Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 21 Episode

ƘɑíՏɑ վҽհ íՏզ հɑí

         21 st – Episode

Recap :- Avneil fights the kidnappers ; Juhi urges to meet Alia 

Avni removes that band tied around NEELA’S waist , She’s traumatized , As she saw a bomb over her stomach .

Avni huffs loudly ” Neela Ma ! bomb ”

Neela : Bacha ! Listen me you’ve have to live you can’t die , Don’t care about me , Just ho away from here

Avni : Ma ! What are you saying , I won’t go without you , Is that clear , No

She bowed down and looks ” Only 5 Minutes left it’s a time bomb ”

Neela ( frantically and gasping air loudly ) : Avni why don’t you understand you’ve to stay alive in order to accomplish your goal

Avni : Ma you’re getting nervous , Don’t worry , I’m here , I’ll diffuse it .

Avni to herself ” Only 3 Minutes left , I’ve to do something hurriedly ”

Neela holds Avni’s hands and she’s crying as if she had lost her hope ” Avni listen , Go away , It can’t be diffused , Please I beg to go , You’ve to find your Naina Ma ” 

Avni  ” Ma how can you even say like that for my first mother how can I loose my second mother .” Ma you haven’t gave me birth but you had gave me new life , I would have died with grief and depression but you you gave me support. How can I loose you ”

There Neil reached near that cottage room but he’s at opposite side .

Neil ” The marks of tyres showed up till here , Ahiana must be somewhere here only , Just spread and find them out

Dd : Sir here only trees are visible where they could be

Neil : They would not have gone to far , Try , Just Do what’s possible

Someone Exclaims ” Sir a mobile phone ”

Neil : It’s of Ahiana , She must be somewhere near only

Avni reads out ” Just two minutes left Ma ”

She very carefully tries to remove the belt from over her waist

Neela with fear spoke ” Avni carefully , It could be dangerous enough ”

Avni is sweating badly , Her hands shaking with terror , She’s shaking , On carefully been able to took out the belt ” Neela Ma just get up and run as far as you can go , Go away from here ”

Neela holds her arm ” Come let’s leave from here , Come Avni ”

Avni : No Ma ! If I dropped her it would blast . So I’ve to keep it over a hard surface

Neela : Bacha , Only one minute has left now

Avni : Ma ! believe me ! Nothing would happen to me nor you , Just run

Neela : But ,,,

Avni : May apko mere kasam ! Just leave

Neela walks forward .

Avni ” Only 50 seconds left , I’ve to find a suitable place to keep it ”

Time is running 30 seconds , 29….28…..27….26….

Avni finds a table she puts a lot of dried grass over it and keeps it over it .But after keeping Avni’s cloth stuck into the Nail inside the table

Beep , Beep , Beep , 23s …22s….21….20s….

Neil and Dd there walking towards the point . Soon Dd realizes something Beeping in his pocket , He took out a little device from his pocket ” Bomb detector ”

Dd shouts ” Sir see in this direction the bomb detector is buzzing ”

Neil : Come on let’s go into this direction , Hurry up !

Dd : The signals are getting stronger

Neil : Run before it’s to late

Suddenly , All of instance , A loud explosion is heard , As if a bomb as erupted .

Neil and others falls down over the ground .

Neil could see with his eyes the area set ablaze on fire .

Neil rapidly stood up and tries walking into , But others stopped him .

Neil :We’re late Dd  ! oh good

Dd calls for help , Soon , Fire brigade arrived . With massive water sprayers the fire was being extinguished .

On everything looks like settled , Neil walks in and finds out everything burnt out .

Neil screams ” Ahiana , Neela Ma! ”

Man ¹: I don’t think whosoever inside would be alive by now

Man ² : You’re right the bomb was quiet powerful , See the destruction

Neil went back into flashback [ 15 Years back when AVNEIL were children , Neighbours , And were best friends once .

Avni and Neil sitting over a bench . It’s the day of Ganesh Chaturthi .

Neil : You know what Avni , I wish that we would celebrate this festival every day

Avni : Why ?

Neil : So that we can get blessings from lord evey single day

Avni : Oh come on , Neil I know very well why do you want , It’s all because you can get sweets every day

Neil : Wow Avni how easily you can read my brain

Avni : If you’ll eat so many Ladoos then you’ll become obese

Neil : I won’t don’t worry .

Avni : Do thing when you become a police officer , At least when you’ll run behind thieves you’ll loose some weight

Neil : Nice joke , Ha ! no I would not like to be a police officer , What if someone shoot me , Then I’ll die , You’ll cry and I can’t see tears in your eyes

Avni : Oho Neil ‘ Kya HOGA tera ‘

Neil : Avni , Tomorrow we’re leaving for abroad

Avni : I know mom told me

Neil:  Promise me Avni that maybe how far we live we’ll remain best friends forever

Avni and Neil makes a promise

Then after 15 years ,  A long time back from abroad Neil came back to Mumbai , He sees a newspaper

” Famous Singer Naina sinha died when her house was set on fire . The incident took place on 16 July 2013 , At midnight , According to reports , Along with her , Her 6years daughter also became part of this incident ”

Neil ” Avni you broke the promise , How can you do that ”

Flashback  Over ]

Man ²: You’re right ! I don’t think that anyone here would be left alive

Man ¹ : Everything is burnt badly here

Neil gets infuriated ” I had already lost my Avni now fire can’t snatch more of my people from me

He gets up and holds his collars “Listen to me you’re rescue team you’re job is to save people from dangerous situations and not to loose hope like this , Go and do your job ”

Neil consoles himself ” No one has died , Everything is fine ”

Dd cries out “SIR ”

Neil runs there , ” Sir Neela Ji ” – Dd

Neil finds Neil injured , Her face badly blackned by smoke , Edge of her forehead bleeding .

Neil : Neela Ma ( Tapping on her face ) Neela Ma are you okay !

Dd gets water , Neil frantically sprinkles on her face .

Neela winks her eyes and faintly opens ” Neil ” She cries slowly with grief

Neela ” Neil ,She’s inside find her please I beg find her out ”

Neil : Dd call ambulance , Hurry up .

Neela : Neil save her please

Neil ” Don’t worry I’m here , Ha !

Neil and Dd took Neela to Ambulance

Neil : Dd take Neela Ma ! to hospital I’ll be there soon with Ahiana

Dd : Yes sir

Neil walks back to those burnt ashes , Broken iron and wood pieces . He strolls madly , Dealing with those smokes and fumes .

Neil ” Where are you ? ” he mewls

Soon she finds someone’s hand waving below heavy a slab of rock

Neil rushes and removes it and finds Avni below it .

Neil roars ” Ahiana ” and hurriedly uplifts her head into his arms .

Neil taps and shakes her face ” Please , Open your eyes , Please ”

Neil gets worried ” Ahiana no nothing can happen to you ”

” Hey ! someone call doctor ”

From his eyes a drop of love an affection , A tiny drop of miraculous tear falls and drops on her eyes .


With his tears falling down over her eyes , Her eyes began flickering , And faintly she opens her eyes

Neil uplifts her and hugs her .

[ Background music tone – Ae dil hai mushkil ]

Neil realizes that Avni is huffing and breathing badly as if she’s short of air .

Neil roars ” Someone’s there , Please call an ambulance , Call doctor ”

Someone comes and announces ” Sir it’d take a lot of time ”

Neil : No we can’t take any risks .

Neil finds her eyes closing and her breath coming to halt .

Neil picked her up and run away to road .

ᴀᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴍᴋᴏ ᴄᴀᴈᴇ

Ali is serving his guest , Walking from one table to other ” Hey says , But why do you want to meet her ? ”

Juhi : You’re not getting it , For me it’s really urgent to meet her once

Ali : Okay juhi we’ll go at meet her , I’ll accompany you there

Juhi : Thanks Ali

Ali gets a call ” One minute , Dd this time ” ( He’s shocked ) ” What ? I’m just coming okay )

Ali ” Juhi I’m sorry we can’t go now , My friend is in problem , I’ve to go ”

Neil’s father Prakash and mother Shweta in the car …

Shweta : Prakash Ji that is why I made a prediction , That , that girl is not a good omen for my son , See now what all has happened

Prakash : Oho Shweta Ji you’re taking tension without any big reason , After he’s your super cop , Paying with danger is his duty

Shweta : You think I’m taking tension without any big reason , It’s a bomb blast , Prakash Ji , Bomb blast

Prakash : I’m sure Neil would be fine and so both Neela and Ahiana , And why in all this you think that girl is at fault

Shweta : You’re asking why ? Everything that is happening is all because of her ! Firstly she stole money , Then goons came into Neela jis house , Kidnapping .

Prakash : Come on !we’re going there , There we’ll get to everything , Okay !

Shweta : Bhaiya hurry drive fast , How much time it’d take

Driver : Madam Ji there’s a lot of traffic out there , So it’d take some time

Shweta : Just drive fast I just hope my tillu is fine


Neil is sitting outside the operation theatre , The red light is on showing the treatment is going in , On chairs . He has lowered his head .

Nurse comes “Sir please come you’ve got many injuries you should get immediate first aid ”

Neil looks up and finds out doctor in rush coming out of the operation room .

Neil declined his treatment and asks ” Doctor how’s she now ! She’d be fine soon Na ! ”

Doctor : I won’t give any false statement , The truth is , she’s in a very critical situation right now . Actually she was very near to the spot of bomb explosion .

Till then Ali reaches the hospital , Standing at the enquiry counter he asks ” Here just now an patient who suffered from a bomb explosion came ”

Lady spoke showing with her finger ” Yes Sir , There ”

Ali ” Thanks ”

Ali rushes towards and Finds Neil loudly speaking

Neil ” What do mean just save her , How can you loose hope so easily , I want my Avni back ”

Doctor : Mr.you’re not getting it ,We’re trying our best

Neil : I don’t wanna hear any word from you .

Ali comes and holds him ” Doctor I’m sorry , He’s worried please you can go ”

Neil : No how can a doctor say like that

Ali : Neil chill come sit , Sit here .

They both sat .

Ali : First of you all you tell me how’s you ! Are you okay

Neil : Ali, I’m perfectly fine , But see , Neela aunty and Avni, What happened to them

Ali : Neil first thing , Stop calling her Avni , She’s Ahiana and other thing , Nothing would happen to them believe in God .

Neil :Sorry I’m really sorry , Don’t know what all I spoke in vexation . You’re right I should be positive .

Ali : It’s okay , See Neil yourself , You’re injured just go and take first aid , I’m here , Go

Neil : No I won’t go till everything is fine

Ali : Neil go , Don’t let your injurious be fatal ,You’re bleeding , Go , Go now

At CHADHA’S house …

Daksh walks through the his house and opens a door to a room .

As the two doors slits into halves , From floor , A lady is shown tethered to iron chains , Her hair , Dry and hard covering her face .

His servant spoke ” Sir don’t know just all of sudden she got insane , She started shouting and were dabbing the door hardly so we’ve to do this ”

Daksh shook down and squeezed her chin ”

Daksh : So this terrible fish also needs some water
He lays his hand open and another man puts a syringe and a little bottle of medicine over his palm
Daksh fills the syringe with the brown liquid and The lady clears her hairs and it’s nobody else but Avni’s mother , Naina Sinha ( Ayesha )

She gives a terrible smile ” Haha ” As if she’s in pain but is showing off she had won .
Naina : Leave it now , From now you don’t need to give it me more now , Because soon I’ll be free from here
Daksh : Oh wow , After 15 years this is first time you’re saying something with full confidence
Naina : This is what i was waiting for since 15 years that someone will come and stand right face to face and would defeat you
Daksh : Nice joke I must say ! just stop dreaming with your eyes open dear , Someone who’ll come and stand in front of me , Hhaha I can’t digest it .
Naina : One day devil has to loose truth always wins
Daksh : Devil , You wanna say that evil would be beaten , Really , Yeh Kalyug ka zamana hai , Yaha Maya se badkar kuch nahi .
Daksh ” By the way who’ll come to save you . This God whose idol you keep so close to yourself ( He took away from her an sculpture of lord Ganesha and threw it with hatred )
Or you daughter , Would come here to save you here . But you know your daughter can never come here to save you , Because she’s far away in London
Naina : Yeh Ma ka dil hai ! Ma ko baghwan bhi kehte hai , Tujhe harna hi hoga
Daksh gets stormy and grasped her hairs forcefully , and roars ” Just listen to me , There’s noone in this whole world who can defeat this Daksh chadha , I can buy the whole world “
And release her with a bang , Stood up and walks ” Listen , She shouldn’t take even a single breath peacefully and she can’t die . Because till she’s alive we’re getting money “
And walks out enraged .
A nurse is shown plastering bandage over Neil’s arm which has got injured .
Neil is lost in his own conceptions ” Why I called her Avni , I promised Myself that I won’t gives Avni’s place to anyone , Then why ? “
Then a ward boy comes in and says ” Sir , Miss. Neela is conscious now , You can meet her “
Neil pops up , And rushes to meet Neela .
Neil : Neela Ma ! how’s you ?
Neela : I’m fine now , But what about Ahiana , Is she fine !
Neil in order to not to give her any tensions he says ” Yes ! She’s fine , Doctors said the operation would end soon “
Neela : Operation , It means something is serious , I gotta see her once
Neil holds her hand ” Neela Ma ! You’ve faith I me , She’d fine , Don’t worry , But for now you need rest , Okay
Neela : Know Neil , She has no relations directly with me , But still , She said you got Ma and she herself stayes there with bomb , I had never seen a girl , So genuine .
Neil : But Neela Ma ! How did uo got kidnapped , How did you reached there
Neela : Ohh actually ,
Soon , He hears some voices from outside ” Mom he exclaims ” , ” You please take rest and I go and check , Ha “
Shweta nearly standing with Prakash yells ” Ali , Where’s My Tillu , A bomb blast , How’s he , Tell me “
Neil opens the door and comes out ” Mom Why are you shouting it’s a hospital “
Shweta : I know Tillu ( Keeping her hands over his face ) How’re you , Are you okay , These scars and bandages
Neil : Mom I’m perfectly fine , See I’m standing right here in front of you !
Prakash : He’s right Shweta Ji , He has saved them , He’s a hero
Neil : Mom I’m fine , Okay Dad take mom home
Prakash : How’s Neela Ji and Ahiana
Neil : She’s still serious but Neela aunty is better now
Shweta : Okay then we’ll meet Neela Ji and then We’d go from here ( Showing up that she unlike Avni )
Neil : Mom ( Prakash gestricutates him to stay calm )
Shweta goes away and Prakash stays with Neil , Keeps his hand over his shoulder
Prakash : Please whatever she said don’t take in wrong way
Neil : Yes Dad I understand
Ali comes ” Neil doctor is asking for you “
Neil : I’ll come dad
They nodded heads and Neil goes .
Doctor : It seems like she’s stable now , But still she’s not out of danger , We’ve to keep her under observation
Neil : Can I meet her once
Doctor : Okay if you wanna
There , Prakash , Overhead two police constables talking about incident .
Officer 1 : Did you saw how mad sir went when he saw that girl over there
Officer 2 : I’ve never seen Sir so serious for any case before
Officer 1 : And he was calling that girl again and again Avni , But her name is Ahiana
Officer 2 : I got to know from somewhere that she was sirs girlfriend once and then she died
Prakash : Don’t you guys have any other work instead of talking here and gossiping
They both ” Sorry Sir ” And went away
Prakash sees him from outside the window , Neil holding Avni’s hand and Seeing her sleeping innocently over the bed .
He comes In , ” Dad ” Neil exclaims seeing him there late night .
Prakash : Neil you haven’t come home till now , Are you okay
Neil : I’m fine , Is mom with you
Prakash : She’s at home waiting for you
Neil : You should go and sleep I’ll be here might Neela aunty need something , So someone must be here for them
Prakash : That’s good my super cop but you face looks like so pale , Tires and worried , Is everything fine
Neil Didn’t spoke a work
Prakash : See you can share with me anything we’re like best friends , Come on tell me now
Neil hugs him ” Dad I’m feeling guilty “
Prakash looking into his dizzy eyes ” Guilty “
Neil : Yes , I was there with Ahiana and I couldn’t do anything , I couldn’t save her , What is use for me being a police officer then
Prakash: Please don’t underestimate yourself Neil , You were and you’re a super cop and you’ll remain so , Now see if you didn’t bought Ahiana here on time she would have not be fine so early it’s all because of you that she’s fine now
Neil : Thanks dad talking to you always gives me peace
Prakash : Okay now go and get fresh I’m here , See you’re so tired
Chadha sitting over sofa cleaning his teeth with a toothpick .
Chadha : Who was that girl ! Who came here to save Neela
His man ” She was very cunning lady , She was ready to die herself in order to safeguard Neela “
Chadha ” How does she looks like “
He was given a sketch of Ahiana ( Avni )
Man : The police officer was calling her Ahiana , This is the sketch and Yes she was calling Neela , Neela Ma !
Chadha keeping the picture of her in front of his eyes ” Find out I want complete information about this girl right on my table , Puri janam Kundali niklwao , Let me see who’s this calling her Neela Ma “
PRAKASH lovingly with a fatherly hand keeps his palms over Avni’s face .
” In these fifteen years it’s been like for the first time that Neil is thinking about a girl , On his tounge instead of Avni it’s someone’s else name and I just hope he would be like this , I want him to move on now ”

Hope you guys enjoyed it , Sorry for all the mistakes I did above and also for being late again .
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Precap :- Neil & Dd talking about who can do it , Neela runs and tells Neil that all of sudden Avni’s health is degrading . Doctor says that her condition is very critical .

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