Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer saying Simran why she picked his phone and it created such a mess in his family. She says she did not know that his family is going to react this way, she was just helping him.
He says his family is very much orthodox. She says she did not want to make it an issue. He says he understands but his family does not understand. She says you are educated and you should make them understand. Simran calls them weird. He says he is proud of his family and starts giving a brief intro of everyone. Simran says she is not interested in knowing about his family. He says listen then you will get interest.

Scene shifts to Rajveer’s house:

Tau ji is firing, and Daddu says to fire it on his wife, just joking. Dadi also

jokes on Daddu.
Baldev says his heart says that Rajveer cannot do any such thing, it might be only from the girl’s side. Its because Rajveer is so smart. His wife says she might look like a heroine, Baldev says you always keep on joking, and turns and sleeps.

Scene shifts to Simran:

Rajveer does not take Simran’s help, when she says she will give him lift. Simran says he is a masterpiece.

Scene shifts to Rajveer’s house:

Rajveer’s mother is crying and fearing to see the foreign girl again in her dream, and she thinks what will happen if Rajveer really marries a foreigner. Rajveer’s father says then you have to learn good English else how will you talk to your bahu. He says I am joking and hugs her while laughing.
He says her to trust Rajveer and do not doubt on him, as Rajveer always compromised for the sake of his family, and made them proud.

Scene shifts to Simran’s house:

She comes and greets her dad, he says to say few things about the guy who is troubling her. Simran says she had food, and she says why he did not make her eat real Indian food. She says she came to know about the real aunthentic Indian food today, that too by Rajveer. He says in my restaurant, I cook the real Indian food. He asks how come suddenly she is favouring Indian food.

Simran says the same words which Rajveer told her, and she found the food tasty. Her dad recognizes her words, and understands its Rajveer, the same guy. Simran praises Rajveer saying he made mindblowing food. He says did he call someone for the recipe. She says yes. He says he called me, and she was on call waiting when she called. He then says that it was Rajveer whom he gave free food as a challenge. Simran is shocked. Her dad says he is happy and sad, happy that she liked Indian food, and sad because he did not try to make her eat Indian food. He says you should learn making it too.
She says I have the best dad so I don’t need to learn anything. He says then your in-laws will ask me that I did not teach you cooking. Simran says its not that compulsory.
Her dad gets emotional thinking what will happen after Simran gets married. She says to search for such a groom to takes care of his responsibilities. He says you have to go and live in his house. He blesses his daughter and wishes the best guy for her.

Rajveer gets a call from home and comes to know that Tau ji wants everyone to be in the hall in the morning. Rajveer is tensed. He asks his brother to give him a missed call after the meeting ends.

Scene shifts to Rajveer’s house:

Panditji brings few photos of girls for Rajveer. Everyone see the photos and are very happy. Tau ji asks to send the photos to Rajveer. Daddu also sees the photos.

Scene shifts to Rajveer’s office:

Jazz tastes the food Rajveer made, and he gets emotional, as the taste made him remember his home town.
He thanks Rajveer and says he will kiss his hands. Simran says even she is responsible for this, and he gt the recipe from her dad. Rajveer says he does not know and have not seen her dad.
She says you ate the free food in my dad’s Indian restaurant, Rajveer is shocked and says is Khanna uncle your dad. Its not possible as he is a very good man. He suggests Jazz to give the food responsibility to Mr. Khanna. Jazz agrees, and praises Simran and asks her to make a great marketing strategy.

Rajveer receives a call from Tau ji, his phone rings and everyone laugh on his ringtone. Rajveer greets Tau ji and comes to know that Tau ji has decided about his marriage. Tau ji says they have sent some photos and to look and tell him his choice, Rajveer opens his email, and the photos come on the projector screen.
The photos of girls in the ghunghat with no faces shown. Simran and everyone laugh on his stupidity.
Tau ji asks which one he likes. The Episode ends.

Rajveer asks Simran to get married and learn cooking else she might have problem. She says she is not interested in marriage as she is a 21st century girl, ahead of the guys.

Update Credit to: Amena

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