Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Khanna telling Rajveer that Simran did not come to his house as she was going Hrishikesh. She was not coming to his house. Simran is trying to call Rajveer but could not. She says I need to talk to Rajveer and tell him that I m going to meet Didi. Rajveer is tensed and thinks of Simran’s words. Rajveer thinks that the bus that was going to Hrishikesh met with an accident. Rajveer reaches the spot and says let me go in, my wife is there. The police says no one is alive. Rajveer gets emotional and says I can’t believe this.

He thinks he saw a car and goes after that. Simran comes to meet Didi. Didi says its great I could not believe you really came to meet me. Simran says tell me what you wanted to. Didi says

why are you on so much hurry. Didi says you came here because you are afraid. She says it lookd like you love yourself more than my secret. Simran says you are nothing infront of me, I don’t even want to talk to you. She says you have killed Daddu. Didi says you should know the truth before getting on to any conclusion. Didi says you don’t know anything about me. She says you can’t feel my pain.

She says I was happy with Harvansh. She says Daddu did not listen to her and shut me in a room and wanted me to get married. I ran away from house. She says I thought to come back home and apologize. But they thought I died and I cried a lot. She says when I came to know that I m going to become a mum, I forgot my pain. I was very happy and Daddu could not see me happy and has sent Tau ji. And Tau ji went to Harvansh and killed him. Didi cries and says you don’t know how life looks when you become a widow. She says Daddu broke my every dream and I got a new dream to take revenge from everyone.

She says I will punish them that no one does injustice. She says so I went to jail and saved Tau ji that time so that I can stay with them after I get back and make them suffer. She says they ruined my life and now I will ruin their lives. She says no one can stop me, not you and not your Rajveer. Rajveer shows Simran’s photo to people and asks did you see her. Rajveer says where did Simran go. Simran says no one can blame anyone and take revenge. Didi says after knowing about me, you think I m wrong. Simran says yes, its wrong to marry against the family’s wish. She says did you think about Daddu who did your upbringing and dreamt of your marriage.

She says did you think what might have gone on their heart, why did you not apologized to them. She says Daddu was sad because of you. She says Daddu forgot everything when he came to you about your pregnancy and has sent Tau ji so that you can give your child a good space. Tau ji went to Harvansh to ask him to bring you at your house and Harvansh asked for property and they got into a fight. She says Harvansh’s death was an accident. Simran scolds her and says you should have not come back. Rajveer is trying to trace Simran.

Simran says bad things to Didi and calls her thoughts impure. She speaks in favour of the family. Didi listens to her. Simran says I promised Daddu that I will save that family from you, even if I die. Simran asks what did Daddu tell you about me. Rajveer’s jeep stops midway and he is tensed. Didi says so shall I tell you. Simran says yes, tell me. Didi says Daddu did not tell me anything about you and laughs. She says what would he say. Simran says then why did you call me here. Didi says can’t you understand. Simran asks what do you mean. Didi says don’t you understand.

Didi says you have spoken about me and forgot what I might do. She says its time to send Simran to the Lord. Simran is tensed. Didi says sorry Simran, forgive me, I have to kill you to make my dream come true. She pushes Simran off the cliff. Simran shouts Rajveer. He shouts Simran. He hears Riman’s voice and Didi hears Rajveer coming. She thinks how did Rajveer come here, if he sees her, then it will be a problem. Didi hides. Rajveer sees Simran’s phone and is shocked. He cries thinking Simran died. He says what did you do Simran, you should have waited, how will I live without you, I will blame myself for your death. Didi smiles seeing him cry.

Everyone are mourning over Simran’s and Daddu’s death. Rajveer thinks about Simran and cries. Rajveer says why did you do this, how will I live without you. Simran enters the house and sees the flowers on her photo. She smiles.

Rajveer is sitting on chair like a handicap. Didi is dividing the house and everyone is shocked. Simran says I came for my love the first time and now I will come again in this house to save everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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