for another! You disowned Arjun? I will never forgive you for what you did to me and Arjun!
Raman looks outside the window and YHM title tune plays……

Swara and Ragini are seen on the road running,
Ragini: Why are we running?
Swara: If you don’t want to get late then all we can do is run….!
Ragini then sees Thapki walking down with her head down, while running she shouts Thapki, Thapki looks back and a smile appears on her and Raginis face, Swaar is still running and says “You two can get Kate but I’m rushing!” Thapki and Ragini walk fast and talk, Swara looks back while running and suddenly bumps into somebody and he catches her, she holds his shoulder and looks at him, he takes his glasses off and she smiles.

Precap: Arjun to have a tooth ache and Raman to take him to the nearby clinic….Bihaan tries to talk to Thapki but gets avoided….Gopi to take care of Amaya and feel something….Vidya and Ragini to get harassed by some boys and finally, Swara and Meera to find a shocking news….new entry to enter.

Adi – 22…he is Ishitas biological son. (Adi from YHM)

Ruhi – 15….she is Ishitas biological daughter and Amaya’s twin…they’re fraternal twin…they don’t look like each other. (Ruhi/Ruhaan from YHM)

Amaya – 15…she is Ishitas biological daughter…Ruhis twin…they don’t look alike…(Bhavika Sharma….Riya from Parvarish season 2)

Meera – 20….Gopis daughter…(Meera from SNS)

Arjun – Good and funny boy, Ramans son. He gets on his nerves sumtimes. (Young Ashoka from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat)

Swara – A sweet and bubbly girl, Raginis sister and Meeras friend (Swara from Swaragini)

Ragini – A innocent and sweet girl, Swaras sister, Thapki and Vidyas friend. (Ragini from Swaragini)

Thapki – An adorable and innocent girl, Vidya and Raginis friend. (Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki)

I hope you like today’s episode, no harsh comments please….I know this was a sudden plan but I really wish you all like it? Would you want ShravanJi to be opposite Vidya?? Sorry for the late update, this is a little longer but do comment.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Yeh hai Mohabbatein, Thapki Pyaar Ki, Swaragini (Kaisi Yeh Kahani)

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    u can choose anyone 4 vidya.but plz show a nice luv story.on d show vidya’s luv story was d most pathetic

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