Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 18 + 19 Episode

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Kaisa yeh isq hai

Episode 18

Recap :- Avneil dance at Ali’s party ; Avni spots Juhi

Instantly Avni and Juhi bumped into each other , They have a faint glance of each other , They looks at each other strangely .

But then other dancers came in between and they both separated .

Avni gets shocked , And she stumbles and was just falling down , Trying to save her from falling , Neil falls Over her .

The whole crowd stopped , Ali ” Ohoo , Mahshalla , Mashalla ”

AVNEIL gets up .

Ali : Seems like someone’s enjoining EID more that us , Ha !

Neil : What are you saying Ali it was just an accident

Ali : Accident or it was like dance pe chance , Ha !!!

Neil : Ahiana ( He turns back but finds she has gone from there ) Ahiana ! Oh god

Ali : Come on guys let’s have some food I’m very Hungry .

Everyone goes away , Dd comes ” Sir he’s here , I’ve made him sit inside at cafe ”

Neil : Okay I’m coming just check that nobody comes in while we’re talking

Dd : Yes sir

Avni tries to find Juhi here and there but she couldn’t find her , Ali who was insanely walking here and there muttering ” Where has Juhi gone ? ” bumps with her and the cola in his hand spills over her dress .


Ali : oh I’m really sorry

Avni : It’s okay !

Ali : Sorry again , I was just looking for my friend , Don’t know where she has gone

Avni : It’s fine ! Where’s washroom

Ali : There at left corner

THERE Neil gets in and finds out a mysterious man sitting at a corner wearing a scarf

Neil : Hi , I’m officer Neil khanna

He removes his scarf ” Hi ”

Neil : Ragu , You , You called me !

Ragu : Yes sir please don’t take my name I told you Na we’ve to make this meeting a secret

Neil : Yes , Sit

Avni is shown coming towards the sitting arena , The cafe where they both are sitting .

Avni to herself ” Don’t know what’s happening to me today , Firstly this Akroo police wala , Then i saw Ragu here then Juhi , My brain is not working well

Inside , The cafe .

Ragu : Sir I’ve very important thing to tell you about Alia , She’s in danger , She needs your help

Neil looks at him thoughtfully : what do you mean !

Ragu : Alia , Is being trapped by Vidyut

Neil : Vidyut , Vidyut chadda !Man who holds London’s richest and expensive Bar

Ragu : Yes ,

Neil : Alia being trapped , Means !

Ragu : Sir maybe right now I don’t have any strong evidence , But I’m damn sure that along with this Bar this vidyut is engaged in business of brothel .

Neil : what ! How do you know this ! Is this information correct

Ragu : Yes sir !

Neil : Tell me the whole thing clearly

Ragu : Hmm !! Yes ! I think I should

Outside , Ali ” Dd where’s your sir Ji it’s time for music bro ”

Dd : Noodle bhaiya , Actually sir had some important meeting , He’s inside cafe , would just come in few minutes

Ali : what Dd Meeting today ! let me call him wait

Dd stops him ” Noodle bhaiya I’m very hungry , You said you’ve made special seviyan for me

Ali : What you haven’t had it yet , Come let’s have it

Avni comes there she’s just standing in front of window mirror , Inside where Neil and Ragu are sitting .

Avni : where’s this bathroom ” Excuse me ” ( she calls a waiter ) ” Where’s washroom

Waiter : Right there madam !

Avni : Thanks you

Inside cafe ,

Ragu : 3 Years ago I auditioned for an singing competition , Vidyut was paid chief guest there , He selected me and two more people . At that time he was popular business man of London .He invested money on our band , With me and alia and others we were famous music band Alias . But we only used to meet while singing after that Vidyut used to take her away , I don’t know where .

Ragu : Now after so many years I got to know that , Along with this they run a brothel , They are in business of selling girls and making money using them at bars .

Neil : What about Alia

Ragu : We were coming to India for an concert , Alia ran away from there

Neil : You took the case back

Ragu : Right sir ! Boss was afraid about his business . He said he would find her in his own way . He’s mad for her

Neil : Where’s Alia !

Ragu : I don’t know sir , Where’s she ? I even don’t know who’s she ?

Neil looks strangely ” What ? ”

Ragu : Yes sir , For whole London including me her face is not known , I’ve always seen her with her mask

Neil : I know , She’s always seen in a particular mask

Ragu : She’s always kept hidden , Because for them she’s a source of income and money .

THERE , AVNI , walks out of the washroom and her eyes falls over the window and she finds Neil talking to someone

Avni : Who’s with Neil , What’re they talking about ?

K.k reached there , ” Ahiana my queen come it’s time to rock the stage ”

Avni : You’re late Sir ,

K.k : Sorry , You know Mumbai’s traffic

Next Scene , K.k is on stage ” Hello ladies and gentleman , I’m K.k , The one and only owner of your favorite radio station ‘ Sanam re ‘ . We’re going to begin a new music show with our brand new melodious singer , RJ ALIA , just very soon .

Here’s her first performance , So invite with your love RJ ALIA .

Avni wearing a beautiful shining gown , Wearing a peacock mask comes over the stage , Stood behind Mike .

Avni :Hope you would like it , It’s for one of my best friends as EID was his favorite festival .

She sings ” Agar Tum Mil Jao

Zamana Chod Denge Hum…
Tumhe Paakar Zamane Bhar Se
Rishta Tod Denge Hum
( Agar Tum Mil Jao

Zamana Chod Denge Hum )… ”

Everyone standing there were clapping and waving their heads with the music beat .

Neil : If you even don’t know then how’ll we find her out

Ragu :Except Vidyut and Ballu , No one knows her real face .

Neil Gave a glance outside from window and sees some girl standing over stage , But he couldn’t clearly hear the song nor see her.

Ragu holds Neil’s hand ” Sir Not only Alia but all of us trapped there need your help , But first you’ve to save Alia because ”

Neil : Because !

Ragu : I don’t know sir Once she told me that very soon she’ll herself would finish this band , She said she’ll bring destruction , I wasn’t knowing at that time what she wants to say actually , But now I think she’s hidden somewhere and planning to take revenge from Vidyut

Neil : For this we need you help in finding her

Ragu : We’ve to stop her from taking law in her hands , Okay sir I shall better leave now before anyone sees me , I’ve came here stealthily

Neil : See we’ll provide you a safe hiding place so that you can be safe right ( He calls Dd )

Dd : Yes sir !

Neil : Take him to that place which I’ve told you

Avni finished her song there

Ali : Hope you loved it , We thanks Miss. Alia very much to be here and make this party very special .

K.k : Now we’ll take your leave guys and please everyone everyday tune up to RJ Alia .


Neela is cutting vegetables with knife sitting right in front of television set .

The news could be heard ” Results for recently held elections have come as known Daksh chadha had won again gaining maximum seats in Mumbai , Here we’ve Daksh chadha with us ”

Seeing his picture , From Neela’s hand the knife slips and her finger gets slit .

” Ouch ” She cries as blood ozzes out from her finger .

:- So Mr.Daksh chadha how are you feeling after winning

:- I’m felling at the top of world , Really happy to know that I could help people again as I’m again in power

Neela exclaims shivering : How is it easier to make someone bad , Good in today’s society , Just shout in front of people that you’re good and they’ll consider you like god .


at backstage

K.k : wow Ahiana , My RJ Alia you were amazing loved the song , I’m wondering from where did you got this mesmerizing voice

Someone from behind exclaims ” For sure from her ancestors ”

Avni gets surprised , It’s Ali who spoke ” Obviously someone from her family must be an awesome singer ”

She was wearing a mask then .

K.k : Yes , Tell what’s reason behind this

Avni in low faint voice : No it’s nothing like that

Ali : Thanks a lot Mr.K.k and RJ for being here , Really you added magic to my simple party

K.k : My pleasure sir , Okay now we’ll take your leave

Ali : Please before going have food , Please, Hey ( calls A man ) Take them to food counter , Please Sir , Mam .


A bar is shown , The music is being played . Dim lights flashing through the darkness there . At centre , Is shown two sofas within which a table is kept .

Vidyut is holding a glass of wine “Congratulations Mr.Daksh chadha , Really happy that you’ve won again ”

The camera rolls towards another big , Scary looking elderly man , Daksh chadha , He sips wine from that little glass and bangs it on table .

Daksh :I’d have to win , At last who’s brother I am

Vidyut smiles , His waving neck tilting left and right ” Right ! Know this style of yours is what I like the most , That we’ll never loose any game ”

Daksh : Yeah I know ! But yes I’m meeting you after a long ,but see you’ve risen much in your business

Vidyut : And what about you you’re still ruling your city

Daksh : Haha ! Your witty nature is still the same , So three cheers for our success .

NEXT SCENE IS SHOWN IN A LARGE , BIG WHITE BUNGALOW . Outside which ‘Chadha’s’ Mansion .

Neela is standing near it’s gate , She rings the bell .

A man , Servant , Comes out and sees her , Instantly she shouts ” Eh ! You here again , Don’t dare to come in , Get out ”

Neela : No I won’t go without meeting Daksh , ( Loudly) Daksh come out !

He comes out there and opens the gate ” Oh madam how many times we’ll kick you out of the house , Just get out of here ”

Neela : I won’t leave unless I meet my daughter , I want to meet her

Man : Which daughter , There’s no one , We’ve told you millions of times that she has died

Neela enraged : No she is alive , Daksh , Where is my daughter

Man : Madam Before I call security just get away , And fix it in your mind that your daughter has died she isn’t here

Neela Pushed him away ” I’m saying it since long time that she’s not dead , If you can’t take me to her I’ll myself find her out ” ( She ran away into the house )


Ali sees Neil passing by ” Neil where were you , You’ve missed my surprise ”

Neil : Sorry Ali there was something important

Ali : Not so fair , You missed the superb singing performance

Neil : I’m sorry for that but now I’ve to go please let me go , Ha !

Ali : No no the party isn’t over yet bro !

Neil : Ali bhai ! I know you’re smart enough to understand that for me my job is much more important to me than these parties

Ali : Okay fine ! I’ll let you go , But wait , Just be here I’ll come in minute

Avni wearing that costume with mask was passing , She was in a haste and her shoulders colloid with Neil’s . She just shouts while moving on ” I’m sorry ” . Neil sees her face unclearly and sparking glint in her eyes .

Ali comes ( hands over him a pend drive ) : Here’s the recording of the performance , Must watch it , It was mind blowing

Neil : For sure thanks .See Ya !

There Neil sat in his car and in the other handAvni sat in with k.k in other car and they both left .


Neela was walking from one corner to other but she couldn’t find what she was looking for .

Neela ” I’ll find here noone can hide my daughter from me ,I’ll find her out ”

SOON she finds a picture of a little girl hung over the wall over her was flower necklace . Neela goes to that frame ” My princess where are you come to me , Please ”

At the moment she hears a door which was locked from outside . She rapidly goes to it and dabs it with her hands ” Bacha are you here , Are you locked here , Tell me ”

Magically the door seems to be shakend from inside as if someone is trying to open it from inside but can’t speak anything .

Neela : Bacha you’re here Na ! I know , It’s your birthday today see your Mama ! Has come

No replies came from in . The man came there ” No one is allowed to come near this door , Get out ” He holds her hand and tries pulling her out but she got mad

Neela : It’s my daughters birthday today just for once let me see her

Man :Shut up don’t drive me crazy ( He threw her on a wall ) but she got up again, He hold her hand ” Get out ”

She got angry and pulled her hand from his grip and again dabs the door hardly .

Man : She has got crazy I better call Sir


Neil looking through many files and folders ” From the starting till the end I need each and evey report of the case ”

Dd : Here you go sir , Here’s all the files

Neil : Alia is in Mumbai only and were to find her as soon as possible

Dd : Sir whatdo you think whatever Ragu has told is correct

Neil : Yes , He dosen’t have anyother options left , He not only wants himself to be saved from those people but also wants to help others

Dd : But sir how he can be so sure that Alia wants to take revenge from them

Neil : Maybe it’s just his prediction but we’ve to protect her and other girls abducted there

Dd : So for this we’ll have to go to London

Neil : No dd unles we find Alia we won’t go anywhere

Dd : Sir Ragu is safe now

Neil : Good ,Find out Since last month in hotels near airport who all have come , Now every hotel demands an ID proof , Check out who has given their Identification from abroad

Dd: Right Sir !

Neil : Nextly , We’ll ask Ragu to give us every description he could about her , And also about Vidyut

Dd : See this sir , There’s Never a complaint registered against him in London .

Neil : This would had happen ,Because he’s a powerful person , We would have buyed everyone who’d have tried to go against him

Dd : correct sir , Once news came that he did a big scam over many million dollars

Neil : Remember ! A year ago news came that a group of Portuguese tourist women were missing from London

Dd : But after a few weeks that news was suppressed

Neil : He must be behind him , Now wasting no more time let’s get to work

Dd : But Sir I didn’t understand one thing why’s Ragu helping us , What would he get doing all this

Neil : we’ll have an interrogation session tomorrow , Let’s see what more information we could get


Neela was madly hitting the door , Just then a man comes and keeps handkerchief treated with anesthesia and she faints and he takes her away

That man calls Daksh ” Sir I’ve done what you said ”

:God stupid b*t*h , She has really been troubling me since so long

” She came here again asking for her daughter ”

:- Oh gosh ! How many time I’ve to explain to her , Now I’m busy handle her , Bye

It was Late evening by now .

NEIL Reached his home

He sat down on sofa being tired and exhausted . Prakash who was passing by his room sees him .

Prakash : Neil tired ?

Neil : Yes Dad

Prakash : Looks like you had much work today

Neil : Yeah ! But it’s okay I’ll manage

Prakash : Now , Music is best companion , Just listen to music see it’ll leave you stress free

Neil : Thanks dad , Good night

Prakash : Good night ( He stood up and turns on the radio )

Neil : Dad you know I don’t like listening to music

Prakash : Neil just give it a try you’ll feel good ,Listen close your eyes and relax

Neil : But ..

Prakash : Shhh you’ll thank me later on , Know when you’ll close your eyes and will loose yourself in music you’ll find every solution to your problem

He nods his head in Yes …


Neela opens her eyes and finds herself tied over a chair , Her moth sealed and hands tethered with rope.

Neela shakes herself trying release herself . She becomes able to free herself . She gets up and silently moves around the house .

Neela : I’ve to find what’s hidden in that room

The whole house is covered in darkness , She’s wandering here and there .

Finally she finds that room , She soundlessly opens the door’s panel it opens , Getting in she finds some lady who has turned back , Her hair which were tangles , Dry and Damaged could be seen .

Neela says softly : who’s this ?

The woman turns back slowly .Pause ,That shot stops there .

Neil’s POV …

Radio :- Hello , Everyone ” It’s dark now but are you alone , Are you feeling sad andepressed , Or you can’t think of a solution to a problem . So here we have the best solution ever for all sad souls . Our special new show every night only one radio ‘ Sanam re ‘ . And your host would be RJ Alia on her brand new show ‘ Ae dil hai mushkil ‘. Here comes our RJ Alia .

” Hi guys I’m RJ Alia ” A sweet voice distracted him and his stopped beating like for a moment . ” Here is my first song hope you guys would love it , Because I’m missing someone very close to my heart . May be you would be feeling same , Here i go ”

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil ”

Neil sat back over lounge , His eyes closed

There at studio Avni who was singing the song , Tears rolled down from her glittering eyes .

Neil’s mind took another path he want back , Thinks of his first to last meetings with Avni .

Her face while eating Poha , They both falling down , Her expression when she saw lizard .

There AVNI also started thinking same , Neil saving her when tree was falling on her , Holding her in rain , When he offered her food with his hands .

Neil thinks of dancing with Avni . Avni goes back when she was laughing at Neil seeing him fallen in mud water .

In Neil’s room , He was still lying of sofa . “Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami

Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ”

At radio station
Avni finishes her song she’s still lost and gets ready to go back home .
K.k : Wow Ahiana you sung really well with real emotions loved it
Avni : Don’t know sir what happened to me today I was so emotional don’t know why
K.k : This is real identity of a real singer , That he or she understand music and relates it with own situation
Neil woke up and looks himself in mirror : what has happened to me , Why my mind was thinking about her ?
[ Flashback – Prakash saying to Neil ” Close your selves in music and you’ll find solution to your every problem ]
Neil bangs himself ” Neil you’re crazy , Just stop thinking about that “
He gets up and walks away
AVNI ,reached home
Avni calls out ” Neela Ma ! Today I’m very happy , It was my first day at sanam re ”
” Ma ! Did you hear me , Neela ma ! ”
Their servant comes ” Didi Ji she’s not at home ”
Avni : Not at home where is she ? It’s late night now
Servant : Don’t know didi Ji since evening she isn’t at home
Avni : what are you saying kaka ( uncle) in afternoon I called her she was at home only
Servant : Yeah but when I came back from market she wasn’t here
Avni : Where are kids
Servant : Tomorrow they’ve school so I’ve made them sleep early
Avni : Okay , You can also go to your home now
Servant : But it’s been late now I’m worried about Neela Ji
Avni : It’s okay you also have to go to your home , To your family , I’ll handle and would let you know
Servant : Okay Didi Ji good night , Ha !
Avni comes toward the hall and finds out a cake left over the dining table with a card ” To my sweet daughter ” Written over it .
Avni : What is this , Cake , Card , These decorations and all
She sat down over the table and looks at the clock ” 10 Pm ” She reads out .
Avni : I’m really worried now , she’s not even answering calls , Oh god .
Half an hour passes , She’s walking up and down , Time and again looking over the clock
Avni is shaking , She’s Panicking .
Avni : I just hope that they’re not engaged in this , But they know I live here , But if they’d be engaged they must have called me till now , Where is she ?
Avni : Think I should call her again
Frantically by mistake she calls Neil instead of Neela ma ! But is unaware .
Neil : Don’t know what I’m thinking today .
He sees her call ” Think of devil and devil is here “
NEIL picks up the call , Unknowingly Avni jabbers ” Where are you , It’s too late now , I’m calling you again and again but you’re not answering , What is this ? “
Neil : Ahiana , chill what’re you , Whom are you talking to , What happened ?
Avni sees that she had called Neil ” Oh god Avni ” She scolds herself .
Avni : Neil , Oh I’m sorry , Good night , Bye
Neil : Wait ! Hold on ! Is everything alright
Avni : Everything is alright , Perfectly fine , Bye
She immediately cuts the call .
Avni keeps on calling her , Going left to right .
The time passed ” Should I tell Neil about , Should I take help from police , But they’ll not register before24 hours “

Kaisa yeh isq hai ,Episode 19


The next morning …. Avni is sleeping , Resting her head over the table .
Soon she woke up and finds out that Neela is nowhere .
Neil’s POV ….
Neil is standing with one of the police officers discussion something , Dd comes and announces ” Sir someone is here to meet “
Neil : I’ll tale your leave , Yes dd who’s there
Dd : Sir when you’ll see you’ll find out
Neil and he were walking towards the cabin , Neil ” Tell me who’s there “
They reached , Dd opens the door and Neil watches Avni sitting there .
Man : Sir this woman has gone totally mad , She again tried it , She had almost opened the door and peeped into , Thankfully I reached there at time
Chadha : Just shut up , How could you even had that happen , I’ve made it mandatory that noone can enter that room , Tell me did she saw something
Man : Don’t know sir , Maybe yes or maybe no
Chadha : Where’s she now ?
Man : Really sorry Sir but now she’s in our arrest , Don’t worry
Chadha : No no I can’t take any kind of risk now . My image is getting worse , I don’t want to be a headline again
Man : So Sir what should we do now
Chadha: The final solution , When you think that you’re not getting any solution for your problem just uproot the problem only
Man : Fine sir got it
NEIL passes a glass of water to her , Who’s sitting calmly , Tensed and panicked .
Neil : yes , How can I help you?
Avni : Neil , Neela Ma ! Is missing
Neil’s eyes grew wider ” Missing ? What does that mean ? ”
Avni : She hasn’t came back home since last evening
Neil : What ? Last evening and you’re coming now ! Are you serious
Avni : what should I’ve done I was so tensed , I called her multiple times but she isn’t answering , I searched for her everywhere , There’s no sign of her
Neil stood up furiously ” Woa ! Hat’s off to you , You should have come that time only when you thought she’s missing , You know how sensitive these cases can be ?
Avni : I know but , I thought she must have gone somewhere to meet her friends , I was at studio ?
Neil : Studio ??
Avni : Studio ! Ya actually Photo studio there was some work but what matters here is I called her at afternoon , She was at home but when i returned , She wasn’t
Neil : How stupid you can be ! I got to know it today , Really
Avni : What do you mean ! By heart has stopped beating here instead of doing anything you’re shouting on me ! Moreover , If I’d come then you’d not have registered case before 24 hours .
She started shaking , She was worried and in grief she sat down on chair and began weeping ” Now what should I do ! I got how’ll I find her , In what state she’d be “
Neil tried making himself serene ” I’m sorry ” ” I didn’t meant shouting on you “
He brings some water ” Have water ” – He says to badly crying lady .
Neil : Don’t worry trust on me ! I’ll do my best to find her .
Neil calls Dd and started talking to him , Avni gets up and walks toward outside thinking ” I just hope that he’s not behind all this , If he’s not then why hadn’t I’ve got any calls from kidnapper , No I have to save her anyhow “
CHADHA’S house ….
Neela is captured by them , Her eyes faintly opens .
Neela : I’ve to tell Avni that she’s here , I’ve to , Even if i die , But I won’t let her die , No
Soon she finds that her phone has been dropped near her feet , Trying her best she got it up and calls Avni .
” Avni , Bacha “
” Hello , Neela Ma ! Neela ma are you okay , Where are you ? “
” Bacha she’s alive , Save her , They’ll kill her “
” Hello , Ma ! What’re you saying are you okay ? ” ( Avni couldn’t hear anything clearly )
” Avni , I’m here , I saw her ” She says as of her mouth is paining and body is aching .
suddenly a man comes and smashes an iron rod on her head , Her forehead began to bleed She shouts with pain and falls down .
Man barks ” Hey blo*dy b*t*h were you trying to contact police “
He picks up the phone and reads ‘ Ahiana ‘ , Then he talks .
” Eh ! Stupid girl your lady is in our cage and you had talked to her for last time because we’re going to send her to god “
Avni cries ” Please don’t do anything to her , What you want money , I’m ready “
Man : Money ! Haha ! fine come up with 10 lakh rupees
Avni : Okay but please don’t do anything to her please
Man : Fine , But if ! I got to know that yours taking help from police I won’t stumble to insert a sharp dagger into her heart understand
Avni : Okay ! I’ll consider all your conditions , But give her back to me
Man : You’ll ! But first money I’ll send you the location and remember my men are everywhere
He cuts the phone .
Neil and Dd were talking inside . Avni standing outside , Got her spine cold , She’s horrified .
Avni : No , No I can’t loose my Neela Ma ! I’ve already lost my family . But I’ve already seeked help from police , Now if they go to know and they killed her , No
She overburdened her brain and her body became lethargic , Resultantly she faint and called down .
Neil and Dd looks and runs towards her .
Neil : Ahiana , Ahiana ( Tapping her Face ttime and again )
Neil : Dd hurry up call the doctor .
Next scene is shown , A doctor checking Her , she was layed on a sofa .
Doctor : Don’t worry it’s just because of anxiety , She just overburdens her brain , Her body became lack of energy and she fainted , Give her some sugary thing like juice or chocolate , She’ll be fine
Neil : Thanks doctor for being here , Dd please ( tells him to take doctor )
Neil tries to get away but when he tries he finds out that Avni has hold her hand and he again sat down beside .
Avni is shaking and uttering something rapidly ” Neela ma ! Neil please find her , I can’t loose , She’s in danger “
Neil keeps his warm affectionate hand on her forehead . Dd comes in .
Neil: Just all of sudden how could one get a panic attack like this
Dd : She was talking to someone on phone , Might , Kidnapers had called he
Neil : It’s not sure that she has been kidnapped , Now only she’ll tell what she was talking
Dd : Sir Aunty’s last location was tracked near Highway 25 .
Neil : We should go and once investigate there
Dd : Yes Sir !
Neil : Try to trace that who all called her before she was missing
The caller orders ” Hurry up make arrangements we’ve to take her you know where “
Another person asks ” Hey why did you called her for money you know boss have said “
Man ยน: Our boss is stupid he just cares about his political career and figure , All the money he earns now why should we let go a golden chance to earn money
Man ยฒ: How ?
Man ยน: See chadha told to take her away , Kill her and throw in jungle , Now if we’ve to kill her only why not to do it in profitable manner
Man ยฒ: Wah ! Living with chadha Sir you’ve become intelligent
At London …
Vidyut is standing at a shelf , Putting in pieces of big ice junks in glass , Chadha sitting behind over sofas calls out ” By the way , With the girl you’ve earned so much , Where’s she ? I wan to meet her “
Vidyut comes in holding the glass “
hamare bageeche ka sabse khoobsurat phool hai WO … aur hum uski khushboo ka mazaa pyar se lena chahte hai ” ” And I’m not gonna show this flower to anyone “
Chadha ” Come on ! You know the bet we had 15 years ago “
Vidyut : I remember each and every word of my mouth and I’m still doing accordingly , I’m giving you money
Chadha : Okay , Okay , But I’m sire you won’t let me get bored here , After all I’m here with my brother Vidyut the king of London
Vidyut laughs : Woaa ! You’re right ! Come the fun is awaited for us .
They both enters the pub , Chadha started dancing . Soon , Vidyut is stopped by Ballu !
Vidyut : what happened ?
Ballu : Sir Ragu has escaped he’s not there in room
Vidyut gets enraged and slaps him hardly ” What are you saying ? Don’t you love yourself ( holding his neck ) “
Ballu : Sorry sir don’t know how it happened ?
Vidyut : Shut up first that girl now Ragu , what’s happening ? Chadha is here he shouldn’t get to know anything .
Chadha comes ” Oh ! What’s happening here ! What’re you doing here ,Ballu ! “
Vidyut : Nothing you know I don’t like anything going wrong , I want everything perfect
Chadha : This is time to party , Come leave it
Avni opens her eyes and frantically woke ” Neil , Did you got to know something about Neela ma ! Where’s she “
Neil : Ahiana , Chill we’ll find her first have this juice
Avni : you want me to sit here and chill , Don’t know in what condition she could be
Neil : She’d fine , Believe me , See your health is not fine , Have this juice first
Avni : I’m fine , I don’t need any juices , Okay
Neil : Everywhere you’ve have to argue , But it’s matter of health ( He puts it into her mouth )
Avni ( After sipping ) : Okay now let’s do some work
Neil : Right now you got a call from an unknown number , Who was it !
Avni : A call it was a wrong number ( Seeing into his eyes confused and worried )
Neil : Don’t know why my brain isn’t allowing me to believe in you , Your eyes are saying something else
Dd enters : Sir last location of her is traced at Highway 25 and after that no calls were there on her phone , Her phone is shown turned off . And after that no other location court be traced
Avni : Listen , I think you’re very lazy you just sit here and read eyes , I’m going out of find her own my own , Fine
She walks out fastly . Sits in a cab and goes away , Neil rapidly sits in his car and chases her .
Neil ( in his car ) murmurs : This girl is headache , If she dosen’t needs help from police why did she came
” Now I should focus on my case of her “
He calls her .
Avni ( in cab ) sees him calling and cuts his phone .
Avni : Kidnapper would send the location soon , Before that I’ve to get separated from him .
Avni : Bhaiya ( driver ) do one thing increase the speed of car and then take quck turn to left , Okay hurry up , Be fast .
Avni to herself : Don’t worry Ma ! I’ll save you , I don’t need others to save you , I can do it all by my own , I’m coming
Inside that room in which Neela wants to go .
It’s totally black and through the window , A streak of light coming in falls over on a curtain , Behind which someone is hidden .
Nothing but a silhouette of a lady is visible ” She’ll come , The day has come , She is here ” She spoke very slowly but in angry voice .

who’s this person, what bet both brothers had 15 years ago. Neelas daughter ?.

precap:- Avni talking on phone ” I’m here tell what I’ve to do ? ” Then suddenly firing begins .

Sorry if I bored you . forgive me for doing mistakes .please show some love by ???please do comment .Humble request??
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  1. It was a fantastic episode btw did you saw Zain Imam’s episode of Last Ishq

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear , No I didn’t , Did u ?

      1. Hasinasoghra

        Yes I watched it neither so good nor so bad

  2. 8B4756

    The episode was amazing and mysterious too.

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  3. Fab episode. And yes we can understand ur problem. And if are out of station we too are unable to comment. Its okay. I think juhi is neela ma’s daughter. And I guess the deal between brothers may be relating with avni like her marriage etc. Anyways eagerly awaited for next update. U know I am always waiting for ur next update. And daily check out my phone to see ur update. And I wanted to tell u since many days that I like ur banners too much. They are beautiful. Seems like I have typed much and for now its enough or it may get boring.

    1. Kira

      No you can talk to me as long as you want . Love you sweetheart ??? Thanks it means a lot ????

  4. Woww… hope u r doing good.. nice update btw… hope to read ur next update soon

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      I’m doing good , Thanks for asking . Have a good day ahead , ???

  5. AryanBhattacharya

    Good morning di. Episode was mind blowing ?

    1. Kira

      Good morning , Thanks ???

  6. Jasminerahul

    does avni know juhi?Neil got more information about alia n vidyuth.he missed avni’s song performance.oh.how does neela know daksh?shocking that he kidnapped neela’s daughter.why did why did do it?is juhi her daughter? sad that daksh trapped her.Neil thinking of avni thinking of her song was nice

  7. Jasminerahul

    poor avni is depressed after knowing neela’s condition.juice scene was nice.Neil is very caring.hope Neil joins avni soon to rescue neela.nice pics in both chapters

    1. Kira

      Thanks for writing dear , Good day ahead??

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