Kaise Mujhe Tum Mile Gayi – Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Two Shots part 1 of 2


Hey all. Fatarajo here. I hope you all remember me. Well I have been Super busy for the last few days that’s why couldn’t write anything. But now that I am free I decided to write this story. Well this will be a two shots.

This part I am dedicating to our dear Neeti. Today is the Happy Wala Birthday of Leeti aka Neeti so I am writing this for her. Sorry Leeti this time I am Laterajo (Late ??) I hope you love it Neeti. And this the first time I am writing any one shot for someone on their birthday so sorry Neeti if I made any mistake in the story ?.So Neeti and others bear with me ?

So here I go with the two shot.

Scene 1: Stadium, 2014
An eye is shown. He aims at the target. He looks the target with his sharp eyes. His sharp eyes are shown. He aims and hits it. He closes his eyes and as he opens his eyes he finds the arrow hitting the bull’s eye. And then after he opened his eyes, a sound follows in his ear as huge crowd applauds for him.

Commentator: India gets it final athlete for Rio Olympics 2016, and he is Shravan Malhotra from Archery.

Yes the shooter is none other than Shravan. His face is shown. And it is clearly shown that he is happy over his success.

He gets congratulated by people. And he smiles and thanks them. Later he leaves.

Scene 2: On the road
Shravan is driving the car and suddenly he is about to hit a girl walking on the street, quickly applies the brake. He prevents the accident from happening but she falls down on the ground.
Shravan: Oh no!

Shravan rushes to help the girl out.

Shravan: A…a….Are you okay?
The girl stops him by showing her hand.
Girl: It’s okay Suman Tiwari doesn’t need anyone’s help.
She looks at Shravan and she is none other than Suman. Music plays. Shravan lovingly stares at her.
Shravan: I am so so sorry.
Suman doesn’t says anything and she keeps all her things that dropped from her bag and she quickly leaves from the spot.

Shravan keeps on staring at her.
Shravan: She is…
As Shravan was about to leave from the place, he realises that Suman forgot to put her purse in bag in hurry.
Shravan: This girl what is her name? Yes, Suman Tiwari left her purse , I should give to her.
Shravan looks at the watch.
Shravan: Oh no it’s quite late now, Dad will kill me if I don’t reach home on time. I do one thing I will give that girl her purse tomorrow.

Scene 3: Suman’s Residence
Shravan finds Suman’s address in her identity card and comes to her house. Shravan knocks on the door and waits.
And finally someone opens the door, and it’s Suman who is drying her hair using the towel and she flunks her hair while doing so and some water sprinkles on Shravan’s face. Shravan again lovingly stares at Suman and Music plays. Suman is surprised.

Sumo: Yes?
Shravan keeps on staring at her. Suman snaps at Suman. And Shravan pays attention.
Sumo: You also came till here? What’s your problem?
Shravan: Actually… Ummmm…Aaaa…A
Sumo: Look please don’t disturb me. I can do anything. I can even complain to the police.
Shravan: Police! No please don’t complain to the police. I just came here to return you your purse.
Shravan passes the purse to Suman. Suman gets surprised and a little embarrassed.
Sumo: Okay fine.
Shravan is standing there and looking at her.
Sumo: Now leave.

Shravan is about to leave, he sees something
He sees two boys playing dart and one of them is Daboo.
Boy: Daboo you can’t even hit the target at all.
Daboo: I don’t know how to do. Suman didi help me.
Sumo: Look Daboo if you tell me to climb Mount Everest I would have done that, but this one impossible.
Daboo gets sad.
Daboo: Now I will never win.

Shravan feels bad for Daboo and comes and helps him.
Sumo: Areh how can you just barge into my house like this without my permission?
Shravan comes to Daboo.
Shravan: I will help you.
Daboo: Really?
Shravan nods.
Shravan makes Daboo play darts. He teaches him well.
Shravan: Always see the target and focus on the bull’s eyes and don’t think of anything else. Just focus.
Daboo focuses and after many tries he finally hits the bull’s eye.
Daboo: Yeah I have finally done it!
Daboo gets excited and gives a hi-5 to Shravan.
Suman is surprised.

Shravan: Daboo I have to leave now.
Daboo: So soon.
Shravan: I have some work that’s why.
Daboo: Okay fine.
As Shravan is about to leave,
Daboo: Bhaia, what’s your name?
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Shravan.
Shravan leaves from there. Suman looks on.
Suman: Shravan?
And she smiles and looks on.

Scene 4: Near the car park
As Shravan was about to leave in his car, he realised he left his car keys.
Shravan: Oh no I left the keys at that Suman’s house.
As Shravan was about to go,
Sumo: So you were finding these keys, right, Mr Shravan?
Shravan surprisingly looks at Suman.
Shravan: Suman?
Sumo: Here is your keys.
Suman gives Shravan the keys.
Shravan: Thank you.
As Suman was about to go,
Shravan: Do you want to be my Friend?
Suman looks at Shravan surprised.
Shravan: So do you Want to be Shravan’s Friend, Suman?
She stares at him for a while. And then she leaves.
Shravan: (in his mind) How can I just say like this so easily? Now what is she thinking about me. Shravan you are too much!
Later, Suman looks at Shravan.
Sumo: Come and meet me at my house tomorrow.
Shravan: Huh?
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Don’t you want to celebrate your friendship with Suman Tiwari?
Suman leaves from there. Shravan smiles at Suman’s antics.

Scene 5: Few days
Like this for a few days, Suman and Shravan became friends and they meet each other. They used to hang out in restaurants, shopping Malls, movies, theme park etc. They both used to enjoy each other’s company.

Scene 5: Fair
Then One day Suman and Shravan went to the fair.
Sumo: Hey let’s go the fair, Shravan.
Shravan: Fair? But?
Sumo: Please
Shravan: Okay fine.
Shravan agrees and they both go to the fair. And there Suman bugs some stuffs.
Suman smiled as she saw the earrings and showed them to Shravan.
Sumo: This earring? How is it?
Shravan: Very nice.
Suman tries the earring and Shravan smiles seeing her.

Shravan: (in his mind) She is full of life, she may be crazy but her heart is full of innocence. Suman is just
Shravan blushed as he smiles.
Suman: Shravan!
Shravan looked as Suman called her out and he gets a bit surprised.
Shravan: What happened?

Sumo: Come with me.
Shravan: Where?
Sumo: Don’t talk too much just come with me.
Shravan agrees and goes with her.

Sumo: Shravan, wow this teddy bear is so cute. I want to buy this.
Shravan: How much is this teddy bear?
Shopkeeper: This teddy bear is not for sales it’s for this game. If you win this game by hitting the target on the bull’s eye and that too three times with three chances only then this teddy bear is yours. Sumo: One time is already very difficult and you are saying three times.
Shopkeeper: Mam this is the TOP prize that’s why.
Sumo: Oho, then let it be. It’s impossible.

Shravan: Sumo, wait?
Suman waits.
Shravan: I will play this game.
Sumo: Shravan, what are you saying? One is enough, three is almost and that too without missing. Do you know what you are saying?
Shravan: Yes
Sumo: Shravan let’s go.
Shravan: Excuse me, can pass me the arrow.

Shopkeeper: Okay fine.
Shravan pays the shopkepper and he aims at the target. He hits the first bull’s eye. Suman is worried. And then he hits it the second time too. Suman smiles.
Sumo: Wow Shravan well done. I am sure you can win this teddy.
As Shravan was about to hit the third time.
Shopkeeper: Wait a second sir,
Shravan stops.
Shopkeeper: For the third time, we always change the arrow.
Shravan: What?
Sumo: You just can’t do like this. What nonsense? This is cheating.
Shopkeeper: If you want just let me change if not you can leave.
Shravan: Okay fine.
Sumo: But Shravan?
Shravan: Let it be

Sumo: (in her mind) This shopkeeper is such a big cheat.
And then Shravan aims at the third target. The shopkeeper smirks. Shravan checks the arrow and looks at the shopkeeper.
This time he looks at the bull’s eye accurately.
He aims and is in full concentration.
Sumo: Now he will get himself insulted.
As Suman was about to leave, Shravan hits the arrow. Suman looks and is surprised.

Shravan manages to hit the third bull eye too. The shopkeeper is stunned.
Shravan: Now how about my prize?
The shopkeeper gives him the teddy bear unwillingly.

Shravan goes to Suman and passes her the teddy bear.
Shravan: Here is your teddy bear.
Suman smiles and hugs Shravan tightly. Shravan gets surprised.
Sumo: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Shravan gets surprised and his heart start to beat.

Scene 6: Cafe
Suman and Shravan are having coffee in a. cafe together.
Sumo: Today’s day was just amazing. I enjoyed it a lot.
Shravan lovingly stared at Suman. And he just smiles about whatever she says.
Shravan: Suman is just so adorable? But why am I getting so attached to her? Am I in love with her?

Suman finds Shravan lost and she snaps her finger infront of him. Shravan gets out of his thinking.
Sumo: Where are you lost Mr Lost Malhotra?
Shravan: No no nothing you can continue
Shravan smiles while saying.
Sumo: I know I am boring you.
Shravan: No you are not.
Sumo: Okay then say what I just said?
Shravan: Huh?
Sumo: Say
Shravan: I….you….we…..together
Sumo: What are you blabbering Shravan? You didn’t pay attention to me at all.
Shravan doesn’t know how to reply to Suman.

Shravan: I am sorry
Sumo: Okay fine you didn’t listen what else I could have done.
Shravan feels embarrassed.
Sumo: By the way may I ask you something?
Shravan: Sure.
Sumo: That time how did you managed to do all three on the target?
Shravan: That was not so difficult. Just concentrate and aim that’s all.
Sumo: Oho Shravan these ideals don’t work for me. I saw the shopkeeper the way he looked at you something was wrong. What did he do? Tell me. And how did you even manage to smart out him?
Shravan laughs with a smirk.
Shravan: Nothing that foolish just changed the arrow and gave me a heavier one.
Sumo: This is cheating!
Shravan: Suman, just chill I got your teddy bear na in the end what else you want?
Sumo: But that arrow must be quite heavy?
Shravan: More than the weight it’s necessary to make sure one concentrate while aiming, unless one gives me an arrow or gun equal to the weight of Sumo. It will be too heavy for me to handle.
Sumo: Oh, wait a minute.

Suman looks at Shravan angrily.
Shravan: Why are you staring at me like this?
Sumo: How dare you Shravan?
Suman gets up angrily.
Shravan: But what I have done Suman?
Sumo: You called me fat!
Shravan: No I didn’t. When did I say so?
Sumo: Just now.
Shravan: What nonsense?
Sumo: Look Shravan, I don’t mind jokes but I hate it when people make jokes regarding my weight.
Shravan : Look Suman you,
Shravan gets it.
Sumo: I won’t talk with you. Cutti.
As Suman was about to go,
Shravan: Areh I didn’t mean by you Sumo Suman, I meant by the Japanese wrestsler, Sumo wrestler.
Suman looks on.

Shravan: You seriously thought I was talking about you? Really Sumo? I mean Suman. If not you will say that I called you fat again.
Suman feels embarrassed.
Sumo: I am sorry Shravan. Please forgive me. Sometimes I tend to think too much.
Suman hits her head with her hand.
Shravan: Okay madam now let’s sit down.

Suman sits down.
Shravan drinks coffee and Suman looks on.
Shravan: Now what have I done? Can’t I even have coffee.
Sumo: No no you can.
Shravan: Then?
Sumo: Shravan may I ask you something?Shravan: Sure.
Sumo: Shravan, you are so good in archery. Why don’t you take part in national archery? You are so good in it I am sure you can even get gold medal.
Shravan gets angry.
Shravan: I have to leave now.
Sumo: Oho now why are you angry Kutub Minar? Looks like the summer in Japan is now in India.
Shravan: I have some work.
Shravan is about to leave and just then a girl comes to Shravan.

(Neeti this part is dedicated to you)
Guy: Areh Shravan sir how are you? I Shravan: I am sorry Miss I didn’t recognise you?
Girl: I am also. Actually how will you know me. Sir I am Neeti, sports blogger.
Shravan: Oh
Neeti: Sir congratulations for qualifying for Rio Olympics 2016. We wish you luck.
Suman gets happy and excited.
Sumo: Shravan you didn’t tell me you are in archery nationals. But direct international. Wow and I also don’t even know that.
Neeti: Mam are you his Girlfriend? We would love to take an interview of you.
Suman and Shravan gets embarrassed.
Suman smiles.
Sumo: Yes I am his Girlfriend.
Shravan is shocked and stunned and looks at Suman.
Shravan whispers to Suman.
Shravan: Sumo have you went crazy? Do you know what are you saying?

Neeti: Mam, can I take your interview?
Sumo: Sure.
Meeting: How are you feeling your Boyfriend is taking part in Olympics.
Sumo: Look please don’t address him as my Boyfriend it sounds so normal, just a random male Friend. But Shravan is not just my random male or Boyfriend he is my Best Friend.
Shravan looks on at Suman lovingly.
Sumo: It have been only a while we met but he is a very nice person and I have very less Friends and among them Shravan is the most special. He is my Best Friend.
Neeti: I am so sorry Mam, I misunderstood yours and Shravan sir’s relationship.
Sumo: Its okay.
Neeti: May I take your interview?
Shravan again whispers.
Shravan: Deny her.

Suman doesn’t even listen to him.
Sumo: Sure. But if you ask me relating contributions I won’t say much because he didn’t even tell me about this. See what kind of Best Friend I have?
Shravan closes his lips and grins silently.

Shravan: Suman!
Neeti continues to take interview and later after she ends.
Neeti: Thank you so much mam, I should take your leave but Shravan sir may I have your autograph?
Shravan gives her autograph.
Neeti: And one picture.
Neeti is about to take selfie with Shravan.
Neeti: Mam, you also join us?
Sumo: No it’s fine.
Neeti: Mam please.
Shravan: Sumo come.
Suman comes and Neeti takes selfie with Shravan and Suman.
Neeti: Thank you.
She smiles and leaves.

(Hope you liked it Neeti ?)

Scene 7: Outside
Shravan was about to go as he goes out of the cafe, Suman holds his hand.
Sumo: Oh so now you have done crime you are hiding your face in front of me.
Shravan: Let it be Suman
Sumo: Why you didn’t tell me about this? It’s such a big achievement.
Shravan: Suman what has this got to do with our friendship?
Sumo: Won’t you tell your Best Friend about your achievement and success? Or you don’t want too.
Shravan: Can we change topic?

As Shravan is about to go, Suman holds his hand, as Shravan leaves it. Suman was about to fall, Shravan holds her in his arms. They both share a small eyelock and they get up.
Shravan: I am sorry.
Sumo: I will forgive you only if you answer me.
Shravan had no other option but to tell her the truth.

Shravan narrates Suman his problem.
Sumo: Oh so this is the reason?
Shravan: Now you tell me what should I do? I am just so nervous.
Suman holds Shravan’s hand. Shravan looks on.
Sumo: Look Shravan, just follow what your heart says.
Suman makes Shravan feel his heartbeat.
Sumo: Now you got your answer?
Shravan nods.
Shravan: But?
Sumo: But what?
Shravan: Dad won’t agree.
Sumo: Have faith in yourself. And I am with you.
Shravan gets thinking.

Scene 8: Shravan’s Residence
Ramnath is checking his file and Shravan comes in.
Ramnath: Oh so you finally came?
Shravan: Yes I have come.
Ramnath is shocked at Shravan’s behaviour.
Ramnath: Anyways did you check the file?
Shravan: Dad I don’t want to do business.
Ramnath folds his arms and looks at Shravan.
Ramnath: Now you even have the guts to speak to your dad like this?

Shravan: Dad please try to understand.
Ramnath: Shravan we had spoke regarding this earlier.
Shravan: Yes we did. But dad I just can’t do so.
Ramnath: Have you withdrawn your name from the competition?
Shravan: Dad no I haven’t. I want to take part in Olympics.
Ramnath: Okay fine assume you took part in Olympics. And there are so many people there. So many good trained Athletes, from different countries do you think you can compete with them?
Shravan becomes silent.
Ramnath: Now what happened? Why have you become silent? Listen to me just withdraw your name and run business with me. And Olympics people will know for you a few days after that they will just forget you.

Shravan: Dad I don’t know if I can win or not. I will give my best. As for business I have no passion or interest in that, and God forbids this mistake may cost this business to shut down. I will give my best in business if you want dad but that won’t be from my heart, it will be only to please you and that’s it. As for Olympics yes I have a lot of competitors, trained , experienced. I don’t know what will I achieve in that Olympic, but I will be proud of myself with the fact I did something I loved. Okay I admit I do as your wish, but what would I answer to my kids? Even one day I will become a dad like you, and I won’t even be able to face my kids.

Ramnath looks on.
Shravan: The rest is your wish dad. Final decision is yours.
As Shravan was about to go,
Ramnath: Wait Shravan.
Ramnath comes and he raises his hand. And as Shravan closes his eyes, Ramnath blesses him.
Ramnath: All the best Shravan beta. I know you will make me proud.
Shravan smiles and hugs Ramnath.

Scene 9: Suman’s Residence
Next day morning, Shravan comes to meet Suman.
Suman opens the door.
Sumo: Hey Shravan.
Shravan hugs Suman.
Suman is surprised. Shravan cries.
Sumo: What happened?
Shravan: Dad told me to leave.
Suman feels bad.
Sumo: When your dad will see you making him proud he will not be angry with you anymore.
Shravan: Angry?
Sumo: Yes.
Shravan: I meant that dad told me to leave for Olympics and make sure I win.
Shravan laughs.
Sumo: Shravan ki Bacchi.
Suman chases Shravan around the house and Shravan laughs and makes faces at her.

Later, while Suman is serving breakfast to Shravan.
Sumo: I recently got graduated and I told myself I am not going to take up any job for a year. I will relax and do whatever I want to.
Shravan: Then that’s your wish why are you telling me?
Sumo: Actually thing is
Shravan: Say Suman.
Sumo: Can you teach me archery? It was always my wish to learn because I am very bad at it.
Shravan: So this is the matter?
Sumo: Yes this is the matter.
Shravan: Okay done. I will teach you.
Sumo: Okay then tomorrow 10am. Near my house. Done?
Shravan: But 10?
Shravan thinks
Shravan: Okay done.
Suman smiles.
Shravan : (in his mind) I can’t even wake up at 10am how will I reach there at 10am? But she is so happy.
Sumo: Eat the parata.
Shravan eats.

Scene 10: Next day
Shravan wakes up.
Shravan: Oh no I am late.
Shravan rushes and gets ready and goes to meet Suman.

He reaches near Suman’s house. Suman is watering the plants. Shravan comes.
Sumo: Shravan you and at this time?
Shravan: I am sorry. I know I am late.
Sumo: Late?
Shravan: Yea?
Sumo: But now its only 8am. Weren’t you suppose to come at 10am?
Shravan looks at the watch and it’s 8am.
Shravan: (in his mind) Wow Shravan Malhotra you woke up before time now what will you answer to Suman.

Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan: Of course I am early. You don’t even understand sarcasm.
Sumo: But I have so many things to do, gardening the plants cooking food and also bringing Daboo to school.
Shravan: Don’t worry you do your work I will stay here and wait for you.
Suman gets happy.
Sumo: I will do all the work as soon as possible.

Suman does all her work. And then she comes.
Sumo: Now I am ready.
Shravan: Wow exactly 10am.
Shravan says Looking at the watch.
Suman smiles.
Shravan: Take 5 min rest and then we will do warmups.

Later Shravan teaches Suman archery. And he teaches Suman different techniques and Suman smiles. Shravan comes close while teaching Suman archery and Suman smile looking at Shravan.

Scene 11: One night , the night before Shravan’s flight.

Suman is sleeping in her room and Shravan is sleeping in his room they are thinking about each other. Suman is hugging the teddy bear she got.
Sumo: (in her mind) Why am I thinking about Shravan? Am in love with him? No.
Shravan: (in his mind) Tomorrow I will be flying to Brazil for my game. I won’t be able to meet Suman for a few days but how?
Sumo: (in her mind) I can’t sleep like this. Suman takes out her phone and sees her pics with Shravan.
Shravan: (in his mind) I love you Suman’s
Sumo: (in her mind) I think I am in love with you Shravan.
Shravan: (in his mind) It may be too early to confess my love. Tomorrow I will go Brazil and once I comeback I will confess my love to Suman.
Sumo: (in her mind) Tomorrow Shravan is leaving. No! Before he leaves I have to tell him that I love him.

Scene 12: Shravan’s Residence
Shravan is getting ready to leave for Rio and as Suman comes he looks at Suman and Suman looks at him. They stare at each other.
Shravan gets a phone call.
Shravan: I will be there.
As Shravan leaves, Suman quickly runs and keeps something in Shravan’s bag.
Shravan comes back and she acts normal. Shravan looks at her. Shravan takes his bag.
Sumo: I have made some laddoos for you. Have them. You may miss them there.
Shravan: Thank you.
As Shravan was about to go,
Sumo: Wait Shravan.
Shravan stops.
Shravan: What is it?
Sumo: I just want to said that I
Shravan: Yes
Sumo: I..I lo
Shravan: I am the one who usually get nervous why you are getting nervous?
Sumo: I love
Shravan nods
Sumo: I would love you to have the laddoo only when you win the matches and that’s it.
Shravan is surprised.
Shravan: That’s it?
Sumo: Yes.
Shravan: Okay fine.
Suman closes her eyes at her weird tactics.
Shravan: It’s time for my boarding I should leave now.

Shravan looks back at Suman as he leaves and then as he looks in front Suman looks at Shravan and as she faces back Shravan again looks at Suman. Music plays.

Suman gets thinking. She gets tensed. She walks there. Later she gets up.
Suman: No! I can’t just wait. I will have to confess my love as soon as possible.
Suman runs to stop Shravan.
She runs as soon as she can.
But as she runs suddenly a car hits hear and she falls down on the ground badly injured and falls on the road unconscious .
End of part 1.


Hey all. Writing after many days. That’s because my laptop not with me currently used phone to type this out. So sorry for the mistake couldn’t check properly. And once a happy birthday to Neeti (belated birthday)
Next part which the last part of the twos shots I will publish next week hope that’s fine with all of you because I am seriously busy right now.

And as for the kaun tujhe ff, I am keeping that on hold for a while, I will write it during my break hope that’s fine with you. But I will continue with one/two shots. But I will get late. But I promise next part will be published next week.

Please do feel free to express your opinions.

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey zainab thanks for commenting happy u liked it and really happy u liked it a lot ? And will publish the next part most likely tomorrow love u too ?

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    Hey fatarajo…that’s one of my fav song…which u kept as ur title…
    Amazingggggg as always…
    Plz post soon..!
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey weirdsister that’s one of my all time fav song too and I feel this title suits this story , will most likely post tomorrow love u too thanks dear ?

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    Hey fatarajo. Glad to see you back. Hope u remeber me. Well i guess u hav seen ae dil hai mushkil. Anyways ur dp is really good. I even loved ur previous dp which is a pic of dhoni movie. U r jst amazing. I really liked this one. Bt plz dnt delay and post the nxt part soon. The ine shot is amazing. I am surprised at how you manage to get so many ideas. Its jst amazing. I really liked this. And archery whoooooo. A unique idea i tell u. I am really happy to see u bck. Wld love to have u bck on regular basis. Bt i knw u r busy and even u can’t help it. U express shraman in a very diff way in each of ur ffs r one shots. Its really so enthralling to see them in a new avatar. I loved this one shot and right nw i am angry on u fr stopping this part at a crucial point. Post the nxt one soon r i wll haunt you in ur dreams.??????????

    By the way whn is ur bday?

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      Hey fanficholic of course I remember u and yes I watched ADHM i found the movie okay okay i also watched Shivaay i liked that Shivaay more than ADHM didn’t like it that much but loved ranbir-anushka pair and what I loved the most was breakup song. Love al the ADHM songs but breakup song the most , and Dhoni movie I loved it that’s my fav movie this year and also m a Dhoni fan and wanted to try something different that’s why ? OMg haunt me ? Well i will publish tomorrow
      And my birthday is tomorrow joking joking ? My birthday is 22 Aug
      Love u too dear

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