Kaisa yeh isq hai ( Avneil fan fiction) Episode 23

kคiŞค ฯēh iŞ๑ hคi

Episode – 23

Recap :- Neela tells Neil that someone tried to attack Avni , Then , Neil prepares Poha for Avni .
The Episode unfolds with Neela and Avni reaching back to their home , SUKOON GHAR
Neela makes Avni sat over the Sofa

Neela : I’m glad everything is fine now , We all are healthy

Avni : No everything isn’t fine Yet , The moment I’ve asked to who did all this , You’re silent .

Neela : Hmm ..( She keeps her hands over her shoulders ) You’re right ! But it isn’t the right opportunity to tell you the truth

Avni could see some irresistible , anxiety in her eyes ” Is everything alright Ma ! ” She asked doubtfully

Neela : I want to tell you something , Avni , But …

Avni : Yes Ma ! please I want to know

Neela : Avni, Tumhari Maa zin…

Just then , Avni’s phone rings .

Avni gets up and went away .

Neela looks at God , Pressing her hands with each other ” Should I tell her ! I have to ! It’s her right to know it , But I’m worried that how’d he react after knowing that ”

Neela thinks of that moment when she saw Naina at CHADHA’S house . She was pale and fragile . Tethered with ropes and captured in a room .

Neela : Avni , You’ve been crying every time , You were living just because you’ve to find your mother , But when you’ll get to know it , Then you’ll risk , You can do anything , This is what I’m afraid of !

Avni comes ” Ma ! k.k sir called me up . They dosen’t know about what happened . So I’ve to leave for now .

Neela : Avni are you crazy ! you’ve just came back from hospital

Avni : So what Ma ! Now I’m fine and I can take care of myself

Neela : Bacha don’t be mad Okay , You’re not going anywhere

” l’m alright , I’m strong . Moreover , My job is not that tough , I’ve to sit there only”

Neela : No You’ll not go , Please don’t hurt yourselves

Avni : It’s not like that ! Nothing is important for me than my work . And if I’ll not go then how’ll I become a singer , How’ll I fulfill my mom’s dream and after that I’ve to find her out also .

She lefts , Neela ” Avni , Avni , Wait ! ”


Daksh : Speak Vidyut , Why did you called me up like this ?

Vidyut : I’ve something to tell you bhai sahib

Daksh : I know we talk like this only when we’ve to talk something secret .

Vidyut : That Alia , I mean Avni ..

Daksh : Yeah ! Naina’s daughter , Don’t worry Naina is still with me , Don’t worry about her

Vidyut : She has escaped ! ( He exclaimed with sorrowful terror )

Daksh : Wait ! Wait ! I can’t believe what my ears heard just now

Vidyut ( Loudly) : That stupid Avni has escaped our trap , I don’t know how

Daksh : How could you let this happen , Are you serious ! I mean , How ! And I was with you , But you didn’t told me

Vidyut : I’m sorry I was afraid of it , But now what can we do

Daksh : What can we do ! Wow , How frankly you’re asking it , But how did all this happened

Vidyut : When this happened you were not in Mumbai ( He naarates the scene )

Daksh : what the heck is this , She is in Mumbai and you know why is that so

Vidyut : I know ,

Daksh : But i won’t never let it happen , She can never find Naina , Only because of her I got failed in my plan , Just because of her

( Flashback – After AVNI’S home was set ablaze on fire . Avni was mere 6 years , Naina was holding her in his arms and running into jungle as goons set by Janki were chasing them .

Naina hid Avni among bushes and herself gets caught .

Goons took Her to Daksh who nexty took her to home , To janki

Daksh : See sister your revenge is done , I’ve set their house on fire , And this Naina is all yours now

Janki : She’s my son’s killer , I’ll kill her

Naina sobs loudly : Ma ! you think I killed your son , My Ahil , He died because of me , But why would I do it

Janki : So as to become effluent and rich what else

Naina : You can’t understand Ma ; You’re being trapped , Being betrayed . This your own brother did all this , So as to take over all your business and money , He did all this

Janki ( Slaps her ) : Shut up , blo*dy b*t*h , Don’t blame my brother for all this

Naina : I’ve a evidence against him , You have so much hollow faith in this man Na ! Go , Go and Ahil’s friend Adarsh he’ll tell you everything

Janki : Before my anger turn out to be wrath take her away

Then Next day , Janki overhears Daksh’s conversation on phone

Daksh ” Oh yeah , Bro I killed Ahil , So what , I can do anything for money . And that stupid , Janki , Oh my sister , She keeps on blaming her daughter in law ”

” What , I didn’t require to do anything , Despite , Now I’ll have to take signatures of hers on property papers and hence whole life would be spent with luxury ”

Janki enraged ” Daksh ” She roars . Holding his collars ” You did all this , Oh my god I can’t even believe it , You can be so selfish for money ”

Daksh laughs ” Oh my innocent Sister , Haha ”

Janki slaps him hardly , Her eyes filled with anger

Janki : I did a mistake , Just now only I’ll take away everything from you , I won’t give you even a single ruppe of my

Next scene , She goes to Naina and says her sorry , She has turned her head towards Naina and says she’ll call police and make Daksh arrest . But just then Daksh shot her with his gun and she dies )

Daksh : This Naina is a living evidence of my triumph , My power , My laws , That I can do anything for money

Vidyut : For money , For money only when I kidnapped Avni and you saw her in my bar , You said take her away , And make money from her , And if she dosen’t listens , Tell her , Her mother is abucted

Daksh : And now just because of water has spilled over our plan

Vidyut : But I know that I can count in you , I can come there to search her but you’ll find her very soon

Daksh : Don’t worry about that , But how does she looks like , I mean since all these years she was with you only , Under the Name Alia

Vidyut ( Showing him picture ) : This is our shikar

Daksh ( Thinks that he has seen the picture somewhere before ) : And this shikari will find it very soon

Vidyut : Because

DAKSH : Jo dhnade ke liy sahi vo sahi..Jo dhande ke liy galat vo galat..Isse jayda kabhi socha nahi”

Vidyut : I know you’ll find her out
flashes off . Daksh still gets curious about that face ” Hey , Get that picture of Ahiana to me ”

His servant picks up the picture from the table and walks towards to DAKSH .

” Sir here’s the picture ”

Daksh holds and sees ” What the hell is with it ” ” She’s that girl ” – Says Daksh


Ragu is with Dd at interrogation room .

Ragu : Yes Sir , Years ago my sister got missing , She was 2 months pregnant . We seeked help from Police but they couldn’t find her and Now they told that they had kidnapped her , I even don’t know if she’s alive or …

Dd : That is why you’re helping so that you could find about her out

Ragu : Yes sir

Dd : Don’t worry we’ll find her soon

A constable comes in ” Sir someone has come to meet you ”

Dd : Okay Ragu take care now , You can go now

He gets out ” Ali bhai You ! ”

Ali ” Oh yes ! hi dd how’s you ”

Dd : I’m doing fine , You in police station , Is everything fine

Ali : Yes ! Yes ! I just came here to take back my pen drive from Neil

Dd : Pen drive ?

Ali : That day at party I gave him , Of that performance

Dd : Oh yeah ! that Rj’s performance it was really awesome

Ali : He missed it that is why I gave him to see it

Dd : But he’s not here now , But , The pen drive is in his drower

Ali : I actually had to give it to someone so , You give it to me I’ll give him back again

Dd : Good idea , But I want to see it once

Ali : Yeah why not let’s do it again

The next scene is shown Dd bringing laptop and putting in the pen drive .

The video clip begins flashing on the screen .

Dd : Wah ! what a voice she has got

Ali : Really

Dd : Sir missed it

Ali : Really bad

Then , Ragu sees the them watching the video , He got shocked .

Ragu ” How this can happen ” He exclaims and shouts ” This is Alia’s voice ”

Ali : Wow you got it right ! she’s Alia

Ragu : Sir , Dd sir , We got Alia

Dd : Ragu she’s not that Alia , She’s RJ Alia , Who works at a radio station

Ali : What is talking about , Who’s he ?

Dd : I’ll explain you later Ali bhai ! Ragu what’re you saying !

Ragu: I’ve sung with her for so much of time , I know , Her voice is exactly Like Alia , Believe

Dd : Ragu are you sure


AVNI is sitting in Taxi , It stops at signal , And she is sitting with her back touching the seat . Her eyes rolls towards right and just adjacent to her is Neil’s car . Neil is talking on his phone .

Avni suddenly gets worried ” Oh god , Kay bhagwan har jagha yeh Akroo police wala Ku dikh jata ha ” ” I’ve to his myself ”

Neil’s eyes rolls towards Avni’s taxi and his eyes grew wider , He could see a girl who had covers her face with a mirror and is fixing her makeup .

Neil thinks ” Girls today ! Woa ! ”

Then Neil turns away and Avni took a sigh of relief .

Avni could hear him talking ‘ Yes dd I’m stucked at jam ‘ ‘ Not jam dd traffic jam ‘ ‘ When I’ll recah sanam re radio station , I’ll call you , You ‘ ‘ Don’t worry Dd if she’s the real Alia then we’ll surely can break the case ‘ .

Avni : Why is he going there , Wonder if he has got to know something about me ! no god , Why was he talking about Alia ! I’ve to reach there as soon as possible

Avni ( to driver ) : Bhaiya , Take back from here and drive as fast as you can , Hurry up !

At SANAM RE – Music channel

Avni reaches , ” My sweetheart, Alia where you were , So much work is pending ” says k.k

Avni : Sorry sir

K.k : you’re not here for so long , Now what about the show , What about the TRP’s

Avni : I’m so sorry Sir , I’m ready to do overtime

K.k : Meet me in my cabin immediately

He goes , ” Hi , Tia , I’ve a request for you ” She says to receptionist lady

Tia : Yes Mam !

Avni : If anyone came here to ask about me , Saying that he or she want to meet Alia , Just immediately say that I’m not here , I never came here , Do whatever but don’t send that person to me , Okay

Tia : Okay Mam but why !! …And Avni leaves .


NEELA hears doorbell and opens the door.

Neela gets dumbstruck to see him at her house’s threshold she could see a bunch of goons along with him ,Soon those men started distorting her house and breaking all the glasswares , Raiding every corner of house.

Neela ” Tum ! yaha ! ” ( You ! here )

Neela : How dare you came here , Entry for your kind of people in my house is barred

Daksh laughs , He claps ” Oh wow ! You can come into my house , You can search in my house , But I can’t even stand at yours house threshold ”

NEELA : Now why had you come here !

Daksh comes in ” I thought you’d have died but no , You were saved ” ” Your employ saved you right ! oh sorry or should I say your so called daughter saved you ”

Neela: Now why had you came here , What do you want from me ?

Daksh : By the way ( He sat down on sofa ) Your daughter , What was her name Ahiana , Right , She’s very brave I’ve to say , She fought for you , You who don’t have any blood relationship with her .

Neela : She’s not like you , Inhuman , Cruel . She’s a pure heated girl .

Daksh : Oho , Seems like mother feelings have developed in you . Why not ! You had lost your daughter and She had lost her mother . It’s just like a perfect ‘ Ram mailai jorhi ‘ ( God get them together )

Neela looks at him strangely and suspiciously

Daksh : What happened ? why do you look so shocked . Did I said something wrong ? Tell me ?

Neela : How did you know about Ahiana ?

Daksh : Ahiana , Ahiana , Comes one day from London , To your home , And tells that she had came here to find her mother , Naina Sinha

Neela ( Loudly ) : How did you know all this ?

Daksh : One girl and so many Names Ahiana , Alia and Avni

Daksh : Stop all this drama now , I know when you came into my house you saw Naina Sinha there

Neela : Yes ! Yes ! ( She spoke with aggression ) And you’ll see very soon she’ll be soon out of that trap

Daksh gets infuriated and with no time he took out a sharp dagger from his pocket , Holds Her hairs and pressed her against wall .

Showing her picture of a little girl he roars ” You know it very well that how I murdered your husband , Right with this knife , And I Snatched your daughter from you ” ” You very well know what I do with those who try to interrupt me in my goals ”

Daksh ” Where’s Avni , Tell me or else I’ll kill you right now ! I know she’s with you , Tell where had you hid her ”

Neela ” I will not let even the shadow of yours to fall upon my daughter . I’m her mother and I’ll do whatever I can to save her ”

Daksh ” Oh is that so ”

Daksh : Just listen with your ears open , If that Alia tried to go to police or even tried to go against me , I’ll Kill your daughter

Neela ” You’re more worst than a demon and demons can’t rule for long . Think of Ravana !

Daksh pressed the knife little deeper into the flesh ” Just rejoice that I wasn’t here when you came to my house , If I’d be there , I’d have just killed you , But now I’m regretting . Thank god you’re still Alive ”

Neela ” Just wait and watch one day you’ll be crumbled and would be beaten ”

Daksh ” Shhh””just keep your mouth shut “” Just fix these words in your head that if I didn’t got Avni I’ll kill your daughter ”
” Only three days , Just 3 days are with you decide , Wether you want your own daughter , Your own blood or that shit girl who has nothing to do with you ”

He relieves her and move away , Neela drops down and bows her head down on floor , Joining her both palms together ” Please I beg don’t do anything to her , Please ”

Without paying heed he walks out in anguish .

Neela : Now what should I do , If I told her about Naina Ji he’ll kill my Riya and if I didn’t then I’d be betraying Avni

AT Sanam re ‘

K.k : Avni , We’re thinking to launch a new Music channel on Television , Named * Isq with Music * And we’re going to launch you there as a singer

Avni : But sir I’m okay with being an RJ

K.k : Nope you’re a fabulous singer , You can be a star , It’s better for you to be on Television

Avni : No Sir , I know i want to become a singer but I want to keep myself A secret

K.k : No problem so we can launch you as a secret super star

Avni : Sorry sir I couldn’t understand

K.k : We’ll open a special show for you , An 30 minute program Where you’ll sing wearing a mask so as no one can see you .

Avni : But ..

K.k : See Avni , This is business , Being a owner I’ve to think of expanding my business as much as possible . But , But I’ll take care that you’ve no problem with you

Avni : Okay Sir , I’m ready

K.k : That’s like a champ . And I’m sure you’ll rock this channel , Ha !

There , Outside , Juhi steps down from a Auto rickshaw and sees Avni walking up and down just in front of Sanam re’-Music channel building .

Avni is talking ” Yes , Ma! I’m absolutely fine ”
” Yes, I’ll have rest and food on time ”

Juhi stuck between traffic on the other end of road shouts ” Alia ”

But Avni couldn’t hear it .

Juhi walks to cross the road speaking out loudly her name .But till then Avni enters in .

Juhi after gets in , Reaching at the query section she exclaims ” Hello , I want to meet Alia ”

Tia( Receptionist) : Sorry mam who’re you ?

Juhi : My name is Juhi , She knows me very well , Please I want to meet Alia

Tia: No mam you can’t meet her , No person named Alia works here

Juhi : You’re not getting my point , For me it’s really urgent to meet her , Please for once

Tia : But madam I said Na that no Alia works here , Please go

Juhi ( Loudly ) : Why are you lying ! I just saw her right now here , I want to meet her once

Tia : Before we call out guards it’s better for you to leave

Till then , Neil reaches.

Tia: Yes sir how can I help you ?

Juhi(Shouts) (bangs her hands and table ) : First listen to me , I said I want to meet Juhi once

Neil : One minute why do you want to meet her?

Juhi : She’s my friend . I want to just see her once .

Neil ( Shows a picture of Alia) : You want to contact her once

Neil : If I help you then would you help me

Juhi : Okay , I’ll

Neil : I’m Neil khanna , IPS Mumbai , And I want to meet Alia right now

Tia : Okay sir please wait , ( She calls ) ” Hello , K.k sir someone’s here to meet Alia with police ”

Tia : Please Sir wait they’re coming up

Avni murmurs to herself ” Oh god , It must be Neil , But why’s he here , Why he wants to meet Alia , Now what should I do and who’s with him ! ”

Avni worried and depressed wandering inside room .

Tia : Sir You can go inside now !

Neil and Juhi stood up and walks towards the room

One side she’s thinking how can she his and on other hand , Neil is coming closer and closer

Neil thinks ” Today this chapter would finally end ”

Avni thinks ” No , The game has just begun now , It can’t end before I win , I’d never let this happen ”

Avni ” No Avni you can’t loose hopes , You can’t loose , You can’t back down ”

Juhi knocks at the door ” Hello , Alia , Are you there ”

No replies came

Neil dabs twice and finally the door opens .

Juhi gets surprised to see who’s standing in front of her

A woman in black , Her body wrapped in a Burqa

Avni ( Woman in Burqa) : Yes , How can I help you ? . She says as if she’s not aware of the cause

Neil : So you’re The RJ Alia !

Avni : Yes ! I am , So what ?

Juhi : Alia , It’s me Juhi , Why’s you in this Burqa , I want to to talk to you

Avni : I’m sorry but I don’t know what’re you guys talking about , And who’s Alia

Neil ( To juhi ) : Are you sure that she dose knows you , Is she your friend ?

Juhi : Alia please don’t this ! We know each other , Right !

Avni : No Madam I don’t know you !

Juhi : Alia , You helped me escaping from that dead trap , You saved me from Vid…

Avni holds Juhis shoulders and pressed them as in order to stop her , Looking straight away into her eyes , She says ” Miss .Juhi What’re you saying , Yes I’m an artist and every fan of mine is my friend . But please stop exclaiming that we know each other ”

They both have a eye contact and Avni’s eyes blinks and tells her to keep quiet .

While looking into her eyes she secretly hands over her a little piece of paper .

Then , Juhi says ” I’m sorry I think you’re right , You’re not my friend Alia ”

Avni : It’s okay , Afterall ,Its humans only who do mistake !

Neil : Miss .Alia we’ve got some clues against you , You need to come with us for interrogation .

Neil shows his card ” Sorry for not introducing myself , I am , IPS officer Neil .

Avni puts forward his hand ” Hi , I’m Alia or RJ Alia , So Mr.Neil right ? You think I …( She walks around a table ) I am a thief ( Rolls a paper weight over surface ) Right !

Avni ” I had heard that Mumbai’s police is very irresponsible , I don’t know , Criminals can easily escape the police , Anyone can easily buy the law here . ” ” Today I’ve seen it with my own eyes ” ” Without any evidence , FIR you just came here ” ” I’m sure someone must have given you bait , Go and arrest Alia , The singer , So as their channels reputation falls down ”

The rolling glass paper weight falls down , Almost close to Neil’s feet

Avni ” Oops I’m sorry , By the way , I’m shocked how could A IPS officer be so silly ”

Avni and Neil simultaneously bows to pick up the glass stone , Their hands are over each other , Their heads bumped into each other . Avni’s mask / Veil falls down but immediately Avni puts over it again .

They both got up .

Neil : Miss. Alia , First of all , I don’t know , Even I don’t care what all you’ve heard about Mumbai police , I am not like that , I’m not of that kind , I am a honest and Man ruled by brain not with heart

Alia : Oh ho oh woa ! Felt honored to know about you sir , But do you have any strong evidence against me , I’ll go with only one too , If you have then please show up , I’d like to know

Neil : I can smell the odor from thieves , Which I’ve already smelt from you . I had to say – Ek Toh Chori Upar Se Seenazori’ , You can hide from public but not from me

Avni : Hahaa nice dialogue sir , I must say you can be a good actor !

Neil : No thanks , You know to be an actor you have to disguise yourself many times in different looks and attires and I can’t do that , I’d like to be me .

Avni : Great , So I think nowadays Mumbai police don’t have much work so they can pass time easily with anyone anywhere

Neil : Ohh thanks for reminding me , I just got to know that I had a great task for myself , To find a strong lead ( Evidence ) Against You

Avni : Alright ! Mr.IPS officer the day you’ll get one I’ll myself put handcuffs around my hands

Neil : I’d wait for that day

Avni looks straightforward to his eyes – ” All the best Mr.Neil , I hope you’d get successful in your task ”

They both had a eyelock , The eye contact with each other , With Neil becoming suspicious and Avni moving forward in her plan . Both thinking they had beaten each other but the story took another route this way …..

Neil and Juhi walks out of the room , While juhi was looking constantly back to Avni .

Neil : If you get any information about your Alia then please tell us

Juhi : But why ?

Neil : It’s confidential , Despite , I can tell you that , Alia is a criminal , She had done a robbery at police station and also .

Juhi : Okay I’ll see to it



Neela is packing a big brown suitcase , And is frantically stuffing her clothes straightway from wardrobe to bag .

Neela mutters ” I’ll go away from here , I can’t hide the truth from Avni that her mother is alive , But if I told her then not only her buy also my daughter’s life would in life ”

Neela ” I’d not be able to talk to her eye to eye ”

Neela ” What should I do now ” ” ” I should take Avni along with me ” ” We’ll stealthily go away and hide in some other city , There I’d tell her the truth ”

Neela exclaims with sigh ” Yes I think this would be right to do this time , Nothing else could be done ”

AT SANAM RE ‘ ( music channel )

Avni sobs as they both left the room by now ” Stop crying Avni it was one of the toughest thing but from now there’d be more so I’ve to be strong ”

Then the door opens and Juhi comes in …

Juhi sees Avni and Then Avni removes her veil , The Burqa from over her face .

Avni and Juhi looks at each other as if two close friends got up a chance to meet each other after a long go .

Juhi exclaims with tears ” Avni ” and they both Hughs each other .

Juhi ” See Avni I wasn’t wrong , You’re my best friend Avni ”

Avni ” Sorry I had to do all that drama earlier ”

Juhi ” it’s okay i will not ask you anything , Because I know whatever you do had a reason behind it ”

Avni ” Juhi how come uo come here ? ”

Juhi ” Avni tell you everything but first of all tell me how come you here ”

Avni ” Hmm I also want to talk to you but not here ”

Juhi ” OK then let’s meet at CHAMKO cafe ”


Ragu rushes to Neil’s cabinet ” Sir you got Alia , Please tell me where she is? ”

Dd” Please keep silence ”

Neil ” No dd , He’s right we’ve Alia ”

Ragu ” Sir please tell , Don’t keep it still under cover ”

Dd” But sir who’s Alia! ”

Neil ” Ahiana ” Everyone gets surprised seeing him speaking out with Confidence .

Dd” What’re you saying sir ! ” ” That girl living in SUKOON GHAR ”

Neil ” Yes Did”” Till now All the dots were dispersed , Scattered “” But now everything seems coming together , Dots are being connected ”

Dd ” I couldn’t understand what are you trying to say Sir ! ”

Neil : Think back to day one when we’re called at Airport , Just that day I bounced with a girl wearing Burqa she was in hurry and I asked her that if she knew about Alia who had fled from Airport , That day she replied that she is running to save her life

Neil ” Those eyes of the girl and the eyes which I saw today were the same , And this girls eyes are exactly like that

Dd ” But sir just from eyes how can you deduce that she’s alia only

Neil ” Remember we met Ahiana at sanam re ‘ where she said that she got there for a job ” ” That day she didn’t gave answers to my questions ” ” Whenever I ask her about past she used to always ignore ”

Neil ” Moreover , Recall she came at SUKOON GHAR just the day after Alia got missing , And , Note that she’s also from London ”

Dd ” I think there’s some point whatever you’re saying ”

Neil ” I was suspicious since the day I saw her ”

( Avni & Juhi sipping juice)

Juhi ” Avni I’m so glad that you had escaped that hell

Avni ” But still many girls are there ”

Juhi ” You’re right , I can’t even think that , That day if were not there, If you would haven’t helped me get out from there then they’d have killed my baby , It’s all because of you I’m alive today ”

Avni ” See juhi we both managed to escape , But the danger isn’t over , They’re here , They’re still haunting me , Vidyut is trying his best .

Juhi : Avni now what should we do ? I’m scared Avni your life is at risk

Avni : Juhi , I told you while escaping that you should not come out like this , You have to be hidden , Why did you came out !

Juhi : Or what should I have done Avni , I can’t live , I can’t close myself in a house , I was chocked , I’m living all alone since so many years , I had handled each and every problem of mine all alone , I had lost all my hopes . One day I met him , Right at this cafe ( Seeing at Ali who was serving people )

Letting her eyes wet and voice heavy with sigh ” He said that he’s my friend and he’d help me everytime I need him ”

Avni recalls her childhood ( Avni , A little girl of just 6 , In pathetic condition , Clothes tattered away , Hairs tangled , Wandering here and there .

Avni shouts roaming around under darkness in a jungle ” Maa ! Maaa ! where are you Maa ! ”

Suddenly she come across a horrific sight , She sees her house burning .

Avni runs towards the sight , A large gathered there , Hold her , Barred her from entering inside the yellow – red fire .

She screams ” Ma ! Please let me go ” ” My mother is inside ”

Someone says ” Eh ! girl Are you cranky , You want to step into the fire ”

Avni says ” My mother is inside please let me go and save her , Please ”

Another person replies ” Noone is Inside , The house is empty ”

Avni ( To herself ) : So then , Where’s Ma ! where’s she

She then goes to neighborhood – Neil’s house . She bangs at his gate many times .

Noone came out , A person tells her that the occupants have left the house just few hours ago .

Avni weeps ” Neil , You broke the promise , You said as a best friend you’ll be there whenever I need you , But you aren’t here , I break this friendship , This promise of remaining friends always ”

Her nostalgia ends )

Juhi keeps her hands over Avni’s who was lost in her memories ” Avni what happened ? ”

Avni ” Listen , Juhi , I don’t believe in friendship , I believe in fighting for myself ” ” No one comes to help you when you’re in danger , Who’ll put his/her life at risk for you ” ” So you yourself have to fight ”


Dd ” If you knew it time before then why didn’t you arrested her ”

Neil ” No dd , Why would we arrest her , We should help her . She’s is fighting with those people alone ”

Dd” If it’s like this that why didn’t she came to seek help from police , If she had some evidences against Vidyut then she’d help in his arrest ”

At CHAMKO cafe …

Avni : Just leave all this , Tell me how’s your child , Is it’s a girl or boy

Juhi : I’ve a little daughter , Her name is Muskaan ,

Avni : Where are you both living ?

Juhi : We’re living in a women help shelter , Nearby

Avni : Why don’t you both come and live with us , Me and Neela Ma ! she’s a great lady , She runs a orphanage

Juhi : Thanks for invitation , But I’m happy there

Avni : Okay whenever you’ll need any help come there okay

Juhi : Avni , Can I ask you something !

Avni ( Sips from.cup ) : Hmmmm!!!

Juhi : You helped me escaping , But since now you’re also here then why don’t we go and take help from police , Why don’t we go and tell them everything

Avni : Nahi , No juhi , If I did so then someone very close to me would be separated from me , I can’t do it …

Juhi : I know , Your mother , But what’ll you do , We can’t fight them all alone

Avni : We can , I have all the evidences against Vidyut and his illegal business , That is why he hasn’t anything disastrous till now , But , My mom , she’s still missing , She’s Still with them . And they fear if I find her their business would be …

Juhi : I haven’t seen any girl so strong like you , You had withstand such difficult situations .

Avni : From outside i may look like strong but from inside I’m like broken and torn pieces of paper

At police station …

Ragu : She’s brave , Bold and valiant . I remember her once saying that she’d soon bring disaster to Alia’s band .

Dd : Yes don’t you remember how she fought those goons and Saved Neela Ji

Neil: And Neela aunty once said that Ahian likes to share her problems with anyone , She like to fight her battles all alone

Ragu : Howsoever Strong she may be but she can’t win over those people , You’ve no idea how powerful they’re ! ( He heaved with sigh )

Ragu : Yes sir , I’ve seen with my eyes , Being inhuman , I’ve heard with these ears those girls screaming

Neil : Don’t worry , We’d solve this case soon

Ragu : We’ve to be fast , So that something bad wouldn’t happen

Neil picks up the picture of Avni and thinks ” Now I’ll handle this case my way ”


Juhi : I’m very scared , Avni , Let’s go and disclose everything to police , Come let’s go

Avni : Nope juhi , I can’t tell anyone I’m Alia , My mom is still with them , They can do anything to her , Don’t you know how dangerous they’re

Avni mourns ” Alia will never come out , She’ll remain in Avni , I hate Alia , And she’ll die only when my vengeance is over

Juhi : But for whom you’re doing all this , For whom you’re taking risk , Is that person alive , Are you sure your mother is alive

Avni : Yes , She’s , What’re you saying , Do you know ! . She is alive , Alive in my heart and I’ll find her soon .

She says with high vexation , With her eyes filled with rage , With wrath she spoke ” The day I found my mother , I’ll Kill those people all by myself , I’ll kill those criminals who made our life worst than a hell ”

As She was holding a glass tumbler in her hands , The anger filled in her caused to grip it so hardly that it broke into her hands , Her hand filled with blood.

Juhi suddenly blurt out ” watchful , Avni , Be careful ”

Avni looks at her injured hand ” Now , This revenge would be completed from blood ”

” Mere badle ki aag ,
Had roz bad rahi hai
Aur yeh sirf tabhi hi ,
Bhujegi jab main ek ek assun
Ka badla lugi ”
( The fire inside me is getting wilder day by day and it’d only be extinguished when I’ll avenge for my every single tear )

Neil looking at Avni’s picture ” Nahi Ahiana main tumhari
Is aag se kuch galat nahi
Hone dunga ”
( No Ahiana I won’t let you to do anything wrong )

Did asks ” Now what’s the next plans sir ! ”

Neil ” We’ve to follow a strategy , Ahiana dosen’t knows we know she’s Alia , She’s not taking any help from police and this reason is unknown to her . Now we’ll keep on treating her as a criminal as if she had done something wrong . We’ll try to cover each and every move of hers . Then we’ll prove that she’s Alia ”


Tordkar dosti ke wade , Tyaar hai apni ma ke liye kuch bhi Karne ko …

Dusri aur Ek Ma,

Jo bachana chahti hai apne beti ko ….

Kya Pura kar pai GI Avni apna wada ,
Kya Neil ROK payega Avni ko
Kanoon ki khilaf Jane se ,,,

Many questions , , What’d be their destiny

  • Will avni take law law in her hands
  • What’ll neela choose Her daughter or Avni
  • What would Neil do

Thanks to all my besties for waiting for a longtime . I know today’s episode wasn’t that great one . As I returned to writing after a long and after giving exams so my brain and heart is not 100% into it . But I’m sure , That with your love and support I’ll return back with more fabulous work .
Enjoy your day friends. LoveYa !

* Important Announcement *

I don’t know why but when I saw the promo of the serial ‘ Yeh tere galliyan ‘ I thought that it’s plot is quiet similar to me . I may be wrong . But I began with my story well before it began coming on television . Maybe they had taken a idea from my story . I’m not praising myself . It was just a thought . Well , What do you think about !

Bye , Have a nice day !!!
sorry for no pictures , My net package is on verge of finish .
waiting eagerly to meet you all ? I mean talk to you . Don’t forget to ??and comment ??.

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