Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction) 16 Episode

ƙąıʂą ყɛɧ ıʂզ ɧąı

Episode 16

Recap :- Avneil spends a day at jungle ; Ragu finds a video clip about Alia


Neil : Ahiana , Ahiana !

Suddenly , Avni opens her eyes and she’s shocked to see what was she doing .

Avni : It’s morning now we should move on , Neela ma ! Must be waiting .

In order to avoid any conversation , She rapidly stood up and starts walking

Neil : Ahiana happened to you !

Avni was ignoring everything ” I don’t know what all I spoke , Oh god ”

Neil holds her arm ” Wait , I need explanation , Would you please elaborate ”

Avni: You people are very curious to know everything , You need to know what a person saw in ones dream , Why did that dream came , At what time it came , Did it came for first time , Is it related to your life etc etc , Your questions would never end .

Neil joins his hand together ” Okay I’m defeated , Let’s go to home now ”


Ragu turns back and finds Ballu standing at his back ” How the hell you reached here ! ”

Ragu gets enraged ” You people run a brothel ”

Ballu erupted in loud laughter ” Yes we do then ”

Ragu : I won’t spare , You keep this hidden from us , I’ll tell police everything

Ballu : Ohhh I’m afraid ( showing his sharp corroded teeth )
He slapped Ragu hardly , And holds him from neck ” So you , You will go to police , You can only go when you would be able to ”

Ragu : I won’t spare you , Whatever you’re doing is not good

Ballu : Good , It’s the land of bad , Here we’re demons and we’re worshipped like Gods .

Ballu : Take him away .


Avni saws a person moving by ” Hello bhaiya , Help me please

The person cycling above hears her calls ” Behenji what’re you doing there ”

Avni : Don’t call me Behenji

Neil to himself : Instead of helping she’s arguing

Avni : You think I’m a elderly woman , I’m in my 20s , Did you got that

Neil : You know what your brain is just like you Motta ( fat )

Avni : What ! here I’m trying to justify myself you’re

Man : I’m busy you both fight I’ll go

Neil : Hey , Please don’t go , Wait !

He stops ” Yes how can I help you out ”

Avni : we want to get out of here but the way up is jammed by these rocks please help me

Man : Oh dear if you’ll say like this , My heart is melting , Sweetheart .

Avni : Oye I’m not the your sweetheart , Call me Sister

Man : Buy you just said don’t call me Behenji .

Neil : Ahiana just stop talking about this

Avni : Keep quite let me talk
The cyclist holds his head ” Oh boy ! Where I’ve stucked this morning , These two argue a lot ” And he leaves .

Neil and Avni continued in their own way , Neil : Are you serious , Just talk to him what is necessary

Avni : Don’t interrupt me in between okay I’m talking to him Na !

Avni looks and finds that he has gone , Neil ” Whom are you talking to , He has gone , He might be afraid to see you ”

Neil : Now sit here and Enjoy ( He goes and sat down )

Avni : What kind of man you’re , You’ve lost hope so soon , But I won’t

Avni shouts ” Anybody here please Help , Help me ”

Neil : In this early morning who’ll come here

Avni : You just go and sit right there I’ll call for help fine

Avni shouts loudly ” Someone here please help me , Hey ! ”

A sound is heard ” O madam Ji yes I’ll help you out ”

Avni and Neil looks from where did that voice came from .


Ali just made out of the Autorickshaw near his cafe

Little droplets of water are still falling down from the sky . His eyes landed upon a girl standing near the entry gate , Her faintly pink cloths soaked with water .

Ali comes to her and puts his umbrella over her , They both are shown standing under one umbrella .

Ali : Aap ( you ) sorry I got little late to open the cafe

The girl looks into his eyes , ” I’m sorry for that day , Hope the food wasn’t very spicy ” – Ali

She nods her head in a No .

Ali : Oops sorry , I should open it up Now .

She puts her foot forward when he opens the lock , But her sandal slipped over the liquid , Ali catches her , And the umbrella falls down , The rain pearls falls on them .

[ Bol do Na Zara slow sad tune runs at background ]

Immediately They both resume back , Ali got little shy and blushes

Ali ” Are you okay ”

She nods , Ali : It’s quite slippery here don’t worry I’ll clean this water , Please come in

She walks in , Ali says to himself ” Oh Ali , what’re you doing !!! ”


A bicycle appears , It’s front half part is being shown , It’s Neil who’s driving , Making a pity face he exclaims ” Oh god what kind of days you’re making me go through , I’m driving a cycle ”

A voice comes from behind ” So what could I’ve done , There was non other way ” , Its Avni who’s sitting at the backseat .


Avni : You had gone you came again

Neil : Instead of this you should have said , Thanks for coming please help us .

Man : Ya I went away but then I thought I should help you people out .

Then with help of rope , They both came out .

Neil shakes hands with him ” Thanks bro you’ve saved me from a disaster , Thanks ”

Avni : Same here , A big disaster

Neil : But how’ll we go from here

Man : See brother now here at this no cab or rickshaw would come so you can only go with this ( He waved his hand I air )

Neil : A bic

Avni : Cycle

Neil : Nooe…

Avni loudly : Fine , I’m ready thanks a lot

Neil : I’m not go over it , No

Avni : why are you afraid

Neil : Exactly , I’m afraid

Avni: Of what ?

Man : Sir Ji my bicycle is best it won’t cause you any kind of trouble

Neil : That I’m sure it want but I can’t pull this load ( looking at Avni )

Avni : Fine if you wanna stay here , Be here happily , But I have to go

Man : Madam , Madam Ji don’t be angry , I’m here Na ! I’ll explain to sir , Wait !

He pushed Neil to a side .

Man : Bhai you’re not understanding that how cool could be this cycle ride

Neil : what does that means

Man : See, Close your eyes I’ll explain every inch to you

Neil stares , ” Please close your eyes ” – Man

Man : Imagine sir , You’re driving on cycle , Your girlfriend sitting at backseat , She’s holding your waist , And hugs you , How romantic , Isn’t it .

Neil : Just shut up , First thing , she’s not my girlfriend and second thing I’m a not a movie actor .


Avni : Neil can’t you drive carefully , I’ll fall down

Neil : what could I do the road is so uneven .

Avni utters to herself ” Oh god please I waana have a safe landing , Don’t want to fall ”

Neil : If you want you can hold me , If you fall then it would be very difficult to handle situation

Avni thinks ” Oh god , Now what , Should I … But ”

Neil : Dont think , Come on …

Avni slowly brings her hands forward and holds his waist .

[ Background music – Allah mujhe dard ke kaabil bana diya
Tufaan ko hi kashti hai saahil bana diya
Bechainiyan sammet ke sare jahaan ki
Jab kuch na ban saka toh mera dil bana diya,

O Saathi Tere Binaa-aa
Raahi-ii ka Raah Dikhe na-aa ]

Suddenly , The bike stumbles over some rocks over road , Avni gets tensed and she hugs Neil .

[ Background music -Ankhen munde toh jane kisse dhunde

Ke soya-a jaye na, Ke soya jaye na-a
Kisse dhunde ye khwahishon ki boonde
Ke soya-a jaye na, Ke soya jaye na-a ]
Neil asks ” I didn’t knew that you know how to drive a motorbike

Avni : You don’t know what all I can do , I’m a all rounder

Neil : By the way where are the keys

Avni : Keys are there on bike only

Neil : where’s the bike

Avni : The bike

Neil graves a hault to bicycle .
Neil ” Ahiana where’s my bike ”
Avni : It wasn’t there , It means he gave us this cycle and stole our bike

Neil : wow ! Isn’t it so crazy , He stole my bike

They both at each other and laughs loudly realising their mistake

[ Background music – O Saathi Tere Binaa-aa~a
Raahi-ii ka Ra~ah Dikhe na-aa
O Saathi-ii Tere Binaa-aa haahaa
Sahil-lll dhua dhua-aaa. ]

Neil : How fun it is Na to laugh over a mistake

Avni : come let’s go , To police station to file a FIR that someone stole IPS officer’s bike , Wow !

Neil : Very funny it happened because of you

Avni : Me !!!

Neil : Yes because of you ! What was the need

And the ride continues …


Ali brings two cup of coffee ” Here’s Ali’s special coffee ”
Ali ” Can I ask you something , Why do you come here everyday and today you came so early , I’m having no problem but just want to say that ….”

Girl spoke instantly ” No it’s totally fine , I know for you and others it’s little weird , But I want to say that your cafe is like heaven for me ” ” Whenever I’m at home I feel like choked I can’t live there , I just wan to be here ”

Ali was looking into her troubled eyes . ” Well I’m really sorry , I didn’t paid money for all coffee since many days , Why didn’t you asked me about it ” – Says her putting her hands inside her bag .

Ali holds her hand ” No I don’t need money , I’m happy that someone feels good being here ”

Girl : Please take it , Either I’d feel like loaded

Ali : I’ll but first tell me why are you so worried , Is everything all fine

Girl ( Hesitantly ) : Fine , Ya all’s good , OK I think I should go now

Ali : Please , Don’t leave , Okay if you don’t want to tell me fine , But can we be friends ( Put forward his hand )

She says : How can we be friends , How much we know each other , Even you also don’t know me that much

Ali : Okay we’ll meet again and again and will try to know each other
Ali : I’ve never seen a girl like so innocent , Sweet .

Girl : I wish you would never see a girl like me

Girl : Okay bye I really I’ve to somewhere

Ali : wait ! Tomorrow here we’ve Eid celebrations and I’m inviting you whole heartily , Do come

Girl : Okay thanks but I’m not sure , I don’t like parties

Ali : I can’t force you but I’d waiting for you . Would pray that you’d come

She moves but he again stopped her ” Can I ask you another thing ?”

Girl looks at him , ” What’s your name ? , Friendship begins with knowing each other ”

Girl : I’m Juhi



Avni : Who has come neela Ma !

Neela got up ” Ahiana where were you while night ”

Avni : I got stucked in storm but I’m fine

Neela : See who has come to meet you

Avni : K.k sir you !

K.k : Yes babe me , I the one and only owner of ‘ Sanam re ‘ 24 hours radio station

Avni : Hello sir

K.k : You know very well that you’ve not been there for audition , Right !

Avni : Extremely sorry Sir , I couldn’t come Beacuse of bad weather

K.k : So we thought let us come here

Avni : Sorry I couldn’t understand

K.k : We’ll have audition right here

Avni : what ! ( she got happy )

THE next scene is shown , Avni holding mike and she starts singing …
AFTER finishing her song everybody claps .

K.k : You’re selected , Marvelous , Melodious voice I’ve ever heard

Avni smiles and excitedly hugs Neela ” Ma ! I’m selected ”

Neela : Congratulations , Bacha

K.k : won’t you brind sweets

Ahiana : Yes off course why not , I’ll bring some from kitchen , Ma you be here

Avni goes to kitchen and takes out a photograph of her mom from her pocket , Seeit to it she wheeps ” I wish you would be here , How happy you would be , Seeing your daughter singing , I miss you a lot Ma ! , Love you , All the time I still wonder why did you leaft me !! Ha ! ”

Neela comes and sees her crying ” Ahiana is everything right ( She had seen everything but acting as if she hasn’t ) ”

Avni : Nope I’m good Ma , Here are sweets let’s go


Ragu is shown enslaved in a room , He’s seen uncouncious

Vidyut and Ballu are standing outside

Ballu : Yes sir , He has got to know everything about our business , He even said that he would reach to police

Vidyut : Just keep an hawk eye on him , He should not be allowed to step out of this room , He seems to be very honest kind man and I love to torture these kind of people

Ballu : Yes sir he’s in our control

Vidyut : You remember Na months ago to abducted Hus sister and now he must have got to know that it was none other than we who did it , So just see to him

Ballu : Don’t worry sir if he crossed his limit then we’ll kill …

Vidyut : Don’t you dare do that he’s one of the source of money for us , And always remember, Joh dhande ke liye sahi woh sahi … joh dhande ke liye galat woh galat … isse zyada kabhi sochna nahi (What is right for the business, is right … what is wrong for the business, is wrong … I’ve never thought anything more than that)

Ragu opens his eyes ” You are very much keen to have a business , Business , Hahha ! This is a crime , And you’ll be defeated , How many days have gone but you can’t bring her here , You’ll see one day Alia will defeat you and will defiantly punchure this stupid ish !

Vidyut : I just hate Alia , I hate girls , Ballu make him silent or else I’ll kill him .


Neil is sneezing and enters his home , Shweta comes from another end shouting ” Oye , Oh My god , Tillu , My super cop Neil , You’re sick , Come come here ”

Shweta makes him sit over Sofa , She brings a towel and wipes of water from his head ” Tillu what happened where were you whole night ”

Neil : Mom I’m police officer , I was busy with something

Neil sneezes again ” Prakash Ji hurry up please call a doctor see he’s very sick ”

Prakash comes ” What happened Why are you shouting like an earthquake has come ”

Shweta : See my Tillu he’s so sick

Prakash : Wah ! When I’m sick you say I’ll recover soon and there’s no need of doctor , But now you’ve uplift whole house in your head

Shweta : My son is dearer to me , He’s above all to me ( Neil hugs her )

Prakash : Just go and make some medicines for him

Shweta : Tillu I’m going to make my special Karha ( medicine ) for you just wait

She goes and Prakash comes and sat with him

Prakash : Hmm , So what’s this case , You’ve to stay out in rain , Whole night , Your cloths so drenched , Tell me , Tell , I won’t tell to your mom promise

Neil : what dad! you think I was out with a girl , Really

Prakash : wow my son is very smart

Neil : Come on dad I know you know me very well , Right !

Prakash : Yes I know my Puttar Ji ( son ) very well , So tell me what’s case

Neil : case No. 123 , A thief , Smart , cunning , Intelligent and she’s beaten me many times , I can’t crack it

Prakash : Hmm so indirectly it’s all about a girl

Neil : world’s most diffdifficult case to solve . whenever I think I’m close to it , A new chapter comes in front

Prakash : Oh ! So super duper cop is worried about this case . Case No.123.

Neil : One day I’ll explain you in detail but please save me from mom’s dangerous Karha please

Prakash : Okay before she comes run away , Go

Neil : Thanks Dad .Love Ya !

Prakash thinks : I’m seeing this for first time , Besides Avni he’s thinking about someone else. 15 years have gone but noone could ever do this , But now it’s happening


Everyone is on table having lunch

K.K : wow Miss Neela you cook really delicious food

Neela : Thanks

Avni : well, Sir when I can come and join

K.k : Anytime , I say just now , Thanks you make me remind . So we’ve put your slot at 10 Pm

Neela: 10 Night ! Wouldn’t it be late

Avni: Nope it’s fine , Don’t be afraid I’m a strong girl

K.k : Nextly , We’ve to think a stage name for you

Avni : A stage name ?

K.k : Ya , Like ‘ Hello everyone listing to radio ‘ Sanam re ‘ it’s your favourite RJ bla bla …

Neela : hmm a stage name

K.k : RJ Gollu

Avni : what No , No

Neela : RJ Ahi

Avni : Nay

K.k : what about RJ Rosee

Avni : I’m not a perfume

K.K’s phone rings with ringtone ‘ Love you Zindagi song ‘

K.k ” My favorite Alia bhatt ”

K.k : Hey why not it be R J Alia

Avni : No ( loudly ) No not Alia

K.k : No no it’s selected , RJ Alia , She’s my favorite .

At Police station …

Dd and Neil watching that video clip

Neil : After watching this one thing is pretty much clear that Alia is caged by these people and she was tortured
{ Neil recalls that when at airport he bumped with that girl wearing Burqa and he asked her that he’s finding someone who has ran away , She replied that ‘ Evertime itst not criminals someone people run away to save their lives }

Neil : Dd send this video to a specialist and find out every information you can , Check of some faces can be identified and any location

Dd : Yes sir , But why’d someone stole this video from here and that too a girl

Neil : This is what we’ve to find out

Dd gets a call and he goes out to answer .

Neil’s phone rings ” Hello ”
” Sir I want to meet you ”
” But who’re you ? ” Neil
” Don’t ask me sir anything sir just say yes ”
” Okay but why ? ” Neil
” I want to tell yoi something important about Alia ”
Neil gets stunned
” Tell me where we can meet ”
” Come here to my office ” – Neil

Dd comes ” Neil sir , Ali is you inviting you on EID Party tomorrow in his cafe ”

Neil ” Say him no I’m busy

” Sir we can’t meet at office , I don’t want anyone to see us talking ”

Neil : Okay then I’m sending an address we’ll meet there

Neil : Dd say him coming

Dd : what happened sir , Whom were you talking with

Neil : Don’t know but he said he want to tell something about Alia , Let’s see what he want to say .

It’s Late Evening by Now …


Avni has squat down on floor , Beside her mother picture . She’s crying and wheeps
Avni : What’s happening with me , I was trying to run away from that name , Alia which was given by them to me .
This name reminds me all those terrible days .
Now again I’ve to live with that name , Why !
Ma ! If I’m alive today just because of you . Because your dream have kept me alive , If it were not there I would have killed me quiet before .
I wanna become just like so that I can find you , My Naina Ma ! .

Suddenly Neela says ” Why you’re saying this you’re already her daughter ”
” Isn’t is Avni ! ”

Avni gets up , She looks at Neela strangely thinking why’s she calling her Avni .

Precap : Avni tells her past story . That person who calls Neil comes to meet him . Eid celebrations at CHAMKO cafe .

Hey guys a very happy EID to you . Eid Mubarak . Come and enjoy this pious occasion at CHAMKO cafe . You’re invited .Bye my dear friends .

Eid Mubarak to all my dear friends

I’m sharing one strange sight with you all . Not just to gain sympathy or likes . Just because you’re my family like . Here I go ,
Last night it was around 10:15 pm . I was standing at roof top , Was just going to sleep after brushing my teeth .
Soon , I spotted two bikes coming in , On both of them were some young teenage boys .
A poor dog was sitting at footpath and one of them biker bumped with that dog , Willingly , The poor pity dog cried with pain and ran away .
And what they did they gave a stupid laughter .
My heart started beating fast , Tears rolled down from my tears .
I couldn’t , But I really want to stop them and give them a tight slap . I’m sorry I couldn’t . Maybe because I’m a girl , It was night or maybe they were so fast . Don’t know what happened . And I’m still cold thinking about that .??.

i know today’s episode was boring is that so ? I’m extremely sorry for this . But please put ??if you think I wrote well today . A humble request please comment . Please once again .love y ol??

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  2. Hi. Great story and character progression. And coming to that incident, you know Kira we being girls underestimate ourselves. Even I am like that but the sad part of the story is that years have passed by and we as girls don’t dream of stamping a nail of recognition In today’s world. As if we were born to be scared. What I can suggest from my Personal experience is dare to stand what you find is right and never let your ethics and ideals be overpowered by fear. Sorry if you didn’t like it but somehow I could not refrain myself from saying so. Sorry again if it appeared offensive!?

    1. Kira

      Don’t be sorry , You’re correct . Thanks a lot to write . Love you . thanks once again ????

      1. Hi, just in the spree forgot to mention that whatever you are doing for a mere fan fiction shows volumes of love you had for the show. Fantastic show and exceptionally brilliant thought process.

  3. Hasinasoghra

    Superb episode and Eid Mubarak

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  4. Amazing episode. It was very nice. Neils eager for alia was the best. Avniel nok jok was amazing. Many of the dialogue were so funny and good. Coming to the incident, many such incidents happens with every girl but she gets helpless. I think its all due to extra courage in boys and little less in girls.

    1. Kira

      Thanks shruti , And I think you’re right . We’ve to change . Good day ahead??

  5. It was an interesting update and hope soon Niel find out about Alia as his meeting with his life depends on it.
    Avni is on step closer to her mom’s dream I am sure she will fulfill it. Hope she also be able to fight the demons inside her and outside.
    Coming to the incident many such incidents happen but it is on us that instead of letting them take over us we do something . Yes we are girls it doesn’t mean we are weak or can’t payback it’s about time . So please be strong.

  6. It was an interesting update and hope soon Niel find out about Alia as his meeting with his life depends on it.
    Avni is one step closer to her mom’s dream I am sure she will fulfill it. Hope she also be able to fight the demons inside her and outside.
    Coming to the incident many such incidents happen but it is on us that instead of letting them take over us we do something . Yes we are girls it doesn’t mean we are weak or can’t payback. But it’s just about time . So please stay strong.

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  11. Hi, just in the spree forgot to mention that whatever you are doing for a mere fan fiction shows volumes of love you had for the show. Fantastic show and exceptionally brilliant thought process.

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  13. Superb episode kira di . Waiting for ur next epi. Coming to the incident, ur perception shows that u r so much of warm, pure and sensitive hearted person. It is ur strength. Don’t make it as ur fear. One should have good heart to think good about others. U have that…one.. all u need is some courage and confidence. It all comes eventually to u.. All the best.. di !! Happy writing ???

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