Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 14 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Ragini didn’t know how to react

Sanskar smiles:they wanted to wish you

Ragini immediately turns:hein?

Sanskar smiles :as you cracked your entrance

Ragini turns and smiles:thank God bach gayi.

Sanskar:did you think something else..?

Ragini smiles and faces him:no no.. I was thinking how you got to know all their names. Even it’s not possible for me to remember


Ragini was about to continue her meals when:did you have your dinner?

Sanskar:umm.. No!

Ragini:sit sit and are you waiting for me to print the invitation for you

Sanskar smiles and sits facing Ragini

Ragini enjoying having the meal:yum.. (she looks at him who is smiling looking at her) nowadays you have started to smile a lot, don’t you?

Sanskar smile
He truly agrees to it she changed him a lot!

But soon Ragini realises that she is angry with him and she should not be in good terms with him!
How could she? How could?


Sanskar smiles confused at her

Ragini:forget everything,whatever we just spoke!

Sanskar:Ragini, is everything alright?

“you are just a wife for namesake” his words ringed in her ears

She stood immediately

Why his words always prick her so painfully? Why?

“i don’t love you, i feel suffocated with you” again and again his words ringed in her ears

When he feels suffocated with her, why is he doing this now?

Sanskar was about to hold her arm

Ragini immediately moved back.

Ragini:don’t touch me.


She was all fine few minutes back, why again? He know he did wrong with her. His past was so bitter that it always haunted him. But it lessened after Ragini’s arrival in his life. He started to speak normally. He started to smile and joke with her. He loved to tease her and also loved to get teased by her. But sometimes he couldn’t hold his emotions. No matter, how many times he tried to control his outburst but always end up with hurting Ragini a lot. His rough nature always comes over the softness. His Brother was right he is a loser,he can’t keep up anything neither the past nor the present.

Her eyes turned teary when she recalled the bitter moments between her and her so called husband.
What a girl expects from her man? The comfort, love, understandings
But sadly she didn’t got the one
Was it her or his or the fates mistake, but could it be made right? Or it’s too late?

Sanskar:i am really sorry Ragini, please can’t we be like before? I am missing that Ragini who loved to tease me. I am missing that Ragini whose talks are just like a sooth. I am missing that Ragini whose smile was enough to forget all the tensions.

Ragini smiles sarcastically, tears rolls down her cheeks.
Which she didn’t wiped off, she let it to flow.

Ragini:now don’t you feel suffocated?

He looks at her being guilty

Ragini:now you can tolerate me? Aren’t you stuck with me? You didn’t wanted me to…

Sanskar nods in no, he held her hands.

Ragini:no no(she pulls her hand from his grip) you didn’t wanted me to interfere in your life..

She cries

When her eyes falls on Rishi who is standing at the main door

He was rooted at his steps

Ragini moves to him:what did i do to you? Didn’t you ask your brother whether he wants to marry me or not?

He didn’t had reply

Ragini laughs:my life is just a joke, just a joke.


She was losing her consciousness

Sanskar was shocked by her revelation

Ragini:i won’t get what i need, my dreams are
broken.. My….

Rishi was blank, he was lacking words

Ragini’s vision got blurr. She falls unconscious

Sanskar realising it, immediately holds her.

Sanskar pats her cheeks:Ragini.. Ragini..

His each breath got heavy for him, after seeing her in this condition

Sanskar immediately picks her in his arms.

And places her on a sofa

Sanskar looks around he was so impatient he didn’t knew what to do?

Sanskar looks at Rishi:bhaai,please see My Ragini.treat her!
Rishi was frozen

Sanskar shouts:bhaai..

He takes a water and sprinkles on her face, but she isn’t getting the conscious

Rishi was shocked seeing Sanskarโ€™s reaction. He knew nothing happened to Ragini. She poured her heartout and she would be fine. He wanted to see what Sanskar will do?

But everything was unexpected. ‘My Ragini’ was the words which brought a smile on Rishi’s face.

Sanskar sees Rishi smiling

He burnt in anger. He pushed him a bit.

Sanskar:how could you bhaai..?

Rishi smiles teary

Sanskar was frustrated he was about to pick Ragini in arms to take her to the hospital


Sanskar was blank for a moment.

Rishi smiles:it happened. The impossible thing happened!

To be continued...

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