Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran making the kannes. She gets an idea. She tells Rajveer about her bio friendly idea. Rajveer says don’t forget you are uneducated infront of my family. jaggi says this idea is good, you can tell this idea to everyone. Tau ji will listen to you. Rajveer says don’t do this, lets go from here. Didi asks Simran did you make the kannes. Simran says yes. and leaves. Simran thinks how will she make the food. She thinks of finding the recipe on internet, but her phone does not have the net, she gets worried. She thinks what she will do. She thinks of something and smiles. She takes the laptop and sits to find the recipe. Someone is coming to her room, Simran is unaware of that. Simran turns and sees Tai ji. Tai ji asks her

what she was doing on the laptop. Simran is shocked. Simran pretends as if she does not know what is it. Tai ji says its a machine.

Simran acts well infront of her and fools her. Tai ji says Rajveer does not let anyone touch it. Go and see the Kanne, lets go to the kitchen. She asks her to make proper food. Simran thinks how will she make the food without any recipe. jhumri is happy with her ayurvedic medicines. She talks to those items. Tai ji comes there, and asks what she was doing here. jhumri’s packet gets mixed with the spices. Tai ji speaks against Didi. Simran gets a call from her dad. Simran sounds happy. He asks whats the matter. She tells him about Gobar ke kanne, he is shocked to know that Simran made it. Simran says she is fine, relax, Rajveer is helping me. Simran says she got interest in all this, she likes it. They love her and she can feel it.

Simran praises Rajveer’s family. He asks her did you really make the kannes. He says I m proud of you, you can do anything. Simran says no, I can’t. Simran asks him the recipe of the dish. He is shocked. He says I don’t know the recipe. Simran says if I don’t make it,
I will get into a problem. He thinks and says talk to Hoshiyar, he can help you. Simran says he has helped her a lot, she sees him when she feels sad. She says everyone loves me a lot, and when they know my reality, they will be hurt. I m worried about them. I feel like I m cheating everyone. Khanna says why do you forget that you did this for your love. Simran sees someone. Hoshiyar comes there. He says you know if anyone sees a phone with you, what will happen. Simran says I m sorry. Hoshiyar says you have made the kannes, what about the dish. She says I have tried a lot to find out the recipe. Hoshiyar says I will be careful from next time. He tells her how to make it.

Simran says only Dadi can tell the recipe. Hoshiyar says no, it won’t be right to ask her. Hoshiyar says someone lives in a nearby village and she can help us, I will go to her and will come back with the recipe. Simran smiles. Simran is waiting in her room for the recipe. Rajveer comes and laughs on her. She says I m waiting for the recipe. Rajveer says from where will you get the recipe. She says Hoshiyar went to someone to get the recipe. She says ok, joke on me. He says he knows the recipes. Simran gets happy. She says write and give it to me. She goes to bring pen and paper. Rajveer smiles. Simran says now tell me the recipe. He says which recipe, and starts joking again. He says I did not tell you that I will tell you the recipe.

Simran says will you not say the recipe, he says yes. Simran requests him to tell her else she will cry. Simran says why do you do like this with me. He says you have to show everyone by becoming a good bahu, so manage it alone. He leaves. Simran says I will do it.

Simran is making the food. Didi tastes the food. Simran wishes she gets saved.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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