Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer getting shocked on seeing Simran in his room as his bride. Simran smiles. He moves backwards and thinks about her words. He stares at her and shouts you. Simran says yes, me. I’m your Simmi, whom you love. She says I m your dream. I am yours now forever. Please feel this dream by your heart. The song Kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays…
Rajveer smiles seeing her and hugs her. He then thinks how is this possible. He says no. Simran gets tensed. Khanna is unable to sleep and thinks about Rajveer and Simran. He thinks of calling Simran, but it can create a problem for Simran, so its better to wait for her call.

Rajveer asks how can you be here, and where is Simran. She says right infront of you. She says you married

to me. He says this cannot happen, you are lying, you are troubling me. She says I came here to get you rid of your problems, so I took the seven rounds with you. Rajveer says shut up, I got married to Tilawar’s daughter, not you. Simran says he is my dad, your Khanna uncle. Rajveer thinks how they fooled him. He says my doubt was true, you cheated me, you lied to me. Simran says yes, I lied to save a truth that we both love each other. Rajveer says stay far from me, your dad did not do good. This is not right.

He says you lied to me, and married me by cheating, this is wrong. Simran says I know you are angry, but love is for always. He says why did you do this with me. He blames her for everything. Simran says I felt that I will give you your life’s biggest happiness. I knew you will get angry and scold me, but I knew you will hug me. Rajveer says how can you think so, you did not tell me and played with my Tau ji’s emotions, what will my family do when they know about this. Simran says that your dad supported me in all this. Rajveer is shocked. She says I was going to Singapore with your memories, but your dad told me that if this story is incomplete, then our lives will be incomplete. She says your dad had full faith in our love, so he gave me courage and asked me to do this.

Rajveer says what, my dad. She says yes, he understood that you love me a lot, so he took such a big risk, so that you can be happy. Rajveer thinks about his dad’s words. He asks her about jaggi, she says yes, jaggi saw my face on the engagement day and he did what he felt is right. Rajveer asks Simran to just go from here. Simran is shocked. He says if this secret comes out in the morning, Tau ji will not spare anyone, you come with me. Simran says where will I go, this is my house, if you accept me then everyone will accept me. Rajveer says it is impossible. Simran says no one will know, Rajveer says I cannot cheat anyone. I will say the truth to everyone now itself. Simran says ok, then tell them who started it and when and where. How we met in Singapore and how we fell in love, and how you changed after coming to India.

Simran requests him not to misunderstand her. I’m making you recollect how much you love me, how much you care about me. Then you will feel whatever you did to me was wrong. Simran cries. Hoshiyar is still awake. His wife tells I’m very happy, my dream became true. He says I was thinking to go and see is everything fine. She says no need, how can we go. He is thinking what might be Rajveer’s reaction. He says I will go out and come. Rajveer comes out of his room. Simran calls him to stop him. Rajveer and his dad see each other and Rajveer comes to his dad. Simran goes inside her room. She calls her dad Khanna and cries. Khanna asks is everything fine. She says Rajveer is very angry. What we thought it did not happen. Khanna calms her down, saying it will take some time. She says now I think I made a big mistake by marrying Rajveer. She cuts the call. Khanna gets sad.

Hoshiyar says I took this decision for your happiness, I’m your dad. It was my right an my duty to keep you happy. Rajveer says but you should have asked me once, that I want this or not. Hoshiyar says if you did not want this, this would have not happened, Don’t let the rules overcome your happiness. Rajveer says it would be better if I died.

Rajveer takes Simran with him and says I will leave you to your dad’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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