Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai | Season 2 | Part 10

Zaroori Tha plays.

Mihika’s too absorbed in playing with Adi. Abhishek smiles as he sees her carefree actions. Ishita sits next to him, snapping him out of his trance. Ishita nudges him and gestures towards Mihika. Abhishek shakes his head.

Mihika bids farewell to the Bhalla family. Abhishek stands at the back, quietly observing her.

On the side of a busy road, Mihika waits for a rickshaw or a taxi to pass by.

Abhishek drives by, sees her, and brakes sharply. He reverses and stops beside her, staring ahead, his jaw clenched. Mihika glances at him but searches the oncoming traffic for any other transport.

Music fades.

Abhishek: Get in.

Mihika (crosses her arms): I can go by myself.

Abhishek: Mihika, can you not be stubborn for once? Don’t argue with me and get in. I’ll drop you off at the bus stand.

Mihika: I said I’ll manage. You can go.

Abhishek angrily gets out of the jeep and grabs her arm, dragging her near to the jeep door. He picks up her suitcase and puts it on the back seats.

Mihika (snatches her arm out of his grip, frustrated): What’s your problem?

Abhishek: Get inside or I’ll make you. And, trust me, you don’t want a repeat of last time.

Music replays.

Mihika remembers the time Abhishek had forcibly got her in the jeep and handcuffed her. There are a lot of people around them. To save the embarrassment, she glares at him, gets inside, and slams the door shut. Abhishek takes a deep breath.

He’s driving the car and takes a sharp right turn. Mihika falls on him and awkwardly pulls away.

Abhishek drops her off outside the bus stand and leaves without another glance back. He feels restless and, the more he sees Mihika in front of him, the more he grows angry and increases the speed.

Mihika finds her seat and sits down, sighing. A person takes her hand in theirs and entwines their fingers. Mihika’s confused and looks at them to find Abhishek next to her. Abhishek smiles at her and kisses the back of her hand. A tear rolls down her cheek and she hugs him, only he disappears. Mihika gasps, realising it was her imagination, and stares out of the window, lost in thoughts.

Abhishek parks the car alongside the highway and takes deep breaths. He’s unable to concentrate on driving because of Mihika. He closes his eyes briefly and opens them again to see Mihika standing in front of him, her arms crossed and a smug smile on her face.

In anger, Abhishek gets out of the jeep and stalks towards her.

Music fades.

Abhishek (in anger): Why?

Mihika: Hurts, doesn’t it? To know that the one person you love abandones you at the time you need them the most? To feel disappointed because you expected them to support you and they end up giving up?

Mihika stands directly opposite him.

Mihika: Tell me, Abhishek, how does it feel? How does it feel to know that one day I’ll be in the arms of another man, loving him, spending my nights with him, rearing his children, and you led me to it?

Abhishek (grabs her arms and gives her a rough jerk): Mihika!

They stare at each other challengingly.

Abhishek: I admit I told you to forget me but I didn’t expect your betrayal so soon.

Mihika (laughs): Betrayal? Kiss tarha ka dokha, huh? Why should I have waited for you? When you made it perfectly clear that nothing can exist between us anymore, why should I have insisted? I have an entire life ahead of me. Someday, somebody will make me his. Someday, I must choose someone as my husband. I can’t search for love in my past now, can I?

Abhishek: You can’t marry anyone else.

Mihika: How selfish of you! You don’t love me, refuse to marry me or acknowledge our relationship, and then tell me to forget about you. And, when I want to move on in life, like you had said I should, I’m suddenly not allowed to. Why’s that?

Abhishek pushes her against the jeep and leans close to her face.

Abhishek: Because I love you. Is that too hard to understand?

Mihika: Yes, actually–

Abhishek: How so?

Mihika (grabs his collar in anger, sighs, and gently rests her forehead against his): If you really love me, marry me.

Music starts again.

Abhishek and Mihika share an intimate moment but, just as he’s about to kiss her, she’s no longer there. Abhishek’s in shock at first but soon snaps out of it.

He starts the jeep and returns to the bus stand he left Mihika at, frantically searching around for a tour bus. He asks someone about it and grows worried.

Abhishek follows a bus on a long, narrow road, trying to safely stop it. It doesn’t work. He becomes impatient and cuts in front of it.

Mihika lurches forward and clutches the seat in front of her for support. People begin to flare up. Mihika’s confused. The front door of the bus opens and the driver and conductor shouts at the person. He shows a badge and gets on. His eyes search for Mihika and, once they settle on her, he breathes a sigh of relief. Mihika stands up and slowly walks nearer to him, stopping at a distance.

Abhishek grabs her wrist and holds it tightly, breaking her bangles. He hisses as the glass shards pierce his skin, drawing blood. Mihika flinches. He lifts his blood-covered hand to her forehead, filling her maang. Mihika closes her eyes as tears fall and she falls into his arms, crying hysterically. Abhishek holds her. The people in the bus clap for the newly-married couple.

Abhishek and Mihika happily complete the rest of wedding rituals in a nearby Mandir.

Music finishes.


Night Time.

Abhishek stops the jeep in front of the Kapoor Mansion. Mihika gulps in worry.

Abhishek (opens his door): Come on, Wifey, let’s go in.

Mihika (clutches his hand and whispers): Abhi, I’m scared.

Abhishek (chuckles and shakes his head): You’re a strange woman, Mihika. Weren’t you encouraging me to run away with you?

Mihika (pinches his arm, earning an ‘ouch’ from him): Laugh all you want. You’re not the one in the spotlight. I’m dreading their reaction. What will they say or do?

Mihika takes deep breaths and glances at the front door.

Mihika: Abhi, do we have to do this? Can we not return later?

Abhishek (smiles reassuringly): No, Mihika. Why should we prolong the inevitable? It’s better to get this over and done with. Think about it. What’s the worst that can happen?

Mihika: I just have this . . . bad feeling.

Abhishek (winks): It’s a little too late for that, don’t you think?

Mihika (glares at him): Now’s not the time for your stupid jokes.

Abhishek: Oh, come on. I’m here, aren’t I? Your dad will probably be angry at first and not give us his blessings, but then he’ll come to accept it. We’ll give him the time he needs to do so. Trust me, Mihika. It’ll be alright.

Mihika nods.


Kapoor Mansion – Dining Room.

Everyone’s there.

DJ (as he eats): Bari Bahu, did you hear anything from Mihika?

Devyani: Yes, Bauji. She called this afternoon, saying she’s left for a quick tour.

Rahil: I’ll miss Di when she leaves for Sydney.

DJ: I think we will all do.

The doorbell rings.

Govind (looks at Devyani): Who can it be at this time?

DJ (gets up): I’ll check.

Kapil: No, Bauji. You stay here. I’ll go.

Kapil opens the front door and his eyes widen in shock.

Kapil (in disbelief): Mihika?


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..