Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 8th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji saying Chaudhary that he has just shown his lies to him. Tau ji scolds him and asks him to go, as his house’s doors are closed for him from today. Chaudhary says if you do like this, no one will give their daughter for Rajveer. Tau ji gets angry hearing this and asks them to leave. Tau ji says he will marry Rajveer within seven days. He says Baldev to call Pandit and ask him to search very good proposal for Rajveer, and we will call this Chaudhary in his marriage. Chaudhary leaves.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

He is thinking about the girl saying he will adjust with the girl. Khanna Uncle is sad seeing him. Rajveer’s father calls him and says your marriage proposal has broken off. Rajveer is very happy and

even Khanna Uncle is happy to no limits. Rajveer’s father says Tau ji has taken an oath to get him married in seven days. Rajveer tells let me enjoy till then. Khanna Uncle dances. Rajveer says my marriage has been called off, why re you dancing. Khanna Uncle says I m happy for you. He asks will you listen to me, Rajveer says yes ofcourse. He calls Rajveer to attend a puja that they are keeping at their home, as he will also see thr other side of Simran. Rajveer says I will surely come. Rajveer asks for food, Khanna Uncle goes to prepare food.

Scene shifts to Simran’s house:

Simran is dresses in an Indian dress, Rajveer sees her and feels happy. They both smile seeing each other. He complements her looks. Khanna Uncle says she looks beautiful in Indian dress. Simran’s office colleagues comes there to attend the puja. Khanna Uncle asks for pandit ji, Rajveer says he should have come by now. Simran asks is everything available. He says yes.
Simran comes to know that Panditji is not coming as he is going to some other function. Rajveer hears this and says we will call some other pandit. But its difficult to search for a pandit in Singapore. Simran gets sad and leaves from the hall. Khanna Uncle says she became sad because she waits for this day the whole year. Its her mother’s birthday, and we keep the puja every year on this day, and Simran does all the work herself. If the puja does not happen today, her heart will break. Rajveer thinks of an idea, he tells that this puja will happen.
He will arrange the pandit. He calls Jaggi and tells him to go to Sharma pandit ji. Khanna
uncle says he is caling the pandit from India. He talks to Jaggi on phone. Jaggi asks why he is doing puja in Singapore. Rajveer tells him to stop questioning and do as he says.

Simran asks her dad what they will do. She says how can he arrange someone as he is new in Singapore. Jimmy tells he is calling the pandit from India, it looks he is making fun of you Simran. Jaggi races his bicycle and goes to Sharma pandit ji. Baldev is also going to the same pandit, Jaggi reaches first and takes the pandit ji along. Baldev reaches the mandir but the pandit has gone.

Simran thinks Rajveer is making fun of her, and he might be taking revenge. Her sad says he is not that type of guy who takes revenge. He says their pandit will not come in the evening too. Rajveer says that the puja is going to start and everyone sit on their places.
Rajveer opens the laptop and arranges a videochat with pandit ji. Simran and everyone are impressed with Rajveer’s intelligence. Jimmy feels jealous seeing Rajveer winning hearts.

Rajveer talks to panditji and introduces him to Khanna uncle. He says there has to be a puja done for Simran’s mother. Panditji starts giving instructions to Simran’s dad and does the puja. Everyone sit calmly and attend the puja. The panditji does the puja.

Khanna Uncle thanks Rajveer and Simran thanks him too. They say what they would have done without him. He says few good lines that he knows one person has lessen the burden of other person, and he understands what it feels to be away from mother. As Simran lost her mother. He says he did this for his self satisfaction. Khanna Uncle and Simran smile.
Khanna Uncle thinks there cannot be anyone better than Rajveer for Simran. He sees Rajveer and Simran happy and dreams about them being together.

Tau ji calls Rajveer and asks why he did the puja and for which friend. Rajveer makes some excuses, just them Simran laughs aloud, everyone hears her laughing and are shocked knowing there is a girl with Rajveer.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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