Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran asking Gabru to make Rajo away from Rajveer. Gabru says don’t worry, I have seen many such situations. Simran panics. Gabru says we can mix sleeping tablets in the milk glass. He says Rajo will sleep drinking the milk. Simran says but the groom has to drink the milk. Gabru says but in this case, Didi will make Rajo drink the milk. Gabru explains them. Simran brings many milk glasses and Gabru mixes the sleeping tablet. Gabru asks Simran to give everyone the milk and be careful. He says then take this milk to Rajveer where Didi will be waiting.

Simran says why will she give milk to Rajo. Gabru says she will do that, you do what I say. Rajveer thinks what to do and get saved from Rajo and Didi. Didi asks

Rajveer to go inside and meet Rajo. Rajveer goes inside. Didi closes the door and smiles. Rajveer sees Rajo sitting on the bed like a bride. Rajo smiles and says I was waiting for you and you came so late. Rajveer is tensed and prays that sleeping tablets milk reaches soon. Rajo gets closer to Rajveer. Someone knocks the door. Its Didi. Rajveer gets up to open the door. Rajveer thinks maybe Didi brought milk. Rajo asks what happened. Gabru dresses like Didi and gives the milk to her. She asks her to drink it.

Rajo is happy and thanks her. Rajveer hears this and thinks whats going on. Gabru fools Rajo. Simran laughs and says wow, great acting. Gabru laughs and tells how he fooled Didi. Gabru says Didi will be thinking what we are upto. Rajo tells Rajveer that Didi brought this milk for me, so I will drink it. Rajveer wishes the milk shows some result. Rajo drinks the milk. She looks at Rajveer and says come close to me. Rajveer is worried. Gabru also drinks milk. Gabru falls feeling sleepy. Simran is shocked knowing the milk glasses got exchanged.

Simran says it means Rajo will not leave Rajveer. Rajveer stays far from Rajo. Rajveer asks Rajo to sit, its not good like this. Rajo says I m a lioness, will hunt for food today. Rajveer runs and Rajo tries to catch him. Rajo sleeps. Rajveer is relieved. Rajveer thanks the Lord that Rajo slept. He comes out and smiles. Simran hugs him and smiles. Rajveer looks at Gabru.

Its morning, everyone are happy sitting in the hall. Hoshiyar asks what happened. Tau ji is happy that his Guru ji is coming. Hoshiyar says are you saying the truth. Tau ji says yes, I requested him to come and he agreed. He will stay with us for two days. Rajo hears this.

Dadi asks Simran not to worry and tells about her Guru ji. Tau ji says Guru ji can know about anyone seeing his face. Simran and Rajo are worried. Rajo says he is dangerous for me, I will talk to Didi about him. She comes to Didi. Didi asks what happened. Rajo tells her that Guru ji is coming. Didi is shocked.

Rajo asks what happened to you. Didi says listen to me carefully, he is dangerous for us, we have to be away from his sight else it will be a big problem. Didi packs her bag. Rajo asks who is he. Didi says he is a great saint, he comes here before I was born. Rajo asks his age. Didi says he is very old and will still live for many years. Rajo says will he know everything seeing the face. Didi says yes, thats why I m running away. Didi says you have to be here to take care of Rajveer. Didi says no one is talking to you, they won’t let you meet Guru ji. If Guru ji knows I m here, he will ask me to meet him, then everything will be ruined. Didi leaves.

Simran talks to Rajveer that Didi has run away. Rajveer says I will bring her back.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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