Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 4 Episode


πŸ’– Kaisa yeh isq hai πŸ’–

4 – Episode

Recap :- Avni plans to buy a ring for Neela Maa on occasion of mothers day , At jewelry store she clashes with Neil

Avni’s car crashes with a big white

Avni : It’s a huge highway , There’s a big space this man has to drive in from of me only .

On that highway , Two cars were in front of each other . Both of their doors opens .

Avni comes out and sees him , She’s terrified on seeing him .

The man sees her and says ” How much we looked for you , Boss was mad after your missing and you’re riding here in car ”

Avni : Whatever you do I’ll never come with you , Now I’m free , Free from your trap .

Man : Ballu ko na !! Na ! Bahut mehenga parhega ( Don’t argue with Ballu you would have to pay for it )

Avni : I don’t care about you , And not even your boss .

Ballu : Don’t talk with me like this , Have you forgotten that you’re Alia , You’re that little fragile , Delicate girl who use to be afraid from us

Avni : That time I was little girl , Now I’m not that weak girl , I’m strong , Today I’m in my birthplace , And here no one can do anything to me

Ballu : What do you think , You’ll flaunt these filmy dialogues and you’ll freak me out ( He laughs aloud ) , Nice joke

Ballu : Come Alia , Vacations are over now , It’s time to get back to work

Avni : I’m not Alia , I’m Avni , And no one can take my identity from me .

Ballu comes near her , He shows her a picture

” You’re Alia , And you’ll stay Alia till your last breath ” , He grasps her hairs tightly ” And you lost your name the very day when your mother died , Now you’re made only for boss , You’re Alia ”

He leaves her and she is pushed back with a jerk .

Ballu : Now silently come with us , Or else what your mother will regret from above seeing what is happening with her daughter

Avni got frustrated , She holds his collars

Avni roars ” Open your ears and listen to me carefully , My mom is not dead , She’s still living in me , In my heart and I’ve promised her that I’ll never let her die , I am her daughter Avni and will stay Avni ”

Ballu : You can just speak and speak and can’t do anything , But I don’t believe in it , We’ve to go , Boss is waiting , Come .

Ballu holds her arm and pulls her towards his car .

Avni shouts ” Leave me , I said leave my hand ”

Avni in her mind ” No i can’t go back to that hell again , No I won’t ”

Avni hurriedly breaks her glass bangle and pricks it on his hand .

Ballu shouts and pulls his hand away .

Avni seeking the opportunity runs away .

Ballu : Hey what are waiting for catch her .

Two men runs behind her , Running a few steps they both caught her .

Avni to them : Till now you’ve seen Alia , But today you’ll see Avni , You’ll see when a girl have to save herself , She can even fight a tiger

Avni gives a hard puch on one of the mans face .

Avni : This is my life and I’ve the right to rule it , Not you .

Avni runs again to save herself . She fights with other two men , They fell and she ran away .

Ballu reached at the spot ” Today again this girl ran away , We couldn’t catch her , Now what will I tell boss ”

Avni reaches back to‘ Sukoon ghar ‘

Neela stood up from sofa in shock ” Ahiana , Were were you Bacha ! I was so tensed ”

Avni comes in , keeps her bag on sofa ” Nothing Neela ma ! I was busy in doing some shopping ”

Neela : What do you think am I a fool , Can’t I see your torn clothes , These scars on your arms , Tell me what happened

Avni : Nothing some bad men chased me , But I didn’t gave up , I fought

Neela : Oh my god , Did you told police about it , wait let me do so

Avni : Ma ! you needn’t do anything , I taught them a brilliant lesson , Now they won’t repeat it again .

Neela : Still Bacha !

Avni : Ma ! don’t worry , I’m fine with it , Now may I please go to my room to get fresh .

Avni goes to her room .Instantly she takes out picture of her mom .

Avni : See mom your daughter fight back today , Every time I get low , I recall my mission , To find you mom and to fulfill your dream .

Avni smiles sobbingly ” But you know I’ve got a mother just like you , Neela ma ! she’s so sweet ”

Avni bangs her head ” Oh shit ! I forgot to bring back my purse form shop ”

Avni says that it would not be safe to again to go out of house , So she calls at the store .


Neil is holding Avni’s and his childhood picture in his hands

Neil to himself ” Avni , I remember every inch of our childhood , I really miss you so much ”

Someonemeone knocks at his back ” Oye tillu , Still you’re sitting here holding her picture , I told you burn it away ”

Neil : Mom what’re you saying , Yo know very well that she’s my best friend .

Shweta ( Mother ) : Oye shut up , She’s your enemy , Thank god she died , And her mom also , Don’t you remember , Because of her once goons attacked you , And every time police use to visit her house , I just thank god she’s not here now

Neil : No , She’s not dead , She’s alive , But where I don’t know

Shweta : In which decade you’re living in , Don’t remember , 15 years ago , Her house was burnt , In that her mom and she died .

Neil : No mom , That was a fake news , If it would had happened then where’s the dead bodies , Reports says there was no corpse found .

Shweta : I don’t know anything , Just move on now

Neil : I’ve told earlier also , Now I’m repeating again , She’s taken a fraction of both my heart and mind ,

Now I don’t know if I would be Able to give it to someone else or not .

Shweta looks into his eyes with sort of disturbance in her mind .

Shweta leaves the room , Neil’s sits down and his phone rings .

Neil : Hello

Avni : Hi today in the morning at jewelry store shopkeeper gave you my purse , I got your number form him

Neil finds out it’s the same girl ” Oh yeah , I have it ”

Avni : Could you please return it to me I’ll message you the address

Neil : Off course why not

Neil to himself ” Wow , Now I can give her the ring too ”

Neil sees the address ” This address ! How ! ” He says in suspicion .

Sorry if I bored you and I just hope it was a good one . Show it some love by hitting πŸ‘πŸ‘ icon , Your views , Criticism , Comments would be awaited by me . Good night all my lovelies 😘😘

In previous episode I made 
A mistake , In beginning episodes Neela calls
Avni as Avni , But Avni hasn't told her 
Real name to anyone. sorry for
That . If you found any mistake 
Do tell  , Bye ...
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  1. 8B4756

    Superb episode di,and I think that in ankkhon me Teri. Naina sings well that’s why Avni also sings well.

    1. Kira

      Yeah , You got it right dear πŸ’“πŸ˜ƒ

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Nice episode di… And why you were upset??
    Good night and sweet dreams

    1. Kira

      Just ase hi , Mood swings
      Thanks πŸ’—πŸ’—

  3. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing episode like always ☺ update soon

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear , πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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