Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 2 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Sid was combing Ragini’s hair…
Sid:pata hai raago… Why we decided arrange marriage for you

Rag giggles:bcs i will get confused!hai naa!

Sid: absolutely…!

Rag herself:u don’t know… bhaiyya hiw many crush i had..bt Rishi was the best..god didnt accept my wish to be with Rishi…

Sushanth:ragoo chal woh log aagaye hai!

Rag stands and goes…and her eyes falls on a guy who was talking with her dad….

She couldn’t believe her eyes it was RISHI

Rag: Bhaiyya’s one min

Both get confused

Rag goes to her room..closes the door and dances

Rag: Rishi…dr.Rishi…??…god u r late bt you accept my prayers!???

She makes her hairs proper..

And then opens the door wr her 2 brothers were looking at her with a confusion????

They nods in no with a confusion

She goes out!

Rishi looks at her…he smiles
And there was a beautiful girl beside him

Suddenly she gets a thought:do you realky love Rishi?
Rag gets confused again

Rishi:from the time i got to know its you..i was so excited to meet you Ragini

Rag smiles being blessed thinking that Rishi was excited to meet her..
Rishi:so now you r a duty doctor..wch i was yrs ago!

Rag was feeling butterflies in her stomach…

Girl:in these yrs na..i hv heard a lot abt you…

Rag don’t know wat se is feeling…

Rishi:oh fish…i hv forgot to introduce you both..so

Rag smiles

Rishi:so tanu this Ragini and Ragini this is Tanu MY WIFE


Rishi gets someone’s call so that he goes…

Tanu:Ragini..come na sit with me

Rag was feeling to?????

Rag goes slowly and sits with her…

Rishi:plzz Sanskar..believe me….why aren’t you listening…if you hv little respect for me then you vl come here in 10 mins…did you get that!


A guy was standing infront of mirror

His eyes shows so much of pain…

He: I don’t know wat i m going to do is right or not….

He goes into flashback

A guy was standing with a tears
And he is revealed to be Sanskar

San:swara…swara plzz…u love me na!and i love you…plzzz don’t leave.. I can’t imagine my life without you
Sw:you hv to Sanskar… I can’t be with u anymore..plzz forget me..and after a month it’s my marriage and i want to forget you
San:how can you!4 yrs of relation swara..u hv broke in 4 seconds…
Sw:i m sorry..i cant be with you anymore..and plzz dont disturb me!

She goes leaving the broken Sanskar

Fb ends

San:now i don’t know wat love is!
He takes his specs and wears it!

A picks his car keys…

He goes..


San reach there
Everyone meets him..

Rag was in her own dilemma
Rag herself?????:god..i had a wish to stay with Rishi..u agreed bt like this ???? rishi’s brother..whom i haven’t seen till now…if i would hv chose krish..!or rajeev or sanjay or sujoy or karan or kishan…or baakiyon ki tho naam hi yaad nai hai????

She looks at Sanskar..with whom sushanth and sid were talking

Rag herself:he is also nice??bt chasmish hai

Shek:if sanskar and Ragini wants to talk…

San immediately:i hv to talk

Rishi gets worried!

All smiles by his sudden desperate bt it was his need

Shek:ragini show..sanskar our house

Rag stands and goes..san follows her

They reach room…

San:you can ask me anything..wch u want to

Rag herself:poochna mujhe tha ya use???

Rag:no..i dont hv nthng to ask

San:ok…i..i want to tell you that…i…

Rag??herself:oh god..he has stammering prblm

Rag:shall i pat you?
Rag:you hv stammering prblm!

San:oh..no no i m fine



Tanu comes:sanskar..chale?
San:one min bhabhi!

Tanu smiles: ok!
She goes

San: Actually i wanted to say that..i was in love with a girl before

Rag herself:isko yeh bolna tha??..if i say i dont know the numbers dude…oh i mean my future hubby

San:if you hv any lrblm you can tell me

Rag nods in no and smiles…

San:ok then…

Rag smiles and nods

He turns to go

Rag:i can work after marriage ryte..?

San nods…he goes…

Rag found him to be wierd but brushes her thoughts and follows

And later they leaves….

Sushanth and sid dances around rag

Rag smiles..

Shejan:we r so happy for you baaba

Rag hits her head?????

To be continued…

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