Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji asking Rajveer that did he see the photos. Rajveer replies yes, while evryone laugh on him seeing the Ghunghat girls on the projector screen. Tau ji asks, Rajveer says as you like. Tau ji says but your dad wants you to say what you like. Rajveer says the girl in the blue Ghunghat. Tau ji and everyone are happy that Rajveer has selected Chaudhary Gangaram’s daughter.

Scene shifts to Simran’s dad:

Simran’s dad is thinking that Simran should get a very good loving family, and she might get a good guy like Rajveer, he thinks why not to try and give it a shot as the things came in his mind. He is in very good mood, and waiting for Rajveer.
Rajveer comes and he greets him. Rajveer is tensed as Tau ji

wants him to be married. Rajveer asks him why he is so happy, is everything fine. He says yes, I’m just excited. He says the air got freshened up on his arrival. He says sometimes things look without meaning, but later we see meaning in them.
Rajveer says he is not understanding. Simran’s dad talks about Simran indirectly saying you may feel she is arrogant, but later you might feel she did it for you only. Rajveer understands that he is praising Simran. Rajveer says he will not accept her praisal. Simran’s dad is shocked to know that Rajveer came to know Simran is his daughter.

Rajveer says he has to say something and says there is a lot of difference and him and Simran. As he is straight forward, big hearted man and Simran is much strict and a fighter type girl who argues with everyone.
Simran’s dad says his daughter is like a coconut, hard from outside, and clear and soft from inside. He says Simran is like that. He is not praising her, but saying about her nature. Once he understands her, the matter will be set.

Rajveer says he does not care about all this, he is waiting for his training to complete. Rajveer looks sad, Simran’s dad asks what happened, and he can share it with him, maybe he can help him. Rajveer says nothing can change Tau ji’s decision.

Rajveer says that Tau ji has fixed his marriage in his town. Simran’s dad is shocked to hear this, as he was planning to fix Simran with Rajveer, as they would be making a great couple. Simran’s dad says its a good news. He asks him you are getting married then why are you sad. Rajveer says you are just seeing my face, but I can see that my dreams are shattered. Rajveer says he does not want to get married now. Simran’s dad becomes happy to know this, and says go straight and tell your Tau ji that you don’s want to get married. And later, I will search a good girl for you.

Rajveer says no, it can’t happen. Tau ji’s decision is final. Simran’s dad gets sad again. Rajveer asks him Uncle ji why are you sad. Rajveer says to give him some simple food, as he is not feeling well, and he is not feeling the urge to have good food today. Simran’s dad asks him to eat good food, and he will get good ideas then. Rajveer says the fate can change, but not Tau ji’s decision. This marriage will certainly take place.

Scene shifts to Tau ji:

Tau ji talks to Chaudhary Gangaram, and he says every big man like collector come to his house and seeks his advice. And he has selected his daughter for Rajveer, and everyone will salute him knowing they are relatives now. Chaudhary Gangaram say he is lucky to get related to him. Tau ji and Baldev try to talk regarding the marriage and how many guests will come in the marriage. Tau ji says approximately 25,000 guests will come from his side. Chaudhary Gangaram is shocked as he feels the figure to be high.
He says he will not leave any stone unturned. Tau ji says he want good marriage events for Rajveer as he is a land lord and all this belongs to them, so there should not be anything less in Rajveer’s marriage.

Tau ji asks Chaudhary Gangaram to tell if he has any problem, he can even help him financially.
A Postman comes and asks for money. Tau ji asks Baldev to give him 1 lakh rupees. Chaudhary Gangaram asks what is this matter of post office. Tau ji explains him that post office people keep all the money in his house, to safeguard it against thieves. Post man praises Tau ji. Chaudhary Gangaram is hapapy to see the extent of Tau ji. Tau ji looks very happy.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

Rajveer is talking online with his brother Jaggi. Jaggi asks him to talk to Tau ji and try to change his decision. Rajveer says he is unable to raise his sight infront of Tau ji, then how come he can raise his voice.
Jaggi asks about the foreign girl. Rajveer says she just works in his cabin. He says he is not selfish to think about himself and ruin his family’s expectations. The family’s respect is on his shoulders now. He says he can’t hurt Tau ji’s sentiments. He asks Jaggi not to talk about Simran again.

Jaggi says sorry to him. Suddenly, someone comes in the internet cafe and disturbs Jaggi. Jaggi starts arguing with him and disconnects the talk with Rajveer. Rajveer starts looking at the photos again, and he thinks the girl in red Ghunghat is better.
Simran enters the cabin, and asks is he planning to ruin her presentation. Rajveer says no, he is thinking did he take a wrong decision in deciding the girl.
Simran shouts at him saying he is an idiot as he is selecting the girl based on the colour of her clothes. She has he is heartless. Rajveer says he does not want to get married.

Simran tells him how a girl plans for her marriage. Her dreams will be related with the groom, and a girl has much expectations from her groom. She says he has no idea about it and he does not care about the girl. Only the families are gathering and deciding marriage. He says this things happen in my house. She sasys to think about the girl, how she feels, but how can he know as the girl is behind the Ghunghat and her feeling too will be covered behind it.
Simran says him not to share his family values as she is not interested. Rajveer asks her to learn cooking and get married as soon as possible, else she would get a lot of problems.
She says she is not interested in marriage, as the girls are ahead of guys in the world. She says she will fulfill her dreams at any cost, but right now she has to focus on the presentation.
The Episode ends on both of them looking at each other.

Jazz asks Simran and Rajveer to make their presentations ready. Rajveer and Simran speak their heart out saying some good lines.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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