Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 9 by Aliya

Meetu here is your request


Let’s begin…..

Sanskar comes back home with a strong intention to ask sorry

He sees Ragini sitting in the dining

Sanskar moves to her:Ragini.. I am…
His eyes falls on the table where his and swara’s photos were present
He looks at his room

Tears were flowing from Ragini eyes…
Ragini in same position not even glanced at him:is this the reason behind your behaviour towards me?

Sanskar kneels to her:Ragini.. I was….(he held her hand) mein tumse… Iss…
Ragini pulls her hand from him and stands:haan ya naa

Sanskar tried to reason:ragini i did.. I am…

Ragini:haan ya naa

Sanskar:try to understand me Rag……

Ragini stands and lil loudly :haan ya naaa?!

He closes eyes:haan…

Ragini immediately turns and controls her sobs.. She wipes her tears but it was of no use.. Because her tears weren’t stopping.. She never cried like this and now she is facing the real hurt and pain.

Sanskar:but Ragini… She….

Ragini goes inside her room

Sanskar was lacking words.. He was too hurt seeing her.. There’s no single word to justify him

Ragini comes back she pulls his palm and places mangalsuthr:till now i thought i will never separate me from this.. But looks like i am not lucky enough.. Even after marriage my husband (she choked) was not mine..

She wipes her tears

Sanskar:Ragini i wanted to..

Ragini:you wanted to what?? Ab sab kuch khatam ho chuka hai… Sab kuch khatam… She places a bundle on his palm

Ragini:this is the payments for keeping me in this house… And it’s less hope you won’t mind but soon i would pay it

And turns to go but again faces him

Ragini:you told me not to interfere in your life.. From now you will not interfere in my life.. I am just a paying guest in your house… (she smiles sarcastically with flowing tears in her eyes) and Thankyou so much for everything…

She turns towards the main door where adi and krish were standing shocked

She moves to the door

O re piya

Sanskar fists the money and her mangalsuthr

He remembered all his moments with Ragini.. In kitchen grocery shop bus stand and the ways of her teasing him.. Everything was running in mind.. Most importantly her smiles.. She was like if she gets hurt and next minute she would be fine.. But this time he gave her a sevior wound which is hurting her a lot… Even if it heals it would leave its marks!

Inn faaslo ka ye faisla kyun
Dil ne mere kar liya
Khud hi na jaane
Kaise jeeyega
Hoke ye tumse juda

Ragini goes out of the door… She slides down the wall near by and cries

Adi followed her… Adi kneels to her she hugs him and cries.. This time she really needed her family.. But she doesn’t have the courage to tell them all this!

Krish moves to sanskar:i don’t know what happened between you both but i can clearly see my Ragoo is hurt because of you.. U would soon know how you have hurt an innocent soul.. You would pay for….

He sees Swara and Sanskar’s photo on the table.. He picks it shocked!

He sees the room and he coulds all swara’s photos.. He moves to it
There was no single place in the wall where wasn’t her pics

Here Ragini gets up and goes
He follows her

Rag:adi.. Let’s go to hospital we are already late
Adi:no Ragoo.. You..
Ragini:i am fine.. I would not mix my personal life with professional life..

Adi nods

They sit in the car

Ragini closes her leaning to the seat

“you want to know the truth right.. I don’t love you.. I feel suffocated with you… I just can’t tolerate you.. I am stuck with you..”his words were pricking her again and again

” from now don’t interfere in my matters… Actually who you are? Wait let me tell you.. You are just a wife for name sake…”

Ragini :a wife for name sake.. She takes a deep breath

Adi while driving looks at her

Ragini:mein nahi roungi… I will not not… Ragini isn’t hurt
But to the fact she was crying much more than before

Adi:Ragini control yourself.. May be there’s some misunderstanding
He tried to console her not knowing the truth

Ragini:no adi… You don’t know anything.. When truth comes out like this it hurts a lot…. My husband loves Swara!
She burst into bitter cry

Main waari jaawan
Main waari jaawan
Saath ho ke ho ya ve kasoor re
Naadaan iss dil ki
Har khwahish roothi
Sapne huey hai saare choor

Krish goes out..

Sanskar goes to his room
He looks at Swara’s photos

Sometimes giving importance to the past will end up ruining the present and future same happened with sanskar

Piya o re piya
Piya re piya re piya
Piya o re piya
Piya re piya re piya

Adi:Ragini.. Control youself!

They reach hospital..

Ragini goes wearing the coat

Adi couldnt see Ragini in pain.. He calls krish.. But he isn’t picking the calls

Here swara:i should invite Ragini and her husband here… Let me call her and ask..

At the time a person enters home

Swara sees him:aap itni jaldi aagaye

Person:waise when is our divorce

Swara:why are you talking about it!

Person:after 21 days right!

Swara:aap aise baat kyu kar rahe hai.. Aap hi ka decision tha!

Person:let’s celebrate swara.. Tumne aaj 3 zindagi barbaad kardi

Swara:Kabeer aap yeh kya bole jaa rahe hai

And the person is revealed to be kabeer/krish Swara’s Husband

He throws the photos of sanskar and hers

Swara was shocked

Krish:leave about me.. Because from 4 years you were cheating me.. And i really don’t care about your relation with sanskar but tumne meri Ragoo ke saath accha nahi kiya.. And i will never ever forgive you for this.. And Please don’t show me your face!

He storms out

Swara was ahocked she picks the photos… She wasn’t understanding how krish got to know about this.. And who is Ragoo? Unaware about Ragini is only Ragoo whom krish was talking!

Precap:New beginning of Ragini

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