Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone crying for Daddu. Didi asks them to call the doctor soon. Hoshiyar says I have called the doctor. Simran calls back on Daddu’s phone and Didi gets the call. Simran says who is talking, I m Simran, Didi have given poison to Daddu, save him. Didi says who told you, how do you know this. Simran says I request you to save him, this is not right. Didi says how do you know. Simran says Daddu called me, I care for him, its my request that you save him. Didi says even I want him to be saved. Simran says I will tell everyone about you that you have given him poison. Didi says no, everyone here believes that Daddu got a heart attack and no one will believe you. Simran says once Daddu gets fine, he will bring out my truth.


says I have not thought about this. Daddu says tell about me, what to do now, I wanted to save him to know about my son, but…. Hoshiyar says the doctor is still on the way. Tau ji says we will take him to the hospital. Hoshiyar sees his pulse and says Daddu is dead. Everyone are shocked. Simran hears Dadi crying and Didi tells her that Daddu is dead now. Simran cries. Didi says hear it again. Simran listens to everyone’s crying sounds and gets shattered. Didi says you also cry and take care.

Simran says sorry to Daddu for unable to save him. Rajveer comes home and sees Daddu dead. He is shocked. He sees everyone crying. He thinks about Daddu’s words. Dadi and other women cry while the men takes Daddu with them. Didi says my son is infront of me and I don’t know about him. Didi thinks Daddu would have told her about her son.

She comes to her room and congratulates her husband that she has sent my dad to him. She says Daddu told her about their son. She says she don’t know who is it. It might be anyone Rajveer, Himmat or jaggi. She says Tau ji or someone else would be knowing it, so I have to make them say it then kill them. Simran calls Didi again and says I will be going to expose you. She says I promised Daddu and would do anything to do it, I m coming back. Simran tells how she spoke to Daddu. Daddu tells her to come back to stop Didi from ruining his house. Simran says nothing will happen to you. Daddu asks for a promise. Simran promises him that she will be coming back and save the house.

Simran says I am calling you and warning you to stop your activities. She says I won’t ;eave you. Didi says calm down Simran, this anger is not good for your health. She says like you know my truth, even I know your truth as Daddu told me everything about you.

Simran says I know you very well, so I won’t come in your words. Daddu won’t tell my secret to anyone. Didi says I know your secret now, so be careful, if you tell anyone about me, then I will leak your secret too. Simran thinks did Daddu really told her about me. Simran says ok, lets leave on everyone, I m reaching there is some time, then we will talk to everyone. Didi says it looks like you don’t trust me, meet me somewhere outside then I will tell you what Daddu told me about you. Simran agrees and says I m ready to meet you. Didi smiles and asks him to meet in mandir outside the village.

Tau ji asks Rajveer where is Simran. Rajveer says how can she be here, she does not know about Daddu. Tau ji says did you not tell her. Rajveer says it happened so sudden, I could not tell her. Tau ji says don’t lose strength, now we have to live without Daddu. He says call Simran and ask her to come today. He says ask Tilawar Singh also and tell him about Daddu.

Rajveer calls Khanna and tells him about Daddu’s death. Khanna is shocked. He asks what, how did this happen, so sudden. Rajveer says he got a heart attack. Khanna asks him to have strength and be calm. He says Tau ji wants Simran to be in this house, so send her here. Khanna says Simran did not come here. Rajveer is shocked.

Everyone are mourning over Daddu’s and Simran’s death.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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