Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 15 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Ragini slowly opens her eyes, getting her conscious back.
It was morning

For a moment she thought how she reached here!
Then she remembered the previous night. Her outburst, even though she didn’t wanted to talk those,still she lost the control on herself.
Even she confessed her feelings.

Her thoughts were interrupted by rishi:Ragini, how are you feeling now?
He asked with a wide smile

Ragini felt guilty looking at him, she was too rude to him.whatever be he was her great great senior and a friend. Who helped her a lot during the first year of medicine. Always saved her from ragging.

Ragini just couldn’t utter a single word.

Rishi very well knew that she is guilty. As he know her like a flow, he always found her like a baby sister, she just filled the empty part of sister in his life.

The thought made him selfish to get sanskar married to Ragini had 2 reasons behind it.
The first was he knew only Ragini can bring back his old brother who has changed to stone hearted.
The second reason was something unknown to him, when he got to know the girl is Ragini, he just wanted to get her married to sanskar.he felt they are made for eachother and they would be proved to be the best couple.
But did he know his wish would turn out like this? But now he is happy as he have trust on both sanskar and Ragini that they would bind this relation.

Rishi smiles weakly at her:i know, why you are silent now!
Ragini looks at him

Rishi:for my selfish reason to make Sanskar’s life better and bring back the old sanskar, i just didn’t think about you and now i don’t know how to apologise…

Ragini interrupts with a smile:thankyou

Rishi was confused whether she was sounding sarcastic or anger.
His lips forms a thin line with the confusion

Ragini smiles:i am thanking you

He badly wanted to ask why? But still he couldn’t.

Ragini:forgetting all those bitter moments i am saying

He looks confused

Ragini:you had a trust on me that i would bring back the old sanskar was the great thing to me, but i am sorry i couldn’t and i can’t………. anymore
A lone tear rolls down her cheeks which she immediately wiped


Ragini:i have decided to give the freedom which he wished for…..
She controlled her cry by plastering a smile on her face.
It’s not easy for her to control her emotions but still she did.

She thought of teaching him a lesson for playing with her feelings!! But later she realised whom she is doing this to? Her love? Her husband? The person whom she loved like anything? If she does the same thing to him then what would be the difference between her and him.

Life is too small, why to waste it in the name of betrayal and revenge or pain or hurt or something like this!

Sanskar who was at the door and have listened her, he was shocked.
He was blank, “is this over?” The thought arisen in his mind.

His own bitter words were ringing in his ears. No girl would have stayed for a minute more with him after listening those things from him.
To the fact it was not swara but it was krish because of whom he was in anger.  the thought of losing Ragini scared him. In this fear he didn’t wanted her to work with krish.all those fight were because of krish. in the other word it was jealousy. He was too late to realise what exactly he wants!

Ragini:this month my brother is getting married so i am going there tomorrow for forever. I would send the divorce papers soon.

Rishi takes a deep breath:if you have decided this then i would support you.
She smiles weakly.

Ragini:but before that i have some work!

She gets down the bed
And goes to washroom.

Sanskar silently moves to balcony

“this month my brother is getting married so i am going there tomorrow for forever. I would send the divorce papers soon.”rings in his ears

He closed his eyes feeling the pain in his heart. His hands were getting cold. There was something going on in him. He wanted to cry but still couldn’t.
What is this feeling?

Rishi places his hand on Sanskar’s shoulders
Rishi :never let go the chances you have
Sanskar looks at him

Rishi smiles:isme koi kuch nahi kar sakta siwaye tum dono ke, aakhir pyaar ka maamla hai bhaai. Agar ek hi jagah pe atke rahoge tho kuch nahi ho sakta

(none can do anything in this except you both, Afterall it’s the matter of love, if you are just stuck at one place nothing c n happen.)

Rishi:now i should take a leave.

He leaves from there.

After sometime

He was still standing in the balcony thinking something deeply.

When he listens some sound.

He turns and moves inside.

He sees Ragini was all ready in a peach colour salwar and have tied her hair into pony tail

Sanskar hesitantly :are you going somewhere?

Ragini:not only me we both are going!

Sanskar:but where?

Ragini:be ready in half an hour, i hope you won’t mind to take a leave from office for today

Sanskar looks at her confused but still he obeyed her.


He comes getting fresh

Where ragini have placed few light foods on table

Ragini:have your breakfast and i have had mine

He quickly haves it.

And they moves out

He sits in driving seat and she in passenger seat

She tells him direction.

Ragini:i am sorry for my outburst

Sanskar looks at her

Ragini smiles a bit and signs him to see front

Ragini:if you are guilty that I LOVE YOU then don’t be… Take right

He turns the car to right side road but he didn’t interrupt her

Ragini:aapke jagah aur koi bhi hota tho bhi mein uthna hi pyaar karti, patni hone ke haqq se meine pyaar kiya hai.

(if someone else was there in your place too i would have loved him in same manner, i loved as the right of wife)

For a moment he looked at her and also he didn’t bother to ask her where they were moving.

Ragini:mistake was mine, you said about the matter before marriage itself but i didn’t took it seriously

She remembers the day when sanskar came to see her nd he have said about his love but she didn’t took it seriously.

Ragini:stop here.

He stops the car

They gets down the car

Sanskar:where we have come?

Ragini smiles:Rishi bhaai had a trust on me that i could bring you back. Anyways i am going tomorrow but thought i should try one last time, may be a conversation make you feel better. And may be i would not feel guilty later that i didn’t inform you about this.

Sanskar:but who is staying here?

Ragini moves in

And rings the bell

Sanskar stood confused.

And a person opens the door and is revealed to be SWARA

Swara smiles being surprised to see Ragini:Ra….
But soon her smile vanishes seeing The person behind her

Yes he is Sanskar and he is equally shocked to witness swara

After 3 damn years, he saw her again.

Ragini:swara, he is my husband Sanskar.

Swara didn’t know how to react.

Kabeer who is coming from out

Kabeer :excuse me

Ragini turns:krish… What are you doing here?

Krish was shocked seeing Ragini

Only he could managed to utter.

He sees sanskar too..

Ragini:krish.. What happened? And why haven’t you meet me these days? No phone calls too.. Where were you?

Krish brushed his hair :Ragini i want to talk to you.

Ragini:is everything alright krish?

Krish :please!!
She nods

Krish:can we move to garden
She nods
He goes

Ragini turns to sanskar:hope you have a conversation with Swara

She faces swara:swara, sanskar still loves you and not me. I don’t know what happened between you both but sanskar still lives with your memories.

Sanskar just looks at Ragini.

Ragini:our relationship isn’t moving further and we are going to get divorce…
She looks at sanskar, who is already looking at her

Ragini moves from there
Here back was faced to them, tears rolls down her cheeks.

To covers her mouth through her palm to control her sob..

She finally moves to garden controlling her cry.
She could atleast share her pain to krish..

Sanskar closes his eyes, now he wasn’t bothered about swara but he couldn’t stop looking at the direction Ragini went.

Here Ragini sees krish


Krish immediately kneels down in front of her:i am sorry Ragini

Ragini was shocked and confused

Before she could continue..

Krish:i am swara’s husband.

Ragini was shocked.

To be continued….

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