Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 16 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

It took some moments for her to realise what exactly she heard from krish.
She got betrayed again.. Isn’t it?

Ragini just smiled

Just smiled whole hearted, may be everyone around her found that she is too kiddish and immature to understand the reality.

Ragini:was this the reason that you avoided me?
She asked him casually, this wasn’t the big thing for her as from recent days she gets such big surprises very then and now.

He had no answer for her question.
He couldn’t meet her because he felt he couldn’t face her.

The reason was silly but he felt he was to be blamed for every situation
He came in between swara and sanskar. If he didn’t have been married swara or he didn’t even tried to know swara’s wish. May be everything would be on it’s place now. Everyone would be happy on their lives. According to his thoughts.

But it’s just a simple thought, because our each and every moment has a owner, that’s God. Everything goes according to his planning and whatever happens are happening only for the good, because the routes would be broken difficult and what not?! But one thing is clear that is beautiful destination at the last moment!

Ragini understood his answer by his silence.

Ragini smiles:now stand, now your knees may be aching and to the fact you are not proposing me.

She was so free and he just didn’t even had a thought that she would forgive him this soon!

Ragini:arey uth bhi jao ab.

He stood.

Ragini smiles:you may feel why i am not angry at you but to the fact my anger is burning and i am so hurt and frustrated that at this moment i am wishing to kill you!

Here Sanskar or Swara didn’t even utter a single word once after Ragini left.

Swara could fix the puzzle now.
Krish’s anger his words and most importantly him referring Ragini
Everything was just clear like a water flow.

Isn’t it a joke that living in the same state they didn’t meet each other since these years but after Ragini came everything was so easy like blinking eyes.
It was such a big joke.

And now when this girl whom he had to question a lot about the betrayal is just 2 steps away from him and he couldn’t ask anything.. But why?
Was his brother was right?


Rishi smiles:it happened. The impossible thing happened.

Sanskar just looks at him

Rishi:today i could see a new sanskar. Nah.. I guess the old one. The concern the worry (he moves to him and removes the lone tear from his cheeks) and these tears for whom sanskar? The girl whom you felt suffocated to live with? or if i am not wrong the girl who has become the reason for your living!?

Sanskar was blank

Rishi:i know sanskar, you have moved on long back but you know what is the reason which is stopping you? You have become coward by masking this new sanskar. Be the old one, just be yourself the mischievous talkative happy go lucky guy i am missing him. and do what your heart says! I don’t have much things to advise you but except one, it may be late but never too late. I hope you will realise and understand your heart what exactly it wants?!

He goes to check Ragini leaving the sanskar who was in the mixture of feelings!

Flashback ends.

He has become such dilution that he couldn’t get diluted, even if he is having chances.

Here Ragini :but i thought, if i was in your place. What i would have did? May be i would have did the same thing as you.

Krish:i am really sorry Ragini. I should have told you about this but i couldn’t….

Ragini:i understand and krish i don’t want to keep any anger at this stage where i am leaving this place for forever!

Krish was shocked:Ragini you…

Ragini:now don’t react like this, i have took very first decision of my life at own and i don’t want anyone  to stop it. So how about outing!

Krish couldn’t react anything. How could she think so pure?

Ragini:wait i would call adi bhaai too… Come let’s go!

She moves out. Her eyes wished to have a glance at sanskar and she even looked but he wasn’t there neither Swara!
She thought to leave this torpic here itself!

And left outside and later she and krish went for an outing by picking up adi with them.

Later night!

Ragini comes back home
Which was dark as always, she on’s the lights and went to her room!

She comes out after a bath

She takes her bags and starts to pack her things

She was smiling all the way, may be she lost her love today but she is happy that she could mend the relation. She was proud of herself that she didn’t reacted harsh with krish neither swara. She is not kiddish anymore nor confused. If anyone dared to say this to her then she would definitely gonna say her story to them as she is never found to be kiddish or confused now!

Looking at her room she remembered her time with sanskar when he forcibly asked sorry from her and she named him apologies chor.
A teary smile appeared on her face

She went out
Kitchen was the place where she had very beautiful moments with her husband, they aren’t divorced yet so still legally they are husband and wife!

Even though she with fast procedures she brought a divorce papers with her to give him
She looks at it.
Takes the pen her hand shaked a bit but she consoled herself

And signed it!

She looked for sanskar and moved to his room and as expected it was locked!

She knocked for sometime and realised he is not at home.

She looks at the clock, it was 12 in the night

She feared and takes her mobile to call him when she listens some sound

She looks at the main door sanskar enters the home.
He wasn’t wearing the specs

She found him smiling and she sees again but he was doing something in his mobile

Ragini lightly hits her head as she was hallucinating him to be smiling that too looking at her!

Here krish couldn’t sleep at one place Ragini is gonna leave the state for forever and at other place he don’t know what swara and Sanskar have spoke

He wakes up from bed and moves out he sees swara smiling doing something on her phone

He badly wanted to ask her about the conversation with sanskar but he couldnt.. How helpless he is!

Swara looks at him:kabeer

He turns immediately facing his back to her

Swara:i… And Sanskar decided to give our relationship a chance…

He was frustrated listening it but it was their life!

Here Ragini places the divorce papers on table:i have signed this and you to confirm again do read and sign it!

He looks at her confused entering the hall!

She moves to her room and closes the door!

Next day

Early morning

Ragini gets ready to move airport!

She comes out pulling her bags!

She looks at the clock, it was 7:30 in the morning

And at 8:30 it was her flight

She moves to kitchen, she sees sanskar making a toast

Sanskar smiles:hey..

Ragini was confused.. Was this “hey” for her?
To confirm she turned and looked around .may be he said to walls there!
There was none except the both!

She moves to fridge, whenever she thinks she is not confused and free of mind. This guy is always ready to prove her wrong by his behaviour!

She opens the fridge and sees her sandwiches were missing she made is last night so that it could be easy for her at morning!

Sanskar:are you searching for the sandwiches, i was too hungry last night that i ate it! By the way it was yum!

He. Is. Complementing. Something is wrong with him definitely!

She moved out as it is already late she needs to reach the airport within half an hour!

Sanskar:i will drop you!

She just didn’t say anything but nods

Sanskar:have some toast

Ragini simply haves it!

Later they goes

Neighbour lady :Ragini why so late today?

Ragini:aunty i am leaving for my home

Neighbour lady:oh!

After some talks they leaves

Ragini gets confused as her sentence rings in her ears “why so late today?”
Basically she goes to same time for her day duties

She brushes off her thoughts looking at her watch

And then sits in the car

Sanskar drives the car

Ragini was bored as it was not like before his speed was in 20 speed

Ragini:stop the car, i would go by walking.

Sanskar:no.. What happened?

Ragini sarcastically :what happened? (she takes a deep breath) i have to go!

Sanskar:oh you should have told me before!

He drives in 120 speed and speeds it more

She was shocked

Sanskar was smirking

Ragini:airport jaana hai hame upar nahi jaana

Sanskar:oh.. Sorry

He again slows down his speed to 20

Ragini was shocked

Is she dreaming? Sanskar and speed?never meets!

Ragini:ahh.. Why are you doing this?

Sanskar innocently :what i did?

Ragini was confused to held whatever happened few minutes back was it dream or reality

Finally they reach airport

Ragini picking her luggage:sanskar i am sorry if i hurt you and i have forgiven you. We should start everything new. A new beginning.

He smiles

She was too late to recognise was it smile or smirk

Ragini forwards her hand to him:good bye

He shakes his hand with her

And she moves in

He laughs a bit!

He sits in the car and parks it and looks at his watch and smiles

Here Ragini:what but the flight was at 8:30

Enquiry lady:but it’s 9:30 mam!

Ragini shocked:what?

She looks at at her watch which is showing her 8:15


She looks at the airport clock. It was 9:30

Ragini was confused

She looks at her phone. Its showing 8:15

If it was only watch then it could be some mistake but even mobile too..

How’s this possible?

To be continued……

So how was the part?

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