Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 7 by Aliya

Let’s begin…..

Sanskar didn’t like the way Ragini hugged krish
Adi notices it:Ragini… Let’s let’s move inside.. Ha ha ha(said with his weird laugh)

Ragini:oh haan… Let’s go inside

Ragini introduces adi and krish

Sanskar shakes his hand with adi and then krish

Sanskar:hey krish

Krish:i am krish only for ragini..(jokingly) Not for any random people’s.. Call me kabeer

Something irked sanskar

Both Ragini and krish hifies and laughs

Adi thinks to change the torpic :Ragoooo…. Your house is so beautiful


Ragini :let’s go inside

Krish and adi sees the house

Krish tries to open Sanskar’s room

Krish:is this a store room…

Ragini looks at sanskar

Krish:the way it is kept locked.. I think it has many useless things.. Why are you keeping those.. Nikal ke fek do na… Or give it to some scrap dealers(it has whole swara’s photos and things?) it just pulls away the beauty of house!

Ragini:that room isn’t store room… It is a room where some precious things have been kept.. U know na we both go to our respective works…

Krish:oh i understand.. Understand

Sanskar just kept looking at ragini who has managed the situation smartly… But still he didn’t like the way she mingles with kabeer

Ragini:you talk… I will serve the food…

Krish :wait wait.. We will do it together nai aaaaadi bhaiyya

Adi:haa chalo… You called me bhaiyya

Ragini:arey chalo na…

Sanskar felt he was been sidelined… He ignored it and moves to hall and watches the TV…
He sat in a sofa where he could see the kitchen directly..

:is he like this boring types!
Ragini:shh.. Sun lenge
Krish:then tell na.. Sanskar sun lenge… Jabse mile hai tabse you didn’t take his name once
Ragini :we shouldn’t take husband’s name ?and mostly when husband is the package of attitude and anger.. Then we should definitely not take his name
Ragini giggles
Krish and adi laughs
Sanskar was seeing Ragini and krish bohoth kuch jal raha hai??

They place the dinner in the table…

Ragini goes to sanskar

Ragini:suniye.. Khana laga hai…

Krish and adi laughs when she addressed him suniye

Sanskar:what happened?

Ragini :nothing…

Ragini serves the dinner for 3 of them and herself

All were having the food

Suddenly krish:wow.. What a cook you are… A best doctor.. A best friend.. Best cook..a good hearted.. And innocent beauty.. Shit just miss

Sanskar:what you missed!!!

Trio laughs leaving sanskar confused

Krish mischievously :i meant.. I would have married her if you didn’t came in middle

Sanskar just didn’t react… But he was really angry

Ragini:haa krish!! It would have been great!!

Sanskar didn’t expect Ragini would also say this! Actually he was not in the verge to see its truth or a joke

After the dinner…

And they talks for sometime

Adi:we will leave now..

Krish :hmm.. Yes..

Ragini:i would get bored!

Krish:we will meet na tomorrow

Adi:didn’t you both got message…?

Ragini:what.. I didnt check

Adi:kalse night duty starts.. So we will get some rest day after tomorrow only… Tomorrow no coming back to home

Ragini:full day!

Krish:it’s ok.. We will have fun in the middle of the duty.. What say?
Ragini smiles and nods

They then leaves

Ragini turns to go to her room..

Sanskar:so you are bored?

Ragini:bored?? I am sleepy

She was about to go…

Sanskar :you don’t even like to talk with me

Ragini :what?

Sanskar:leave it…

He was annoy to go

Ragini :wait wait what you want to try to prove?

Sanskar:you seriously want to listen… Every girls are same!!!

Ragini :wait… First tell me what did I do? That you are in the mood to fight with me?

Sanskar :see you named it as fight too

Ragini :then what should I tell… Because you are provoking me… What did i do?

Sanskar:oh come on… From tomorrow you won’t go to the work?

Ragini :why will I not go?

Sanskar:didn’t you listen… You will not go!!

Ragini :but why?

Sanskar :yup.. When you will have lot of people in your priority list!

Ragini wasn’t understanding what he wasn’t to say or prove

Sanskar:one thing is final you will not go to work!

Ragini :give me the valid reason.. And tell me who are you to me?

Sanskar in high tone:you will not go… Then you will not…
He goes by pushing a vase which is placed near by

Ragini gets scared

Aftr sometime

Sanskar was standing in the balcony
Sanskar regretted for taking out his anger on ragini.. He just overreacted on her…

Sanskar comes from there he goes to Ragini’s room

And he sees she has covered herself with comfort

As the much he knew her.. She would be crying…

He could listen sniffs and sobs

Sanskar moves to her:Ragini..

Ragini sniffs but acted as sleeping

Sanskar :i know you are not sleeping

Ragini sniffs :Ragini is sleeping

He smiles

Sanskar:can i talk to sleeping Ragini

Ragini:no.. Ragini’s sleep would broke… Ragini won’t talk with attitude box and angry birds… Specially!

Sanskar:ok Ragini just listen

Ragini:Ragini has become deaf
She cries like a kid..

He pulls the comfort

Ragini gets up

He sees tears on her eyes

Sanskar :i am sorry

Ragini :i will not forgive you

She gets down the bed

Sanskar:what you forgave me?

Ragini angrily :i have not forgave and i will not forgive you

Sanskar smiles :this soon you forgave me!!! I dont know you have big heart

Ragini:i have big heart but i will never ever forgive you

Sanskar :thankyou ragini for forgiving me

Ragini ????:i have not forgave you

He makes her sit in bed:you have

Ragini:i have not

He sits next to her:you have

Ragini:no… No ways you angry bird i will not forgive you

Sanskar:you have… He smiles

Ragini was about to say something but angrily looks other side

Sanskar: ok would you please accept my apologies… Pleaseeee

Ragini nooks at him??:no i will not

Sanskar :you have already

Ragini:no i have not
Sanskar :you have

Ragini:i have not!

Sanskar:you have

Ragini:i have not… I have not and i have not
Sanskar smiles:you have you have… You have

Ragini:Kyu Masakkali chod ke chali gayi.. Jo mere paas aagaye ho

Sanskar ?:ha chodke chali gayi

Ragini smiles a bit:apologies chor!

Sanskar laughs:so..?

Ragini :i will go to my work

Sanskar :i am really sorry.. You can go!

Ragini:you will not get anger on me again..



Sanskar smiles :promise!!

She forwards her palm:again promise

Sanskar:again promise

Ragini:you will not break my vase

Sanskar laughs:i will not


Sanskar:ok now sleep.. U have full duty tomorrow right!

He stands to go

Ragini:i have one confusion..

Sanskar:ha tell

Ragini:you can see without specs?

He fake glares her and then smiles

She falls the bed and covers comfort :good night! And sweet nightmares
Sanskar smiles and nods his head:you will make me blind one day

He goes to his room smiling and he could see swara’s photos.. His smile vanishes.. His mind travelled back

“I LOVE YOU SANSKAR… TO THE INFINITY” he remembered swara’s words..

To be continued…..

Your yes and no’s have confused me.. So i will go in middle!! ???

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