Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi asking Rajveer to prove himself by killing Tau ji and the family. Rajveer gets tensed and says I will have to go to jail if I do a murder. She says I will see that, that you get free. She says prove that you are my son. Rajo says I won’t let Rajveer take such a big risk. Didi says I will shoot you, be in your senses. She gives him the gun and asks him to show it to her what he can do for his mum. She says my blessings are with you, kill everyone in this family. Rajveer is speechless. Rajveer thinks about Didi’s words and says its too much now, I should tell everything to Tau ji now. But Didi will be proved innocent again, what should I do, I should win her trust.

Simran see Rajveer worried and tries to talk

to him, but she sees Didi and Rajo coming. Rajveer comes to see hoshiyar and Chanchal. Chanchal says I love Rajveer a lot. Rajveer is sad. Chanchal says I told him that I don’t have any relation with him, but I want to go and hug him. She says why is he doing this. Rajveer thinks about Chanchal and her motherly love. Chanchal cries and hugs Hoshiyar. Rajveer thinks how can I kill them. Rajveer comes to see Rano and Gabru. He sees their love. Gabru asks Rano to smile. Rano smiles. Rano sees Rajveer and asks what happened. Rajveer thinks how can I tell you that I m thinking to kill you. Rajveer sees Tai ji and jaggi. Didi looks at Rajveer and signs him to kill everyone.

Rajveer sees Tau ji talking to the village people about the upcoming elections. Simran tells Dadi that she will bring tea for everyone. Rajveer comes to Simran and shows her the gun. He leaves seeing Didi. Simran is shocked. Rajveer comes at the terrace worried. Didi comes after her and says I m seeing you are seeing everyone and coming back. Rajveer says I was thinking….. Didi says you want to think with whom will you start and at whom will you end. Simran calls Rajveer. He cuts the call. Didi asks whose call is it. Simran calls again. Rajveer makes excuses. Didi asks him to take the call. Simran talks to Rajveer and asks what did Didi tell you. Rajveer says I don’t want any policy. He ends the call.

Didi asks who was it. Rajveer says insurance policy company. Simran understands he is with Rajveer. Simran hears about Didi’s plan. Didi asks whom will you kill first. She says the one you kill the last will have to bear a lot, as he will see the family dying. She says kill the one you hate the last. Rajveer says i m with you, but its not good to prove this. Didi says you wasted my time, do what I m saying you. She leaves. Rajveer tells Simran that you heard it now, Didi wants me to kill the family. Simran gets worried.

Everyone are in the hall. Didi brings Rajveer there and asks him to kill everyone. Didi asks Rajveer to prove himself and says the whole family is sitting, kill everyone so that they can see each other dying. She says come on, shoot them. She takes out the gun and says don’t think now, its time to show.

Didi says shoot them and end all this, go. Rajo cries saying no. Rajveer comes infront of everyone with the gun and says I will kill everyone as my mum wants this. Everyone are shocked. Rajveer asks whom should I kill first, Tau ji who gave me more love than my father, or Chanchal whom gave me motherly love, or Baldev, who loved me so much. Or Rano, who started living her life now. He asks Didi whom should I kill and how. He says they have made me understand the meaning of life. He says they are my people, knowing the truth, did my upbringing. It is my mistake that I came in Didi’s words and misbehaved with all of you.

He says I m sorry Tau ji. He says I never thought I will talk to you like this. He says I insulted you, forgive me please. He tells Didi not to worry, as he will give her a proof by killing himself. Everyone are shocked. Baldev says are you mad. Rajveer says don’t come to me. Its about me and my mum, and we will solve it.

Rajveer says first I will die as I m also their family member. Chanchal asks Rajveer not to kill himself else she will jump in the well and die. Tau ji says its wrong to do this. Dadi says don’t kill yourself. Rajo says don’t do this. Baldev says give me the gun. Simran says Rajveer don’t do this, for my sake. Rajo says please stop this. Rajveer is adamant. Didi looks on. Everyone are shocked as he aims.

Everyone get shocked seeing Rajveer.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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