Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 13 Episode

? Kaisa yeh isq hai?

> Episode 13 <

Recap :- Avni signs in for an audition at a famous Radio station ‘ Sanam re ‘ , Neil finds out more about Alia

As her mind was totally occupied with the challenge given to her , Being totally unaware she bumps with Neil .

Avni falls down and Neil fell on her . She clears her hair from her face while saying ” I’m really sorry” time and again

The moment they both had eyelock both of them shouts ” You !!!! ”

Neil : Miss. Ajooba , Just like a Ajoba ( Miracle or magic ) she’s omnipresent .

Avni : What do you mean by that is this your fathers owned place that I can’t come here

Neil : whenever I try to catch Alia you come in my way

Avni : what kind of IPS officer that you can’t catch a thief , Tk Tkk, It’s too shameful

Neil stares her sharply , Avni pushed him ” Now you’ll spend whole day like this get up ”

They both got up , And crowd around them began to gossip and giggling

Avni : Hey , why’s this kind of smiles and gossips , If a boy fall on girl then it doesn’t means that a love story is going on here , Please go everybody do your work


Shweta and Neela are sitting on Sofas

Neela : Wait let me prepare some tea for you

Shweta : Oh no no I’m getting late

Neela : Just a few seconds it would take , Please

Neela goes into the kitchen and shweta rises up and goes towards the left side , Where on the wall , A picture collage was hung …

Shweta : Wow this collage is awesome

Neela : Mowgli , He’s very fond of photography , He clicked all these pictures and made it

Shweta : wow it’s beautiful

Neela : All pictures are of that day , Just recently when we celebrated mothers day here

Shweta : Ohh good !! ( She looks at a picture of Avni and Neil , Neil is putting cake over her nose and including him all are smiling )

Shweta smiles seeing the picture : How good my son looks when he smiles

Someone bangs at the door hardly and rings the bell continuously .

Shweta shouts ” Oh coming wait o wait ! ”

Neela : Ahiana might be there at the door

Shweta ” Okay let’s meet the girl today ”

Shweta goes and opens the door and she’s dumbstruck


Neil : what are You doing here ?

Avni : I don’t think it’s important to tell you

Neil : See, Tell me , You know I’m a police officer , If you didn’t tell , Then I’ll be just behind you crazily Every time

Avni : I was here to find a job , As you know it very well , I need money urgently

Neil : Job ! what kind of job

Avni : What I thought correct to answer I said but now I won’t , So Mr.Neil I’ll take your leave now

She walks forward , Her shoulder pushed his and she moved ,

Avni thinks ” See , I won Mr.IPS officer , The One you’re looking for, Is just in front of you but you couldn’t recognise ”

Neil shouts and she’s paused ” But how did you know that Alia is a thief”

Avni muddles ” You only said just now that you’re a police officer , And police is always after roberes , Moreover , You said Alia , I didn’t

Avni tries to continue to move but he again intrudes ” Clever , Very clever , You can …

Avni : what do you think am I of sly nature , You think I’m lying

Neil : Maybe

Avni : Listen ( she points towards him with her finger ) just concentrate on your case , Or else tomorrow your department may kick you out because you couldn’t find a thief

Avni keeps her hands on his shoulders and dabs ” All the best IPS Neil , My wishes are with you , I’m sure you’ll be successful in your task ”

Neil claps ” wow ! ” ” From which direction has the sun risen today , This girl is worried about my job about me , Wow ”

Avni : I’m not at all interested in that , I was just saying

Neil ” Ooo !!! ” He walks around her
And says ” You needn’t take any kind of tension regarding my job , I’m a very smart police officer , Very soo that thief would be behind bars .

Avni gets irritated , She looks angrily and then frantically leaves from there .

Dd reaches there hastily ” Sir , Sorry we couldn’t catch that girl , ”

Neil ” Shit ! What ! Again ! No ways ”

Dd ” Better luck next time ”

K.k comes there ” mashallah ” ” Police in my office why ? “

Neil : I want to talk to you , Please let’s go into the office

K.k : Yes bro, Tell me what’s the matter

Neil : See this picture very carefully , She’s a thief and from our sources we got to know that she came here

K.k : what stupid are you saying bro, This is a radio station not temple that anyone can come in , Only those can whom I call or are given a special invitation or a Pass .

Neil : What ? Then it means someone from here is the culprit

K.k : Rubbish ! we don’t have anyone like that here

Neil : I gotta check the entry register

K.k : Fine ! I’ll bring it for you


Neela : Shweta Ji who’s at the door !

Shweta stumbles ” Neelllaaaa jjjiii ”

Neela : what happened

She walks out from kitchen holding a tray and the moment she came out , The hands holding the large white cutlery begins to shake and finally it dropped from her hands .

Neela ” Who’re you ”

She saw three men , And of them was holding Shweta , He held her neck under his sharp knife

” Shhh !!! Don’t utter a single word or else you’ll loose her ” – One of them exclaims

” Just give us that girl , Where’s she ” – The other one spoke

Neela : Girl which girl , Now only we are at house

The man holding Neil’s mom pressed that knife little closer into her skin ” I hate lies , I know it very well that she’s hiding here only , It’s better for her to come out ”

One of them comes forward and shouts ” Hey , Alia come out , Hurry up , I know you’re here only ”

Neela : Alia, There’s none by that name here

One of them heavy goon orders ” Let’s go and check Every corner she must be here only ”

Three of them steps forward but Neela stood in front of them ” You can’t do like this ”

A man out of them pushed her harshly and she hits with an wall .

All of them Rushed upwards .

Shweta comes and holds her ” Are you okay ”

Neela ” Who’re these people ? ”
Shweta ” Wait let me call Neil ”

Neela ” Be careful , I don’t think they’ve come here to rob there’s something Else with them ”


K.k : See these are all people who came , Now you got to know I was right

Neil : Thanks , But keep this picture with you of you if you saw any girl like this do tell me

K.k : Yes baby , Dude don’t worry okay

Dd : Excuse me he’s not baby he’s a super cop

Neil : Dd !!!

K.k : Chill baby , I gotta go I’m quite busy

Dd : Now what Sir ?

Neil : What we failed again ,

Dd : Again

Neil shouts : what is all this going on Dd I’m getting insane of all this now

Dd : Sir ! Sir please take a chil pill

Dd: Sir Ji I know , I know who can change your mood , You should go that person . Believe me sir

Neil : I think you’re right Dd ! I should go to that person


Avni is sitting in an auto , She squeled ” Oh man ! Please drive fast I’m getting late ”

The driver questions with confusion ” But madam ! Where you’ve to go ”

Avni : Even I don’t know that

The man gave a hault ” What ! So since last 15 minutes we’re just running from this corner to other without knowing where you’ve to go ”

Avni ” Sorry tell me that is there a lone place nearby , Like , Something like woods , A place where noone comes ”

He looks at her strangely ” But why do you want that kind of place ”

Avni : Just tell me don’t argue

” Yes just nearby there’s a woddy area , Rarely people come there , But that place is quiet lonely and little dangerous ”

Avni : You needn’t take tension , I’m not afraid of danger

” Okay then I’ll take you there ”


Shweta exclaims ” Neil isn’t answering my calls , Think he’s busy ”

Neela : Be quiet they’re coming back

” She’s not here ”

Neela : I told you

” See lady if she came here , Tell her Ballu is asking for Alia ”

Shweta : Oye you people my son is an IPs he’ll send you straightaway to jail

” Eh ! Old lady just keep your mouth shut or else I’ll send you straightaway to god ”

” Come on let’s go ”

Three of them went out .

Neela : Oh god who were they

Shweta : who’s Alia

Neela : God knows , See the whole house is distorted

Shweta : Thanks kids weren’t at home

Neela : You should go to your house now


Neela is walking up and down in front of door and is continuously burbling ” where’s Ahiana , She’s not even answering my calls I hope she’s fine ”

Instantaneously , Her phone rings ” Ahiana where are you Bacha ”

” I’m absolutely fine mom , I’m having a very important work I’ll be late a little bit okay ”

Neela ” Some goons came home they were asking for Alia , Ahiana are you listening ”

Ahiana ” Hello, Hello , Neela ma ! ”
Neela ” Ahiana Bacha , Hello ”

Ahiana ” I think connection is not good here ” she disconnected the call


HE’S sitting on table and chairs , Inside CHAMKO CAFE

NEIL feels Avni IN FRONT OF HIM AND SHE’S JUST MURMURING AND murmuring BUT IT’S SILENT , He can’t hear her voice .

Neil is staring at her lovingly , watching her talking
[ background music :-
Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum,Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena ]

Somebody from behind flips finger in front of him , Neil awakens from his daydream ” Oh sorry I’m really sorry ”

A man says ” Yar ! Again , 15 years Have gone now stop thinking about Avni , You’re again day dreaming ”

Neil : I wasn’t thinking about Avni , Ali

Ali his best friend and owner of Chamko cafe .

Ali shouts ” WHAT ” ” Are you serious you were not thinking about Avni ”

Neil ” It’s a girl who has totally taken up a fraction of my mind ”

Ali : It’s not true , Other than Avni who has taken your mind

Neil” Ahiana ”

Ali: Ahiana , Who’s she ?

Neil : She works at SUKOON ghar , She’s totally mad girl

Ali : By the way what about that theif Did you caught that girl

Neil : Nope Yaar ! I couldn’t again this Ahiana came in my way , You know what whenever I try to catch Alia then she comes in my way


Avni is sitting on a big rock in woods

She says ” what kind of person you’ve made god , Just like a magnethe has stuck to me , He’s so inquisitive , He needs answer to everything . And his eyes are just looking me always

But here no one not even he can and disturbed me and I’ve to practice my song ”

AVNI takes out her phone and starts singing , But then she stops and yells ” Oh god ” ” I can’t sing every time I try he comes to my mind ” ” Avni concentrate ”


Ali : Yar Neil ! When will you solve your case No.123

Neil : Just I was to catch that thief today , Just I was to solve my case no.123 and this girl came in my way

Ali : wow ! This girl seems to be very amazing

Neil : This is first time that a girl beat me , she’s different from all other girls

Ali : Please tell me more about her ,Please.

Neil : I don’t even want to talk about her , She’s mad , 24 hour you’ll see , She would be in angry mood , Rarely she smiles , You won’t believe she’s very cunning , She erased that video which I told you from my phone and i didn’t got to know , She is fond of taking risks, Always remain silent no one can make out what’s in her mind, She’s is just like a jigsaw puzzle…

Ali : Okay Okay stay calm , Have water my bro . You just said that you have nothing to say but you can write an essay on her

Neil : Oh come on I’m worried about my case , How’ll I catch that thief

Ali : BHAI ! Please tell me more about her Na !

Neil : I’m talking about case and you’re still stucked on her

Ali : I’mreally happy to see that except Avni you’re thinking about another girl which such interest

Neil : Don’t twist what you want to say be straightforward

Ali : I think you have some feeling for that girl

Neil : oh come on Ali , You know noone except Avni can’t gain my attention

Ali :Neil live in present , Forget the past and say yes , Say yes that you like that girl

He got up and started singing in his Bollywood’s stylish way

“Hota aise ye mauke pe
Roka jaaye na roke se
Achha hota hai
Hota hai ye bura
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai ”

Everyone claps , Neil smiles

Neil : Ali you’ll ever remain the same , Man of free soul and open heart

Ali shouts ” Yeh Hasa to phasa ”

Ali : Mere bhai ! This love is very very , You know strange , You can’t understand if you have it or not , But believe me once you did it your life would be like heaven

Hope it was good one , Forgive me if I did mistakes or made you bored .A friend is requesting you to support . Hit ? if you liked , Do do do comment. please guys .

  • will neela suspect Avni
  • Where’s Avni
  • Will Neil be able to crack case .

For tomorrow :- AVNEIL lost in woods ; Neela Finds something about Ahiana .

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