Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 7th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi bribing some goons to trouble Simran. Simran does the campaign and people cheer for her. The goons stop Simran and starts troubling her asking her not to go ahead in Didi’s area. Rajveer comes to help Simran. Simran becomes happy. Rajveer gets into an argument with the goons and they are about to hit him. The police comes and supports Rajveer and Simran. The goons get back and permit Simran to do her campaign. She smiles. Rajveer asks Simran to go ahead and he will come after talking to police. Rajo is in her room thinking about Rajveer.

She says I will not leave Rajveer at any cost, he is only mine. I have bear a lot because of Didi, not I think I will have to do anything for getting him. She says get ready

Rajveer, I will show you that you won’t be able to get away from me. She smiles. Tai ji comes to Tau ji and is happy seeing him smiling. She gives him tea. She asks what is it, you look happy. Tau ji says yes, I m very happy today, Rajveer has given me peace and happiness. He says Simran is getting a lot of praises, everyone are liking her and supporting her. They are saying they will vote for her. He says Simran is a very nice girl, she is understanding and I m proud of her. He says she does every work completely, now I m sure that Simran is best for the sarpanch post. He says see how she changes the village after she becomes the sarpanch.

Tai ji gets annoyed and leaves. Simran is meeting many people in the village. Few kids praise her beauty. Simran comes to know that girls are not educated in the village. jaggi says Tau ji made this rule. The girl tells Simran that she loves to study. Rajveer comes and hears them. Simran asks the girl to meet her in evening and not tell anyone. She says I will teach you. Rajveer says everyone will know you are literate then. Simran does not care about his warning. Rajveer gets worried. Tai ji asks Chanchal am I not fit for the sarpanch’s post? Chanchal pacifies her.

Himmat comes with his moustache removed. Tau ji laughs. Everyone smile seeing him. Tau ji asks whats this. Himmat leaves. Rajveer asks Simran to go and sit in Gabru’s jeep else Didi and Rajo will see her with him. He asks her to be careful and not teach anyone, it may land her in problem, if Tau ji knows this, he will not leave you. He says no one went against Tau ji, if he knows that you are going against him, he will be angry. Simran says I felt I should educate the girl, but your fears are right. Simran says her heart will break. He asks what will you do. She says I will have to go and meet her.

Tau ji talks to a Chowdhury and tells him about Simran. Simran comes home smiling. Didi taunts Simran and says only she is the winning one. She says I will have the sweets for my victory. She leaves. Tau ji gets angry and praises Simran. Gabru also praises Simran for her efforts. Tau ji says Simran is the winner and the whole village have made you the sarpanch, you have made me proud. He asks her to go and rest. Simran thinks of meeting the girl. Didi talks to the goons and asks him did they do their work or not. The man says I m buying the votes. Didi is happy and says buy the whole village. He says I can’t, few people won’t agree to vote you. She says beat them and make them agree. Didi thinks she will make everyone agree.

Rajo follows Rajveer and sees him going in Simran’s room. She thinks of seeing whats going on between them..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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