Kaise Yeh Tumko Batao… (Ghulaam FF) Introduction


Hey all. This ff is on Ghulaam. And it is titled Kaise Yeh Tum Ko Batao. (How to tell you that…) The story of my ff is completely different from the actual show just that the cast is the same. And yes this ff is of finite episodes of around 10-20. Here is the intro.

Neel Mehta /Rangeela (Param Singh)
In my story Rangeela’s actual name is Neel and he lives in Singapore. He is an mechanical engineer by profession and who recently completed his graduation. He is lovingly called Rangeela as he is said to bring colors in one’s life. He can make one cheer easily. He is a very happy going person and loves to enjoy life. And if someone does bad to him he can never forgive them easily. And he will get determined to teach them a lesson to tell them never to mess up with him.He has a passion over engineering which is why he pursued engineering as his career. He loves his eldest brother the most.

Shivani Parekh (Niti Taylor)
Shivani’s character is also completely different from her actual character in the show. She is an independent woman. She loves singing songs. She earns by teaching students singing and also sings in programs like weddings, birthdays and parties. Her friends always encourage her to take part in an reality show but she refuses as she have some reasons behind it. She is very courageous and not at all coward. She always stands for right. She is a happy going girl who loves to enjoy life and finds happiness at even small things. She hates tears.

Mehta Family (Rangeela’s Family)
Veer Mehta (Vikas Manaktala) (Parallel Lead)
Veer is the eldest Brother of Rangeela. And unlike the show, Veer’s character is positive here. He is a business tycoon. The owner of a jewellery brand, a very successful man. He is the main person dominating the family and takes decision. He loves his siblings dearly and can do anything for them. He loves Rangeela the most and can do anything to see a smile on his face. But unfortunately, Veer’s marriage didn’t work out and hence he is a divorcee. After that he never got married.

Gulguli Mehta (Zahida Parveen)
Gulguli is the Mother of Veer and Rangeela. After her Husband Bhisma’s demise she is taking care of the house. She knows her sons are capable and are proud of them. But she is sad with the fact that Veer got divorced and she doesn’t want the same to happen with Rangeela. She is very possessive about her sons.

Jageer Mehta
Jageer is the Cousin of Veer and Rangeela. After Jageer’s parents death, he have been living with Rangeela’s family. He is also a positive character here. He have his business on his own , that is a clothes shop and whenever he needs money, he tries to arrange for it but he doesn’t take Veer’s help despite the fact he is very rich. His character is one of the side characters.

Maldawali Mehta (Ridheema Tiwari)
Maldawali is the Wife of Jageer. Her character is more of comedy here. She is not negative but have some grey shades and she is quite greedy. But she loves her husband a lot and can do anything for him. She is a Bengali who got married in a Gujrati family. She is always with Gulguli and does whatever she says.

Sonu Mehta
Sonu is the 3-year old Son of Jageer and Maldawali . He is very cute and loves to disturb his Mom.

Sanam Mehta (New Character)
She is the youngest Sister of Veer and Rangeela. She is the most loved in the family and her brothers treat her like a princess. She loves music and concerts. She also love her brothers a lot.

Parekh Family
Rashmi Maheswari (Sareeka Dillon)
Rashmi is the Cousin of Shivani here. She is a choreographer by profession and teaches kids how to dance. Rashmi considers Shivani like her younger Sister., Shivani lives with her family after her parents died in an accident. Rashmi recognises Shivani’s talent and she wants Shivani to he successful due to which she tries to help her in all ways.

Raghav Maheswari (Indraneil Sengupta)
Raghav is the Husband of Rashmi here and they are happily married. Since he is an army officer he is off duty most of the time, and due to which Rashmi lives with her parents whenever he is away. He is the Brother-in-law of Shivani and treats her like his own Sister.

Radhika Maheswari
Radhika is the 4 year old Daughter of Rashmi and Raghav. She is the most pampered and she loves her Shivani Mausi a lot. She is closest to her aunt. Shivani pampers her a lot too and sings Lori for her before she goes to sleep.

Shivani’s Uncle
Shivani’s Uncle is Shivani’s mom’s Brother. He is the Father of Rashmi. He treats Shivani like his Daughter and never discriminated between them. He is a heart patient due to which he got retired from his career soon.

Shivani’s Aunt
Shivani’s aunt is the Mother of Rashmi here. Her character is also positive here and she takes good care of Shivani.

In brief
The story have a Gujrati background as both Rangeela and Shivani belongs to a Gujrati family. Neel aka Rangeela went to Singapore to pursue his studies in engineering. Due to this reason he didn’t come to India much as he focused more into his studies for the sake of to create a stable career in engineering in Singapore. Shivani is a singer by profession. Shivani is an orphan and after her parents demise she lives with her uncle and Aunty. And Rangeela is not an orphan, he have siblings and is brought up by his single Mom. And yes both Rangeela and Shivani’s family are modern. And both Parekhs and Mehtas are settled in Mumbai.

And yes you guys are right, Rangeela and Shivani’s character, their profession is inspired from their previous shows. But the storyline would be completely different and the characters are quite different too.
Their dreams will come to the fore in the upcoming episodes too and also their friendship and how it will contradict each other.

Promo 1:
A girl is shown waking up in the morning and she smiles and stretches and starts singing Gilehriyaan (from the movie Dangal). The song plays in the background. She is Shivani. She serves breakfast while singing to her family. Her aunt pampers her and her Uncle blesses her. She rides her scooty happily and she fixes her makeup looking at her handheld mirror. She then sings at a public place cheerfully, all cheers for her. Later while singing, she finds a little girl crying. She cheers up the girl who is lost by giving her balloon and helps her unite with her grandpa who blesses her. At night, she looks at the sky thorough the windows in her room and her Sister Rashmi comes and praises her for her singing. Rashmi tells her to join a reality show which Shivani refuses. Ek Nayi Se Dosti plays Later , Shivani at her room opens her laptop and smiles. And she says I will be waiting for you. She then goes to sleep and smiles.

Promo 2:
A foreigner guy is shown introducing a 3D modified printer and saying now the maker of this will talk about it, which is Mr.Neel Mehta who is also knows as Rangeela which means colourful in Hindi. Rangeela introduces his invention and then he concludes his statement that someone encouraged him to make this printer.
After concluding the statement all claps for him. Rangeela hangs out with his friends and they praise him. And then Rangeela says that Rangeela Naam Hain Mhara, Bin Tar Current Laga de aur Bin pani Nau Chala de. Aur dosti main Rang jama de. (My name is Rangeela, I can get electricity without wires and row a boat without water, and make friendships more colourful). And concludes that by giving them a hi-5. At night, Rangeela is doing Skype Chat with his Brother Veer and his Mom Gulguli and Veer asks when is he coming? Rangeela says Not now. Gulguli says not now then when it has been 5 years since you didn’t come to India. Rangeela says I have to go now. Veer and Gulguli gets sad. He sadly switches off Skype and as he is about to switch off the laptop he sees something and smiles and sees it for a while. But later he again gets thinking and closes his laptop.

I hope you all liked the promos. And please do comment if possible and feel free to express your opinions.

And this fan fiction will be published twice a week, Saturday and Sunday. The first episode will be published tomorrow Sunday, 26th February.

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