Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi (kaira)- new story,episode 2


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Karthik is seen waiting for the bus…the street is really crowded…little boys n girls are seen hurrying n running to unknown destinations. Suddenly, a boy n a girl crashes n falls on each other n they are seen arguing…karthik is reminded of the similar situation during his younger days….he just thinks “where might that girl be now? She was really a cute one…” His bus comes n he gets in…. The bus leaves….naira comes running after n screams “stop please!!” The bus stops n she gets in….karthik sees naira n remembers that it was her that he saw dancing near the riverside….he stares at her until she takes her seat….she notices herself being watched n stares back at him. He then turns his side….

Karthik sleeps n gets out when he reaches the destination….he doesn’t notice naira stepping out….karthik gets into an autorickshaw while naira gets into a car waiting for her…. Karthik reaches singhania house n sees naksh waiting….he walks towards naksh but suddenly Naksh’s eyes are fixed on a car that arrives n he is seen running towards it…. N he calls out “maa,she’s here,naira’s here” karthik pauses hearing the name ‘naira’….he excitedly looks at naksh n d car…the door is opened n naira steps out…. Her mother(we know already that the mother is akshara) comes n is happy seeing naira but naira doesn’t look at her….karthik has a mixed feeling of both shock n surprise… He stares at her…. Naksh walks back holding hands with naira n seeing karthik tells “sorry karthik, I’ll be back just now” n goes inside….naira is also surprised to see karthik n stares at him….after getting inside naira asks naksh “who was that just now?” “Oh that’s karthik, the one papa recruited for the position of assistant manager….papa told that he’s really smart…he will work in our company from today” answers naksh… “I just thought he was stalking me as we were in the same bus from rishikesh n that guy seems really familiar too….” Tells naira..naksh tells “naira, have breakfast, everything’s ready for u, let me go talk to him” naira tells OK n naksh goes.

Karthik is gazing at among the flowers n sees a cute young girl flying a remote controlled aeroplane… Karthik is smiling at her… N naksh calls “sorry for making u wait….come in….” Karthik follows naksh inside the house n suddenly coincides with another girl holding a file full of papers n her papers scatter as they fall down….the girl falls on to karthik n stares at him….karthik tries to stand up saying “I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice u” naksh calls “Gayu, r u alright? This is karthik, our new assistant manager,he will join today n karthik, this is my sister gayathri….”gayu is still staring at karthik n karthik helps her gather the scattered papers… Gayu says “than…k u… Karthik” karthik goes inside following naksh n gayu still looks at karthik till that moment. Karthik sees a family photo of naksh….naksh is too young… Karthik notices that the BG of the pic is a famous place in rishikesh n his sister is beside him…seeing that pic, he is suddenly reminded of that cute girl he met about 8 years back….her name was naira…(yeh rishta plays….) Karthik sees naira having breakfast n thinks “it was her I met that day” naira sees karthik looking at her n smiles back.naksh takes him to the office room n starts some discussion…

After discussion, karthik exits the house n sees naira sitting on a swing in the garden reading a book. Karthik calls naira “hey…” Naira looks at karthik n answers ” hi,what do u want? Y r u staring at me like that ? ” “do I seem familiar to u ,,by any chance….I think we met many years back…u fell on me that day in rishikesh n u were wit family….was that u by any chance?” Karthiks asks n naira replies “oh so it was u, I thought this frog was familiar…” Karthik has a sign of relief in himself n says smiling “u dance well, I saw it today, u were really great…nice to meet u again Ms Rishikesh” naira replies ” nice to meet u again too,mendak” karthik waves bye n leaves….

Karthik sees that little girl again near the house gate n her plane is about to crash on the gate….karthik catches the plane n gives it to the cute little girl n asks “hey there pretty lady, what is ur name?” The girl answers “thank u, my name is Mishti,n ur name?” Karthik answers “I’m karthik, I don’t have a gf yet n I really want one,I’m really impressed by u pretty lady,will u b my gf?” Mishti is surprised at his question n thinks n after a moment replies “I may be too small for u….I would rather make u my bff than my bf” karthik says “please,mishti,I really really love u” n mishti replies OK, I will” karthik acts happy n jumps saying “yes” n walks away waving her bye n saying “see u then,pretty lady…”

Gayu was watching mishti n karthik’s conversation n gayu is really attracted to karthik n thinks “he really wants a gf….he’s so handsome too….. ” n smiles (koyi koyi dhadkan hai tujko plays)

Karthik exits an autorickshaw n pays fr it….he is wit his luggage n is standing in front of a big house which naksh has arranged for him to stay. He is welcomed by an elderly woman who introduces herself as rajashri, naksh’s grandmother n she introduces him to his room…. There he sees rajashris husband,son her daughter in law n granddaughter…

Precap: Naira cries violently holding a pic of her father, naitik….

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