Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 4th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran and Rano mixing red chilli powder in the food which Rajo made. Rajveer says its great, Rajo has made my fav food. Rajo says I made it for you, have it. Didi looks at her. Rajo says for you too. Simran laughs. Didi tastes the food and shouts. She drinks water. Everyone looks on. Didi says my stomach is aching, see Rajveer, Rajo wants to get rid of me. She has mixed chilli powder in it. Rajo says how did this happen. Didi scolds her for putting so much chilli powder. She curses Rajo. Rajveer tastes the food and says its fine, there is no chilli powder in it. Didi says its there.

Simran looks at Rajveer. Didi leaves annoyed. Rajo says what did I do, I told you to listen to Didi before me. Rajveer says don’t

cry, Didi makes issues so often, I will talk to her. Rajo cries. Tau ji smiles. jaggi praises Simran for adding the chilli powder. Gabru says Simran has showed down Didi. He says I m thinking to give you a good role in my film and give vamp’s role to Didi. Didi hears this and gets angry. Simran is shocked to see Didi enter the room. Didi says make fun of me, I won’t leave anyone. You all have to pay the penalty. She calls Rajo. Rano says you are mistaken, we did not make fun of you.

Didi says no, I got angry on my bahu, but you did all the mistakes and put the blame on Rajo. Rajo comes and apologizes to Didi. Didi says no need to cry and explain, as I know that Simran is after all this. Rajo gets angry. Didi says there was not your mistake. Rajo asks what did she do. Didi says she did everything, she spoiled your work. Rajo is shocked and says how dare you do this Simran, what do you think you are. Simran argues with Rajo. Didi says enough Simran, Tau ji will decide about you now. he should know what you did and who you are.

Simran gets worried. Didi says lets go to Tau ji. Gabru stops Didi and says I will explain you. Didi says lets see how Tau ji punished you all. Didi calls Tau ji. jaggi is afraid and thinks. Didi asks Tau ji to come soon. Tau ji asks what happened. Everyone come in the hall. Didi tells him what Simran did with Rajo and her. Tau ji and everyone are shocked. Didi says ask Simran if you don’t believe me. Simran is silent. Didi says look at her, I have scolded Rajo because of her. She says kick her out of the house and end this. Gabru says listen to me before taking the decision.

Gabru says Simran was acting, she was giving suggestions. Gabru says Simran did not do anything. Didi says Gabru is lying. Gabru says now she is pointing on my film. Didi says stop it Gabru. Tau ji says you be quiet Didi, I m fed up of your lies, you are always after Simran. Tau ji says we did not buy Simran, she is our bahu. If you don’t like her, will you kill her. He says enough, Simran is our bahu and will always stay in this house. Dadi and everyone smiles.

Didi asks Rajveer to support her seeing her status in the house. She says I m right, but no one is listening to me. She asks him to speak in her defense. She says do you think I m lying. She says tell me what are you thinking about me. Rajveer says come with me, lets go. Didi says no, tell everyone that you trust me or not. Tau ji asks Rajveer to say who is right according to him. Baldev also asks Rajveer to speak up. Rajveer thinks about Chanchal and looks at her. He says my mum can never lie. Didi smiles. He looks at Chanchal and tells about her. Didi tells Tau ji, see my son will be always with me and will always trust me. Didi says lets go. Tau ji says Rajveer is my biggest mistake, take him with you, he is a big liar.

Simran thinks about Tau ji’s and Rajveer’s words. Didi comes to Simran and says Simran…….. you might be thinking how to get saved from me, but you can’t hurt me, as you did not get such brain to face me. Didi says I have created fire between Rajveer and Tau ji. She says go away if you want to be alive else I will kill you. Simran says I m not afraid of death. They taunt each other.

Didi asks Rajo to make her a grandma of Rajveer’s baby. Simran and Rajveer are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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