hi guyzz i am bac …. srry for irregular updates nd i vl try to upload regularly…. nd thnxxx for commenting all my frndzzzz nd keep on supporting … nd i am gonna start the epi

scene 1: inside the hall

vivek: nyonika tum bhi yaha tha ??? y u didnt said me dat u r also cuming??

nyonika: vivek muje kya patata ki tum bhi yaha araha tha ??

anita: aaj kal tum hame call bhi nahi karte phir kaise bholte??

nyonika: srry baba … bc hai na lyf mein tum log kon ko bhi call kar saktata ??

rajat: vo sab kuch chodo bacho kaha hai?? it hav been long we didnt saw dem

anita: vahi tho mein bhi dekh rahi hun. i vl make a call nd come.

(guyzz malhotras nd chauhans r relatives vivek nd nyonika r cuzins)

anita calls namitha nd namitha says they vl cum ri8 nw.

latr we c adi was trying to make sum prank on a motu uncle who was lil bit arrogant to adi .nd suddenly sum 1 pat on his shoulder nd he luks bac it was non other nandu.

nandu: hey i kno wht u r trying to do ( fake angr)

adi :vo …vo … mein tho bhas

nandu : i kno yaar i vl also hlp u infact i am boring here so partner in crimes (she forwards her hand towards adi)

adi: yup ofcrse

latr adi nd nandu say sumthng in ears .latr dat adi go nd gives dat uncle a juice nd aftr drinking dat he rush to bathroom .seeing dis nandu nd adi gave hifi nd laughs lyk mad.

adi nd nandu some how try to get a soap powder nd mixed it in d juice .nd gave it to dat uncle.
flashbac ends

nandu: wow i enjoyed alot frm now he wont try to scold any childrens (hahahaha)

adi: yup vaise aapki naam kya hai?
myself mihir

nanu: nandini . so frnds champ???

adi: yup di

nd den d screen shifts to eating hall:

der was only one muffin left in plate nd frm one side nandu catched it nd frm other side aju catched dat . frst deir eyes met to see d opp person .wen de saw eachother de got irritated

manik( in mind): oh crap y dis grl is bhind where evr i go she cmes der irritating ho

nandini tryed to pull it saying: i took it frst therefore it is mine

manik: oh hlo miss i took it frst ok

nandini : who said dat u lier .

manik was vry irritated nd he was nt in a mood to fi8 so he gave it to her

manik: stp dis childish acts nd take i am nt intrested in fi8ing wid dis kids saying dis he went.

nandini luks on . recalling his wrds “childish” she said in mind “monster ” kadoos hw culd he prefer me as a child ( in anger) she went.

latr outside :

namitha was making a call to viren so dat she came out for privacy.

nd aftr making call she saw manik who was standing away frm all dis functions so she went to him.nd pat him in his shoulder nd he luk to her.

namitha: tum yaha kya kar rahi hun akale???

manik: aap??? mein tho bhas . i was feeling bored inside. nd vaise i am nt intrestd in dis shaadis nd all.

namitha: vo kyu???

manik: dis all r fake jst to spnd money . aftr sumdays dis ppl vl start der fi8 nd all

lyk dat de had a debate abt marriage atlast de both failed nd laughed thinking wht de were sayng .

latr de bcame frndzz .atlast shhadi was all finished nd all went der respective houses.

at chauhans:

namithas room:

namitha: nandu tume pata hai dat manik is vry gud boy

nandini: kon manik???

namitha: vahi jis se tum aaj fi8ing kiya woh bahut acha hai

nandini: oh woh sab fake hai u kno di aftr dat he again fought wid me. nd she said evrything dat happen

namitha: oh aisa hai ??? par i feel lyk he is so gud

nandu: oh wht evr

namiha: oh god aisa tho anhi aftr fi8ing fi8ing u both vl fall fr eo (she said wid awide smile)

nandu: di???? kya wht a nonsense mein aur vo monstr kabhi bhi nehi. aur vese bhi “i am nt going to see him again in my lyf”

namitha : kise pata may b destiny wht say??

nandu: oh di der is nothing lyk dat nd i am nt intrested also so bye gud ni8 i feeling sleepy.saying dis she ran to her room . screen freezes on smile of namitrha nd sleepy face of nandu

precap: leap of 1 yr.

guyzzz i kno it was lil bit boring nd der was only lil manan scene bt i vl promise dat in nxt epi der vl full manan scenes .

Credit to: manan

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