Kaise Yeh Tumko Batao… (Ghulaam FF) Episode 1


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Episode 1

Scene 1: Party
A little girl is shown. And a very young lady is narrating the story of the little girl and she is narrating it in a party.
Lady: Once upon a time, there was this little girl. She was alone. She had nobody who could take care of her. And then she finds a ray of hope.
The little girl is shown crying in a house until she looked up and saw a middle aged guy and a middle aged lady with a girl slightly elder then the little girl. The guy introduced himself as her Mamaji. He offered her hand and she smiled and touched his hand. He took the little girl with her along his wife and daughter.
Lady: The girl finally had someone to take care of her. She was happy. And then it was time, when she had to face the challenges of the world.

The same little girl is shown going to school. She was bullied by all in her class since she was different and an orphan. No one was with her.
Lady: She was a very happy person in the inside world, but once she came out she was the same sad girl. She finally could find brightness in her inside world, but darkness was still haunting her in the outside world.
The girl is shown very happy whenever she was at home as she used to find comfort in her Mamaji’s lap and also her Mamiji and cousin used to love her a lot. But she hated school, and became depressed.
Lady: One day she was so fed up with the outside world until she couldn’t tolerate the fact anymore.
The girl is shown eloping from school. She looks up at something.
Lady: But in that darkness, she could see a hand.
A boy slightly elder than her age, is shown and he holds her hand. She looks on.
Little girl: I dont want to go to school.
Little boy: But why?
The little girl shared her problems with the boy.
Lady: That hand was not only a hand, but guidance to the darkness, which means brightness. Finally she got brightness in the outside world too.
The boy helps her and brings her back to school. He warns and threats the other students and some of them really feel bad for the little girl. Finally she began to have friends. The little girl was so happy she ran to the boy, hugged him and thanked him.
Little girl: How to tell you that? (Kaise Yeh Tumko Batao ki..)
Boy: That? (Ki?)
Little girl: I am so thankful to you.
The boy smiles and they join hands and become friends.
Lady: Now she could live happily in the outside world and face all the obstacles she faces without any fear all thanks to that person, the sunlight of her life.
The little girl and boy became best of friends and they used to play with each other all sort of games. They used to hang out with each other. They grew up and they both got graduated together as they show their certificates, only the certificates and their hand are shown. He ended college and she ended school. They will do everything together. Like a perfect best friend.
Lady: The little girl was now a grown up girl. But she was still making use of the sunlight as she was privileged that she didn’t know that eventually the sunlight had to go back due to the sunset at one time.
The girl finds a letter where the boy writes that he is leaving India and going away from her forever. And that she should wish him luck for his dreams. The girl became very sad.
Lady: But while the sunlight left, it left a moon from its side, which can give her source of light even in darkness but not so efficiently after all no one can replace the sunlight in terms of light.
The girl remembers her best friend and takes him as an inspiration and still faces the world strongly and overcame many obstacles.
Lady: And this is my story.

Yes the lady is none other than the girl, who grew up to a young lady now.
Her Mamaji, Mamiji and her cousin smile looking at her.
Lady: Today the song, that I am going to sing I am going to dedicate to my best friend, my sunlight even though he is not here today. But before going he taught me one thing and that is never to give up and face all the obstacles.
The audience claps for her. She starts singing. She sings Kaun Tujhe (from MSD movie)
She finishes singing. All claps and cheers with her.
Mamaji: Areh wah Shivani bitiya.
Yes that girl was none other than Shivani who is smiling looking at her Mamaji cheering for her.
Shivani is shown to be in a party, where she narrated her story and also sang the song.
Shivani comes to her family and hugs her Mamaji.
Just then Rangeela’s entire family comes there except for Veer and Rangeela.
Gulguli: Wah Shivani beta today you sang very well. You just made this party even more entertaining.
Raghav: Aunty ji, after all she is my sister-in-law.
Shivani: What Jiju!
Maldawali: Yes, so sweet your voice is. Ki Mishti Mishti.
Sanam (New character): Shivani, I love your songs so much even today I recorded them, I will show it to my friends.
(Assume Shrenu Parikh as Sanam)
Shivani feels shy as she gets praised.
Jageer: Shivani, you sing so well why don’t you take part in any reality shows?
Rashmi: I have told her so many times but she never listens to us.
Jageer: You should?
Shivani: Now it’s not the time. Later on.
Rashmi: By the way, when will Rangeela come to India? It has been many years since we last saw him in my wedding.
Maldawali: Rangeela Devarji didn’t even attend my wedding.
Shivani gets a bit sad.
Gulguli: I miss him so much, but this boy doesn’t even want to come to India, only Veer gets to see him every year face to face since he visits Singapore every year just for Rangeela and this boy? Even now Veer went to Singapore. I dont’ know in which state he must be? Every time I see him on video chat I feel so bad and miss him so much but later on, I feel relieved to see him fine.
Shivani: (in her mind) The one whom I sang this song for isn’t even here today. When will you comeback Rangeela, I miss you so much!

Scene 2: Singapore
The scene shifts to Singapore. A hall is shown. And among the audiences Veer is shown.
Veer is shown to be in a graduation ceremony.
Principal: Now I would love to invite the next graduate for Masters in Mechanical Engineering and that is Neel Mehta.
Neel: Thank you Mr.Leen.
Neel starts speaking his face is not shown. Veer smiles sees Neel.
Neel: First of all, my dream is to become a Mechanical Engineer and thanks to this university I am now one step ahead to accomplish my dream. I always had a will to do my higher studies in overseas, and I faced obstacles for that, but thanks to my brother, Veer, I tackled the obstacles and now standing here with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. And the entire credit goes to one and only my brother Veer.
Veer smiles seeing Neel mentioning his name.
Neel: He taught me a lot of things and he is the only one who is the biggest inspiration of my life. If it was not him, I would not have been here today.
Veer gets emotional.
Neel remembers something and he changes his tone.
Neel: Because some people acts like our well-wisher but is actually our enemy in disguise, I would just say ignore these people and don’t let your effort or the one who actually ones your wellbeing’s effort go in vain.
Veer gets a bit surprised.
Neel: There was one point where I almost gave up, but my brother showed me the way, and again I would love to thank him.
Thank you Veer Bhaia. And thank you to all my friends who kept accompany with me. Thank you to all my teachers who taught me. Thank you to my best friend..S
Neel stops, and after taking a pause
Neel: My friend, my partner in crime who is not here today. But biggest thank you to my brother Veer. I love you Veer Bhaia.
Veer gets up and claps for Neel.
Veer: Well done, Rangeela my Tiger. Come.
Yes Neel is none other than Rangeela and Rangeela is shown smiling and he runs to Veer and Veer hugs him. Everyone claps for them.
Later, Veer and Rangeela pose with Rangeela’s degree and the photographer takes their pictures.

Scene 3: Party
Here Shivani is talking with Rashmi and Maldawali.
Maldawali: Yesterday, I went to the shopping mall, and luckily there was sale, I brought so many things, if not my miser husband will always refuse.
Rashmi and Shivani just listens to her. Just then Maldawali’s son, Sonu comes and disturb her.
Sonu: Mamma, I want sweets.
Maldawali: Then go and take.
Sonu: No Mamma, I want you to come with me.
Maldawali: Areh Sonu beta, don’t disturb me, tell your dad.
Sonu: But dad went away, please Mamma!
Rashmi: Sonu beta, you go and play with Radhika. She is your friend right?
Sonu: No no aunty, I want sweets first. Mamma please.
As Shivani is with them, she sees her Mamaji having sweets and she fumes. She looks at Sonu and smiles.
Shivani: Sonu beta, you want sweets right, come with Shivani aunty she will give you sweets.
Maldawali gets happy.
Sonu: No, I want to go with Mamma only.
Shivani: Is it? But I was thinking to play a game. If you don’t want to play never mind, I will play with Radhika.
Sonu: But? Okay fine.
Shivani holds Sonu’s hand and brings her with him.
Maldawali: This Shivani is such a sweet girl, may God bless her.
Rashmi: After all she is my sister.
Rashmi smiles.

As Mamaji was about to have another sweets, suddenly someone snatches his sweets from him and as he looks, he snatches the plate also.
Mamaji: Who is it?
It is Sonu. Sonu starts laughing and eats it.
Mamaji: Sonu beta, give me the sweets.
Sonu nods no, and then Shivani comes there.
Shivani: What happened?
Mamaji: This Sonu beta he
Shivani: Mamaji, you are again having sweets!
Mamaji gets scared.
Mamaji: Just a little bit. Sonu beta please.
Sonu: No! No! No!
Shivani: Mamaji, he is a kid. One shouldn’t refuse the kids.
Mamaji: Oh so this is your doing.
Shivani: Mamaji, you know that sweets are not good for you, you have diabetics already your sugar level is high and still you are having sweets!
Shivani gets angry.
Mamaji: Just let me have one more sweets.
Shivani: No, no more sweets! Sonu beta, this entire plate of sweets is yours. But do brush your teeth before sleeping.
Sonu: Thank you, Shivani Aunty.
Sonu leaves from there. Mamiji comes there.
Mamiji: Thank god Shivani, you were here if not he doesn’t listen to me. You are the only one who can persuade him. If you weren’t here, he would have finished the entire plate and then fall sick at night.
Shivani: Don’t worry Mamiji when Shivani is here, nothing to worry about.
Mamiji: See this girl cares so much about you, and you?
Mamaji: Sorry!
Mamaji holds his ears.
Mamaji: Sorry Shivani beti.
Shivani smiles.

Scene 4: Singapore
Here Rangeela and Veer are having a walk near the river.
Veer: Wah Rangeela, after the graduation ceremony, you brought me to an Indian restaurant. After many days, I got to enjoy our Indian food.
Rangeela sees something and smiles.
Rangeela: Veer Bhaia, you continue walking, I have some work, I have some work for 5 minutes, I will come back really soon and come at this place.
Veer: What work?
Rangeela makes an excuse.
Rangeela: I left my wallet at the restaurant.
Veer: What! I will come with you.
Rangeela: Bhaia, it’s okay. It will take me only a while. I will just go and just come.
Rangeela runs.
Veer: Strange and crazy boy!

Rangeela comes and hides near the bushes. There his friend Balam, is proposing his girlfriend, Manju.
Balam: My sweetheart, I love you and you know that? But I will now ask you that
Manju: That?
Rangeela: Cmon Balam you can do it.
Balam: That I want to marry you.
Manju gets excited.
Rangeela: Areh wah so nicely he proposed, I thought he won’t do it, but this is different side of Balam.
Manju gets emotional and hugs him. Balam gets happy.
Balam: Oh no I got this wrong.
Manju: What happened?
Rangeela: Oh god this foolish boy forgot to give her the ring. He got the main thing wrong. Bhabiji is way too good. If not he would have been gone.
As Balam takes out the ring, the ring falls down in the river. Rangeela hits his head with his hand.
Balam: Oh no!
Manju is surprised.
Manju: What was it?
Balam: Ring for you.
Manju gets shocked.
Manju: It must be expensive!
Balam: It is.
Balam tries to get the ring, but the river is too deep.
Manju: Be careful! Don’t do that! You may fall down.
Balam: But that ring.
Manju: It’s okay I no need the ring.
Balam: How can it be?
Rangeela: No need to worry.
Balam: Rangeela?
Just then Rangeela comes and uses a stick and takes out some tools from his side bag and a string and a net type and joins them and then he uses his phone. He then attaches something on the string, and then he throws it in the river, and he takes out his phone and checks something.
He tells Balam to hold the stick and move it, and in Rangeela’s phone he can see what is inside the river, and then he sees the ring and he tells him to move a bit and take it out. And the ring comes out.
Manju: Wow.
Balam: Yaar again you saved me.
Rangeela: No, it’s because of this tool.
Balam: Really no wonder why you got first prize in the international invention competition for this and you are the best.
Balam hugs Rangeela. Rangeela smiles.
Rangeela: Now make Bhabiji wear this ring.
Balam makes Manju wear the ring. And Rangeela smiles.
Rangeela gets into a flashback,

A little girl which is Shivani when she was a kid and a little boy is shown.
Little Shivani: Rangeela, come and sit here beside me?
Yes that little boy is none other than Rangeela.
Little Rangeela: What are you doing?
Little Shivani: Throwing rocks and sees it floats or not. But none are floating.
Little Rangeela starts laughing.
Little Shivani: Now why are you laughing? That day my ping pong ball fell down in the water, but it was floating.
Little Rangeela laughs even more.
Little Shivani: See now I am getting angry.
Little Rangeela: Areh buddhu, if you throw rock it will sink not float, but ping pong ball will float.
Little Shivani: Why? Why ping pong ball will float but not rock that’s not fair!
Little Rangeela : (smiling) Areh that’s because there is air inflated in that ping pong ball unlike that rock, and because of the air, the ping pong ball floats.
Little Shivani: How?
Little Rangeela explains the entire process to Little Shivani, and she understands it, and then she finally understood.
Little Shivani: Oh so this is the case. Then like this so many things must have sank into the river. You know Mamiji’s earring fell into the river that day, but she couldn’t get it and then she was very sad. Like that so many things must have fall into the water, and so many must have been sad.
Little Rangeela: Don’t worry, when I grow up I will make something that those whose valuable things fell into the river, they will get it back.
Little Shivani smiles.
Rangeela gets back of the flashback and smiles.

Just then Veer who is walking, sees Rangeela near the river.
Veer: Rangeela, you are here and I was finding you. You were not in the restaurant either, I got worried.
Rangeela: Areh Bhaia, I was coming to you, and sorry I lied to you.
Veer: You are impossible! I almost got scared.
Just then Balam sees Veer,
Balam: Namaste, Veer Bhaisaab,
Veer: Yes yes, Namaste.
Balam: This is my to be fiancé
Balam introduces Manju to Veer.
Veer: It was good meeting you, and Rangeela let’s go we have to leave for India tomorrow.
As Veer was about to go,
Rangeela: Bhai, I am not coming to India with you.
Veer gets surprised and looks at Rangeela.

Scene 5: Party
Here Gulguli and all the other family members are about to leave the party,
Gulguli: Okay Shivani beta, we are leaving the party now.
Shivani: Aunty, even we will be leaving the party soon.
Just then Gulguli gets a call,
Gulguli: Veer’s phone call!
Gulguli: Hello?
Gulguli: But how can he? Okay I am at the party now once I go home I will talk to you.
Gulguli keeps the phone and becomes sad.
Shivani notices this.
Shivani: What happened, Aunty you look very sad?
Gulguli: This Rangeela, he says he will not come this time also.
Shivani also gets sad.
Maldawali: Devar ji, again refused to come?
Gulguli: Right now this is not the right place to talk about these stuff, we take your leave now.
Gulguli leaves with her family.
Mamiji: Poor Gulguli ji, she must have been waiting for so many years for her son and her son is not willing to come. This is the limit.
Mamaji: Areh, I know Rangeela for many years. I am sure he must have some reason that’s why he couldn’t come.
Mamiji: But 5 years! There is a limit, he should have visited his family at least once during these 5 years.
Shivani is sad and Rashmi realises this and consoles her,
Rashmi: Are you okay?
Shivani nods.
Shivani: I think we should leave now.
They leave the party.

Scene 5: Outside the river
Veer: What? What did you say?
Rangeela: That I am not coming with you, Rangeela.
Veer: I know you must be, but now you are graduated, so what’s the problem now? You can come to India now.
Rangeela: Yes, I can but Bhaia, I have an interview day after tomorrow that’s why it’s not possible for me for my dream job. And there is no date in the next four months.
Veer: Then take the date after four months.
Rangeela: Bhaia, I understand, see I will go there for at most 2 weeks, okay fine a month, but the next three months is wasted, so it’s better to get started now.
Veer: Okay fine, do whatever you want to do.
Veer leaves.
Rangeela: (in his mind) I know you must be very disappointed but how to tell you why I don’t want to go to that place at all?

Scene 5: Shivani’s room
At night Shivani is looking at the window and humming a song. And then she looks at a picture of hers and Rangeela. (They both are grown up in that picture).
Shivani: 5 years? It have been 5 years since I haven’t even meet you or talk with you.
Shivani: We rarely chat in social media and even if we do chat, it’s for a very short time in social media, and then some of your work crops up. I understand you are busy but you were not like this before. What made you change so much?
Tears drops from Shivani’s eyes.
Shivani: I thought never mind I will take your class once you come to India, but you are not even coming to India. How to tell you I really miss you a lot Rangeela.
Shivani hugs the picture and cries.

Next day morning,
Scene 6: Singapore
Here Veer is getting ready to go to the airport. Rangeela helps him.
Rangeela: Bhaia. Here is your bag all packed.
Veer takes his bag and ignores Rangeela.
Rangeela gets frustrated and follows Veer
And then as Veer was about to leave, he gives some money to Rangeela.
Veer: Here is some money. If you need more you can tell me I will send you money. And good luck for your interview.
Rangeela smiles.

Rangeela helps Veer to get in the car. Just then the driver asks Veer?
Driver: How many people are going?
As Veer was about to reply,
Rangeela: Two.
Veer gets surprised.
Veer: Rangeela, no need to drop me to the airport. I can go there by myself.
Rangeela: Bhaia, I am not going to drop you to the airport, this is not fair?
Veer: Areh Rangeela
Rangeela: I am going to drop you to India.
Veer gets surprised.
Rangeela: Now Bhaia, you won’t even let me go to India?
Veer gets happy as he understands that Rangeela is going to India with him and he hugs him. Rangeela smiles. And then Veer remembers.
Veer: How about your interview?
Rangeela: That’s fine, I will take it after 4 months. And anyways I need rest too. I just can’t get into work immediately after graduation.
Veer: Now that is like a tiger.
Veer again hugs Rangeela.
Rangeela: (in his mind) I can do anything to make you happy Bhaia, no matter what.

Scene 7: Shivani’s Residence
Shivani walks into the dining space, and there Raghav and Rashmi comes.
Raghav: How are you doll?
Shivani: I am fine.
Raghav: You don’t seem so?
Rashmi: She is sad and angry, after all her best friend was supposed to come but he isn’t coming.
Raghav: Who? Rangeela? Yes Veer told me about him.
As Shivani is about to go, Raghav gets a phone call.
Raghav: Veer’s call?
(Raghav and Veer are friends here.)
Raghav: So what’s up Veer?
Veer: Listen to me carefully yaar, I am coming India today.
Raghav: Yes, I know and your flight is at the afternoon and you will reach India at 5pm.
Veer: Good to know that you know, but listen to me, Rangeela is coming with me too.
Raghav: What! Rangeela is also coming?

Shivani looks at Raghav as she listens to Rangeela coming and gets surprised.
Veer: Rangeela told me not to tell this to mom, he is going to surprise her, so make sure there is no way mom knows this. Actually, we will directly go home so try to manage the situation.
Raghav: You don’t worry about that, I will make excuse to Aunty that I will fetch you and bring you here. So you don’t worry. And yes finally the best thing is we will get to meet Rangeela after so many years.
Veer: Yes I know right, okay it’s time for us to go to the immigration, I will talk to you once I reach India.
Raghav: Sure, I will come and fetch you and Rangeela.
Raghav cuts the call.
Shivani: It was a good try.
Raghav: Meaning?
Shivani: You thought what I will know you are saying truth that Rangeela will come? Now Jiju I know you are teasing me that Rangeela is coming but he is not.
Raghav: Areh crazy girl, he is really coming.
Shivani: How will I know he is coming?
Raghav: Areh crazy girl, he is going to surprise his mom, that’s why Veer told me not to tell anyone except for me so that I can fetch him. If you want you can come with me.
Shivani: It’s all a lie.
Rashmi: Shivani, Raghav is really telling the truth. Rangeela is really coming to India and he even posted about this on his social media. If you still don’t believe us, see this.
Shivani takes the phone , and sees Rangeela with finger on his lips posting a selfie with Veer and it reads,
Rangeela’s snap: Finally coming to India after many years, with bro, and my family? How to tell them? I won’t tell them. I will show them. So Shh it’s a surprise. (he sent to some people only)
Shivani gets happy seeing this Snap.
Scene 8: Shopping mall in the departure section
Veer: Finally done with immigration. We still have two hours so let’s do shopping by then, and also you are coming after 5 years.
Rangeela: Yes we have to buy some stuffs and it was very last minute.
Rangeela buys some stuff like chocolates, perfumes in the airport, and then he will goes to a jewellery shop.
Rangeela: Going to buy something for Maa. She is special.
Rangeela selects a watch for his mom, and just then he looks at the bracelet section.
He goes there and while looking he sees a bracelet with stars.
He asks the shopkeeper to show him and Rangeela sees this bracelet and smiles.

Scene 9: Shivani’s room
Shivani comes to her room and starts jumping on her bad and running as she is very happy that Rangeela is coming. She hugs her teddy bear and smiles.
Shivani: Finally he is coming.

Rangeela looks at the bracelet and smiles, and buys it.
Rangeela: This bracelet is for her only.

The episode ends with Shivani happily hugging her teddy bear and Rangeela looking at the star bracelet and smiling.

Precap: Shivani comes to the airport with Raghav and they wait for Rangeela. She is seen holding a bunch of flowers. Later, Rangeela and Veer finally comes out, and Shivani sees this and smiles. She hands the bunch of flowers to Raghav, and Veer on the other hand talks with someone on the phone. Shivani runs to hug Rangeela, and she goes and hugs him tightly. Rangeela is happy seeing Shivani also and he hugs Shivani too, and they both smile.

I hope you all liked the first episode. Please do feel free to express your opinions.
The next episode will be published on Next Saturday, 4th March.
Till then stay tuned.

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