Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 1 by Aliya

Sorry I can’t give epilogue of ishq visq…bcs it sucks my mind??and i thought of giving a new story…hope you would like it!

Begin with intro of Ragini…

Lil girl was in a toy shop…and was confused abt wat to buy and wat to not

“Wat to buy?hmm everything is good”

Lady:baaba..you buy Barbie doll
Man:no baaba you already hv those you choose cars the na..

Lil girl angrily: first of all..i am Ragini…??? don’t call me baaba

Shek:ok baaba…will not call you..

Jan:baaba..buy watever you want

Rag looks the whole shop with the confusion and????:i don’t want anything…i like everything


Rag was in dress shop and was confused abt wch one to select

Shek:baaba you look good in this!
Keeping a frock on her

Jan keeps a jean and a top

Jan:baaba you will look good in this! believe me..baaba

Shek:baaba you will look like a princess
Jan:you will look like ameesha patel of kaho na pyaar hai

Sushanth(Rag’s big bro):u try skirt and top

Siddharth (Rag’s other bro):raago how abt this..he shows a salwar

Rag looks at her family and again at shop????: I don’t want to buy anything


Rag has topped her 10th board’s

Sid:Rago..science commerce ya arts


Sushant:Rago u take arts and then move to B.A and then L.L.B

Rag smiles:ha..

Shek:no no baaba don’t listen to him..he will make you as him..choose commerce so that you M.Com

Rag smiles:ha…

Jan:no baaba.. don’t listen to him..do anything choose fasion designing


Sid:no fasion design..plzz

At last Rag picks a chit

All:wats in it?


Sid???:bio..stat..or electronic


Rag storms from there

Rag finally went science (PCMB)

Rag got 2 friends sanvi and mansi

Days passed..

Rag has a crush on a guy named sanjay

She used to admire him daily

And one day there comes a new guy Rajeev..who was so handsome..

Ragini’s crush diverts to Rajeev..

Now she was confused who is her real crush sanjay or Rajeev..

And finally she completed her boards
And crushed the both crush with confusion

Rag with lot of confusion chose Medicine…

And there was class mate named krish..he was sweet to her..
Rag was once again attracted

There she saw a super senior he have completed medicine actually a duty doctor named Rishi..who would encourage her talk to her nicely

Again Rag got confused abt the 2…bt she thought rishi is the best and she pick the chit rishi or krish

And she got rishi in the chit…

Sanvi:so rishi is final na
Mansi:bt krish was also nice

Rag:ha????bt rishi is final???

And she deletes krish from her love account..??

She starts to admire rishi..

After 2 yr..

Rishi leaves the job and goes to someother place for experience

Rag was sad..she felt rishi was the one for her

Sanvi:rishi is elder na..krish was ok
Mansi:love don’t see age…

Rag compromised her thought..that she loves rishi and after completing her studies she will Propose rishi


Rag now hv completed her medicine and work’s as a duty doctor

And her confusion and kiddish even 1% didn’t got less!

So her family decided to get her married..Rag agreed bcs there was no news of rishi!

Rag herself:i thought of love marriage bt my fate is an arrange marriage ??


Wat vl hpn with confused Ragini?will Ragini get a perfect partner?how would he be!

Kya hoga Ragini ka!?

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