Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction) 14 Episode

Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

Recap :- Avni wishes Neil a best of luck to catch Alia . Neil meets his best friend Ali at chamko cafe . Ali says he has some feeling for Ahiana but Neil declines

Ali :Neil live in present , Forget the past and say yes , Say yes that you like that girl

He got up and started singing in his Bollywood’s stylish way

“Hota aise ye mauke pe
Roka jaaye na roke se
Achha hota hai
Hota hai ye bura
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai ”

Everyone claps , Neil smiles

Neil : Ali you’ll ever remain the same , Man of free soul and open heart

Ali shouts ” Yeh Hasa to phasa ”

Ali : Mere bhai ! This love is very very , You know strange , You can’t understand if you have it or not , But believe me once you did it your life would be like heaven

Neil : really Ali , You’re saying as if you have already chosen one for you

Ali becomes silent , Neil exclaims ” Your silence is telling me that there’s someone ”

Ali : Yahh ! You got it right

Neil : It must be Neha

Ali: Nope I left her

Neil : She was your Fourth one

Ali : I know Yaar ! But she said she don’t like guys with this kind of hairs

Neil : what about that previous one , Shivani

Ali : Oh that one , She ! , what should I tell, She came here I mistakenly added pepper into her coffee , She got enraged and she left me

Neil giggles ” Ali, You know should write a book ‘ Ali’s failed friendships’ ”

Ali : what Neil , Here I am sad and you’re … By the way you’re lucky you at least have one

Neil : whom are you talking about ?

Ali : Your Ahiana

Neil : She’s not my Gf , Got that , And I wish that forever

Ali : Well, Can you see there , That girl , She comes here everyday , And I think she likes me

Neil : Ali , what will happen to you , I gotta go , Bye


THE NEXT SCENE , is shown in London .

Ballu comes to his boss , In a dark room .

” Just say it Ballu , Say that our plan is successful , I’m waiting for it Ballu ”

Ballu : Sorry boss but again we’re failed

” Don’t tell me that ”

As he walks a little bit , He comes forward , A man is partially visible , His legs are seen in darkness , Face still hidden

Ballu : The man whom we sent to that Sukoon ghar told that , That Alia wasn’t there

” How can this happen , You know you people are really stupid ”

Ballu :I think boss , Now there’s noways we can catch her , I think she had again escaped

He comes a little forward and now the white light falls over his face

He gives a monstrous laughter loud with anger , He goes to Ballu and clasped his collars ” You know what ! What your problem is , You are a negative person , See me , See me Vidyut Chadda , I am not afraid of anyone on this earth , I’m a courageous person and that is why you all are afraid of me ”

” You think that girl , Alia , had beaten me , No she can’t , She can’t run , Find her out ”

Ballu : But sir we’ve tried many times , We are not winning

Vidyut : I think you require some treatment , You’re not in your proper senses , You know till now we’ve almost lost 15 lakhs , who’ll , Tell me who’ll payback me that

Vidyut : The water has now passed over the head , Do something

Ballu : what we can do sir , we can’t find her openly , We’ve to be undercover , If we tried finding her openly then police may get to know about our business

Vidyut : That’s okay but what can we do

Ballu : Don’t worry we’ll try our best

Vidyut : No no I don’t need this ( He goes to him and keeps his gun over his face )” No No I just hate people who can’t handle a girl , Remember she’s a girl , A girl , And you’re a Man and you’ve to be dominated . Just go and get her

Ballu : Yes sir ! Don’t worry

Vidyut : Alia might show that from outside she’s very brave but from inside I know she’s timid and fragile , And I know very well to use this , And this is her weakness

Ragu is shown peeping his ears into the door and overhears the whole conversation between Ballu and Vidyut .

” What is going on between them and why do they want Alia to come back , I’m damn sure there’s some dark history behind this ”

” Since the day Alia has gone they both are like mad , But why ? , I gotta find it out , But before that I need to find Alia , Don’t know where she is ”



Neil is walking and goes to his bike , He’s talking on phone ” Yes , Sir don’t worry I’ll see to it ”

” Neil , A live news came from meteorological department that today at evening heavy thunderstorms and cyclone could be there , We’ve spread the news through television but just take around city and see if all’s fine ”

Neil : Ya sir !

” Tell everyone to be in their homes , And do get back home before 7 Pm ”

Neil : Don’t worry sir , Okay bye sir

He sat on his bike and took to road .

He Taps the Bluetooth on his ears ” Dd , Sir called me to tell about the weather today ”

” Yes sir I know that ”

” Okay I’m going around the east area now , With your team check around the west area ”

” Fine sir ! ”



Avni sings but she can’t , She exclaims with grief ” Ma ! Why i can’t do this ” ” I’m tired of trying now ”

She crushed the Paper over which the song was written and thew it away , She closed her eyes and relaxed by resting her back beside a tree .

Her mom comes to her in flashback , She says ” Avni today if I’m a great singer then just because of your father , Because he made me learnt the power of love and too have to learn that , Music is just not music , Love it , Feel it , Understand it as your best friend ”

Avni opens her eyes ” You’re right Ma ! I’ve to love music , Understand it just as my best friend ” ” But like mom had dad I don’t have anyone , Oh come on Avni … You promised yourself that you’ll love yourself , Yes ! I don’t need anyone ”

She starts once again ” Manzilein ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le jaaye
Itni si ilteja
Ye meri zamaanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai aa…”

The clouds were thundering , Winds were blowing hard .

Avni : Oh gosh what’s happening to weather . whatever happens I’ve to prepare for audition


Neil to its driver ” what are you doing here ”

He was in his casuals , Thinking him of a common man the person replies ” what ! I’m just wasting my precious time here man ”

Neil : wasting your time ! Then you should better go from here

” Aree ! Bhai ! You won’t believe I just had a passenger , A lady and my head is aching now , She’s so like a lady Don

Neil smiles ” A lady Don ! ”

” Oh yes man ! She called her boyfriend to meet her , Here in woods , Away from everyone and she made me mad by forcing me to drive fast ”

Neil : Okay just listen , Go from here , Heavy rains and thunderstorms could be there in other hour

” But sir she hasn’t paid my fair , She cautioned me not to move from here ”

Neil ” Don’t worry how much it is I’ll pay , You gotta go ”

( Neil pays )

” Salam Guru ! you’re very nice , Okay now I’ll go ”

Neil : Okay

” But why did you paid her fair , I mean you know her ”

Neil : No, Just take me as your friend

” But just go and check out if she’s safe but if she’s busy is doing that …., You know , Then just don’t disturb them ”

Neil : I’ll see you go now

After he leaves he smiles and walks into woods ” These youngsters of today what place they’ve chosen for date , A jungle , Really it’s too much ”

Neil walks in crushing those dry leaves on the brown sand .


Mishti , Mowgli’s and other children came back from school they’re in AVNI’S room .

Mowgli : I’m getting bored , What shall we do Now ?

Goli ( another kid ) : I don’t know

Mishti : Let’s see if Ahiana di has got some games

Mowgli “Good idea”

They all started searching in her room . Mishti opens Avni’s cupboard ” Wow see this come here everyone ”

Mowgli : what’s this ?

Mishti : It’s …

Then Neela calls them ” Children come and have your snacks ”

Mowgli ” Keep it away we’ll see it later ”

Mishti : Ya !

Goli ” Let’s show it to Neela ma !

Mishti : Nice idea

They all climb down the stairs and goes to Neela

Mishti : See this mask

Mowgli : It’s so good

Neela : wow ! From where did you got this

Goli: From Ahiana di’s room

Neela : It’s bad habit to touch others personal things

Mowgli : Sorry Neela Ma !

Neela : It’s okay , Now go and have food I’ll keep it back okay


ALI looks into the mirror and is touching his hairs ,He says to himself ” Ali , Today you’ve to make a girlfriend , At least five had already said No , It’s my reputation , I’ll win ”

He goes to a girl sitting quietly on bench wearing a pale blue Suit , She’s calm .

Ali comes to her holding a plate of Poha

Ali : Here’s Ali’s special Poha

She looks up to him with her tired and sad eyes

Ali : You know Whosoever comes to Ali’s CHAMKO cafe turns out to be delighted , Happy and forgets every pain

She was still silent , She was still into her deep thoughts , Her mind totally muddled

Ali sits down opposite to her and brings his hand forward ” Hi I’m Ali , The owner and the Chief , Friends ”

She stares at her and looks down towards his hand , Ali waves his hand in from of her ” Oh I see you also are fond of daydreaming , My friend Neil he’s like same ”

Ali took his hand back ” Okay if you didn’t want to be a friend of mine then it’s okay , I don’t mind , But over here all are my friends and I’m a friend of everyone ”

He takes a spoonful of Poha and uplifts his hand to her mouth ” You know it’s a magical Poha ,Once you’ll eat it you’ll forget all your tension ”

He brings his hand to her ” Come on eat it , I am a good cook ”

Finally she accepts and eats it , Suddenly she begins to huff , And blowing out air hardly

Ali : Oh I’m sorry I didn’t knew that you don’t like spices , Actually it’s a masala Poha , wait let me get you some water

He best up and brings a glass of water but until then she has left .

Ali ” How innocent was she ? I’m noticing her since many days she comes here , Sits , Talks to noone and goes away ”

Someone from behind knocks at his back , Ali turns back and his mouth is sealed


Avni hears someone moving towards her , She swiftly woke up and his behind shrubs .

Somebody is walking in way where she’s hidden , That person wearing sky blue jeans and White shoes is coming on and on .

Avni recalls what the cab driver told her ‘ Madam that place is very dangerous , Many cases are reported there ‘ , And she replied ‘ Don’t worry I’m not afraid of anything and anyone ‘ .

Avni ” Let them be aware , Come I’m ready ”

She picks up a huge rock and comes out and stood behind the man , He has turned to opposite direction and is murmuring something , She shouts ” Who’s you ? ” And tries to hit him , He turns back and abruptly holds her hand

Avni cries ” It’s really important to give a sudden and horrific entry like this ”

Neil : what do you mean by that , I’m not a magician that I’ll get to know you’re hiding here

Neil : By the way what were you doing here , Why did you hid , Hmm !! What’s the chakkar ( matter )

Avni :chkrra to tumhara dimag gya ha ( I think you’re out of your senses ) It’s independent country I can freely roam around anywhere

Neil : Oh so you need little privacy ( He smiles ) Do Neela aunty knows about all this

Avni thinks ( How he got to know ) : what’s do you want to say exactly

Neil : I wanna say that , See I know you’ve right to do this , Have a little privacy , Celebrate your teenage life but see it’s a little dangerous place

Avni : Wait ! What do you mean ? you mean that here in these woods I was doing all that stupid things , Really ….

Neil : Ohhhh !!! that is why I think when that cab driver said , How can you have a boyfriend ( He utters very slowly to himself )

Avni : Hey ! You what are you muttering , By the way what are you doing here , You were tracking me right !

Neil : I ! Tracking you ! Are you serious , I’m already very busy catching Thiefs

Avni : As if you’ll get them here !

Neil : Maybe ! It’s a nice place to hid , Behind these bushes

Avni : I’m busy please go from here

Avni steps forward but he holds her arm ” See , The weather could be wrathful , There could be thunderstorms , Heavy rains ”

Avni : Oh really , So you think I’ll believe what you’ve said

Neil : I’m serious

Avni : Me too, I’m not going anywhere , Is that clear .

She goes and sat down just by the bank of a hollow deep into the earth ( khai ke kinare par )

Neil mumbles ” I knew it , That is why I always come prepared for these kind of situations ”

Avni sees at phone ” Oh good , K.k sirs so many missed calls ”

Avni to herself : Thank god I’ve recorded song , Now I’ve to just go and make him listen , I just hope he likes it

Neil holds her hand , ” what are you doing ”

She stood up ” Are you a nut , Ha ! ”

Neil : You only said Na I’m a Akroo police wala ( egoistic police man ) then today I’ll not go without you from here

Avni : Fantastic , Open challenge with you I won’t go anywhere

Avni removes her hand from his grip , With a force that all of sudden her Mobile phone falls down the hollow inside earth .

Avni Yells ” Oh good , Neil what you did , My phone , Oh god you don’t know how important it was for me ”

Heavy winds began to whirl , Dark black clouds had already covered every inch of sky , And the Sky’s thundering and lightening .

Neil : Ahiana see the sky , Don’t be mad , We need to go away from here , I’ll buy a new phone for you

Avni : You may buy a new phone , But can’t what’s in it

Neil ” Kaisi pagal ladki gale parh gye yar ! ( what kind of stupid girl is she )

Avni : Pagal ( insane) me ! You’re Pagal oh now I realized why you did it you’re talking revenge because I destroyed your phone that day

Neil : Oh foolish girl , Please just keep all this stories with you , Come let’s go now

Avni : I won’t , Did you get that

Neil holds her shoulders and pushed her to a tree . Neil ” you won’t listen to me like this ”

Avni ” What are you doing

He tilts closer to her , She closed her eyes and exclaims ” What’re you trying to do ? Don’t try to take my advantage , I’m a black belt karate expert ”

Soon she realizes something heavy around her hand , Neil puts around her wrist handcuffs .

Avni looks into his eyes as she’s inflamed .


SOMEBODY dabs his back , Ali turns back ” Aree ! Wah I know you’re here to have Ali’s Ladoo’s right ”

It’s Shweta with Dd.

Shweta ” Oye stupid I’ve told you many a times to cut these big hairs so that you can think ”

She hits Dd ” Why are you silent like a mummy , Speak something ”

Dd : Yeah ! actually Noodle bhaiya , Mataji has come to see her tillu

Ali : Tillu ! ( He made a confused face )

Shweta : Hanji ! My super cop Neil

Dd : Sir came here Na !

Ali : Yes , He came here we had tea and discussed about girls

Shweta : What ! Repeat !

Dd gestures him to be silent , Ali ” We discussed about grains ”

Shweta : Grains

Dd : He’s a cafe owner , Mataji so he’ll for sure discuss about food

Shweta : Leave it , Where is my Neil

Ali : His sir called him so he left

Shweta : Oh god see the weather , I’ll die , He’s Still doing his duty

Dd : He’s IPS officer

Shweta hits him again ” So what first he’s my tillu ”

Ali : Aunty Ji don’t worry , I’ll call him and will tell him to be back , I’ll bring him back myself , Please don’t be angry in this age , Not good for health

Shweta : what do you mean by this age ! I’m still young . People call me Neil’s younger sister

Dd laughs , She shouts ” Now let’s go , Or you’ll keep standing here and laughing ”


Neil drags her out of jungle , But she recklessly exclaims again and again ” Neil it’s not fair , You can’t every time rule the situation , It’s wrong ”

Neil pauses ” this is Right only ” and continued .

He sat over his bike and Avni sat behind him .

Avni : Neil stop the bike right now !

Neil : Now it’ll Only stop at SUKOON GHAR , Till then enjoy the ride

Avni : I won’t go without my phone , Stop the bike

Neil increased the speed .

Avni to herself ” You don’t now know me by now , I’ve never learnt to loose ”

She instantaneously , Removes the key which was inside the bike .

” What are you doing , Give me the keys back ”

” I’ve thrown them away ”

” what ! Have got insane ”

” Yes , I am ”

He hurriedly brings bike to normal speed and applied brakes . Thankfully bike comes to a hault.

Neil : what kind of mad girl you’re , Do you have any brain

Avni : Do you have brain , How could you behave like that with me

Neil : where are keys ?

Avni : I threw them away

Neil : Just remain here , I’ll come in a few minutes , Because with those keys , The key for these handcuffs were also there , Fine

Avni : F.I.N.E


AVNI : Stupid , Akroo police wala , He is just sick

( she was tied to back of Bike )


Neil walks down the road murmuring ” Stupid girl , Don’t know where she would have thrown the keys ”

Neil walks back to his original position but couldn’t find neither his bike nor Avni .

precap :- Avni is in danger ; Avneil spends a day in woods , Neela finds connections between Alia and Ahiana .

Hope I entertained you today , Sorry if I made you bored . Humble request please put thumbs if you liked it ?? don’t leave without comments …Sorry for mistakes all I made above .Love ya ???

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