Kaise Mujhe Tum Mile Gayi – Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Two Shots part 2 of 2

Hi all. So sorry for being late. Was super busy last week. Now that I got some time so I wrote the second and last part of this two shots.

By any chance if you didn’t read the first part here is the link:
Part 1

This time this part will be dedicated to Riya aka Shramansangel who is one of my fav ff writer . Hope you will like it Riya.

Here is the second and last part of the two shots.

Scene 1: Airplane
The episode begins with Shravan in the aeroplane. He looks at the window and gets thinking. An announcement is made.
Announcement: We would love you all to switch off your phones now as the plane is going to take off soon.
Shravan is about to switch off his phone he sees his picture with Suman in the phone and smiles. And then suddenly he gets teary-eyed.
Shravan gets into a flashback,

Shravan is in the airport and as he was about to go in for immigration,
Shravan: Hello?
Anonymous: Is this Shravan Malhotra speaking?
Shravan: Yes, why?
Anonymous: Actually we found Suman Tiwari’s phone and your number was last dialled.
Shravan: Who are you?
Anonymous: Actually Suman Tiwari have met with an accident and she is admitted in the hospital.
Shravan gets shocked and he runs from there.
Coach: Shravan where are you going?
Shravan: Sorry sir, it’s an emergency I have to go.
Shravan runs and the coach gets surprised.

Scene 2: Hospital
Shravan runs in the hospital and see that Suman is taken into the operation theatre.
Shravan: Suman!
Suman is taken into the operation theatre. Shravan is Super sad and he is very worried, standing.
Just then the doctor comes out,
Shravan: Doctor what happened?
Doctor pats Shravan on the shoulder and Shravan looks on surprised and shocked. Tears drop from his eyes.

Scene 3: Airplane
Shravan comes back out of flashback and staring at the picture of his and Suman’s.
Air hostess: Sir we are going to take off soon, please switch off your phone.
Shravan switches off his phone. Later, the plane takes off. Shravan stares at the window and looks on.
Shravan: (in his mind) Suman, I know that you are very far from me now, but wherever you are now you must be happy. I love you a lot, and I wished before going I could have confessed my love to you. But I don’t know if you loved me as much as I did, and I will never get to know about it. I can’t live you without you Suman.
Tears drop from Shravan’s eyes.

Scene 4: Rio, Brazil
Shravan reaches at Rio, Brazil. And then after keeping his stuffs in the hotel and then he have a stroll on the beach.
Shravan looks around the beach and later he dips his foot into the water and sits down.

Scene 5: Outside
He gets into the flashback,
Shravan and Suman looks at the star. Suman is staring at the stars and Shravan is lovingly looking at Suman.
Sumo: Are you leaving tomorrow?
Shravan nods his head.
Sumo: Won’t you miss me?
Shravan: No I won’t miss you at all.
Suman looks at Shravan angrily.
Shravan: I was just joking.
Sumo: Anyways, you must bring something for me.
Shravan: What do you want?
Sumo: I want ummm, I want
Shravan: Quickly say.
Sumo: I want seashells from the beaches in Brazil.
Shravan: Seashells? Seriously Suman?
Sumo: Yes, any problem?

Shravan: Really? You didn’t get anything else?
Sumo: My wish.
Shravan: Okay fine I will bring seashells for you.
Suman starts laughing.
Shravan: Now why are you laughing?
Sumo: You really thought I wanted seashells?
Shravan: You are impossible. Tell me what do you want.
Sumo: I want , will you able to bring it for me. It’s quite hard to get it.
Shravan: What is it?
Sumo: Shravan, I want you to bring medal this time.
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Okay I will try.
Sumo: What try, I want it.
Shravan: Okay fine.
Suman and Shravan laughs. Shravan gets out of the flashback.
Shravan: (in his mind) The person for whom I am playing Olympics today isn’t even here with me today.
Shravan gets sad.

Scene 6: Stadium
It’s the match day. Shravan and other athletes get ready for the game. It’s the eliminations round from 32 Athletes , 16 will qualify to the next round. Shravan plays well, and qualifies for the next round. And then after two days another elimination round was held, where among 16 Athletes , only 8 will make it to the quarter finals.
Shravan is the only Indian male athlete in archery now in the game. The other Indian athlete cheers for Shravan.
Shravan doesn’t play well initially, and the game is about to slip from his hand. Just then Shravan remembers what he promised to Suman. The other Indian female Athletes are cheering for Shravan .

Athlete 1: I don’t think he will also make it among the males.

Athlete 2: Looks like no male athlete will even qualify to quarter-final forget about medal, what say Riya dii?

(Riya is one of the Athlete, the best Indian athlete for archery, Riya this part is dedicated to you.)
Riya: Shravan, just think about your goals.

Just then that strikes Shravan’s mind and he gets into the flashback.

Suman: I want medal.

Shravan gets out of the flashback and he begins to focus. And he gets determined.
And he starts focusing.
Riya: Now he will do it. Mark my words.

Shravan does well and he catches up and qualifies for the next round. All claps for him Riya smiles.

Scene 7: Dressing Room
The next day, it is the quarter final round and Shravan is getting ready for the quarter finals. Just then Shravan sees Suman’s pic. He stares at it lovingly and he kisses on Suman’s pic and then the pic slips from his hand and Shravan quickly goes to pick it.
And just then someone else picks it up. It’s Riya. Shravan looks at Riya.
Shravan: Riya?

Riya looks at the picture of Suman as she picks up the picture.
Riya: Who is she?
Shravan: She is Suman
Riya: Girlfriend?

Shravan remembers when Neeti asked Suman if she was Shravan’s Girlfriend and she replied yes. Shravan gets out of the flashback and smiles.
Riya : Shravan?
Riya snaps at Shravan.
Riya: Sorry shouldn’t have asked you this.
As Riya was about to go,
Shravan: Yes she is.
Riya smiles.

Riya: She is very pretty, you are really lucky to have such a beautiful Girlfriend.
Shravan nods no.
Riya pats Shravan on his shoulder.
Riya: You love her a lot right?
Shravan looks on.
Shravan: Even more than my life.
Riya: Suman must be very lucky to have such a nice and sweet Boyfriend who truly loves her a lot.

Shravan gets teary eyed.
Riya: What happened? You are crying.
Shravan wipes his tears.
Shravan: No I am not.
Riya: Look Shravan, we know each other for only a few days doesn’t mean I won’t be so much foolish to not know you are crying. You can tell me.
Shravan looks on.
Riya : At least as a Friend.

Shravan narrates the entire story to Riya and Riya gets teary-eyed.
Riya: So much happened, and you still came here for the competition. Now I have started respecting you for your sportsmanship.
Shravan: It’s not sportsmanship if I am here today that’s all because of Suman. If not I would have never ever made it so far.

Just then Riya is being called.
Announcement: Now it’s time for the quarter final round for women archery.
Riya: I should go now.
As Riya was about to go,
Shravan: All the best!
Riya smiles.

(Hope you liked it Riya)

Scene 8: Stadium
Later, Shravan’s match begins. And he once again focuses on the target well and does well and makes it to TOP 4. Everyone claps for it.
Coach: Well done Shravan, keep it up!
Shravan smiles and leaves from there.

Shravan walks around the stadium and then there he sees an Olympic game which is for wrestling.

He remembers how he and Suman almost got into a fight due to Sumo wrestlers. As Shravan remembers about this he smiles. And later on he leaves from there.

Scene 9: Hotel
Shravan is in hotel room and getting ready for his semi-final match. Shravan wears his attire looking in the mirror, and then, while he was taking out bottle from his bag suddenly an envelope falls from the bag. Shravan picks it up.
Shravan: What is this?
Shravan opens the envelope and he finds a smiley face drawn in a paper. And then he reads it,
“All the best. From Suman.”
Shravan stares at the paper and he finds a CD in the envelope too.
Shravan: CD?

Shravan takes out his laptop and he puts the CD on his laptop. And then he finds Suman saying something in the recording.

In the recording,
Sumo: I know it must be surprising for you Shravan, that I am sending you a message through this CD. You must be thinking why I didn’t tell you earlier on. What to do yaar I didn’t have the guts or courage to say so?

Shravan is surprised.

Sumo: I know it’s very awkward that I am sending you a recording instead. All the best for your competition. Okay.

Suman shows thumbs up and smiles. Shravan sees this in the recording and smiles a little and have tears on his eyes.

Shravan: Only to say all the best you did this recording?

Sumo: Actually I didn’t do this recording just to wish you all the best.

Shravan is a bit surprised.

Sumo: Shravan I don’t know what is happening with me for the last few days. I really don’t know. I didn’t want to say this but I couldn’t resist myself. Nowadays whenever I sleep or think only your face comes in front Shravan. I don’t know what is happening with me. But later, I realised. I realised the fact, that Shravan. I am in love with you. Not as a Friend or girl Friend, I am seriously in love with you.

Shravan is shocked and his eyes becomes totally moist due to the overflow of tears.

Sumo: I love you Shravan. And all the best, do bring a medal for me.

Shravan closes the laptop down and he starts crying like anything.
Shravan: How couldn’t I realise the fact she loved me too? She fought between life and death that time and I

Shravan continues crying

Later, the coach comes and knocks down the door.
Coach: Shravan, are you ready?
Shravan wipes his tears and washes his face. The coach continued knocking the door after a while.
Coach: Shravan are you okay?
Shravan: I am fine, Sir.

Shravan opens the door.
Coach: Why did you take so Long?
Shravan: Sorry Sir
Coach: Now go in the bus, the semi-final round may start anytime.
Shravan goes with the coach.

Scene 10: Stadium
It’s the semi-final match and all are concentrating at the match. Shravan cannot focus at the target as he thinks about Suman and the recording. And then he misses the target. And he keeps on missing it and ends up losing the match.

Commentor: So San Lee from China qualifies for the final. It seems to be a bad day for Shravan Malhotra from India, who was playing so well in the Olympics.

Shravan goes away from the stadium, and the coach, Riya and other Athletes look at Shravan surprised.

It’s night
Shravan is sitting in a park, and then he becomes really sad after seeing the recording and he becomes depressed. And after thinking about his loss, he starts crying.
And just then someone pats him and Shravan looks surprised.
It’s Suman.

Shravan: Suman?
Sumo: Are you crying?
Shravan: No
Sumo: You can’t lie to me.
Shravan: Suman, why? Why you didn’t tell me earlier you love me?
Sumo: I couldn’t express my love to you in person that’s why I did so.
Shravan: But you could have told me earlier?
Sumo: Look Shravan whatever happened cannot be changed anymore.
Shravan: Suman, please take me with you.
Sumo: No Shravan, not at all, I can’t take you with me. It’s not possible. You have to do what you came here for.

Shravan: It’s not possible. I already lost the semi finals, so no use.
Sumo: You may have so called lost the semi final, but you have to win respect from all. You already won a lot of respect, you can’t gave up at this point of time. Whatever happened, happened let it be. Now focus on the future.
Shravan: But Suman?
Sumo: I believe you can do it. You won’t believe me?
Shravan: I will.
Sumo: So give your best and make everyone proud.
Shravan hugs Suman.

It turns out to be Shravan’s imagination.
Shravan looks at Suman’s picture.
Shravan: Why are you so far from me? Why?

As Shravan was about to go, just then Shravan sees his coach.
Shravan: Sir?
Coach: Are you disappointed?
Shravan puts his head down. The coach comes to Shravan.
Coach: Look Shravan, win and loss is all part of the game. What’s important is sportsmanship. And I saw in your eyes Shravan, you were not at all focused.
Shravan looks on.
Coach: I will not ask you or scold you why you were not focused, now whatever happened we cannot change that. I just want to say tomorrow is the third place match. At least perform well for that. So take some rest for that.
Shravan looks on and understands what Suman meant by in his imagination.

Next day
Third Place Round,
Shravan is getting ready for the match and he again looks at Suman’s picture.

Shravan: I am so sorry, I couldn’t focus on the previous match. Now I promise I will be more focused.

Shravan gets ready and then he goes to play archery for the third place.

There is a huge competition between the third place as it goes more competitive. Shravan wins 2 and the other wins 2 rounds. Now one more round left who will decide who is the winner of the third place.

Shravan gets a bit worried, and then he starts to panic a bit and then he looks around and finds Suman sitting in the stadium.

Suman shows her thumbs up. Shravan gets a bit emotional and he wants to go to Suman, but he remembers about yesterday and then he gets focused.

Shravan with his full focus plays well and determined and wins the nail bitter and wins the third place round. Suman claps and jumps in happiness.

Later, prize giving ceremony,
Shravan wins bronze medal and he is made wore bronze medal and also some flowers are given to him. Shravan smiles as his picture is taken.

After the ceremony, Shravan is shown wearing bronze medal and he takes it out from his neck, looking at it and he walks with the flower in his hand. And just then he sees Suman. He ignores her as his imagination.

Sumo: Are you ignoring me?

Shravan looks at Suman.
Shravan again ignores Suman.
And then as Shravan walks ignoring Suman, he collides with Suman, and Suman is about to fall Shravan holds her in his arms and the entire flower bunch falls on them. They share an eyelock. Later, Shravan and Suman gets up.

Sumo: If you are ignoring me, I don’t know but please don’t hurt me yaar. I came from so far only for you.
Shravan: Are you for real?
Sumo: No I am made in China.
Shravan: Now I am assured you are my Suman.
Suman looks at Shravan surprised,
Sumo: What happened?
Shravan: Nothing.

Suman and Shravan gets into flashback,
The doctor pats Shravan,
Doctor: Don’t worry Suman is safe and out of danger now.
Shravan gets relieved and he goes to visit Suman.

Suman is lying down on the bed. Suman smiles as she sees Shravan.
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: Are you mad?
Sumo: Why what happened?
Shravan: Now that i am in archery for Olympics you want to be in marathon for Olympic. What was the need of running on the road? You want to go to Rio by running
Sumo: If possible I would have done that if the car didn’t hit me.
Shravan: You are just crazy.
Sumo: You have any problem with that?

Shravan: You ran on the road?
Sumo: I wanted to say bye to you.
Shravan: Is this any way to say bye?
Sumo: What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be on flight for Rio?
Shravan: My Best Friend met with an accident and I can leave her and go Rio wow?
Sumo: But Shravan your dream? Olympics?
Shravan: I will take part in that later
Sumo: I am not mad you are mad how can you do like this?
Shravan: It’s my wish.
Sumo: Shravan, just take the next flight and go and bring medal for me.
Shravan: Forget about the medal and I need to talk to you first. You know thank god you are safe, what would have happened if it became late.
Sumo: I would have died and what else?
Shravan closes Suman’s mouth and music plays. They both share an eyelock.
Shravan: You know what I shouldn’t have even speak to you at all.

Shravan leaves from there and Suman looks on.
Later, at night Shravan is at his house, and his dad comes to him.
Ramnath: Shravan it was your flight to Rio today right?
Shravan: Let it be, dad no use. I wont participate.
Ramnath is surprised.
Ramnath: Why?
Shravan: Let it be dad. Infact you should be happy. I will help you with your business.
Ramnath: Enough Shravan!
Shravan is surprised.
Ramnath: You thought what. Sometimes you say you want to do archery sometimes business, you think what. You don’t have any stand. Look Shravan this is life not game. So don’t do something which will make you regret one day.
As Shravan is about to go,
Ramnath: Have you thought how many people you are hurting by this and most importantly yourself?

Shravan looks on and Ramnath leaves from there.

The next day morning Shravan leaves for Rio and he is angry with Suman over the accident thing.

Ramnath visits Suman in the hospital.
Sumo: Thank you Uncle for helping me out.
Ramnath: No problem beta. I am happy you trust Shravan so much that he will make everyone proud.
Sumo: I trust him even more than myself.

They get out of the flashback.
Shravan: So you came from India to here just for me?
Suman shows him her passport, VISA to Brazil and air tickets.
Sumo: See.
Shravan sees. Shravan gets happy.
Shravan: That means you are for real.
Shravan hugs Suman. And later he breaks hug,
Shravan: I am still angry with you.
Sumo: But why? This is not fair. You ignored me.
Shravan: I saw the CD.

Suman gets surprised.
Sumo: (in her mind) Damn I forgot about the CD.
Shravan: Now what you have to say.
Sumo: Shravan the thing is.
Shravan: Now say
Suman ignores the question and as she was about to leave, Shravan holds her hand. Suman looks on.
Shravan: Can’t you say now what you said in the recording?
Sumo: How can I exactly remember what I said? I am not a memory chip.
Shravan: I just want to hear the three magical words.
Shravan: Say
Sumo: All the best.
Shravan: You won’t agree so easily.
Sumo: By the way where is my medal?
Suman forwards her hand.

Shravan: Sorry Suman I couldn’t win gold this time, but I won bronze.
Shravan gives the medal to Suman.
Sumo: But at least it’s a medal. And what’s more important then this medal is the respect you won. Now people will start respecting you and will be more proud of you.

Shravan: Oh okay.
Suman is about to go,
Shravan: Suman say
Sumo: What?
Shravan: The three magical words and you know very well what I am speaking about.
Sumo: I am sorry Shravan. I shouldn’t have said so I said that I don’t know what was going on in my mind. I am clueless. You are right I am crazy, mad
Shravan closes Suman’s mouth. He releases his hand and comes near to Suman.
Shravan: I love you.
Suman is surprised.
Sumo: What did you say?
Shravan: Since you didn’t say it, Let me say it. That is I love you.
Suman hugs Shravan.
Sumo: I love you too.

Shravan: I am happy I got bronze, I didn’t had that I already had silver and gold.
Sumo: Really? Where?
Shravan: Silver is Suman.
Suman smiles and remembers.
Sumo: Then who is Gold?
Shravan: Gold is the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
Suman gets jealous.
Sumo: Who is it?
Shravan: The gold is our love. Shravan and Suman’s love.
Suman smiles and shy.
Shravan: Suman is silver for me but Sumo is crystal for me.
Sumo: Sumo?
Shravan: Now to be Mrs Shravan Malhotra do I have the permission to call you Sumo?
Sumo denies and later she smiles and agrees.

And they share a hug and smile.

The end.

I hope you all liked it. Used my phone to write this as yet to get my laptop back -_- so sorry for the mistakes in the story. Hope you all liked the story overall.

When i am free will definitely write another. It has been exactly a month since EDKV ended. Missing EDKV , Shraman and Nimik(Namik + Nikita) very badly. and yes most importantly, missing all of you and the comment box in the written updates.

Please do comment if possible. Thank u 🙂

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    I seriously love your endings.. They’re not melodramatic or stuff
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    That’s why I love you joyee..
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