Kaisa Yeh Pyaar (Part 1)


Its very nosiy..Full chatter going on .Everyone talking..The Excitement For College Now begins.

Suddenly A cool dashing boy enters the school and everyone keeps starring at him.And he is none other than ajay with ajju having again a book in his hand..Sanjana tries her best to jump and check who is there that everyone stopped talking. Disha (sanjana sis) pulls her down and tells of ajay ajju’s brother.

First Scene (ajay ajju)

Ajay :- Ajju yeh sab ekdum se chup kyun ho gaye.

Ajju :- Mujhe kya pata (still engrossed in his book)

Ajay :- (angrily looking at his bro) Mere bhai thodi der ke liye yeh book bag mein rakhega…gaadi mein bhi tu padhai hi kar raha tha.Kuch toh maze le

Ajju :- Kya karun yaar.. tu padhai nahi karta isliye bhagwan ne teri akal bhi mujhe de di.

Ajay :- Accha bacchu abhi rukh (and he goes to hit ajju they go on running)

Ajay hits someone…
Sanjana :- Akal nahi hai kya.Dekh Nahi Sakte.Ajay gets up and stares at her .

Background music plays (sun saathiya )
The starring moment is broken by ajju and disha.

Ajju and Disha introduce their siblings to each other..Ajay says hi and scratches his hand at back of his head (in that style)

Sanjana :- Hi (and angrily goes away)

Ajay :- Bhai isse kya hogaya

Ajju :- Kuch nahi

Ajay realises he is standning in between 2 love birds

Ajay :- bhai mein abhi aaya

Ajju And Disha Start talking to each other

Precap :- Everyone goes to ajay and are like selfie plzz..Ajay notices sanjana is the only one not there and thinks something

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  1. Ha ha ha superrr dr

  2. Very interesting story. ..keep it up. Plzzzz continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  3. Llvvv it when will u post next early waiting fr it i hope u r giving examz that’s y not postings

  4. Aayushi Agrawal

    Interesting story… Please update soon.

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