Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction) 12 Episode

?Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

12 Episode ?

Recap :- Avni steals evidences about Alia from police station , Neela finds some pictures from Avni’s wardrobe ,Avni reaches at K.K’s Sanam re 

Avni’s POV …

Avni looks up to the building and says ” Ma it is your dream Na first I’ve to become a singer just like you , Then only I’ve to execute my mission . See , I’m here , And I’ll try my best to accomplish your dream , Because your dream is my goal ”

Avni walks in …


Neil is in  a dark room and is investigating .

He points his marker on board over a picture and says ” Alia , A famous singer from London got missing at Mumbai’s international airport ”

Neil : She was so near to me but can’t catch her , Then Ragu and Derek files a case but after that they took the case back and said that they’ve got Alia back

Then Suddenly Ahiana , Also from London came to SUKOON GHAR . I saw her giving money to some men , Neela aunty told me she had a fight with some goons .

Now a girl stole files from police station , It means that thief doesn’t want me to know about Alia , But why ?

Then Dd comes in ” Hello Sir ”

Neil : Yes dd what you’ve got to know

Dd : Some very interesting news

Neil : Before that tell me did you got that mail or not

Dd : Not yet Sir , Our expert is working on it

Neil : Okay

Dd : Sir I’ve to got know something amazing . This Alia is a playback singer , Only two pictures of her is over all social media and internet . Just two .

She is always seen in a typical mask . Her real face is unknown to everyone .

Neil : Really , it means , that people only know her voice and not how she looks

Dd : Exactly Sir

Neil : So she can be here within us , In our city , Because nobody has seen her

Dd : But sir , They said they’ve found her , They took the case back

Neil : That I don’t know , I don’t think that they’ve found her back , I think she’s still here in Mumbai

Momentarily , The doors slit opens and two officers holding a man comes in .

Officer ¹ : Sir he’s one of the man who was fighting in front of office

Officer ²: The other one ran away

Neil : Take him to interrogation room , Dd bring to me that mail as soon as possible

Dd  : Yes sir !


Neela is holding those pictures ” Let her come then I’ll ask her ”

Somebody rings the bell . She goes and opens the door .

Neela smiles ” Shweta Ji , Come , Come in ”

Shweta : Hello Neela Ji how’s you

Neela : I’m fine .

They both sat down on sofas .

Neela : How’s everyone in the family

Shweta : All are good , What about your SUKOON ghar .

Neela : Everyone is good here , Just because of donators like you so generous and good

Shweta : Please don’t say that , Children are equal god only , Well , thanks I totally forgot , Here’s this month cheque of donations

Neela : It’s so nice of you thanks

Shweta : I heard that the girl who works here stole money from your room , Is that true

Neela : Yes that is but …

Shweta : I must say what kind of girl you’ve appointed , Dd  told me she’s a thief

Neela : No no she’s not a thief, She’s a very good and kind girl , It’s just that she’s little shy , She didn’t asked me if she had then I would have obviously helped her

Shweta : Whatever , I advice you , Keep an eye on her

Neela : No need she’s just like my daughter and she calls me ma !

Shweta makes face as she’s not yet satisfied with answer

Neela : How’s Neil by the way , Is he okay now ?

Shweta : Nope he’s same , Still thinks about that girl , In his dreams , Thoughts every time .

Neela : Ya ! you told me about his childhood friend Avni , But he should understand 15 years have gone

Shweta : No one can explain this to him

Neela : Don’t worry , It’s said na ! Whatever happens , Happens for good , God will help him soon .

Shweta : 15 years have gone , Don’t know what’s with god , You know what ? I asked Prakash Ji to fond a suitable girl for him .

Neela : Did you asked him before deciding

Shweta : He’s a child we  elders have to think about good and bad , Isn’t it ?


NEIL bangs his hand hardly on table , A yellow colored lantern is hanging down , Lying between two men sitting on either sides .


Neil : So tell me who told you to do all this

[ Flashback – Avni talking to that man after stealing

Avni : I know Neil will ask you that who forced you to do all this , You needn’t to be panic , Just say it was a girl , And you don’t know her ]

Man : It was a girl , I don’t know her , I had never seen her

Neil : Did you saw her face or anything unusual

[ Flashback

Avni : He’ll ask you for sure that did you saw that girl , Tell him that she had disguised herself with hood , Sunglasses ]

Man : No , I couldn’t she was wearing a big hood and large glasses

Neil : See , I will spare you , It’s a robbery case , And you’re a victim , So tell me the truth

Man : I’m saying the truth , I a poor man , She said she would help me with money

Neil : Fine you’re poor , But it dosen’t mean you’ll do anything illegal or wrong

Man : Sorry sir , I’ve realize my mistake now

Neil : Okay , Whatever you saw , Help us draw a sketch of her

The other man sitting in front of him nods in a yes .


Avni standing at reception asks ” Excuse me where’s Mr.Kk I wanna meet him”

The lady at counter answers ” He’s just coming in few minutes please wait for some time mam ”

Avni : Hmm fine …

She goes and sits on lounges . Soon her eyes are set upon mirror just placed  distantly as decoration set .

Avni thinks : Neil just keep on trying time and again but you can never find Alia , Never defeat Ahiana and never know who’s Avni .

Suddenly she realizes ” Oh god where’s my earring ”

She pop up and looks for it every possible place but couldn’t get it

Avni finalizes ” I think I threw it inside police station , What if Neil found it ” , ” No no Avni , Avni think positive ”

The lady standing at counter announces ” Madam sir is here you can go now ”


NEIL holds the sketch prepared as that man told .

The man thinks ( That girl was actually correct how smart she is )

[ Flashback

Avni : He’ll ask you to draw a sketch of me so take this picture and say you saw this girl , Fine ]

Neil : Dd take this and  find out who’s this ?

Neil : After she talked to you where she went

Man : She took an cab

Dd : Sir don’t worry our officers are tracking that cab , We’ll find her soon

Neil : Good , Today this thief shouldn’t get out of our reach

Dd gets a call ” Sir we’ve traced that cab ”

Neil : Come on let’s go and catch her red handed


Avni : Hello sir , I’m Ahiana , I’m here for auditions

The person sitting on the  chair was just hearing  to what the girl was saying but wasn’t answering

Avni : Sir I saw an advertisement of yours in newspaper so here I came for an audition

The person rolled his chair round and  he says ” Hello Miss. Ahiana , I am K.K the one and only owner of this fabulous , Stunning , Awesome place ‘ Sanam re ‘

Avni : Hello Sir ,Nice to meet you

K.k : Nice to meet you too , I think i should mention it to you that we’re going to begin with a new F.M radio program ‘ Sanam re ‘ Very soon , And it’s station is this building

Avni : Yes sir I knew it , I’m really excited for this

K.k : Good , So you’re here for an audition

Avni : Exactly sir

K.k : Cool then what you’ll be singing for us

Avni : Actually I’m having a problem , I can only sing English songs, I need to learn Hindi

K.k : Opps , It’s actually a big problem

Avni : But sir I’m very good learner , I can learn things very fast

K.k : Good baby , Then let’s take a short audition ,Then after you can learn new song and sing for us

Avni : Alright I’m ready

K.k : Cool , Give me high fy ! You’re dam amazing girl i must say

Avni : Yours thanks Sir

K.k : Don’t call me Sir , Everyone here call me dude K.K , Call me that , Right !

Avni smiles ” Ya ! I’ll make tounge learn that ”

K.k : And one more thing it’s now going to be afternoon , Right , So evening 8 is the last hour for audition , After that I’m sorry I couldn’t help you out .

Avni : Don’t worry sir I’ll made it before 8 learning a song

K.k : Okay all the best and don’t call me sir

Avni : Oh yeah ! sorry , Dude right !

K.k : Cool , Baby , You got it right .


Dd : Sir we’re very near , The cab right now is standing near Radio station ‘ Sanam re ‘

Neil : Drive fast this time we’ve to reach as fast as possible .


K.K is sitting on chair , He wore big headphones over his ears , Tuned on sound and raised his thumb up

The girl standing inside a little transparent room started to sing .

She’s Avni , Her eyes got watery , Soon a sweet soothing sound is heard

” I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well I found  one beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine “
DD : There’s the taxi sir
Neil and dd goes to that cab .
Neil : Hey where’s that girl you just dropped
Driver : She was in a great hurry Sir as if she has done something wrong , Sorry sir , If I drove so fast , I’m extremely sorry
Neil : It’s okay
He and dd hurriedly moved inside
Neil orders his men : Just cover this whole area , Dd  go that way , I’ll check this way
Dd : Yes sir !
Dd goes towards left and Neil walks towards right , He was stepping towards the room where Avni was singing her song .
Neil for a moment stood spellbound when he heard that voice ”  Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song “
AVNI while singing thinks ” Today also those days are still fresh I’m my mind Neil ” , ” The days when we were together , Close to each other , With one another “
NEIL IS WALKING AND HAS REACHED JUST NEAR TO THE RECORDING ROOM . He stopped right in front of the door and pushed it inwards a little bit to have a look into , He saw a incomplete sight of a girl with open hair singing her melody .
But before he could open the door completely his phone rings and he came out and turned away to talk .
Dd  ” Sir here’s no one like that sketch we got
Neil : Did you searched everywhere
Dd : Yes sir , May be that driver is lying to us
Neil : Maybe but the tracker showed this place only
She finishes her song and comes out
K.k : what a fabulous voice you’re selected
Avni : Thanks sir
K.k : But I want to see how would you sound singing Hindi songs
Avni : I’ll try my best
K.k : Okay then now go and practice , And remember that till 8 you’ve to come for audition
Avni opens the door and before Neil would turn and see her she passed by , 
After that she had gone , Neil watches her going by .
Neil to himself ” Was this the girl who was singing , Why did I felt like … When she passed by “
Neil ” Dd I’m coming to you wait okay , But where’s you right now “
Dd  : Sir I’m near entry point .
Neil goes back to meet Dd
Neil ” Dd I’ve looked everywhere but couldn’t find this girl here
Dd : Me too Sir , Sir why shouldn’t we ask at reception that just half and hour ago who all came here
Neil : Good idea
Neil at reception ” Did you saw any girl wearing black jacket , Sunglasses , Hood coming in here
Reception : Oh yeah Sir , She came now , See there she is going
Neil looks there where the lady was pointing with her finger , He saw a girl in black colored jacket .
Neil ” Dd there she is “
He ran away to reach at her who was a few meters away from him , But from ahead came Avni .
She was has bowed her head and is looking into her watch murmuring ” Oh good till evening I’ve to learn a new song “
As her mind was totally occupied with the challenge given to her , Being totally unaware she bumps with Neil .
Avni falls down and Neil fell on her . She clears her hair from her face while saying ” I’m really sorry time and again “
The moment they both had eyelock both of them shouts ” You !!!! ” 
Neil : Miss. Ajooba , Just like a Ajoba ( Miracle or magic ) she’s omnipresent .
<< To be continued >>



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